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The Smiler features
Chain lift hill
Lap bar
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  • Charlg
    Charlg 10 days ago

    Airtimes Theming Inversions Headbanging

    So, I only put head banging for rows other than the first row, the first row is perfect and offers amazing views. The second row might, MIGHT be an exception, but probably not. My favourite U.K. ride so far ?…

  • Robin O.
    Robin O. 12 days ago

    Inversions Pace Intensity Rattle

    I love this ride, great length, very intense and brilliant inversions. Sometimes there is no rattle at all, and sometimes the rattle does make it a bit uncomfortable - not sure if this is due to positioning in the train or certain trains. Best coaster at Alton Towers in my opinion, closely followed by Nemesis.

  • Liv B.
    Liv B. 21 days ago

    Airtimes Inversions Headbanging Harness

    For an inversion based ride, the best moment is by far the second airtime hill. The theming really makes the ride one of the best I've ever ridden. From entering the X-Sector area you can see the Smiler and hear the iconic theme tune. The way the queue line is sat under the ride is cool although very noisy and the theming inside the station building is also spot on. The ride layout is mainly just a lot of inversions with two lift hills and two airtime hills to separate them. The main issue with the Smiler is how rough it can be. Most of the layout is rather shaky but there is a jolt in the second half if the cobra roll which can be painful and the 2 last inversions are pretty snappy but otherwise the ride is just great fun.

  • Jude Schaad
    Jude Schaad 1 month ago

    Inversions Masterpiece Duration

    One of the most intense coasters i have ridden.

  • Adam Csanyi
    Adam Csanyi 1 month ago

    Airtimes Hangtime Duration Headbanging Discomfort

    The smiler at alton towers is a good coaster. Its 14 inversions really challenge your mind and body. The inndoor loop and 2nd airtime hill must be my favourite moments on the ride. They really provide intense thrills. The queuing experience of the smiler is an amazing one; even if it is stated to be and hour and a half, trying to piece together the track really occupies your time in the queue. The vertical lifthill has to be the main let down of the ride. Some people enjoy it but personally I hate that feeling on any coaster.

  • Dan Hughes-shaw
    Dan Hughes-shaw 1 month ago

    Theming Inversions Duration Rattle Reliability

    Back at towers, it runs slower and rougher then ever inversions were good, it’s lovely and long, themes so so good, yet its always down, and seems to be running on square wheels, two rides in front and back, smooth at front, big big rattle further back. I hope it gets back to farm soon.

  • Drive Safely
    Drive Safely 2 months ago

    Intensity Duration Disappointing! Discomfort

    Smiler’s overrated and for me, the third best ride at Alton Towers. It’s pretty intense, and the inversions are good, but it didn’t do all that much for me. There’s a few noticeable jolts that hurt the experience, but overall, it’s definitely not bad.

  • Greg Hudson
    Greg Hudson 2 months ago

    Airtimes Inversions Intensity

    Always a great laugh with your friends, the dive loops are nice and intense and the last airtime hill is quality. Who doesn’t love it when you get a duel too?

  • Cole Jones
    Cole Jones 2 months ago

    Theming Inversions Duration

    This the best designed rollercoaster ever. Every inversion hits, great theming, and an incredible layout, all packed into a tight space. The Smiler isn’t just 14 inversions, it’s much more. And despite me giving this an incredible summary it’s not 5/5

  • Daniel Getliffe
    Daniel Getliffe 2 months ago

    Theming Intensity Discomfort

    If there was a prize for ambition, this would win for me hands down. So so many inversions, but for me it’s just too intense because of that. I never really come off thinking ‘That was great!’. It’s more ‘uh that was rough, my head hurts…’. It has some great thrills packed in and some wacky theming, but a little too intense for me, even though I love intensity! *Update* I think the ride experience varies so much based on weather, time of day, how you are feeling etc. I have had some bad rides on this, but also some really good ones! Front seat makes a huge difference I think in terms of comfort too. Upgrading rating slightly.

