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Jaudenhang Flitzer
Jaudenhang Flitzer

Credit: Ralf Ernst

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  • Rolf Signa

    Nice surprise! Pace Fun

    Nothing to complain about with this ride. I've never been on the original so I don't know how it compares to that, but I thought this was a fantastic family coaster. Great pacing, intensity, comfort and I liked the effects in the dark.

  • Rolf Signa

    Fun Smoothness Too short

    Great family coaster. It's lacking in the theming department and it could be longer, but otherwise very enjoyable.

  • Rolf Signa

    Theming Fun Discomfort

    Probably the best wild mouse I've been on. I really like the elevator lift. The mouse turns are also really smooth but intense (as they always are on Mack wild mice). Though I found the valleys to be quite bumpy. But a little bumpyness is to be expected in a wild mouse.