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Which dive coaster is the best: SheiKra or Griffon ? Loving Galactica or missing Air ? And Intimidator 305, is it so crazy or just a good coaster ? No panic, all the answers are here, in your guide. And it takes only a couple of seconds to connect. Follow the Captain !

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G'sengte Sau
G'sengte Sau

Credit: Oz'Iris Coaster

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  • Powerfull Coasters

    Airtimes Theming Fun

    This is what you call a masterpiece

  • Semina T.

    Theming Lap Bar Intensity Capacity Disappointing! Airtimes

    Last year this ride was amazing, I even rode it in the dark, but this year there is something missing. The back row is the only row that gives airtime and the whole ride this year was underwhelming. But I remember riding it last year and having loads of airtime. Anyway it’s still a pretty good ride though.

  • Sean Matrai

    First Drop Ejectors Duration

    Twisted timbers is the best of the smallest RMCs . The first three ejector hills are very intense especially on a hot summer night when the coaster is fully heated up. This to me is kind of a Jekyll and Hyde coaster and the reason I say this is because in the morning twisted timbers doesn’t run as well as you would want it too However the pacing is still sustainable enough to be quiet an effiecent ride. The first drop is quite incredible as you get good hang time especially more toward the front of the train as you crawl over that drive if you are in the back you get flung over which is really ...