Pace Rattle Intensity

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Gold Striker features
Chain lift hill
Lap bar
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  • Ryan Hanna
    Ryan Hanna 17 days ago

    Airtimes Pace Intensity Rattle

    I rode this two times in the back row, and I was pretty impressed. GCI did a great job with this coaster. The pacing is great and the first drop in the back row is excellent. The layout is fantastic with plenty of airtime and fun moments. All around, it is a great coaster that is intense and just plain fun to ride. The intensity comes from the violent dips and turns, which in my opinion makes it better. Great woody! Only downfall is that it can be a little rough in certain spots, but I think that it adds to the intensity more than actually hurting the experience.

  • Ben Redshire
    Ben Redshire 3 months ago

    The park re-tracked Gold Striker before the 2022 season and the difference is very noticeable. It's much smoother now and has an awesome first drop, great transitions, pacing, small airtime moments, and more.

  • John Montague
    John Montague 10 months ago

    Capacity Pace Intensity Rattle Theming

    It really matters where you sit. The ride in the very back row is next level good, like almost El Toro good. Venture closer to the front, and you might find yourself in a world of hurt. In the wrong seat, this coaster will absolutely punish you. In the right seat, it’s hard to beat for a wooden coaster. Thank goodness for the seats, which are basically comfy couches. Thumbs down to the gold striker voice recording in the station. I would not want to be a ride operator listening to that all day. This is a great wooden coaster, and it sounds like it was even better a few years ago. The pace is pretty relentless, and the g’s are pretty nonstop. Just remember to sit in the very back row, or you might regret it.

  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith 11 months ago

    Fun Intensity Layout

    This is probably my favorite wooden coaster I've ridden so far, and I'm not normally a wooden coaster person. This thing HAULS. I love the forces you experience riding it and it's extremely smooth for what it is. It's definitely fun from the front--super enjoyable to see the surrounding track whizz by as you go--but the back man, the back. The trains are extremely long (9 cars/18 seats) so riding in the back is like experiencing a whole different ride. The intensity just slams by comparison. It absolutely WHIPS you over that first hill and THROWS you around every turn. There's lots of great airtime and it's just a joy to experience. Highly recommended.

  • Jackson Bryman
    Jackson Bryman 11 months ago

    First Drop Pace Ejectors Rattle

    Ride's gotten noticeably rougher and darker brown since the glossy opening-year experience but wow, Gold Striker gets me every time. That little bunny hill before the final banked turn is delightfully forceful. Proud to have this at my home park :)

  • Erik C.
    Erik C. 1 year ago

    Pace Disappointing! Airtimes

    I am going to be honest and say I was disappointed by this coaster. Before I went to CGA this past summer, this was hyped up to be a top tier GCI with awesome pacing and airtime. While I agree with that first description, the latter is what let me down. I did not get any good airtime on my ride (even on a warm day). The pacing was fast, and that was great, but the only forces I felt were some decent laterals, but no strong positive or negative Gs. I will admit that I only got one ride, so I am looking forward to going back and riding this more because I want to love this ride!

  • NorCal C.
    NorCal C. 1 year ago

    First Drop Pace Intensity Rattle

    Gold Striker is an awesome wooden roller coaster. The first drop is the most exciting part of the ride, as it is completely enclosed by a tunnel, even though the drop itself is a typical GCI twisted drop. This ride is a package of intensity and pacing in one, which is mainly because of the amazing laterals and twisted layout. Unfortunately, over the past years Gold Striker has developed a bad rattle, which has negatively affected my rating. I'm hoping that the park can retrack Gold Striker before it becomes too rough to ride.

  • Evangelion Martini

    First Drop Pace Intensity

    Really fun GCI woodie that hauls through its layout from start to finish. The tunneled first drop along with few other great near miss elements, along with some really intense but smooth sections, make this a pretty memorable ride. Definitely one of the best woodies on the West Coast.

  • Zach R
    Zach R 4 days ago
  • Frédéric Beck
    Frédéric Beck 15 days ago
  • Shocking Chef
    Shocking Chef 23 days ago

    Airtimes Pace Fun Rattle

  • Heiko Hartmann
    Heiko Hartmann 1 month ago
  • Ivan M.
    Ivan M. 1 month ago
  • Sami Naslin
    Sami Naslin 1 month ago
  • Sean LaBonne
    Sean LaBonne 1 month ago
  • Bhargav Nemani
    Bhargav Nemani 2 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Fun Discomfort

  • Jeremy Cole
    Jeremy Cole 3 months ago
  • Oran K.
    Oran K. 5 months ago
  • Ruoning L.
    Ruoning L. 6 months ago

    First Drop Pace Intensity Rattle

  • Rags Aki
    Rags Aki 6 months ago
  • Dennis P.
    Dennis P. 7 months ago
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    Jason King 9 months ago
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    Rybo Bonkus 10 months ago
  • Coaster Delta
    Coaster Delta 10 months ago
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    Gabriel G. 11 months ago
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    Adam G 11 months ago
  • Sean
    Sean 1 year ago

    First Drop Pace Intensity Rattle

  • Benjamin Bergera
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    Lukedaballer 1 year ago
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    The Yakuzo 1 year ago
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    Anthony A. 1 year ago
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    Mr Windshield 1 year ago
  • Heartline Coaster
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    A.j. Hummel 1 year ago
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    Ryan S. 2 years ago
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    Griffin Eldred 2 years ago
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    Xabi L. 3 years ago
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    James Cook 3 years ago
  • Tom Brd
    Tom Brd 3 years ago

    Pace Fun Layout Rattle Headbanging Airtimes

  • Coaster Cupcake
    Coaster Cupcake 3 years ago
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    JB T 4 years ago
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    Katun GagaLefou 4 years ago
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    Benjamin R. 4 years ago
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    Florian Blond 4 years ago

    Pace Rattle

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    Romain LABAT 4 years ago
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    Sebastian L. 4 years ago