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Bob Express
Bob Express

Credit: Mike Ride

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  • Mark Lehnowsky

    Masterpiece Intensity Duration

    This is my all-time favorite ride, and until I rode Iron Gwazi, nothing else was even close. At night, trimless, there is still nothing like it. That being said, it runs better later in the day. The Voyage is a masterpiece, and I fear there will never be another one like it. This is the best rollercoaster in the world. Every new credit I get, I think that maybe I’ll find something better. So far nothing is.

  • Ryan Hanna H.

    Inversions Pace Duration Discomfort

    I’m just gonna be honest, I’m not a fan of B&M stand up coasters. I feel like they lack intensity and just aren’t really worth the wait half the time. Riddler’s Revenge is probably one of the better stand up coasters, and the amount of inversions makes this ride better than most. The pacing is good on this ride, but there isn’t much intensity. Overall, just a decent coaster, but if you love stand up coasters you will love this ride. Wouldn’t ride if the line is long and restraints are very comfortable. I feel like stand up coasters are just pointless and don’t really have any positives specifi ...

  • Sam P.

    Theming Layout Ejectors

    How do you review a ride like this? Probably by starting with saying it's absolutely insane in the most amazing ways. Spinning JoJo roll where it feels like you'll slip out of your seat. Intense spinning launch, outer banked curved top hat, crazy drop, banana roll, loop, and then a mental zero G roll where I experienced inverted sideways ejector airtime. That's before we even get to the absolutely demonic double twisting dive loop, which is a thing of warped and twisted magic. Ending with some extremely powerful airtime hills into the break. All whilst spinning, and listening to the best on ri ...