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  • Sam P.

    Airtimes Theming Comfort

    Wicker Man is the best example of elaborate theming and a great storyline turning what would otherwise be a decent ride, into a world class experience. I do really like the coaster itself, the first 2 drops are brilliant and there's some great airtime, but it's all the extras that make it. The plaza, queue and station all really immerse you, the soundtrack is epic and all the details have been thought through really well, right down to the burning wood smells in the preshow room and station. If you only ride once on your trip, do it late in the day and try for a back row, it warms up so much ...

  • Sam P.

    Location Masterpiece Intensity

    Nemesis is superb. It's fast, intense, pretty smooth as well for a ride that's getting on a bit. Really nice queue up the hill and down into the pit, great soundtrack too, really builds up the anticipation. The sequence of corkscrew, helix and zero G roll is very forceful, one of the most forceful moments of any ride in the UK, particularly on the back. Despite that, I do think the front row is by far the best, all the near misses and trenches have so much more of an effect when you can see them coming. There's rumours that Towers are going to retrack Nemesis in the coming years, and I really ...

  • Slovis Celery

    Airtimes First Drop Masterpiece

    What a fantastic Coaster. Sitting in the back is the best coaster rides you can get in the UK, shame that any seat row 9 forward is kinda boring. Front row is nice, but the coaster isn't about the sensation of speed you get in the front, it's the sharp, violent ejector airtime and brutal lats, which toward the back of the train it does perfectly. The first Drop really sets the objective of the ride, powerful airtime and intense lats at the bottom. I'd recommend row 11 if the back is a bit too rough for your liking, but personally, the odd jackhammer here and there really doesn't hinder the pur ...