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Which dive coaster is the best: SheiKra or Griffon ? Loving Galactica or missing Air ? And Intimidator 305, is it so crazy or just a good coaster ? No panic, all the answers are here, in your guide. And it takes only a couple of seconds to connect. Follow the Captain !

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  • Klaus Quinonez

    Capacity Smoothness Duration Dead spots Intensity

    This roller coaster has a lot of meaning to me because it was the first roller coaster I rode with an inversion, and during my childhood it was my favorite roller coaster for years. That being said, when you compare it to other roller coasters it does not compare well. This ride lacks intensity and has many parts where it just meanders around not doing much. I have ridden both the Incredicoaster and California Screamin and can not decide which I prefer, they are both the same to me.

  • Klaus Quinonez

    Airtimes Smoothness Duration

    Ghost Rider is a great wooden coaster! I rode it before it was retracked by GCI and it used to be so rough that it ruined the ride. Now it is very smooth, has a great layout, has a good length, and great airtime. The best seat is definitely back row.

  • Klaus Quinonez

    Theming Smoothness Duration Intensity

    While I prefer more intense rides, for what it is Space Mountain is a really fun ride. It has an amazing, unique them, is very smooth and has a good duration.