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  • Last Action Weeaboo

    First Drop Lap Bar Ejectors Theming

    Shambhala is a B+M Hyper Coaster, they generally focus on weak and pathetic airtime, with bland force-less layouts that are fun, but none-the-less a top 3 filler for a Cedar Fair park with a Giga and a large B+M Looper. HA not this coaster! Shambhala has a unique and wonderful layout, tones of Flo-JECTOR air, and buttery smooth ride. One of the best first drops ever in the back row. Sadly didn't get front row, but would've loved to, as I've heard that's where it's best. But the first drop is too breathtaking to sacrifice. Themeing around the ride is great, but in the queue is just a crowded ca ...

  • Last Action Weeaboo

    Theming Intensity

    Well, this is an underrated ride. I greyed out on the loop and is insanely whippy in the front row (Zero G Roll). ALSO IT'S IN A VOLCANO, why does no one talk about that? This is a great ride, yeeted with forces and is a really fun ride, to bad the ops aren't to good.

  • Last Action Weeaboo

    Inversions Pace Intensity Disappointing!

    The First ride I got in 2018 was an underwhelming back row middle ride. It's my Mum's favourite coaster, and the rest of my group loved it. Personally it was my number 6 at the Towers. This year I got a front row ride, still didn't love it. But as I rode it more throughout the day, it heated up significantly, I tried it in different seats and this is a spectacularly intense ride. It's my Number 3 at Towers, and my number 7 Overall, but the Terrain work is amazing as you fly in and out of it. I got a couple of middle night rides, I preferred them to my front row rides, They were just more inten ...