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Big Dipper features
Tire propelled launch
Lap bar
Reviews  8
  • Benjamin Andrews

    Airtimes Inversions Pace

    Very fun ride and one of the best in the country. It offers some great airtime and the inversions are excellent.

  • CoasterHead
    CoasterHead 2 months ago

    Launch Pace Intensity Rattle Too short Capacity

    Big Dipper is one of the smaller puncher packs in the game. It’s pretty fun! Don’t expect a perfect ride though. I hope in the meantime Intamin can do something about the smoothness on their later Hot Racers. But it’s fun regardless. A lot more intense that I expected, the second half just whips you through the layout. Second launch is great too. Best element for me would probably be the corkscrew, didn’t expect much from that element but it slaps. I’d give this ride 74%.

  • Jake H.
    Jake H. 7 months ago

    Launch Too short

    Big Dipper is an interesting ride. Obviously, Luna Park didn't have a huge footprint to work with, and they did a reasonably good job with this Intamin Hot Racer. The second launch is fantastic, the inversions are great, and the ride feels fast and well-paced. However, it's still incredibly short, and the light 7-seater trains have a huge rattle in the back seats. Could be much better than what it is.

  • Thomas C.
    Thomas C. 9 months ago

    Location Harness Rattle

    A zippy, fun ride. While not too short, it’s also not a long ride, but even with the 7 seater trains it didn’t get a super long line (I did visit on a wet day though, so maybe lower crowds than normal). The launches, loop, bunny hill, and corkscrew each give a taste of some different forces, which leads to a ride that has a little bit of everything. The best part is the view though; getting thrown over a non-inverting loop while looking at the Sydney Harbour Bridge is certainly unique. The only real downside is the rattle, which isn’t too bad the first time, but can make marathoning it a pain; a pity, since one ride doesn’t really feel like enough. Fortunately no head-banging thanks to over-the-head lap bars. Overall, a thrilling and enjoyable ride experience that’s a little on the rougher side.

  • Lachlan Townsend
    Lachlan Townsend 4 months ago

    Inversions Launch Pace Rattle Too short

  • Nathan Matthews
    Nathan Matthews 5 months ago
  • BCgaming0
    BCgaming0 7 months ago

    Lap Bar Location Pace Too short

  • Thomas M
    Thomas M 8 months ago

    Location Pace Intensity Rattle Too short Capacity