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Red Force
Red Force

Credit: Atlas Coaster

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  • Max Sweeney

    Location Smoothness Duration Dead spots

    I've never ridden this one before the rework but I can tell the work paid off. The new tracking looks beautiful and this is one of the more smooth Arrow coasters I've ever ridden. It's quite a long ride so you get a lot of value and does a great job of blending in outside elements with loops contrasted with an indoor section with a long helix. It's also located in a great spot in the park and is very easy to access. I must knock it down for some apparent dead spots and pacing. I'm more used to Arrows that give you a slow lift hill and an intense experience after the drop but this one felt ...

  • Mark B.

    Capacity Pace Headbanging Disappointing!

    Decent ride but it is just of painful and just makes me think that if they tore it out that it would be a prime piece of real estate and gives you a migraine, but it has a great pace it's just to whippy and painful to enjoy. Definition of MID!!!

  • Mark B.

    Location Pace Fun Headbanging Discomfort Layout

    It's a good first inversion for kids but.... let's all admit it you ride it for the credit and the enjoyment of going over the pathway. Verry rough but it has a fire vertical loop, and the corkscrews are just decent because the roughness, but it seems like it's getting smoother. Never mind it got WAY ROUGHER so never mind