• Semina T.

    Theming Lap Bar Fun Intensity

    A great family coaster full of great themeing and it has a great lap bar with some airtime included definitely worth riding this and the Ultimate down at Lightwater Valley.

  • Semina T.

    Capacity Intensity Ejectors Discomfort Dead spots

    An insane adventure through the Yorkshire woods leads to an intense, airtime full experience. It is extremely rough but that doesn’t matter as it adds to the experience. A world class ride.

  • Powerfull Coasters

    Airtimes Theming Fun

    This is what you call a masterpiece

  • Semina T.

    Theming Lap Bar Intensity Capacity Disappointing! Airtimes

    Last year this ride was amazing, I even rode it in the dark, but this year there is something missing. The back row is the only row that gives airtime and the whole ride this year was underwhelming. But I remember riding it last year and having loads of airtime. Anyway it’s still a pretty good ride though.

  • Sean Matrai

    First Drop Ejectors Duration

    Twisted timbers is the best of the smallest RMCs . The first three ejector hills are very intense especially on a hot summer night when the coaster is fully heated up. This to me is kind of a Jekyll and Hyde coaster and the reason I say this is because in the morning twisted timbers doesn’t run as well as you would want it too However the pacing is still sustainable enough to be quiet an effiecent ride. The first drop is quite incredible as you get good hang time especially more toward the front of the train as you crawl over that drive if you are in the back you get flung over which is really ...

  • Sean Matrai

    First Drop Fun Ejectors Too short

    The first drop on this is the best drop on any Rocky Mountain construction roller coaster. When you drop you actually get some crazy Laterals in the middle of the drop. The first hill you go over onto the quarry wall you get some insane Ejector And let’s not forget the drop off the quarry Into the tunnel is really good sustained Flo-jector airtime my only Complaint is it could be longer and some of the other elements could be a bit more forceful. However this is one terrific coaster

  • Sean Matrai

    Intensity Layout Ejectors

    The best coaster in the world enough said.

  • Sean Matrai

    Layout Ejectors Hangtime Dead spots

    Very good and possibly one of the best compact RMCs in the game. There is some good hang time on this ride especially on The zero G stall . The best part of this ride or the Outward Airtime moments Because for at least most of the ride it’s Violent and very forceful. My only con is it does slow down a bit so at the end. But in my opinion definitely the best coaster in New England

  • Sean Matrai

    First Drop Inversions Duration Dead spots

    Definitely the best Roller coaster in Europe.If I could choose elements instead of inversions I would. The outward bank turn and drop are absolutely amazing And the barrels are super intense and forceful. The dead spot on the right is kind of the end where the twisty section is it loses some pacing

  • Halish Railways

    Fun Intensity Duration

    I can remember marathoning this coaster when I visited Phantasialand in Year 7 and it was great fun! Can't wait to get back on this ride this summer!