• Noah Clowes

    Lap Bar Location Layout Rattle

    its a nice classic

  • Noah Clowes

    First Drop Duration Capacity Discomfort

    its an alright coaster i appreciate it for what it is 5 years since i rode it nothing else i need to say about it really other than its an alright coaster

  • Noah Clowes

    Comfort Fun Ejectors

    2 years since it opened and its still a cracking ride even on opening day 2020 when it was blowing a gale it still ran like a dream i would definetly recommend it to anyone i would even say it would be a good first looper

  • Noah Clowes

    Fun Capacity

    it was a fun ride at gullivers world until it was relocated to funland hayling island in 2016

  • Samuel Hammond

    Location Intensity Layout Dead spots

    Unique layout, some very intense moments. But there is a dead spot at the over banked turn and the final tunnel.

  • Samuel Hammond

    Airtimes Fun Layout Lap Bar

    I only rode this in the back seat. The airtime was ridiculous for a coaster of it's age. The reason I mention the lap bar as a con is because I lifted about a foot out of my seat on one of the airtime hills and the bar lifted with me. The lap bar did absolutely nothing. If it was locked and I raised a foot out of my seat, then great. The coaster passes through many tunnels through a gorgeous mountain and the onride brakeman added both to the vibe and the decent speed at which the layout was traversed, unlike Rutschebanen at Bakken that is now fitted with automatic brakes. With locked lap bars, this would go up to a 4.5 stars rating for me.

  • Tyler M.


    Flying Fish isn't bad. It's a good fun family coaster with a figure of eight layout, and it achieves the goal it sets out for itself; an entertaining attraction for younger guests, but obviously it pales in comparison to the rest of Thorpe's lineup (except the walking dead, that thing is crap). It can be a bit rough in places (especially some transitions that give a ridiculous lateral spike), and has some quality clearance fails with supports and track (44 total per lap). Flying Fish has a hidden quality, though... the best thing BY FAR about this ride, is the awesome noise the ratchet restraints make when they come down. So satisfying.

  • Vanessa Ledermann

    First Drop Nice surprise! Rattle Discomfort Intensity

    I only liked the nice suprise in the building and the big drop. The rattle on the coaster was unpleasant at this speed. I tried front row and back row.

  • Vanessa Ledermann

    Disappointing! Discomfort Tear it down!

    This ride is in a bad condition. I will never ride it again.

  • Vanessa Ledermann

    Theming Disappointing! Intensity

    I love a good and intense B&M Inverted Coaster, but this ride was forceless. It was disappointing, not my cup of Tea.