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Hurricane Roller Coaster
Hurricane Roller Coaster

Credit: Suzhou Amusement Land Forest World

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  • Katarena Gomez-Ramirez

    Headbanging Discomfort Tear it down!

    The whole time I was on this ride I was yelling in pain. It was not enjoyable and I had to go to take tylenol afterwards. My neck was forced downward a few times during the ride and I felt like my spine was at risk. This coaster was not smooth at all and resulted in my head banging back and forth between the harness.The results do not get any better... I have been stuck in bed most of the day and the cartilage on my right ear is bruised, which I didn't know was possible until the Viper!! Do not recommend and does not seem safe for smaller children.

  • Coasterwaffle

    Airtimes Lap Bar Smoothness

    This is an amazing rollercoaster with some awesome theming. From the queue you have some amazing views of the first drop and the ending. The trains are similar to the ones on Taron or Taiga but these ones aren't levitated so your feet touch the floor of the train, but it didn't take something away from the experience because these restraints are very comfortable and open. The lift hill is very steep and speeds up halfway trough, you also reach the top very fast. The first drop is amazing, very similar to EGF but the drop starts twisting a bit later so it provides a bit longer of airtime before ...

  • MyJump Up

    Airtimes First Drop Ejectors Reliability

    This ride is a masterpiece. The amount of ejector on this thing is out of this world, backrow is the best on this ride because you get thrown out of your seat on the first drop with insane airtime that continuous forever and this is combined with insane laterals. Each hill on this ride delivers quality airtime. This ride is also really intense in all the parts (I started to gray out on the outward bank) overall a worldclass coaster