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Spirou Racing
Spirou Racing

Credit: Anja L.

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  • X Coasters Forever

    First Drop Pace Intensity Harness

    This coaster is incredible! It’s really intense, there is ejector airtime in the first half and insane hangtime. The inversions are also snappy and the drop in the back row is absolutely wicked! Easily my favorite part of the ride. The second half of the ride is pretty weak though because those final hills don't give much airtime. But that's just because of the harness restraints which don't allow much room for airtime. Other than that, Jersey Devil Coaster slaps! It is overall a nearly perfect fit for Six Flags Great Adventure and truly packs a punch!

  • Liight

    Theming Fun Lap Bar

    fun family coaster, the lap bar is hella bulky and sits on your stomach and thighs. This is also the best themed non disney coaster in florida, its beautifully themed.

  • Liight


    good kiddie coaster