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The Monster
The Monster

Credit: Pecheur du Saulnois

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  • Joel Simon

    Smoothness Duration Disappointing! Pointless Dead spots

    The entry sign with the huge snake looks cool but don't let it fool you. The queue line goes through a wilderness that looks like it hasn't been taken care of since 2001, same goes for the old railings. Also like the other Walygator rides, there was no waiting in line for this ride either. The coaster itself is pretty smooth and not much rattle for its age and first drop is ok, the seating is alright but thats already everything good of it. After the first drop the train barely makes it over the second hill, same goes for every hill on the ride (they all have anti roll backs). Airtime? Intens ...

  • Joel Simon

    Nice surprise! Fun Rattle

    I approached this old Vekoma coaster with a rather negative feeling of it being shaky and uncomfortable. But I got surprised how smooth it still was and headbanging wasn't that bad. Its more of a smaller coaster with medium thrill, its not very intense (more like a warm up coaster). The layout it compact and not too long. Operations are ok. Also like The Monster, there is no theming, but I liked the walkway around the coaster

  • Joel Simon

    Fun Intensity Layout Theming

    Definitely an awesome coaster, its fast, lots of inversions, its pretty long, no rattle,also its brakes of the mid course break run are not installed, so the last two corkscrews and helix are pretty intense. In my opinion the most intense B&M inverted I've ridden. What I loved was that you never have to stand in line for this ride, its always walk on. The main reason is, because the park is pretty worn down in a very quiet region. So a bit hidden. Also it deserves at least a bit of theming. Also the operators were kinda lazy (I can understand with that few attendance). They wait till there a ...