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  • Wyatt Flynn
    Wyatt Flynn 1 month ago

    Airtimes First Drop Fun Intensity

    Intimidator is a fun ride great airtime a little rough.

  • Josh R.
    Josh R. 5 months ago

    Airtimes Fun Duration

    Yeah, the trims hit a little more than they should, but it's still a floater machine

  • A Useless Guy
    A Useless Guy 5 months ago

    Airtimes Nice surprise! Dead spots

    was not expecting this ride to be this good from what people say but those trims are awful.

  • Capital Coasters
    Capital Coasters 5 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Smoothness Dead spots

    Lots of great sustained floater with a really great first drop and unique and fun turnaround. The ride pretty much dies after the mcbr but it’s still a great hyper.

  • Adrenaline Central

    Airtimes Nice surprise! Comfort

    This was a really nice ride that was very underrated, the time hit but there’s tons of airtime

  • Ty Paylez
    Ty Paylez 6 months ago

    Airtimes Capacity Comfort

    Winged seating is dope. Great fast fun ride

  • Jordan Pelaez
    Jordan Pelaez 6 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop

    Another solid B and M Hyper. Really enjoyed the freedom provided by the staggered seating. Visuals were awesome up front and the trims didn’t hit as hard as they did in the back. Still very good sustained floater airtime that I love. Praise Dale and raise hell.

  • Wolfey Jay
    Wolfey Jay 6 months ago

    Smoothness Layout

    Rather muted version of its sister coaster at KD.

  • Mr. Roller Coasters

    Airtimes Comfort Fun Dead spots

    Worst B&M hyper I've ridden but still a fun ride.

  • Zachary Alexander Goitia

    Airtimes First Drop Smoothness Dead spots Intensity

    So Intimidator is kind of a mixed bag. Overall, it’s a B&M giga. It’s like pizza, even when it’s not great it’s still good. The first drop is as intense as any big coaster over 200ft and the airtime hills are loads of fun. My biggest complaint is trim and the second half of the course. You get so much speed trimmed off both on the airtime hills and after them, and it leads to the second half being pretty lack luster. The closest thing I have to compare it to is Goliath down at SFOG, and that coaster is solid all the way throughout. Overall, a good coaster for sure, but it could definitely be better.

  • Rags Aki
    Rags Aki 7 months ago

    Airtimes Fun Smoothness


  • Jack Reichler
    Jack Reichler 7 months ago

    I did it for Dale. At least this coaster might have made him happy

  • Alex M.
    Alex M. 8 months ago

    Airtimes Duration Dead spots

    A long coaster with some great airtime, it does get a little boring sometimes though.

  • Coaster Nut
    Coaster Nut 9 months ago

    Smoothness Dead spots

    Very good, but not great. It's smooth, and the ride is enjoyable. The brakes ruin the pacing. I first rode this in 2011 when there was just the clamshell lap restraint and no seat belts. I must say, it sure added a bit of fear to the ride when the clamshell was the only thing holding you in during airtimes. I'd always be thinking, "I sure hope this thing stays locked in place!" I'm glad they added the seat belts in 2014 as a secondary safety measure.

  • Dorin Davis
    Dorin Davis 10 months ago

    Airtimes Lap Bar Comfort Theming Disappointing!

    The ride is very good and it has nice airtime. could use more theming and was a bit disappointing but it's a very good ride.

  • Kw6sTheater
    Kw6sTheater 1 year ago

    Airtimes First Drop Smoothness Dead spots

    After reriding Intimidator in October 2021, it was better than I expected: B&M hypers are airtime-filled coasters by default, and while Intimidator's trims mean its airtime is on the weaker side of the bunch, it's still graceful and fairly enjoyable. The first drop and the 2 return hills are the highlight, all giving very solid floater or floajector air, and the rest of the hills are decent too. I just wish that Intimidator had more interesting maneuvers after the mid-course, as from there it's a tame, airtime-lacking ride unlike the other B&M hypers I've ridden.

  • Trim Brakes 2006

    Airtimes First Drop Fun Dead spots

    All though the weakest of the B&M hypers I've ridden, it's still an awsome ride. The whip, and the floater airtime you get over that first drop is amazing. The camelbacks give good sustained floater, and the open trains really let you feel all the speed on this ride. The post mid-corse section could be faster, but it doesn't detract much from the ride.

  • Jack Jack J.
    Jack Jack J. 1 year ago

    Airtimes Capacity Comfort

    Much better then I remembered last time I rode this. Every hill has much stronger floater then I had remembered. This is honestly a good layout but the trims do take a way from it. Good floater and a good drop. No where near the best hyper but probably doesn't deserve the hate it gets.

  • Inverted Thrills

    Airtimes First Drop Fun Dead spots

    This is a very solid B&M hyper. It provides good floater and a great first drop. However the ending is totally pointless

  • Solar Winds
    Solar Winds 1 year ago

    Airtimes First Drop Pace

    A very underrated hyper coaster. The layout is great and the floater is phenomenal. Some of the most fun overbanks I have been on. Definitely do not sleep on this ride. It's awesome.

