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Slime Streak
Slime Streak

Credit: Bubble Gaming

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  • Joseph W.

    Harness Discomfort

    Worst kiddie coaster I have been on.

  • George S.

    Theming Pace Ejectors Rattle Headbanging Capacity

    Saw is a decent ride but has some issues. Saw features immersive theming that incorporates movie references throughout the queue and warehouse interior. Jigsaw's loading station announcements add to the overall ambience and pre-ride tension. Saw is a standard Eurofighter model with 8 passengers per train, and two trains deployed together spaced by block brakes. A result is that capacity can be an issue on busy days despite the streamlined boarding and bag storage process. The ride starts with an indoor section. The indoor section excels, with a steep drop combined with near misses, ...

  • Commander Colt

    Airtimes First Drop Hangtime

    Got a couple of really good rides on this coaster. It is great fun and would definitely recommend. I got 4 rides and would've gotten 5, however, there was an active shooter outside the park, so they shut the ride down. :( Anyway, the ride itself was good.