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Dragon features
Booster wheel lift hill
Lap bar
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  • George S.
    George S. 5 days ago

    Theming Fun Duration Airtimes Dead spots Intensity

    The Dragon is the major roller coaster at Legoland Windsor The queue is immersive taking riders through the interior of a themed medieval castle, complete with Lego models like a dancing bear, wizard's cloaks hanging on a coat rack, and mosaic paintings. The station continues the medieval theme with dark, ominous music playing in the dimly lit room with Lego torches. The train itself is designed as a green dragon with red eyes and wings, based on the early 2000s Knight's Kingdom Lego sets. Each pair of riders has individual seatbelt and a joint lap bar restraint. The lap bar is uncomfortable with large gaps in the incremental locking making it feel too loose or overly tight. Little leg room and onboard storage for bags does not help, nor do the rigid bench seats that are not comfortable. The ride begins with a slow meander through castle interior. Riders are treated to the Disco Dragon during Brick or Treat with upbeat disco music/lights replacing the medieval theme here. Extensive Lego theming continues indoors with medieval Lego characters, smoke effects, and an animatronic dragon bellowing smoke. However, there is a consistent screech of rubber that detracts from this section. As the train exits outdoors, it rapidly picks up speed going up the first booster wheel lift hill. The forces are stronger than expected, with riders whipped over the crest in the back and dangling over it in the front. Banked turns close to the ground rattle noticeably, especially in the middle of the train, and there are distinct dead spots. The highlight of the outdoor section is a quick dive into a tunnel that provides an illusion of greater speed and a head chopper moment from a support beam. The ride finishes anticlimactically, with an awkward lift hill back into the station. The track itself looks in need of a fresh coat of paint. While not an intense coaster, The Dragon remains a fun family ride worth experiencing.

  • Sam P.
    Sam P. 5 days ago

    Theming Nice surprise! Smoothness

    Dragon is an excellent family coaster. The dark ride section is really nice, plenty to see including the incredible animatronic lego dragon which is just amazing. Then the booster wheels kick up and you go into the fun, albeit short, coaster section outside. It gets some decent speed through the helixes and at the back of the train, there is some family friendly airtime to be had on the 2 drops. The second one into the tunnel is particularly fun. The trains are comfortable enough with decent legroom, and the common lap bar with nicely spaced ratchets means it's almost impossible to get stapled. It fits it's target audience perfectly and is proof that coasters don't need to be big or fast to be great fun.

  • Jenny Wiehahn
    Jenny Wiehahn 3 months ago

    Theming Nice surprise! Intensity

    great for kids

  • Jayden Dyer
    Jayden Dyer 1 year ago

    Capacity Fun Dead spots Intensity

    I know this is a kids coaster mainly but intensity is just lowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. also lots of dead spots but it has good capacity and it's fun! so overall and alright ride!

  • Slovis Celery
    Slovis Celery 2 years ago

    Theming Fun

    It was my first coaster, it's a fun family coaster, decently themed, might have a bit of bias, but still a fun ride.

  • Robert A.
    Robert A. 3 years ago

    Theming Duration Airtimes Dead spots

    By far the best part of the ride is the very beginning which you shouldn't find out about if you haven't done it yet. It'll make you appreciate the ride a lot more. Overall this would be a great little coaster for kids and even though the back seat has zero airtime even on the headchopper dip below the final brakes, it's still an enjoyable ride.

  • Mr Coller Roaster

    Theming Fun Duration

    This was my first coaster I ever rode. It is a great first coaster for kids. I liked the theming with all the Lego. It is a good credit and a fun ride

  • Poodz
    Poodz 4 years ago

    Fun Duration

    The Dragon is a fun ride. Would be absolutely incredible for kids. Leaves a bit to be desired for enthusiasts though.

  • David
    David 28 days ago
  • Simon E.
    Simon E. 1 month ago
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    Jason A. 1 month ago
  • Henry W.
    Henry W. 1 month ago

    First Drop Theming Fun

  • Pizza king
    Pizza king 1 month ago
  • Adam Gordon
    Adam Gordon 1 month ago

    Theming Layout Intensity

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    Chris Merron 1 month ago
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    Danny Banon 2 months ago
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    Nathan Impey 2 months ago
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    SkeledroMan 3 months ago
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    Thomas Robinson 3 months ago
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    Quentin 3 months ago

    Theming Comfort Duration Pointless

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    Happy Chris gamer 4 months ago
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    alextennis15 5 months ago
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    Marcus Gear 5 months ago
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    Jenny Wiehahn 11 months ago

    Theming Dead spots Layout

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    Matt Newman 1 year ago

    Nice surprise! Fun Duration

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  • Creek freak massacre fanboy
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    Noé O. 2 years ago

    Theming Pointless

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  • Heartline Coaster
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  • worse than pinfari
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    Nicolas R. 5 years ago

    Theming Fun Dead spots

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