• Gregory Lavranos

    First Drop Pace Intensity

    4.5/5 Because the queue is very looongg....

  • Powerfull Coasters

    Discomfort Pointless Dead spots

    This ride is poop don’t ride it needs to be removed and it is the worst coaster I have been on juvelen does almost everything better than this ride anyways

  • Zek Teh Kek

    Airtimes First Drop Comfort Capacity

    AMAZING ride! The (2nd) best at the point, I noticed ZERO rattle (when not on a wheel seat), and the launches are great. Overall VERY intense! Capacity is MINOR con.

  • Zek Teh Kek

    Inversions Fun Intensity

    not as intense as everyone says it is

  • NinjaismX Coasters

    Airtimes Lap Bar Ejectors

    Lots of great ejector airtime! Laterals are extremely intense! Lots of room in with lapbars!

  • Dan Wright

    Airtimes Comfort Masterpiece Rattle

    Helix is the pinnacle of roller coaster design, encompassing everything that a great coaster should be. A varied range of inversions mixed with some fun launches, combined with the great Mack restraints and a superb soundtrack. Riding last thing at night is a crowning jewel moment of any enthusiast's coaster trips with the twinkling lights of Liseberg and Gothenburg providing a picturesque backdrop. Helix is one-of-a-kind,a coaster built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

  • Dan Wright

    Airtimes Dead spots

    Shambhala should be really good. Should. Plagued by PA's's miserable operations and overhyped as a tremendous airtime machine, Shambhala leaves something to be desired. Whilst there are some pops of airtime throughout the layout, they're somewhat underwhelming when ranked against over coasters of the same calibre.

  • Dan Wright

    First Drop Hangtime Dead spots

    For the most part, Wildfire is a breathtaking ride experience. It could stop at the top of the lift hill for 40 minutes before an evacuation and still be an unrivalled experience; the views from atop are easily amongst some of the most picturesque from any roller coaster in the world. The plunge down the cliff side is outrageously run, as is the hang time hill following it. A perfect blend of height mixed with close call terrain rushes give Wildfire its unmistakable identity. Despite this however, not all is perfect. The 3/4 mark on the layout signals the end of its bite, as the train seeming ...

  • Mandy Evenwel

    Duration Theming Disappointing!

    I've been in the old Eurosat a hundred times and I loved the space theme. I found the waiting line really nicely done but the coaster itself is really disappointing now. The props look cheap and it just doesn't work. The space theme was so much suitable for the big metallic globe around it as well. Europapark stays my favourite theme park and I know they do magic so I have my hopes up high that they will make it just as good or even better than before. I hope they will listen to their guests.

  • Heiko Hartmann

    Fun Masterpiece

    A classic side-friction coaster. Smooth legacy ride. I love those things!