  • Lukas 42
    Lukas 42 3 months ago

    Theming Inversions Duration Harness

    For me, the best ride at Alton Towers: theming is one-of-a-kind, at the first glance, it doesn't look too unsettling, but the closer you look and the further you get into the station building, the creepier it gets. The Marmaliser is optically very impressive and the soundtrack is just mental. On our visits, lines were pretty long (sometimes up to 120 minutes), I strongly recommend a fastpass or using the single rider line, the latter is pretty effective. Nevertheless, capacity is not a big issue, we had four trains running and dispatches were fairly quick. The ride experience was better than I expected, only a few times we had a minor rattle - but it would be better with lap bars for sure. The inversions are great fun, and the two decent airtime hills are a nice change from that - I did not percieve the ride getting repetitive which is quite outstanding with fourteen inversions. To sum things up, Smiler offers a great overall experience and I highly recommend being corrected by it!

  • Alex G.
    Alex G. 4 months ago

    Theming Inversions Duration Harness Discomfort

    This ride is amazing and looks incredible. This ride excels in its length and inversions it also has a very sadistic theme which adds to the fear and adrenaline of the ride. the only thing is some of the elements are a bit rough and the restraints are uncomfortable.

  • trec ccst
    trec ccst 4 months ago

    Theming Inversions Intensity Discomfort

    there wasn't enough space for me to put all the pros of this coaster. this coaster is craziness in its purest form, the coaster just comes at you with inversion after inversion, and it's so knotted in within itself you really can't tell where you're going. the coaster being split into two halves is great because it means that the coaster doesn't lose pace, and gives you a moment to breathe which is *definitely* something this one needs. i still find it extremely impressive how this coaster was crammed into this tiny space AND has amazing theming (and LORE?). i wouldn't be the first to say it's a masterpiece, that's for sure. p.s. only reason i put discomfort is because i got painfully stapled on my second ride and there's one or two janky transitions that i already knew about before riding, it's nothing atrocious

  • Rosie
    Rosie 4 months ago

    First Drop Inversions Rattle Harness

    I have a love-hate relationship with this ride, I love what it has as a base, I just wish Towers would maintain the theming to the level it deserves :(

  • Fantastic Coasters

    Theming Masterpiece Layout Headbanging

    Most underrated coaster in the world! Great pacing and positives throughout the layout! Amazing ejector hills and good hangtime on some of the inversions! Although the cobra roll is very painful and headbanging it doesn't ruin the ride for me because the rest of the ride is pretty smooth. Love the theming and the absolutely bonkers layout!

  • Slovis Celery
    Slovis Celery 6 months ago

    Inversions Intensity Layout

    Smiler will always be my favourite coaster, no matter how good the rides I go on to ride in the future will be, Smiler was my objective n1 for 4 years, aswell as being what got me into rollercoasters, and the fact I have gained such an emotional attachement to this coaster wth it's theming, and layout. That being said, the ride experience of Smiler is nothing to scoff at atall. Every inversion having some wonderful forces, from the finale barrel rolls' violent hangtime, to the Sea Serpent Roll and Batwings super sustained forces. Smiler's ride is incredibly varied, with 2 great airtime moments placed throughout the insanity that is the ride's miraculous footprint. While some aren't the biggest fan of the ride's cobra roll/pullout, I find it one of the ride's highlights, delivering crushing forces, mixed with unnatural laterals - pairing to create such a violent moment that I can't not love. Smiler really is a wonderful display of an idea that seemed stupid on paper, and seemed only more ridiculous and bewildering as people realised it was actually happening, and the level of stupid that this ride's meer existance is - makes it as charming and as spectacular as it is.

  • Videobuffalo871
    Videobuffalo871 6 months ago

    Fun Harness Intensity Layout

    great ride I just think that the vertical lift is unneeded

  • Steve Parrington
    Steve Parrington 7 months ago

    Inversions Intensity Layout Discomfort

    A much underrated coaster in my view. It has a great length and lots of intensity. Only issue is the restraints are not very comfortable.

