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Credit: Universal Studios Beijing

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  • Flurin S.

    Location Launch

    Really good backwards launch on this one. The ride doesn't do much other than that but I do appreciate it as a design element for the impressive building too.

  • Flurin S.

    Launch Pace Smoothness

    As a coaster enthusiast I was thrilled to visit Ferrari World and ride Formula Rossa as my 147th credit. I was not disappointed. The launch is fantastic, the top speed is face warping fast and the turns are more forceful than I expected (sustained 3g in the turns accoarding to my watches measurement). I also got some night rides on Formula Rossa and it was just amazing to do night rides on the coaster that I waited to ride all my life.

  • Flurin S.

    Airtimes Theming Discomfort Dead spots

    From reading/watching reviews of Expedition GeForce, I expected this to be one of my favourite coasters ever. Unfortunately it ended up not even making my top 10. Yes it does have a lot of airtime, but thats not all a coaster needs to do. Basically everything that is not airtime is completely forceless, topped off by the part between the second airtime hill and the final bunnyhops which does absolutely nothing. - The second negative point concerns the comfort. The restraints dig into your legs (especially when you get stapled) and make the only good parts of the ride (airtime) unenjoyable and ...