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Hurricane Roller Coaster
Hurricane Roller Coaster

Credit: Roller Coaster Dream China

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  • CoaẞTR

    Launch Harness Discomfort Pointless

    The Launch is fun but that was it. The kind of Harness caused by its position of riding prevents you from getting any Airtime you might get with regular sit-down Trains. Also if you're a male expect some very uncomfortable pressure in the valleys.

  • Randy93 -opp

    Airtimes Fun Duration Capacity

    The capacity can be a bit better but west coast racers is a good ride, I was actually surprised more by the white side, I feel like it’s a ride to transition onto the big ones

  • Randy93 -opp

    Capacity Inversions Rattle

    I don’t get why this ride gets so much hate, yes it may be a parking lot coaster but so is twisted colossus, it does have a rattle like a lot of B&M but it didn’t bother me, the second half might be a bit mild cus of the mid course breaks but it’s a good ride