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Which dive coaster is the best: SheiKra or Griffon ? Loving Galactica or missing Air ? And Intimidator 305, is it so crazy or just a good coaster ? No panic, all the answers are here, in your guide. And it takes only a couple of seconds to connect. Follow the Captain !


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Credit: Rhuin Julien

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  • Powerfull Coasters

    Theming Discomfort Pointless Dead spots

    This ride is poop don’t ride it needs to be removed and it is the worst coaster I have been on but it has some fun legchoppers and theming but it is not a good ride at all and juvelen does headchoppers and theming better than this ride anyways

  • Powerfull Coasters

    Airtimes Masterpiece Smoothness

    This is so intense and crazy i love this ride everything is great about it and it is my number 1 coaster

  • Philippe-Minh Nguyen

    Capacity Fun Layout Dead spots

    One of the most recent B&M Inverts, OzIris is quite different from the old-school models such as Batman: the Ride, Montu and Pyrenees. It has no pre-drop, and a much less snappy transitions. The end result is a graceful coaster with an original layout. It has great flow and interactions with the pathways and scenery as well. The forces never get too high contrary to earlier Inverteds. I personally prefer really intense coasters so OzIris doesn't rank too high, but I appreciate B&M trying something new and different!