• MaldoMate

    Pace Masterpiece Smoothness

    The ride is absolutely insane. I'm glad that RMC did not pack shitloads of small ejector pops, it stays well-paced till the end!

  • jovialethan123

    Airtimes First Drop Ejectors Capacity

    It was my first RMC, and it didn't disappoint. I personally love the twisted drop, and the airtime is great. 3000% better than Hurler.

  • Thomas C.

    Inversions Intensity Duration Lap Bar

    Very good coaster. This the best inverted B&M I've ridden so far. The intensity, the layout and the theming are great. The restrains could be improved

  • Thomas C.

    Airtimes Theming Layout Too short

    A very good dive coaster but too short. Excellent atmosphere and layout!

  • Thomas C.

    Pace Headbanging Harness Discomfort

    A bad but iconic coaster. To improve it, new vest restraints are essential. The batwing needs a retracking !

  • Thomas C.

    First Drop Intensity Duration Rattle

    A very good coaster, the best GCI I've ridden. A bit rattly at the end of the layout.

  • Thomas C.

    Theming Headbanging Discomfort Layout

    A bad coaster in a beautiful theming. Disneyland Park has been disappointing with that fun fair ride.

  • Thomas C.

    First Drop Lap Bar Pace Dead spots

    A good hyper coaster that could have been a very good or an excellent one. The layout is attractive and the lift hill is impressive. In spite of a good pace, this coaster lacks of originality and airtimes. It's a bit too smooth for an hyper coaster.

  • Thomas C.

    Theming Pace Smoothness Dead spots

    A good inverted coaster. To be excellent, it could have featured more intensity and airtimes.

  • NickG

    Pace Ejectors Hangtime Lap Bar

    This ride is really good paced filled with loads of ejector airtime, just before the final brakes you'll go through a uphill barrel roll which delivers some really great hangtime. The unique element (the 270 degrees corner stall) was also very impressive, overall an amazing ride. The only con I have with this ride is that the lap bar is a little bit uncomfortable, but for such an amazing ride I don't really mind that it is a little bit uncomfortable. Untamed is overall a really good ride and I would defenitly recommmend visiting Walibi Holland when you're in The Netherlands to experience this awesome ride.