  • Katie :p
    Katie :p 7 months ago


    Somehow every-time I ride it I manage to count the inversions wrong so apparently I can’t count to 14 ? But seriously one of the best rides I’ve ever been on and due to the amount of inversions it’s such a unique experience.

  • Dylan J
    Dylan J 8 months ago

    Inversions Hangtime Rattle

    Loud screaming. A lot of loud screaming. This coaster is one of those that look fine on the ground, but when ridden, oh god is it something else. The hangtime on the jojo is stupid and the inversions are sometimes whippy ,sometimes slow.But for me the rattle really kills this ride for me.

  • Sam P.
    Sam P. 8 months ago

    Airtimes Inversions Pace Rattle

    I know some who say that The Smiler is their number 1 coaster, even over rides such as VelociCoaster or Ride to Happiness. And whilst it's not my number 1 coaster (not even my number 1 at AT in fact), I can absolutely see the appeal. Yes it's rough, yes the cobra roll transition is obviously inspired by being hit by a by a bus, and yes it has developed a nasty pothole as you exit the first corkscrew drop, but the ride experience is so crazy and so thrilling that it's in fact very easy to overlook the flaws. Add to that the vertical lift hill, the hidden inversion, the superb airtime hill in the second half, the potential for the trains to duel, and a soundtrack that is as irritating as it is perfect, and you have a recipe for something special. No doubt it's a special ride, and one that the UK is lucky to have

  • Lil ol Lemon
    Lil ol Lemon 8 months ago

    Inversions Ejectors Duration Rattle Headbanging

    World's most inversions on a coaster! The smiler's a great addition to alton's lineup, and possibly the second best at the park (just behind nemesis). The inversions are great, though at times can feel a bit samey, almost feeling like its just dive loop after dive loop in certain parts. I dont suggest riding back row if at all possible. While the common consensus with us coaster enthusiasts being that the back row usually leads to a better ride experience, here it really isnt the case. The back row is extremely rough, especially going into that cobra roll the roughness can just feel like a little too much. The restraints arent too bad, though lap bars would certainly eliminate the headbanging. But all that aside, if you can get a 1st or 2nd row ride on the smiler, it truly is a blast. If you're wishing to get by the queues faster, a good thing to note is that the smiler has a single rider queue, so if you don't mind splitting up with your party or don't mind which seat you're in, i highly suggest it.

  • Danny Banon
    Danny Banon 9 months ago

    Inversions Ejectors Duration Rattle Headbanging

    I think the reason I rate this coaster is mainly due to sentimental reasons as I rode it at 12 years old with my dad on opening day. That being said, it’s a great coaster with so many positives. Let’s start with the theme, a truly twisted and creepy story that was really amplified by the scare maze attributed to it, The Sanctuary. The downside to the theming is that it’s been neglected in recent years, it looks dirty and needs some TLC. The restraints are OTSRs but they are the comfiest OTSRs I’ve ever experienced, very comfortable. The layout is a twisted mess of steel and for that, it can’t be faulted, from the first inversion (with crazy hangtime) to the ejector airtime hills (which really do give some ridiculous ejector) to the many many inversions in the main bulk of the layout, this coaster is a masterpiece. I have only one more bad thing to say, the last three inversions do give a lot of head banging which can make the ride a little painful. Other than that, it’s an immense coaster that I’m proud to have in my home country!

  • Joep van Baren
    Joep van Baren 9 months ago

    Theming Inversions Duration Headbanging Discomfort

    The coaster area looks sick, everywhere you see the track, steel beams or other theming. Everytime I rode it it got better in my opinion. I would like some more airtime but to have the world record of inversions that is of course not possible. The waiting times are too high, especially when the fast track rides have priority. Sadly, the trains do not match up in the circuit as they are supposed to.

