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Credit: Ralf Ernst

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  • Daniel Stark

    First Drop Ejectors Hangtime

    As my first RMC, it exceeded expectations. Everybody knows how good it is. For me, best parts were the first drop, one of the best I have experienced, and the final heartline roll, providing awesome hangtime when there was hardly speed to do anything else. The lap bars didn't bother me at all, I found them much more comfortable than many other coasters at the park with Vekoma's restraints. Finally, it was packed with the strongest airtimes I have experienced; I can't find any con. It lacks theming, perhaps, but at least the location is not desert-like: there is some water, trees and the wooden ...

  • Daniel Stark

    First Drop Nice surprise! Ejectors Theming Pointless

    Having only ridden Silver Star as an airtime-aimed coaster, I thought Goliath would be even worse, as it was considerably smaller. I was positively surprised to see how wrong I was. The awesome drop left me speechless, and the great ejector hill following, as well. The stengel dive was fun, and the three tiny hills by the end provided nice ejector, too. However, the rest of the ride was pointless; no, worse, it was uncomfortable. The two huge helixes were both boring and painful. I like negative Gs, but that day I learnt that I hate sustained positive Gs. I would have prefered that part to be ...

  • Daniel Stark

    Theming Layout

    I would have listed "First Drop" as a con. Being this my first dive coaster, it didn't live up to my (actually rather low) expectations. Of course, the theming is outstanding, nice pre-shows, pleasant soundtrack and it stands wonderfully from outside. However, the layout itself isn't much, a nice immelman and a zero-G roll, but the helix is too slow and pointless. I understand this kind of coasters are usually short, but duration is not what bothers me. It's just a big family ride, not as intense and breath-taking as I would have liked it to be. And worst of all is the drop. I have experienced ...