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Alpine Coaster
Alpine Coaster

Credit: Antoine M.

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  • coaster land

    Location Intensity Ejectors Rattle

    This is one of the best arrow mine trains ever built. It has as intense, thrilling layout that drives off the quarry wall and has a couple very aggressive helices that bring the trade marked intensity that the legend Alan schilke is known for! The ride is a true top tier arrow and gives the classic feel with modern day intensity and for that it is a must ride!

  • coaster land

    Launch Intensity Layout Rattle

    Poltergeist is freaking awesome. I have ridden all 4 of the United states spaghetti bowl coasters and this one is the best of the 4. While it still has a rattle poltergeist is definitely the smoothest of the 4 and is incredibly forceful. From a whippy start full of positive g force to the gradual descent that increases speed before a final corkscrew that brings insane positive g force. This ride is just really good. It has one of the best clones layouts ever and its lack of a mid course is even more insane. Poltergeist is an all around great coaster and a huge upgrade from the flight of fear c ...

  • coaster land

    Location Fun Layout

    This ride is really fun for its size and offers a great family thrill experience with moderate intensity and just pure fun! The spinning is the perfect amount without being nauseating at all! The ride is also well paced and the positive g force may not be the best but it's still really fun. My advice is to go into this expecting a top tier family coaster and you will enjoy the heck out of it. Also let's appreciate its setting next to the quarry wall!!