  • ScreamingScheme
    ScreamingScheme 10 months ago

    Inversions Intensity Layout Headbanging

    This is one of the best rides I've every ridden and I've gone to a lot of theme parks the only one so far beating it is probably Saw or Stealth from Thrope park or the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit in Universal studios Florida

  • Adam Horner
    Adam Horner 1 year ago

    Pace Ejectors Duration Rattle Headbanging Reliability

    While yes The Smiler has an amazing layout and has some good airtime and pacing it's issue is the otsrs they make it needless uncomfortable towards the back and especially on wheel seats I think it would get a 4 or 5 if it had lapbars

  • Nabil T.
    Nabil T. 1 year ago

    Airtimes Inversions Duration

    In my personal opinion, the smiler is very overhated this year. The last 4 inversions do contain some rattle but that doesn’t matter the rest of the ride is smooth and brilliant, the theming the duration the airtime is amazing and the fact that it’s just a world record as well does the job for me.

  • Tropics Tracker

    Airtimes Inversions Smoothness

    This is still my favourite roller coaster after a re-ride. The drops are actually far more intense than i remember, despite them not being on that much of angle. All of the inversions are really good in my opinion, especially the ones at the end of each half since they give great hang-time. There is also two airtime hills that are very powerful, since you take them at high speed. Overall, this is not only the best ride at alton towers, but the best ride in the UK for me. I don't know why people say its rough in some parts, since i didn't feel it at all.

  • Robert A.
    Robert A. 1 year ago

    Theming Nice surprise! Intensity

    I went into this ride hearing about it being rough, especially at the end. But I was met with a comfortable experience and seriously intense if you sit on an outer right seat. There are a lot of repeat inversions but surprisingly you never realise it. The two pops of ejector airtime are great and the cobra roll isn't as rough as people say. The break between both halves allows for a quick breather for the less tolerant riders though some would say the break drops it down a few spots.

  • Rebecca261102
    Rebecca261102 1 year ago

    i like the upside down parts

  • Combyte Studios

    Inversions Intensity Smoothness

    Amazing Coaster, the theming is amazing and its so much fun. One of Gerstlauers materpieces (after Karnan lol)

  • Semina S.
    Semina S. 1 year ago

    Theming Inversions Hangtime Rattle

    The ride experience is one of a kind and going through many inversions is exciting with the odd airtime hill. The 1st half is definitely better than the second as the final 3 inversions can get quite tight and uncomfortable. The many dive loops are fun and the hang time is brilliant on the 1st inversion. However, the ride has a massive rattle which can take away from the ride experience but it dosent take away from it much. Also the harness can get quite tight on your legs which can cause some issue during the 2nd lift hill. Restraints like Gold Rush’s could really make the ride better.

  • Dawid P.
    Dawid P. 1 year ago

    Comfort Masterpiece Smoothness

    One of its kind with 14 loops

  • B&M Beenie
    B&M Beenie 2 years ago

    Inversions Fun Duration Headbanging

    One of the best. The inversions are thrilling and makes it feel like a frenzy throughout. Throughout the duration, It feels insane but it does get broken up with airtime hills and a lift hill to keep it sane. Some minor headbanging on some spots but overall a good ride.

  • Andrew E.
    Andrew E. 2 years ago

    Theming Inversions Pace Capacity

    Wow. That was my first impression of the ride. Smiler at Alton Towers might just be the best of the compact coasters out there. The theme of this ride is the creepiest of any ride by far, even scarier than Oblivion just across the path. The marmaliser is truly a sight to behold as one may wonder how the engineers integrated such a huge sculpture in the middle of an already compact coaster. Then the optical illusion section indoors was very fun to look at. However once you approach the station everything takes a much darker turn as you hear audio cues regarding a "correctional process." The theme even continues through the exit path, which is a demented dark funhouse meant to throw off your senses once and for all. It is something straight out of an psychological horror movie and would never fly here in America. Regarding the ride, I find it to be a love it or hate it with most people. Personally I love it. The fact that fourteen inversions were incorporated into the layout and yet the ride doesn't seem repetitive the way some other looping coasters do. There are even two small bunny hops which help to break up the inversions even further. I absolutely recommend riding this at least once.

