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Grand Canyon features
Sit Down
Cable lift hill
Lap bar
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  • אדר פופקו


    the ride is actually pretty unique,its the only togo kiddy shuttle that have left and yes you can found this at this park.well for me,it was kinda like an upgraded versions of the sunkid butterflys,a completely similiar model to this one.the similarities are with the layout,you are swinging back and forth just like you are doing on those butterflys but unlike thos butterflys,this have a much more seats,diffrent trains and its not manually operated.steel tho it was a fun rides,the lap bars were comfortable and it wasnt rattley like those togos,yes it isnt intense,it was pretty mild but hey,it was way intense than those butterflys and offer some little thrill as well.well yes,it isnt the greatest ride like steel vengence,but it was still unique enoguh,so,for those who wnat a unique credit,this is a coaster for you and im reccomanding to check this little park out.

  • Ewen J.
    Ewen J. 14 days ago

    Too short Pointless

  • Hans Roost
    Hans Roost 1 year ago
  • Louise B.
    Louise B. 1 year ago