• Manuel G.

    Airtimes Confort Layout

    Absolutely amazing and a league above anything else in the park. Layout is witty from start to finish (beginning with the banked curve out of the station) and the coaster is basically just playing rodeo with you for a minute, except it is unsuccessful at throwing you off because you are tied to the quite narrow seats by the means of comfortable restraints. The high frequency of intense elements over such a long duration is something I have not seen before and is stupidly good. Front row is amazing for the views and the airtime, back row is far more disorienting and the many headchopper moments work better there. Not sure which is better. Highlight elements: the first airtime hill combination after the 270° stall, establishing the fact that this coaster does not play nice, and the 140° stall, where the track seems to melt away under the train, but very soon reappears mysteriously. How this is rated less thrilling than other coasters in the park on the park's homepage is beyond me - it is quite demanding and the airtime is massive and plenty. The ride is glossy smooth. I was laughing hysterically on the brake run and some other, but not so many other coasters can do that. Basically a 5-star-coaster that only loses half a point, because the theming and overall appearance did please but not amaze me.

  • Danilo G.

    First Drop Inversions Confort Intensité

    Great hypercoaster by mack! Ride this in the evening when it’s warmed up.

  • Rolf Signa

    Bonne suprise ! Fun Layout Harnais Fiabilité

    Absolutely amazing. Nice throughputs so the line keeps moving. The coaster is really smooth and disorienting in the dark. Also very well paced. Could be more reliable though as it does break down quite often.

  • Björn E.

    Situation Fun Fluidité Trop court Débit

    The mid break isnt good. The ride should have a Terrain Part at the end.

  • Björn E.

    Fun Intensité Ejectors Temps mort

    A fantastic Coaster. Maybee the best in Europe.

  • Björn E.

    Fun Ejectors

    Just historic!

  • Maya Steen

    First Drop Baffes

    Super rid in from the netherland

  • Na N.

    Intensité Intensité

    ouch. please tear this down and build a raptor

  • Na N.

    Situation Inconfort

    only good part is the last helix and the little trip over the water.

  • Na N.

    Situation Fun Layout

    love the ending. pretty good mine train