First Drop Fun Launch

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Time Traveler features
Magnetic Launch (LIM/LSM)
Lap bar
26 000 000 $
Reviews  115
  • Ian Lundholm
    Ian Lundholm 6 days ago

    First Drop Hangtime Duration

    WHATTTTTTT IM AM SO SORRY RIDE TO HAPPYNES this was supposed to be a prototype? I actually RODE ride to Happynes, and this is JUST BETTER BY FARR! Why? first of all, it has the literal best first drop in the entire world. better than x2. Which I also rode 2 years ago. no drop will ever beat this. then the rest of the ride is perfect and suuupper intense. whereas ride to happiness, I'm sorry. ride to Happiness has a stupid drop, not very fast and intense ejector airtime, and it's wayyy more shaky than Time Traveler for some reason. Time Traveler also has one of the best ejector airtime moments in that quick turnaround element. and also that first launch, you go over that over-banked turn. That is just insane! Do you know what else is awesome about it? THE RIDE TIME!!! You get a super long ride time and it is just perfect. butt, the launch is not super strong and it does almost fully stop, so bad for pacing. same for Ride to Happiness. the only thing I like about ride to happiness better is the first inversion. i like inversions before chain lifts or launches. they are really coll and should be on more coasters. also one more thing? I HAD TO TRAVEL TO EUROPE TO RIDE THE RIDE TO HAPPYNIS!

  • jeremyvincent7351

    Masterpiece Launch

    outlaw run better

  • Evangelion Martini

    First Drop Fun Layout

    Incredible! The first drop in the back, the spinning, the inversions, and much more just all come together to make such a unique ride experience that really is just a blast.

  • Mr. Roller Coasters

    First Drop Theming Fun

    For sure not the craziest ride out there, but the first drop in the back is absolutely amazing, the twisted hill is awesome & I love the pop into the 2nd launch. Crazy airtime. The launches themselves are alright & the inversions are just fun. While this isn’t a world class coaster, it is probably my favorite at Silver Dollar City.

  • Noah Eastwood
    Noah Eastwood 4 months ago

    Airtimes Comfort Fun Too short Capacity Launch

    Time Traveler makes you feel confused. The first drop is great with some airtime. The 95 foot tall vertical loop is pretty intense with hangtime and the switchback hill was absurdly full with whip. My favorite part was the zero g roll that feels like spinning while doing a somersault. Overall its my favorite ride on the planet.

  • NorCal C.
    NorCal C. 4 months ago

    First Drop Inversions Ejectors Launch Reliability

    Time Traveler consists of incredible airtime moments on the first drop and the hill after the vertical loop, and the spinning enhances the inversions to make them above-average. The launches, despite being noticeably slow, get the job done, as the main focus of the coaster is the spinning. Also, on my visit Time traveler showed poor reliability by being down half the time.

  • Coaster Nut
    Coaster Nut 7 months ago

    First Drop Inversions Launch Discomfort

    I hit this on a day when there were no lines. I laughed throughout each ride because I was having so much fun. The first drop out of the station was surprising and intense. The launches, inversions and airtimes are great. You need to ride it multiple times because each seat gives a new ride experience. My favorite ride was where I was backward for the first drop (awesome!) and then facing down for an overbanked turn. The only drawback was that the spinning gave me slight nausea, so I had to take breaks between rides.

  • Footlick Gamer
    Footlick Gamer 10 months ago

    Theming Masterpiece Layout Capacity

    Awesome ride! It is my favorite at silver dollar city but it has a big flaw I can think of is capacity

  • Parker Davidson

    First Drop

    I thought this was a really fun ride! The first drop is quite surprising, and for a spinning coaster the g's are well-balanced. The theming is quite well done as well

  • Drive Safely
    Drive Safely 1 year ago

    First Drop Comfort Fun

    With Time Traveler, my experience was different each time I rode, which is something special that this ride does in the way it incorporates its spinning. Sometimes it's a top-tier ride, other times it's weaker and doesn't deliver as much. Either way, the first drop is insane, and Time Traveler is guaranteed to give you a unique and fun experience.