  • Oscar Plummer
    Oscar Plummer 2 years ago

    Inversions Fun Duration

    This coaster is a non stop journey of fun and excitement. Even before the first lift hill there is an inversion.

  • Brendan Jackson
    Brendan Jackson 2 years ago

    Airtimes Inversions Duration Rattle Harness

    Lap bar away from being one of the best multilooper coasters out there. Not as rough as people say. 2 airtime hills are way too much fun

  • Mr Coller Roaster

    Inversions Fun Duration Headbanging

    I rode this roller coaster first in October 2019 and as soon as I rode it, I knew it was my number 1. Over 3 days at Alton Towers, I rode it 14 times - more than any other ride. Although this ride has the most inversions in the world, my favourite part is actually the second hill and that gives a great moment of airtime. Whilst it is not the smoothest ride in the world, I think people exaggerate the roughness a bit. The only time it is a bit uncomfortable are the last couple of inversions. It is a really fun coaster and it should definitely be on your bucket list if you have never ridden it.

  • Syd Carandang
    Syd Carandang 3 years ago

    Airtimes Theming Inversions Rattle

    I have never smiled so much in my life while on a ride. The Smiler is relentless. Every element is just bam, bam bam, with only a short break in the middle. Those two air time hills are magic. And the theme is absoloutely fantastic. Towers have done wonders once more. I could listen to that soundtrack on end. Simply Amazing. Also the thing just looks intimidating, and thats what I love about it. It is a little rough towards the end but I'm willing to look past that. There are so much more pros than cons. I have truly been corrected. Smile Always.

  • Tyler M.
    Tyler M. 3 years ago

    Theming Inversions Duration Rattle

    If I was told that I had to sit and watch a ride all day, I would 100% pick The Smiler. There's really nothing like approaching the ride and seeing the twisted mess of black track and supports, and then for two bright yellow trains to crest the lifts and duel in perfect synchronisation whilst the catchy and sinister music plays as you enter the queue. It has to be considered as a whole package, as the area and queue is absolutely part of the experience. I'm not normally a fan of cattle-pen queue lines, however The Smiler has so much to watch while you wait; fantastic self-duelling and ridiculous themeing elements like the 'marmaliser' in the centre of the ride and the indoor queue section is great (when it works properly). Getting on to the ride itself, it's a fun, long ride with fantastic forces and even some surprise airtime in each half. It was designed to pack in a ridiculous number of inversions and it has certainly achieved that goal very well, though I can see that it may not be everyone's cup of tea as even I get a little dizzy at the end of the first half of the ride! Admittedly, it can also be bit bumpy in places (the exit of the cobra roll springs to mind) but I've mostly had smooth rides so it's not enough to take away from the overall experience of the attraction. A front row night ride is also a phenomenal experience, as the area is only lit by the screens of the 'marmaliser'. It was this experience that NEARLY pushed this above Nemesis in my rankings, so I highly recommend making a trip to Towers during Scarefest to try it out and see what all the fuss is about!

  • Charlie Thornton
    Charlie Thornton 3 years ago

    Airtimes Intensity Duration Theming Harness

    Amazing ride. - Intense, great duration and airtimes. Poor theming for the most part, and uncomfortable harness.

  • Halish R.
    Halish R. 3 years ago

    Harness Discomfort Tear it down!

    Painful (especially if you're a bloke) and presents no enjoyment for me.

  • Simon M.
    Simon M. 3 years ago

    Inversions Layout Duration Headbanging

    Insane concept and incredibly well designed layout. Not the smoothest but I didn't really mind.

