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Which dive coaster is the best: SheiKra or Griffon ? Loving Galactica or missing Air ? And Intimidator 305, is it so crazy or just a good coaster ? No panic, all the answers are here, in your guide. And it takes only a couple of seconds to connect. Follow the Captain !

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Now You See Me: High Roller
Now You See Me: High Roller

Credit: Swiss Ride Services

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  • Robert A.

    Theming Comfort Fun

    Just a ton of fun. I was laughing throughout, it's a fantastic addition to the park. Great job Paultons.

  • Sam P.

    Fun Smoothness Layout

    In a park full of big thrills and dark themes, Galactica is a very pleasant break. Nemesis rightly gets all the spoils down in B&M valley, but the original flying coaster still very much holds its own. I'm a big fan of its space facelift, the soundtrack is ace and the theme really fits the ride experience. For a first time, B&M did very well with the restraints, I don't find them uncomfortable at all, as long as the ride ops don't force them down onto your legs too far. Then you depart, and you're in for a very fun ride. It's not very intense, but it's clearly not supposed to be. And that's wh ...

  • Sam P.

    Theming Nice surprise! Location

    I love riding Thirteen. It's just a great fun coaster, it's obviously not very extreme, but at Towers it doesn't need to be. Love the theme, nice and dark, good soundtrack too. The first half is fun, though how much better it would be without the huge trim on the drop is another matter. I understand why it's there though. Its nice and smooth, and some fun pops of airtime too. Then the undoubted highlight, the fantastic drop track which is very well done, and very snappy, aided by some nice special effects. The launch backwards into the underground helix is a great finale, before you shoot forw ...