• Slovis Cellery

    Theming Lap Bar Intensity

    Der Schwur Des Karnan is an outstanding Coaster, with world class theming and intensity, with dashes of: Laterals, Hangtime, Ejector Airtime, and Pacing, All slapped together into insanity. The amazing theming is just the start, with an immersive story and great station, You then climb the vertical lift and :Spoilers: IT DROPS YOU BACKWARD 200FT. So after you've recovered from your panic attack you just had after re-climbing the lift, you crest over a 250ft, 90' twisted drop, pulling out at 5G. So as you rise 176ft into the non inverting sea serpent roll, while being blinded by the light. The Sea Serpent roll give good twisting floater. You fall down, with more G Force, into an insane over-bank into an insane transition - just as much whip as i305. You twist down into a 90' curve down into the low to the ground turn. You rise into a double transition and into a great Ejector hill, into another tight G Force turn. You then rise into a few twists, and into the breaks, but then :Spoiler, you enter a slow heartline roll, providing world class hangtime. This coaster provides insane intensity and great theming, and imo, a back row ride for the whip and intensity.

  • Will B

    First Drop Rattle Discomfort Layout

    I don't really know where to stand with The Big One. It has height, speed, an incredible first drop and a great soundtrack, making for a really enjoyable ride if you get a smooth seat. In the wrong seat, however, it is bumpier than most of the park's wooden coasters and gives one of the most unpleasant rides in the country. On average, it's just fine; definitely try to get on the back car.

  • Sean

    Inversions Fun Duration Rattle Capacity Harness

    This will carve out a nice role in the park as a step-up family inversion coaster but wow do the comfort collars hurt the ride experience. I know they want to increase capacity but they're sacrificing comfort in doing that. West Coast Racers is essentially a Greatest Hits compilation from other rides in the park with the issue being that the elements presented here are worse than those said rides. There's no airtime here, but the spaghetti bowl section does pull some g's and the inversions have some nice hangtime. Update: I've gotten a few more rides on this since the opening to the general public. I can't believe this coaster already has a rattle to it. A 25 year-old B&M invert is smoother than this ride. Reliability has also been an issue as this thing has been breaking down constantly each day. The inversions are fun and give good hangtime. The pitstop doesn't seem to take as long anymore which is good for capacity. But I can't find much else that is positive about this ride.

  • Santino Rodriguez

    Inversions Masterpiece Intensity

    Best B&M Looper I've ever ridden, (and most intense too!).

  • 手取Fishland

    Airtimes Theming Masterpiece


  • freddy johnson

    Airtimes Fun Smoothness

    Absolute beast of a ride, best ridden in light rain at night!

  • David Nguyen

    Launch Fun Duration

    One of best of m life coaster

  • Sean

    Lap Bar Intensity Smoothness Airtimes Layout

    Goliath is a little overhated. It pulls some nice forces at the bottom of the first drop and the downwards helix. The closer to the front of the train you sit the more floater you'll get over the camelback. It's still a very smooth ride, and the restraints are the most comfortable in the whole park. Of course we all wish it was more of an airtime packed hyper and that first drop was steeper but things could be worse.

  • Sean

    Airtimes Theming Pace Rattle Harness Dead spots

    It's smoother after the retracking besides the slight jackhammering before the tunnel. Overall, this is a really fun ride with some nice pacing in the first half. The GCI restraints are pretty uncomfortable, but if you're able to get some room you will get some airtime.

  • 手取Fishland

    Airtimes First Drop Layout

    初めて先頭で乗車した際、真っ先に思い出したのが実はMambaやPhantom’s Revengeといったモーガン・ハイパーだった。それらはセカンドヒル~ドロップにかけての「二段浮き」に特色があったが、そこをより洗練された形で、そして何度も味わえるようにしたのがこのコースターだ。今乗ってみても、「B&Mハイパー」の中では異色の存在。