• Keegan M.

    Theming Nice surprise! Fun Rattle

    A fun ride through the dark! You never really know where you're going and the stars around you is really cool, it's a tad rough but actually pretty long too. It is also better at night because you can't see at all, at day time you can barely see a little. The back is better too

  • Mars Gaming

    Airtimes First Drop Capacity

    I got a soft spot for this coaster, tons of fun in the front or back, you don't need to wait a while, the restraints are nice, coaster is smooth. First drop is amazing in the back row, and you get airtime all throughout the layout, especially the drop off the turnaround. It rarely races, but is still good as a standalone coaster

  • Mars Gaming

    Location Rattle Discomfort

    Roughest Coaster I've ever ridden, I hope the GG retrack goes well. I've heard good things about the layout but its been too rough for me to appreciate it

  • Mars Gaming

    Inversions Location Hangtime Rattle Headbanging

    Overhated Honestly, The first drop is fun but nothing special, the loop and sidewinder are forceful, then the midcourse and everything up to the corkscrews are boring and rough, but there is great hang on the double corkscrews over the water, and if it were not for the weird double turnaround this would be a 3.5/5.

  • Alex G.

    Theming Inversions Duration Harness Discomfort

    This ride is amazing and looks incredible. This ride excels in its length and inversions it also has a very sadistic theme which adds to the fear and adrenaline of the ride. the only thing is some of the elements are a bit rough and the restraints are uncomfortable.

  • Alex G.

    Airtimes First Drop Fun Rattle Theming

    I dont remember this ride that much but i do remember loving it! my opinion might change when i ride it again but for now it is my number 2 I just love the vertical drop!

  • Alex G.

    First Drop Comfort Harness Too short Airtimes

    This ride is amazingly smooth ( i also like B&M wing coaster restraints) and just enjoyable. Would be a lot better with a few airtime moments and extra elements in their but a great ride!!

  • Alex G.

    Airtimes Launch Fun Too short Theming Harness

    The launch is best one I've ever experienced which makes up for the short ride. However, if it had a few extra elements like ispeed and miriblandia this ride would be outstanding. The theming also lacks but the size and speed of ride makes up for it.

  • Alex G.

    First Drop Theming Ejectors Headbanging Too short Harness

    Best ride at thorpe park for me with amazing ejector airtime that takes you by surprise especially the indoor drop which has great ejector and the stomach drop feeling. It could do with lap bars for a more freeing and comfortable experience wish it was a bit longer too but still a great ride!

  • Alex G.

    First Drop Theming Fun Too short Disappointing! Intensity

    i change my opinion about this ride a lot. sometimes it runs amazingly but most of the time it runs pretty slow which makes it lack intensity. I do love the amount of trees throughout the layout for the track to weave in and out of.