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Duplo Dino Coaster features
Booster wheel lift hill
Lap bar
Reviews  27
  • Sam P.
    Sam P. 7 days ago

    Comfort Too short Capacity

    Possibly the smallest coaster in the country. Makes a wacky worm look like a giga. I get it's a kids ride but it really is tiny, at least most other kids rides have a little something to offer the cres hunter, this really has nothing. It is very comfortable though so I'll give it that!

  • George S.
    George S. 7 days ago

    Theming Lap Bar Comfort Capacity Dead spots Layout

    The Duplo Dino coaster is well themed with colourful Duplo bricks around the entrance and ride area. A large rotating sculpture of Duplo dinosaurs and palms dominates the middle of the track, surrounded by greenery that evokes a prehistoric jungle feel. The yellow and blue track works in the landscape. However, repetitive yelling of "WOAH" and "YAY" from the ride audio quickly becomes irritating - the jungle beat alone would suffice. The queue weaves back and forth along the main banked turn. Riders place bags on a basic storage rail before boarding the colourfully themed train modelled after Duplo dinosaurs. The seats are far more comfortable than the rigid benches of The Dragon, with decent legroom and smoothly contoured lap bars. The simple oval layout feels uninspired, lacking meaningful elements that do not take riders on a journey. A highlight is spotting the under-construction Minifigure Speedway coaster from the boost lift hill. Aside from bumpy lift wheels and a mild jolt on the banked turn, the ride is relatively smooth. However, it is completely forceless, with a noticeable dead spot after the first drop. There is a clumsy transition between the two circuits involving abrupt braking before the train can complete the second lap. Small trains and slow loading keep throughput low. It succeeds as a family coaster but has little appeal beyond its target audience.

  • Robert A.
    Robert A. 1 year ago

    Lap Bar Comfort

    Will you keep your sanity during the queue line? Or will the overly cheerful guy going "ooh ooh ohhh NYAAAAHAHEHEHA" get to you and make you run off to something else? I succeeded, but I'm not sure if I'm still the same person

  • David
    David 28 days ago
  • Jason A.
    Jason A. 1 month ago
  • Henry W.
    Henry W. 1 month ago

    Theming Capacity

  • Chris Merron
    Chris Merron 1 month ago
  • Thomas Robinson
    Thomas Robinson 3 months ago
  • worse than pinfari
  • Marcus Gear
    Marcus Gear 5 months ago
  • Liv B.
    Liv B. 5 months ago
  • Fabrice Lizin
    Fabrice Lizin 6 months ago
  • Michael Hagan
    Michael Hagan 7 months ago
  • Joe Candish
    Joe Candish 9 months ago
  • Rik Steetsel
    Rik Steetsel 11 months ago
  • Bas v.
    Bas v. 1 year ago
  • Quentin Btq
    Quentin Btq 1 year ago
  • Sticky Ring
    Sticky Ring 1 year ago
  • Sven P.
    Sven P. 1 year ago
  • Dan Wright
    Dan Wright 1 year ago
  • Will Booth
    Will Booth 1 year ago
  • Will G.
    Will G. 1 year ago
  • Jack F.
    Jack F. 2 years ago
  • Heartline Coaster
  • Creek freak massacre fanboy
  • Ashleigh r.
    Ashleigh r. 3 years ago
  • Jamie T.
    Jamie T. 3 years ago