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Crazy Mouse features
United States
Sit Down
Common lap bar
Reviews  4
  • coaster land
    coaster land 2 months ago

    Nice surprise! Fun Rattle Capacity

    Crazy mouse was a fun surprise that caught me off guard. The ride spun just enough to be thrilling, but not enough to induce nausea! I am not always the biggest fan of spinning coasters but this one was solid. The reason I give it 2.5 stars is that it still is a wild mouse type ride and i can only say it's so good to a point. The ride also has a small pop of airtime that is quite thrilling right before the turn into the final brakes. Overall this is a fun family thrill coaster that fits the park perfectly.

  • Edward M
    Edward M 4 months ago
  • Jake White
    Jake White 1 year ago

    Theming Masterpiece

  • Rémy D.
    Rémy D. 1 year ago