• rushKAPOW37


    I’m sorry but WHY IS AN OVAL SO GOOD?!

  • Rob Winkler

    Launch Intensity Too short

    That Launch is such an intense rush! Loved it!

  • Rob Winkler

    First Drop Inversions Intensity

    It was a thrill from before you get to the lift all the way through to the very end! The layout and the theme of the coaster was amazing as well. Great Coaster!!!

  • Danny Banon

    Airtimes First Drop Hangtime

    I have been to numerous parks around Europe and have always had a bit of a stigma around coasters in my home country of the UK so I expected this to be really good but not necessarily up there with my favourites. I came off the ride trying to justify not putting it as my number 1 coaster but I just couldn’t. You spend the whole time out of your seat, the ejector and sustained floater airtime is unbelievable and that outward banked inversion is just ridiculous. It’s topped Taron, Ride to Happiness and Shambhala and has become my new number 1 coaster

  • Harry Davies


    my back is still hurting a day later

  • Ben I

    Airtimes Comfort Fun Too short

    An almost flawless ride. Every lateral hits and the airtime moments are crazy. The restraints are so good that even when you think you were stapled, you still pop out of your seat. The 0-G stall is great, one of my favorite elements ever, but to be nitpicky, it could be slightly longer. The zero-g rolls feel overdone since they don't do much with forces or hangtime, so two feels unnecessary. The stop at the end feels incredibly sudden, it's like slamming on the breaks on the highway. It feels like they needed more length and could've done with one extra element, too. Of course, that would make the ride perfect. I already think it is insanely fun. The queue moves fast, forces are great but never painful like Skyrush. I can't stop smiling when I ride it.

  • Ben I

    First Drop Intensity Ejectors Discomfort

    I rode it four times back to back with a friend since the line was short. Sometimes I loved the ride, other times it was fine. When the restraints are digging into you or causing you pain, it's a lot of fun getting tossed around. However, half the time you aren't going to be able to enjoy the ride due to the tightness of the restraint. The new ones are much better, but it was an incredibly low bar. It is very tough to get airtime when you are stapled in after the first drop.

  • Ben I

    Launch Masterpiece Intensity Too short Harness

    The launch is super strong and helps it tear through its layout. The parts that are meant to be forceful are and the parts that are meant to let you hang do so as well. If only it had one more airtime hill before the end, then it would be perfect.

  • Ben I

    Airtimes First Drop Comfort Dead spots

    The first half is elite as far as B&M hypers go, but once you hit the trim before the helix around the fountain, the ride is basically over. It feels wrong to call that the second half when there is little to no airtime or force in that entire section. The first few hills are incredible and it is a shame that a single trim ruins this from being top-tier. It is easy not to get stapled in the restraints.

  • Ben I

    First Drop Fun Layout

    Lightning Racer is fun and Thunder is the better ride. Thunder is much smoother and usually wins. That being said, both coasters suffer from occasional pacing issues if it isn't warm enough. Sometimes the last few hills will drag on and give little force. Granted, it's still fun since you are racing, so that isn't too big of a deal.