  • Elliot Taylor
    Elliot Taylor 3 years ago

    Inversions Pace Intensity Headbanging

    Ride is relatively smooth overall but the cobra roll is one of the roughest coaster elements I've experienced

  • Jason King
    Jason King 3 years ago

    Theming Inversions Duration

    The Smiler is batsh*t insane, and that’s why we love it.

  • Moogal
    Moogal 3 years ago

    Airtimes Theming Inversions Rattle Headbanging Harness

    A visually impressive ride, that's a lot of fun to ride. There's a hell of a lot of track squeezed in to a very small footprint, and the layout is well-paced. Depending on where you sit within the train it can be a rough ride, however. Inversion number 12 (near the shop) has always been badly profiled and tends to slam you uncomfortably into the restraints.

  • Nicky Borrill
    Nicky Borrill 4 years ago

    Airtimes Inversions Intensity Rattle Headbanging Discomfort

    I do enjoy Smiler, but I cannot rate it too highly because it is so rough sometimes. I am unable to ride it more than 3 or 4 times in a row.

  • Formula 1st
    Formula 1st 4 years ago

    Theming Inversions Intensity

    My first inverted coaster... front row. I don’t think it’s that rough or painful and the vertical lift hill is awesome. The theming is the best in the world

  • Dave Scott
    Dave Scott 4 years ago

    Capacity Discomfort Tear it down!

    The Smiler is Marmite. Love it or hate it, it seems. The latest Gerstlauers have learned that rate-of-change-of-acceleration is important. Smiler was on that learning curve, but not right. Suspect build quality from day one, even pre-accident it had a lot of problems. The spin-and-spew quality to the ride is, I will grant it, somewhat novel, but those trains, oh those trains are hateful bolt-upright things and highly uncomfortable. Also, I intensely dislike the queue line. Yay! Let's deliberately pack you all in like cattle in a cage. Not a pleasant experience. Given a shorter queue I'd maybe have enjoyed it somewhat more; however the only thing that will entice me into a return is a refit with Hangtime-style clamshells. Some legends say the Black Hole was cursed; and I am inclined to believe the Smiler is proof!

  • Poodz
    Poodz 4 years ago

    Inversions Masterpiece Layout Discomfort

    Deserves nothing less than 5 stars. It somehow manages to have 14 inversions yet never get boring. It's relentless from start to finish. I absolutely love the rolled drops, airtime hills, the sea serpent roll, and the two consecutive rolls towards the end. Right now I can't pick between this and Nemesis as my favourite UK rides, maybe one day I'll resolve it. It can sometimes be uncomfortable, but for me that doesn't detract from the experience at all. My last ride on it was butter smooth apart from the infamous bump at the cobra roll.

  • kai phillips
    kai phillips 4 years ago

    Inversions Intensity Duration Headbanging

    Stunning, poorly maintained in parts but...stunning

  • Lachlan S.
    Lachlan S. 4 years ago

    First Drop Inversions Rattle

    Very impressive layout, surprisingly manages not to feel repetitive. The inversions are varied, with the rolls during the first drop standing out for me. The break in the middle provides a breather but is short enough to not be boring. The rumoured launch would have been cool but would have possibly been too intense, I guess we will never know. While it looks super cool from the outside, the Smiler theme adds little to the onboard experience, however it's not needed as the ride itself is sufficient. The coaster is rough in places and I'm sure it won't age as well as Nemesis but as of 2018 it is manageable.

  • Luke Freeman
    Luke Freeman 4 years ago

    Theming Inversions Intensity Headbanging Harness

    My No.2 ride after Wicker Man, The Smiler packs a lot into its compact space. The theming is fantastic, along with the soundtrack, and the overall experience is incredible. My only downside is the second-half of the ride, especially the second-half of the cobra roll and the first corkscrew at the end of the ride. If you are shorter, your head will not thank you after this ride.

