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Pegase Express
Pegase Express

Credit: Romain B.

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  • אדר פופקו

    Inversions Location Intensity Layout

    welp folks,diavlo is a fun ride,not the best b&m around,but the ride is still a nice,well done ride.this is a batman model,a model which had been done to death by six flas and there is another batman clone in kuwait,but if you look at it,it is one of the first b&m inverts ever created,it was created in 1994 and was the first ever b&m coaster to come to china,bringing the thrills of bolliger and mabilard to the top in japan.but is the ride good?if you put aside the reptetive,unoriginal layout that had done so many by six flags,the ride honestly,is really great of a b&m,with many things packed i ...

  • Halish Railways

    Inversions Nice surprise! Layout Harness

    When I rode Infusion, it appeared that the polyurethane on the wheels were much thicker than on other SLCs. It was fairly smooth if you sat towards the front of the train and only had the occasional jolt (only at the bottom of drops and on the inline twists depending on where you sit). Not nearly as brutal as some people make it out to be.

  • אדר פופקו

    First Drop Location Too short Layout

    welp,i know some people love to complain about the short layout,and while its not the best diver by b&m by any means,its still a fun,well thought coaster.lets see the history behing the ride.after the succes of oblivion,the alton diver which was built in 1998.they decided to build another model,which will be an exact copy of oblivion,which will be,diving machine g5.the ride is the first coaster in the park,opened in 2000.and this was the time that they still didnt knew what to do with those divers,but in 2005,5 years after g5,came shiekra,and it was such a step yea,the rides layout is a ...