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Alpina Blitz
Alpina Blitz

Credit: Ourkha L.

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  • Daniel Stark

    First Drop Harness Inversions Discomfort

    I hate boomerangs. Not the family ones, nor the Giant Inverted Boomerangs (I love those GIB). But the normal ones are horrible. At least the one at Walibi Holland has some theming and better restraints. This is, so far, the worst coaster I've ridden. It looks nice from the outside, those tracks going nowhere, the queue in the middle of the ride, the cobra roll intimidating park visitors... Great thrill ride to appeal some fearless GP. However, once you ride, you find out it was a trap. The only "not bad" thing is the drop, which is fun and builds a lot of anticipation lifting backwards. The fo ...

  • Daniel Stark

    Theming Nice surprise! Pointless

    As far as I can remember, this is the best SLC I've ridden. It's definetely the best themed one, at least (which isn't saying much). I like the look of the station, even though it's below the new theming standards of the park. However, it is an SLC. I don't get the hate against this model. I didn't find the ones at Movie Park or Walibi Holland to be painful. My issue with this coasters is that they are pointless for my taste. No airtime, whip, laterals, hagtime... Only positive Gs (which I'm not a fan of), and even that was scarce. Vampire did feel quite shaky and hurt a little bit, but that's ...

  • Daniel Stark

    Theming Fun Discomfort

    Don't kill me, but I think I prefer this one to Colorado Adventure at Phantasialand. It's said. Yeah, the coaster itself is worse, tamer, but the theming makes up for that. I would have never thought Phantasialand could be beaten at theming: Colorado Adventure is one of the least themed rides at the park, whereas Calamity Mine has that gorgeous rockwork and water, and the coaster interacts a great deal with the scenery, making it a lot of fun to ride. Of course, it's not nearly as good as a BTM, but still a great family coaster. Besides, the fact that it's tamer than Colorado means that those ...