  • coaster land
    coaster land 2 years ago

    Airtimes Lap Bar Duration Dead spots

    intimidator is a solid b&m hyper, but it is definitely not an elite one. While i found the trims to be hitting less on my last ride in 2019 i also found that this ride was just not stacking up to the likes of goliath at over georgia. The ride does have a great amount of sustained floater airtime but the layout has no originality other than the fact that it was designed to fit the area. Overall the floater airtime is fun but my advice is to ride intimidator once or twice to get a feel for the ride and then move on. I also must say that the rides duration was solid and of course got to love that b&m clamshell.

  • Na N.
    Na N. 2 years ago

    Fun Smoothness Airtimes

    Not much airtime at all, but is enjoyable. Ride it in the back for the credit and then go to Fury, Copperhead, or Afterburn.

  • IronChef C.
    IronChef C. 3 years ago

    Airtimes Theming

    Floating over dumpsters and parking lots has never been so fun! If you get stapled at all, you're in for one boring ride...keep em loose, and you'll experience some bonkerz floater air. Typical hyper with a focus on air and if you love the sound and kick on of trims, you're in for treat my strange friend. Trims all over! But honestly they don't kill the ride or even trim that much. Needs a re-theming, or I-305 needs a re-theming. Earnhardt doesn't strike me as the man for floater airtime. Maybe Rusty Wallace? Anyway, a solid but not quite top level hyper for me, Goliath and Apollo stand above it by a bit.

  • Chase W.
    Chase W. 3 years ago

    Airtimes Airtimes

    The airtime have so much potential for greatness if they dialed down the trim breaks on the hills. Not sure if it can or will ever be done. I still really liked this ride but only if the restraints are as loose as possible. If there is any hint of being stapled be prepared to sit through 2 minutes of boredom. Also the name "Intimidator" really should have been saved just for the 305 foot version at Kings Dominion. This Charlotte version is great but isn't really living up to the name. I will say this is probably really good for marathoning but is also living under the shadow of a superior B&M within walking distance called Fury325. This is a solid 4 star coaster for me.

  • Nathan F
    Nathan F 3 years ago

    Airtimes Nice surprise! Smoothness Pointless Dead spots

    Intimidator is very good. I believe Intimidator delivered better airtime than its neighbor, Fury 325. However, that's really all Intimidator has to offer. All Intimidator does is deliver amazing airtime. It can be a little slow at times. The pacing is not good. However, the airtime is good enough for Intimidator's flaws to be forgiven, as it really is fun from start to finish.

  • Evangelion Martini

    Airtimes First Drop Lap Bar

    Fun B&M Hyper themed after Dale Earnhardt that has a good drop, great airtime, and somewhat of a lack of purpose. While "Intrimidator's" much maligned trim brakes don't ruin the ride as some say, they do slow the train down a bit too much for my taste on the airtime hills. Additionally, while this ride would certainly be one of, if not the, headline attraction/s at 9/10 parks, it happens to reside at the same park that Fury 325 does. While the two have much different layouts, Fury's is just insane; which leaves you with a bit of a lessened reason to ride this when you could be riding Fury.

  • Doyle Rudolph
    Doyle Rudolph 3 years ago

    Airtimes Lap Bar Smoothness

    Some really solid airtime, but the ride falls short everywhere else. I will say that the trims were not nearly as bad as I was led to believe - definitely odd to trim on the way down after an airtime hill, because it makes it feel like much more speed is sapped than actually is, while a trim before the crest (like on Diamondback) just adds to the feeling of floater.

  • Raymond Jackson
    Raymond Jackson 3 years ago

    Airtimes Fun

    9.0 out of 10! Airtime only in the front cars only for me, it seems they slow this down for some reason. I enjoy the coaster with a lot of hills. I am not a fan of the trains that is used.


    First Drop Capacity Comfort Disappointing!

    I had heard from many people going in that this ride was a top tier b&m hyper but i was dissapointed. Sure it is a good ride but those brakes really kill this.

  • Eric Esty
    Eric Esty 4 years ago

    Airtimes First Drop Fun Too short

    Intimidator gets a lot of flack for its trims, but a front row seat negates the effects of the trims and gives sustained ejector on the three camelbacks. It has a fantastic first drop, and two really fun turnarounds that are twisty and smooth, and the first one even has airtime in the front. The ride is short, but the midcourse doesn't hurt the ride too much. The helix is somewhat forceful and there's unexpected ejector air out of the helix. A really solid B&M hyper, unfortunately outclassed by Fury.

  • Heiko Hartmann
    Heiko Hartmann 4 years ago

    Airtimes First Drop

    Floater airtime abound on this more recent B&M Hyper.

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    James Davis 3 months ago

    Airtimes Comfort Smoothness Dead spots

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    Airtimes First Drop

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    Capacity Smoothness

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    Airtimes First Drop Smoothness

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    Axel Terenos74 5 months ago

    Airtimes Duration

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    First Drop Comfort Smoothness

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    Pace Harness Smoothness Disappointing! Airtimes

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  • Conquering Coasterz
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    Airtimes First Drop Smoothness

  • Tales of the Thrill
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    Airtimes First Drop Comfort

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    Comfort Disappointing! Airtimes Dead spots

  • Heartline Coaster
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    First Drop Ejectors

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    Airtimes Capacity Smoothness

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    Dead spots

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    Airtimes Nice surprise! Smoothness Dead spots

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