• Blake S.

    Inversions Pace Intensity

    This was absolutely hauling in early 2024. The first few inversions are your typical fun B&M invert ones, but then the batwing is a killer moment of sustained intensity, and the final corkscrew is the whippiest on any B&M. I thought the train would come right off the track on the ending helix, it just ripped through it.

  • Daniel

    Inversions Intensity Duration

    Absolutely the best coaster I've ever been on. So smooth and fast. Incredible!

  • Daniel

    Inversions Intensity Headbanging

    Really great coaster for those who like speed and loops. Not a great coaster for those sensitive to headbanging, this one is a bit rickety. Overall, amazing!

  • A unknown man FAce

    Location Fun Masterpiece Too short

    Best ride ever made!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel

    Theming Launch

    A beautifully themed coaster. Really fast!

  • Daniel

    Theming Nice surprise!

    Amazing ride, especially for it's age. A must do ride in this park, at least once!

  • coaster land

    Rattle Discomfort Dead spots

    To be frank it’s a run of the mill miler kiddie coaster and rides like the majority of them. That being said it’s a good first time ride for the kids but as someone who rode it as a young teenager I found it to be dissatisfying for me personally. Keep in mind I’m not the target audience though

  • GLaDOS

    Airtimes First Drop Theming

    Kondaa is a great coaster, but it's just a level behind the coasters in my top 5, such as Untamed. It does have some great airtime, especially later in the day when the floater on the first two hills turns into ejector, but even though it has one of the greatest starts of any coaster and a relentless ending, it takes its foot off the gas in the middle of the ride. I don't mind the non-inverting cobra roll, as it's visually stunning both on and off-ride and the airtime hill after that has nice airtime. The turns and overbank that follow don't do much but the ending picks things back up with a few quick directionnal changes and airtime pops. The last hill is just weird though. It throws you to the side but doesn't deliver much, if any airtime. Also beware of the lap bars. They unlock extremely fast and can hurt your face if you're leaning forwards or your arms if you don't cross them. It's a great coaster despite its few small flaws that ranks at number 6 out of any coaster I've ridden. It's smooth, has great airtime and awesome theming (and humour).

  • Carrie C.

    Masterpiece Intensity Ejectors

    ow my back

  • Garrett Schlegelmilch

    Airtimes First Drop Hangtime Headbanging Too short

    It was my first inverting coaster! I found the great loop after the drop and the slow heart line roll. If you can get past the rickety chain lift, you can survive the coaster, it was probably the worst part. You do need to adjust your position to reduce head banging though. Great coaster!