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Python (2018)
Python (2018)

Credit: SayChew

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  • Krzysztof Czaplicki

    First Drop Theming Pace Rattle

    Energylandia is very proud of this coaster and is showing off a little bit, as Hyperion is located just next to the main parking, really close to the entrance. But believe me, this thing looks magnificent and the showing off is understandable. It is also very well themed, in a style which reminds Star Trek a little bit. The station looks epic and creates a proper atmosphere thanks to the movies which are displayed, lights etc. It is a shame, that final part of the queue is located outside the building, on the staircase - whole atmosphere disappears. In my first ride I was sitting in third row, ...

  • Krzysztof Czaplicki

    Fun Capacity

    Let's start from the cons this time: the biggest problem is the capacity, as the queues are above 60 min for the most of the day. Trains (boats?) are designed only for 10 people, which is not enough. Second thing: theming. At least it exists, but the connection between speed and Pirates from Caribbean remains unknown for me. But let's move to the ride: elevator is really nice, first drop is not the best, but due to the angle it lasts quite long which is ok. Than there is first splash which does not make you wet and where, unfortunately, the speed is going down. Remaining part of the track is q ...

  • EncrytoHash

    Theming Disappointing! Intensity

    Its not a good Coaster. But is an OK dark ride