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Eichhörnchenbahn features
Sit Down
Booster wheel lift hill
Lap bar
Also in Freizeitpark Lochmühle  1
Reviews  3
  • אדר פופקו
    אדר פופקו 4 months ago

    Fun Smoothness Layout Intensity

    Eichhörnchenbahn is one of those coaster instences that you ride only for the credit but thats it. Maybe it would have been fun for younger entusiates looking for their first thrill but other than that, real entusiates may not find that the most thrilling, despite the fact that this is the only coaster at this unexpectedly charming German theme park. It sure delivers in the fun factor tho, sure the layout isn't the best considering its reptitnives' lack of originality and intesnity, altough not all Force coasters can pack a "punch", Eichhörnchenbahn still hasd quit the European charm to it. The theming actually helps, I liked the look of the train, the gorundwork and landscaping in the coaster, and those random gnomes scattered around randomly throughout the ride. It was also pleasently smooth, now Zierer tends to have a bit of a small rattle, but i'll let it pass since it quit tiny and does'nt distract from the rest of the ride, the lap bars are also comfy and gives good place to the legs to stretch a bit. Overall, the coaster may not be the best for some entusiates, but hey, it still fun to ride, and kids might enjoy it more than I did.

  • Mathis Weiß
    Mathis Weiß 19 hours ago
  • Rémy D.
    Rémy D. 10 months ago