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Kráter features
Sit Down
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  • אדר פופקו
    אדר פופקו 3 months ago

    First Drop Lap Bar Layout Too short

    krater is defenitly a fun ride if you are in colombia,and parque del cafe,yes,is underrated im ny opinion.now what is this coaster exactly,you might ask?welp,this is one of those traditional euro fighters by gerstlauer which was build in 2014,so its quit new and im sure not many people even knew about the ride.but heres the big twist,this is the 380 layouted type of euro fighters,meaning it have the same layout as iron shark and the new tantrum at darien lake.well,i didnt got the chance to ride iron shark and tantrum,but i rode krater and it is currently one of my favorite euro fighters to date.so what about this specific euro fighter that makes it so good to ride?simple,a fun and enjoyable layout.the rides first vertical drop is great like all euro fighters but the rest of the layout is unique and twisty,the inversions are alot of fun and even some pops of airtime in beetween,the ride lap bars are also comfortable to ride in and just adds to the airtime bits.well,i do say,its might be short to ride,but i wasnt that angry by this,the ride,was great and honestly people in other countrys should also go and ride it,you wont be dissapointed by the ride and its small,compact experience.