Lap Bar Masterpiece Ejectors Dead spots

    Overall this ride is incredible. Not only does it look beautiful, but it also rides very well. The airtime hill pretty much always hit well, and that wave turn is heaven. The twists in and out fling you sideways and the airtime pack a punch. Unfortunately, because the are quite a few parts that are very high off the ground, there can be a few minor dead spots but nothing major. Overall one of my favorite coasters and I am super thankful that I could ride it. I also want to mention how good it looks. While it is higher off the ground than rides like Zadra overall, this makes it look incredibly massive. It looks like a huge majestic beast, and you know that you're in for a treat.

  • Daniel Stark

    Discomfort Tear it down!

    It's one of the worst coasters I've ridden, and note that I do appreciate decent kiddies, even if they're slow and pointless. The problem with this one is its brutal intensity, perhaps even higher than its bigger brother's, as I think there was a moment of -2 lateral G's (or at least it did feel like something very powerful, perhaps the main problem were the restraints). And the issue I had with those G's is that they were just a milisecond pop, so my whole body flew to the left (or the right, I don't really remember), and immediately it was pushed back again into the car, almost braking me in half. Moreover, I am pretty sure it didn't keep the safety standards, and I didn't ride hands-up just in case, since the near misses did seem too near, as if measured just for tiny kids. What's more, this coaster feels cheap, as has already been said down here, and it's part of a horribly cheap expansion. The coaster doesn't even have a full station! Come on, man, that's too skinflint! This would perfectly fit in a foire, or mabe even in a second-class amusement park, but it's obviously out of place in one of Europe's best theme park resorts, right under the tallest and fastest coaster in the continent. Riding it just makes me feel shame for what PortAventura is becoming now, and I'm also less willing to visit Energylandia and all its probably dreadful SBF's credits.

  • Ruoning L.

    Smoothness Pointless Layout Intensity

    just your average kiddie coaster

  • Kommi

    Just your average spinning mouse, no theming/effects like Exterminator at Kennywood

  • Markos P.

    Smoothness Airtimes Dead spots

    6 year old me had a blast on my first coaster. I don't remember airtime though.

  • Markos P.

    Fun Too short

    It's good for a kid's coaster but it's nothing much.

  • Markos P.

    Airtimes Comfort Pace Too short

    InvadR is a very fun ride with adequate theming. First drop is good for a family coaster, airtime hills give a variety of moderate flojector. Final helix is a really good way to end the ride. It is just too short though.

  • Markos P.

    Theming Capacity Intensity Dead spots

    Verbolten is very well themed and is very intense, the first launch gives a good kick and sense you launch into darkness, it feels faster than it actually is. You undergo forceful helixes indoors with various effect surrounding you. You then hit a midcourse then a drop track which takes you by surprise. Then you hit the second launch which is even stronger, you make your way up to the creaking bridge where you will brake before plunging down. No airtime here but it great with the sound effects. You then traverse a family coaster like layout back into the final brake run. The station is heavily themed.

  • Markos P.

    Airtimes Location Duration Headbanging Dead spots

    Lochness is a very scenic ride that takes place over the ride river. It is smoother than most arrow loopers and has a very unique layout consisting of two vertical loops, A tunnel, a second lift, and various turn around. Besides the obvious interlocking appearance, the loops are't special and the turn arounds are boring. The Tunnel and second lift are a huge dead spot. The ride does give ejector airtime in the back row on the first drop.

  • Daniel Stark

    Theming Fun

    I love the theming. That's the best part of the ride, both because it's decently made and because of the theme itself. I've always been keen on the Roadrunner, it's hilarious, and being able to ride one of Wile E. Coyote's catastrophic ACME gadgets is such an experience, even if I'm not a kid anymore. Besides, the coaster itself is a lot of fun, it's from Mack, so it is a quality ride (not an SBF's) and that first drop used to be really impressive.