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Project Zero features
Chain lift hill
Lap bar
Reviews  8
  • Jake H.
    Jake H. 1 day ago

    Intensity Discomfort

    Project Zero is the relocated name of BuzzSaw from Dreamworld, and unfortunately it doesn’t ride any better. While it’s intense, it still has potholes and rattles, and the forces can border on uncomfortable instead of fun. The theming and presentation is definitely the weakest of the three coasters at the park. Essentially, nothing has really been improved from Dreamworld’s iteration, but for a small park, that’s probably fine.

  • Haydn Skinner
    Haydn Skinner 2 months ago

    Theming Pace Fun Capacity

    Great coaster, very smooth and fun. A perfect fit for Gumbuya World and a must do for thrill seekers.

  • Jannik G.
    Jannik G. 7 days ago
  • Jannik Coaster Game
  • Jannik Goico
    Jannik Goico 7 days ago
  • James H.
    James H. 1 month ago

    Fun Smoothness Hangtime Theming Capacity

  • BCgaming0
    BCgaming0 1 month ago

    Intensity Hangtime Too short Capacity

  • Thomas M
    Thomas M 2 months ago

    First Drop Intensity Hangtime Too short Capacity Lap Bar