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Credit: Aubin D.

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  • Björn S.

    Disappointing! Dead spots Intensity

    My friend described it best: this coaster seems to be sad. This once big and impressive coaster is left to rot and fade and gets no help from the park. The ride itself is super forceless and very slow paced. Seems like the coaster itself does not want to go anymore. Poor thing.

  • Björn S.

    Rattle Discomfort Tear it down!

    Probably the worst experience I ever had on a coaster. Due to the pure harshness and brutality of the ride my girlfriend and I had to take an hour long break on the grass. And we were not the only ones. That thing needs to be torn down. As a park I would not want to offer that to my guests. The good thing was that the rest of the park (not Vampyre) saved the day.

  • Blueshock21

    Airtimes Lap Bar Ejectors

    Phantom is a rare coaster where it leaves you wanting more everytime you ride it. everything up to the 2nd drop is all about speed, And that drop is great, you go from floating in from the beginning to a snap of ejector as you dive into thunderbolt. and once you return from the ravine its just all ejector airtime. This is morgan's best coaster by far. Full of ejector airtime and great positives, and the speed is great too.