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Storm Coaster
Storm Coaster

Credit: Pierre Vaast

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  • Roger Hellebrand

    First Drop Smoothness Ejectors Capacity

    Best coaster in the Netherlands in speed en height

  • Matt Newman


    Gringotts is a coaster I'd say I rate far more for the theming than for the coaster itself; if I was rating Gringotts as a dark ride, it would easily get 5 stars!

  • Dave Scott

    Location Disappointing! Discomfort Tear it down!

    I was so disappointed with Boulder Crash in 2006. Fabulous location; but a terribly violent ride. Intensity does not require sitting on a jack hammer for 90 seconds. It's coming to something when I enjoyed the parks Boomerang (admittedly one of the better examples of it's type) rather more! Boulder crash is absolutely screaming for an RMC rescue package, if there ever was one. It's not like the layout even needs much of a change, just needs smoothing out with lighter trains and suspension to soak up the damage.