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Le Tigre de Sibérie
Le Tigre de Sibérie

Credit: Oz'Iris Coaster

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  • Tomasz Adam

    Airtimes First Drop Fun Rattle

    Hyperion provides an excellent mixture of diverse elements: an incredible first drop, both floater and sustained ejector airtime hills, fast transitions, two aggressive Stengel dives and a Twist and Dive element, which is definitely the highlight of the ride, as it combines excellent airtime with a quick inversion and it is taken at an incredible speed. Even though Hyperion uses a traditional chain lift, trains quickly reach the top of the first hill and keep the furious pace right until final brakes. Trains are very spacious and open, giving you an awesome sense of freedom. Taron-style restra ...

  • Clement CoasterEnthusiast

    First Drop Fun Smoothness Theming

    Toujours sympa a rider quand je passe en vacances ici moi qui aime essayer des vieux coaster. Fluide malgré son age ! (D’ailleur sa me fait toujours rire de voir 15 projecteur s’allumer rien que pour une petite photo xD) la première fois que j’ai rider ce coaster sa m’a fait bizarre de ne pas avoir ni de lap bar ni de harnais

  • Skylar Watson

    Airtimes Intensity Ejectors Too short

    This is indeed the best coaster I have ever ridden. The airtime and speed make this a top coaster in all the lists and I can see why. The lift hill is somewhat slow but it builds anticipation and the ride has a unique concept of having the second drop be the biggest drop. The sensation of speed is crazy and the g-forces on the fan turn are intense but it's the airtime hills at the very end is what makes this a stand-out coaster, overall... it's a great ride!