  • Laroy Leaders
    Laroy Leaders 1 year ago

    Theming Launch Fun Capacity

    Cons: HATED the shit music that nobody wants to hear and this is YET ANOTHER ride in SDC that has NO SINGLE RIDER LINE!!! Having rides with no single rider lines is something SDC is famous for because they don't think about their single rider customers and they don't care about them either!!! This ride also has long lines because it is not a people mover. 1 reason of this is because they have no single rider line. Pros: The launches were the best part, followed by the theming, safety gates, and controlled spinning.

  • Jack Jack J.
    Jack Jack J. 2 years ago

    Airtimes Launch Layout

    My favorite coaster out of 316. The theme and use of terrain is fantastic. The trains and entrance plaza are gorgeous. The ride itself is surprisingly intense and has some of the most unique elements you can experience with the spinning. The first drop is my favorite element on any coaster. The ejector down it is absolutely insane while sideways. The dive loop pulls good Gs and both launches actually have decent kick. The loop is great and zero-g roll is whippy. The twisted airtime hill gives violent ejector and the drop down to the second launch gives a good pop as well. I love Time Traveler becasue of how different it is. I haven't done anything like this ever. Easy 10/10

  • Inverted Thrills
    Inverted Thrills 2 years ago

    Airtimes First Drop Inversions

    This ride is fantastic. The first drop is an excellent element, there's surprisingly good airtime, and the inverisons are great as well

  • Hen Hen
    Hen Hen 2 years ago

    First Drop Fun Smoothness

    This ride is fairly tame, but take the first drop in the back car and you're in for a crazy element. The rest of the ride has a couple of airtime moments, good hangtime, and overall is a fun time. Also did I mention that it spins? The spinning makes this a very fun unique experience. Overall it is a very good ride and it deserves the praise that it gets.

  • 手取Fishland
    手取Fishland 2 years ago

    First Drop Theming Layout Disappointing! Launch

    割とフツーのコースターでした。ところで次にCedar Pointにできるのって、コレの大型版、って感じがしない?スピニングないし、後出しジャンケン大好きパークだし。でも平地で造ったら廻転率ものすごく悪化しそう。

  • Tristan Miralles
    Tristan Miralles 13 days ago
  • thomas stanley
    thomas stanley 24 days ago
  • Targeri
    Targeri 1 month ago
  • Colorado Coaster Fan
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    robin basuyaux 1 month ago
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    Arthur Bonneau 1 month ago
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    Trevor Van Daele 1 month ago
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    Frédéric Beck 2 months ago
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    Zachary S. 2 months ago
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    Els Keytsman 2 months ago
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    Anthony R. 2 months ago
  • Deadlylightning Spirit
  • Andrew Elicker
    Andrew Elicker 2 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Fun Launch Intensity

  • Name Less
    Name Less 2 months ago
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    Dillon Browning 2 months ago
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    Edward Bonks 2 months ago
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    Ismael Diallo 3 months ago
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    Jake Dolan 3 months ago
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    Hunter M. 3 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Inversions Launch Reliability

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    Connor Odom 3 months ago
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    Nathaniel Hawk 3 months ago
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  • Ether
    Ether 4 months ago
  • Firey slapping machine

    Airtimes First Drop Inversions

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    Sean Greshock 11 months ago

    Theming Layout Hangtime

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    Bellies R Us 1 year ago

    First Drop Lap Bar Fun Launch

  • Sir Meow Meow
    Sir Meow Meow 1 year ago
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    Owen Rohm 1 year ago
  • Heartline Coaster
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  • First Drop
    First Drop 1 year ago
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    First Drop Nice surprise! Fun Launch

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    K681 Coasters 1 year ago
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    A.j. Hummel 1 year ago
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    Andrew E. 2 years ago

    First Drop Location Comfort Launch

  • Ashton H.
    Ashton H. 3 years ago
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    Kai S. 3 years ago

    First Drop Fun Harness Launch

  • Joseph Bricout
    Joseph Bricout 3 years ago
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    Kommi 3 years ago

    First Drop Location Fun

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    Bob Vegana 3 years ago
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    Hans Roost 4 years ago

    First Drop Theming Comfort

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    Joris B. 4 years ago
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    Alex Mahon 4 years ago
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    Nathan Hicks 4 years ago

    Theming Launch Fun

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    Florian Blond 5 years ago

    First Drop Nice surprise! Fun Launch

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    Benjamin R. 5 years ago

    Airtimes Nice surprise! Fun

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    Katun GagaLefou 5 years ago

    Nice surprise! Fun Layout


    First Drop Inversions Harness Launch