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  • Shroom

    First Drop Intensity Hangtime Rattle Discomfort Intensity

    I pretty much died while riding this. It is so incredibly intense, that it‘s just way too much. The positives in the loop and the scorpion tail are unbearable and I even got back pain whilst riding this and a headache right after. On top of that, it just rattles way too much too and it makes the positives even more difficult to bear. The drop was fun, and because it was beyond vertical you had great hangtime, just like on the scorpion tail. The airtimes were pretty solid and gave some good flojector airtime. Overall it is a very rare coaster and it was alright for its hangtime, drop and airtim ...

  • GLaDOS

    Airtimes Theming Intensity Too short

    Fenix is an intense ride, much more intense than I thought it would be. The first drop has nice hang time in all rows and the pullout has some force. The airtime hill throws you out of your seat and the Immelman is intense at the bottom and has a bit of hangtime in the middle rows. The helix has some crushing positive G forces to the point of being a near-greyout moment for me. The zero-G roll is whippy and the ending has a bit of airtime and positive G forces. Fenix is a bit on the shorter side but the elements it has are really good and it is really well paced. There is a dark ride section a ...

  • Robin B.

    First Drop Rattle Headbanging

    When we got on the queue was empty. Personell is friendly and the coaster itself is quite fun otherwise.