• T U N A

    Theming Nice surprise! Dead spots

    This ride gets better every time. The more you ride the more you appreciate. Not ever worth the lines though.

  • Darek Domagała

    First Drop Capacity Ejectors Rattle

    I just love this ride. A lot of people writing about rattle, but i didn't feel it, even in the last row. The first airtime hill is just trying to take me out of my seat. Floater airtime hill is a small diapointment, but still a good fun.


    Theming Fun Masterpiece

    This is for me the best themed roller coaster so far! Queue line and station are absolutely stunning!

  • Karst

    Comfort Intensity

    This is the first flying coaster I have ridden in my life and honestly it really doesn't disappoint at all. This genuinely feels like you are riding on the back of a dragon and i think it's awesome. It's such a shame that such an amazing coaster gets so overshadowed by the greatness off other rides, but it's definitely in the top 5 coasters in the park.

  • Karst

    Nice surprise! Launch Too short

    This coaster is in one word "Amazing!". Seriously, I am so sad this coaster is so short. Getting launched into that first loop and then getting in that tunnel. I was going in completely blind, and it caught me super off guard that it went backwards. I LOVED THAT. Seriously good frigging coaster. Definitely one of my fav's in the park.

  • Karst

    Classic bobsled, was really fun while it was operating. Definitely missing thisone.

  • Karst

    Fun Rattle

    Honestly I didn't see much wrong with this ageing vekoma woodie. The coaster was definitely fun. But I am so happy it's been converted to Untamed. It went from a mediocre, fun woodie, to a world class hybrid, I am in love. It was lovely that I was able to see a piece of the old track today in the Untamed queue.

  • Karst

    Riden the old version a while back definitely had a rattle, but it's a classic. Love this coaster to bits. I will post a review for the new version as soon as I have been to the Efteling again. :)

  • Karst

    Fun Intensity Layout

    This coaster is stupid in all kinds of ways. Who thought of this and why do I love it so friggin much? Definitely one of my favs of the park! This unique ride is a must ride. If you don't get the chance to go to Japan (which I haven't yet) but do go by LA. You really need to go to Magic Mountain, if not for the amazing lineup of coasters they already have, then go for this unique experience.

  • Karst

    Airtimes Comfort Smoothness

    It has been a while since I rode this. Nearly 6 years now, but I remember this coaster as being buttersmooth. The mini bunny hops at the beginning were a pleasant surprise for sure. I loved that it were two coasters in one, but would have loved to have exchanged that for a longer ride in general without having that secondary lifthill. The topgun stall was definitely a highlight and I have a picture of that hanging above my bed as I love it so much. Just good memories!