  • Harry D.
    Harry D. 5 years ago

    Inversions Fun Intensity

    The Smiler is a fantastic ride, with an extremely unique layout, and an even more unique theme. The ride features 14 intense inversions, and a whole range of onride effects.

  • Robin C.
    Robin C. 3 hours ago
  • daniel liversidge

    Airtimes Inversions Duration Headbanging Discomfort

  • Jack H.
    Jack H. 1 day ago

    Theming Inversions Duration Rattle Headbanging

  • L Williams
    L Williams 3 days ago
  • GeMiGu
    GeMiGu 5 days ago
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    Romain G. 6 days ago
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    Amy H. 7 days ago
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    Max Jones 7 days ago
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    Will G. 8 days ago
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    Tom on Ride 8 days ago

    Inversions Fun Duration

  • Thomas Steinauer
    Thomas Steinauer 12 days ago
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    Ethan K. 17 days ago
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    Nathan Durringer 18 days ago
  • Rowan Simpson
    Rowan Simpson 18 days ago
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    Michael B. 27 days ago
  • Louis Dethier
    Louis Dethier 29 days ago

    Theming Inversions Fun

  • Will Ford
    Will Ford 1 month ago
  • basw
    basw 1 month ago

    Theming Inversions Duration Rattle Disappointing!

  • Alex Valnarov-Boulter
  • Daniel W.
    Daniel W. 1 month ago
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    Daniel Hope 1 month ago
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    David Ribi 1 month ago
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    2L2J 1 month ago

    Theming Inversions Layout Rattle

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    Nathan Riches 1 month ago
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    Coasterworld 1 month ago

    Theming Inversions Duration

  • Dylan Thelwell
    Dylan Thelwell 1 month ago
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    Richard Lee 1 month ago
  • Sam E.
    Sam E. 1 month ago
  • Bellies R Us
    Bellies R Us 2 months ago

    Duration Headbanging Disappointing! Discomfort

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    Nathan Perry 2 months ago
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    SkeledroMan 3 months ago
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    Jan T. 3 months ago
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    Brendan L. 3 months ago
  • Niall Phelan
    Niall Phelan 3 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Duration Headbanging Harness

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    Romain B. 4 months ago


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    Jamie Whelan 4 months ago
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    Beloutre Daxter 5 months ago

    Inversions Intensity Duration

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    Oli Muir 5 months ago
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    Tom Canavan 5 months ago
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    Ben S. 5 months ago
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    Sam Heppener 5 months ago

    Theming Layout Duration Headbanging Discomfort

  • Tom Brd
    Tom Brd 5 months ago

    Theming Inversions Duration Headbanging Harness

  • Cynthiana R.
    Cynthiana R. 7 months ago
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    Jamie Swain 7 months ago
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    Jérémy V. 7 months ago
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    Ryan Grainger 7 months ago
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    Bas v. 7 months ago
  • Coasters with Chris

    Airtimes Inversions Duration Headbanging Harness Discomfort

  • Samuel Dixon
    Samuel Dixon 7 months ago
  • Ben J.
    Ben J. 7 months ago
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    Sticky Ring 7 months ago
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    Xxequi jadexX 7 months ago
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    Ralf E. 8 months ago
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    Alan Dunsmuir 8 months ago

    Inversions Intensity Layout Headbanging Reliability

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    bast g. 8 months ago
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    Sam Capstick 8 months ago
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    Arnau Martinez 8 months ago
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    Alexandre CF 9 months ago
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    Karlyn Singh 9 months ago
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    kristalic 9 months ago
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    Will Booth 9 months ago
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    Matt Newman 9 months ago

    Inversions Layout Rattle Headbanging Intensity

  • Hans Roost
    Hans Roost 9 months ago
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    Meem 9 months ago
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    Tom B. 10 months ago
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    Esteban Heine 10 months ago
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    sYn_ 10 months ago

    Inversions Harness Duration

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    Airtimes Inversions Duration Harness Discomfort

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