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  • Anthony Ricciuti

    Headbanging Disappointing! Tear it down!

    Ugh... I freaking hate this blue abomination that killed millions of innocent trees just to this blue piece of crap could be erected from the pits of heck. Oh Blue Streak! Or, Blue Stroke, or Blue Shriek, or Blue Freak, What do I say? Um... This ride is the ROUGHEST COASTER I'VE EVER RIDDEN! How on earth! Do people complain about Magnum XL-200 being rough! WHEN THIS PIECE OF CRAP GETS A PASS! LITERALLY! EVERY! SINGLE! PART! OF! THIS! STUPID! RIDE! IS! BONE! SHATTERING! ROUGH! Not to mention, this ride delivers absolutely no forces other than pain. Also, the seats and lap bars on this ride are ...

  • Anthony Ricciuti

    Location Smoothness Tear it down! Pointless Dead spots

    Look, I know this ride is a family coaster, but my goodness is it stupid. Iron Dragon, or as I call it, Iron Wagon, what can I say? I will give it this, this ride is the smoothest of all the Arrow coasters in the park, and it has a very nice setting. However, this ride is very boring, dull, and stupid, especially when compared to the other suspended coasters. I have never been on the Bat at Kings Island, but I'll admit, it looks like a good time. The same goes for Vortex at CW. We also can't forget about Big Bad Wolf! Why did that one close but not this? Along with Corkscrew, this is another r ...

  • Anthony Ricciuti

    Location Fun Smoothness Harness Dead spots

    Why do people hate this ride JUST because it's "boring"!? Sure, Gatekeeper may not be as extreme as rides like Maverick or Steel Vengeance, but just because a ride doesn't try to kill you doesn't mean it's a bad ride. In fact, Gatekeeper is a great ride actually! It's very smooth, the valleys deliver some nice G's, the ride looks gorgeous with a gorgeous location, the keyhole interaction is very cool, and overall it's just a very fun ride. I will admit the restraints aren't the best, and the ride can be a BIT slow at times, but the pros far outweigh the cons All in all, Gatekeeper is a tame, b ...