• Powerfull Coasters

    Theming Discomfort Pointless Dead spots

    This ride is poop don’t ride it needs to be removed and it is the worst coaster I have been on but it has some fun legchoppers and theming but it is not a good ride at all and juvelen does headchoppers and theming better than this ride anyways

  • Powerfull Coasters

    Airtimes Masterpiece Smoothness

    This is so intense and crazy i love this ride everything is great about it and it is my number 1 coaster

  • Philippe-Minh Nguyen

    Capacity Fun Layout Dead spots

    One of the most recent B&M Inverts, OzIris is quite different from the old-school models such as Batman: the Ride, Montu and Pyrenees. It has no pre-drop, and a much less snappy transitions. The end result is a graceful coaster with an original layout. It has great flow and interactions with the pathways and scenery as well. The forces never get too high contrary to earlier Inverteds. I personally prefer really intense coasters so OzIris doesn't rank too high, but I appreciate B&M trying something new and different!

  • Aleks W.

    Harness Layout Hangtime

    Favourite coaster in the UK!!! Feels like a futuristic, high-tech ride...sooooooo smooth! Mack coaster so the launches aren't as intense as an intamin but i still find them exhilarating, especially when u go through the misty tunnels. Luckily managed to ride it VIP before the official opening that made it more special. Good soundtrack too.

  • Aleks W.

    Theming Launch Masterpiece

    My number one coaster...The theming is incredible. Klugheim is absolutely magical and beats Disney's theming. The ride is epic with no slow moment, second launch is the highlight launching upwards past a waterfall that is the best element in the ride. Counting down to ride it again.

  • Matthew Kolakowski

    Disappointing! Discomfort Tear it down!

    I can't even believe they let small children on this ride! It was jerky, painful, and boring.

  • Luis H.

    Theming Smoothness Layout Capacity

    Best Coaster in the Park...

  • Matthew Kolakowski

    Intensity Harness Discomfort Tear it down!

    Mind Eraser, now called Riddler’s Revenge, is a super rough ride. It starts out okay, but once it hits that first inversion, you are getting thrown around like a rag-doll. You can visibly see the riders being jerked to the side on the sidewinder (3rd inversion), and the in-line twists are downright awful. At the end, the train waits a long time in the brakes while the harness digs into your legs, making them cold and slightly numb. That being said, it was intense, and it was so rough, it was actually exciting. Despite the harness digging into my legs, it did have a vest, so there was no h ...

  • Matthew Kolakowski

    Inversions Launch Fun Too short

    Storm Runner is a fantastic, smooth accelerator coaster with a very intense launch. The top hat provides a great view, but not that much airtime. The snake loop is cool, but my favorite part is the is the flying snake dive. You are just spinning so fast, then get whipped down the drop. This is overall an intense ride with an excellent launch and fun inversions, but is too short.

  • Matthew Kolakowski

    Airtimes First Drop Capacity

    Nitro is arguably the best B&M hyper coaster. The floater airtime is great, the first drop is awesome, and the helix is intense. My only issue is that the train rumbles slightly in some parts. The layout is also perfect.