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Speed Chenille features
Sit Down
Common lap bar
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  • אדר פופקו
    אדר פופקו 3 months ago

    Smoothness Too short Dead spots Layout

    welp,what do we expect form this,its a powered kiddy coaster and yep,the reason to ride this is if you have kids or if you want to get another credit,which im certenly wanted.and yep,it was a dull ride,but keep in mind,its for kids to be prepered for a much bigger coasters,maybe even apollo coaster.but the coaster had passed quiet a bit.first built by soquet in 1992,it was operating under the name chenille,in 2001 the park sold the ride to a defunct park named fami P.A.R.C,there it will stay under the name chenille but after the park was gone in 2012,kingoland bought chenille and renamed it to speed chenille.now,well,its a kiddy powered coaster,and it feels more like a flat ride.as i said before,i dont view powered coasters as a credit since they dont run on gravity,but hey,in rcdb it leasted,so here we go,the layout is kinda boring,i saw kiddy's with a better layouts than this,but you know what,its fine,keep in mind,again,its for kids to learn about the experience,dead spoits were of course like no airtime on the hill,altough on the good side it was really smooth,not the real smooth of soquet which is rough,it was actuallly good.and yep,it was short to ride,but hey,it can be good for kids and guys which are afraid of coaster,so maybe,give it a go with your kids.

  • Jérémie Ngs
    Jérémie Ngs 6 months ago
  • Powerful coasters

    Fun Smoothness Too short