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Which dive coaster is the best: SheiKra or Griffon ? Loving Galactica or missing Air ? And Intimidator 305, is it so crazy or just a good coaster ? No panic, all the answers are here, in your guide. And it takes only a couple of seconds to connect. Follow the Captain !


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  • Pear Bennett

    Airtimes First Drop Intensity Restraints

    This ride is very intense and the airtime is incredible! It also has very strong laterals that are borderline unsafe. The first drop is incredible because of the kink in it that just tries to throw you out. The airtime is strong on all of the hills and the ride sustains its forces well in the turns. The restraints are a little uncomfortable but I did not find them too painful and the pain is worth it for the insanity of the left wing seat.

  • James Cook

    Airtimes Comfort Smoothness

    Yum! It may not be one of the newer B&M Hypers, but it keeps up with with them easily (except for the first drop perhaps). The ride is smooth for its age and the airtime is very tasty and sustained (quite strong too). The helix is pretty intense and adds more variety to the layout than your average turnaround on one of these coasters. Though there is a bonus turnaround/dive element shortly after which is fab, before you enter the fantastic bunny hill finale. Goliath comes up pretty high in my B&M Hyper rankings mostly because it doesn’t waste a second being anything less than awesome; it may n ...

  • James Cook

    Pace Layout

    It’s a pretty exhausting coaster, especially in very hot weather and if you try to continually re-ride it. It has a good amount of traditional wooden coaster rattle, although perhaps a bit too much for some in the back row of cars 5 and 6. The layout is long and the pace barely lets up, so it’s far from easy-going, but this is what makes it such a strong coaster. It’s an overall very intense experience, full of airtime moments and lateral movements that are thrown at you often very suddenly. This did tire me out, but certainly left me nothing if not really impressed. A CCI that’s more than hol ...