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Superman Krypton Coaster features
Chain lift hill
Shoulder harness
Reviews  95
  • Coaster Nut
    Coaster Nut 2 days ago

    Pace Fun Duration Rattle

    Easily my favorite floorless. My first ride was in the front, which gives a great sensation of speed. You also get a smooth ride with some unique pops of air and good intensity on the inversions. My next rides were in the middle and back, and there was a moderate rattle that took away some of the fun. Ride in the front -- it's worth the wait.

  • Nyargleblargle
    Nyargleblargle 2 months ago

    Inversions Location Layout Dead spots

    See, THIS is how you do a B&M Floorless coaster. This definitely feels like a Superman adventure in scale, assisted by that gorgeous quarry wall next door. The wind-down from larger to smaller elements is also well-managed. Would appreciate a little more OOMPH, but it's not the end of the world.

  • Kellen Grady
    Kellen Grady 2 months ago

    Inversions Fun Dead spots

    This one is just huge, with these crazy swooping inversions. However, it doesn't do much to stand out and leaves me feeling like there's a lot of dead space. The little superman on the top of the loop is a great touch to observe from afar. I also wish the drop was straight rather than curved. Finally, I rode it around sunset, which made the view on the lift hill absolutely incredible.

  • Austin J.
    Austin J. 6 months ago

    Inversions Location Duration Theming

    Superman feels epic. The huge elements, the never-ending length, the dives on and off the cliff, the sculpture of Superman standing boldly on top of the loop. It's a great ride, and really harkens to the days of Six Flags being not afraid to spend big cash in pursuit of thrills.

  • Josh Garcia
    Josh Garcia 6 months ago

    First Drop Intensity Headbanging

    This rollercoaster might be a little too long, but the first drop along the quarry wall is phenomenal. I wish it was less "headbangy" because I'm not able to ride it back-to-back, but I'm always happy with my single ride.

  • Luc
    Luc 7 months ago

    Inversions Location Fun Intensity

    Really fun coaster! but lacks intensity, To me, it's just a really big family ride; good first coaster for those who are scared it looks intimidating but it's not very forceful. I rode it twice and loved it each time though!

  • Inverted Thrills
    Inverted Thrills 11 months ago

    Inversions Location Fun Intensity

    This ride is good but overrated. It's not very intense it's just fun and has a nice setting

  • Brendan B.
    Brendan B. 1 year ago

    First Drop Inversions Smoothness Dead spots

    Great first drop, but I didnt feel like the quarry wall added much. The inversions are forceful, but there were some dead moments in-between. Very smooth

  • coaster land
    coaster land 2 years ago

    First Drop Location Intensity Rattle

    I absolutely love the setting of this ride, you cant go wrong with the worlds tallest floorless coaster, the layout is amazing but sadly many six flags b&ms are developing rattles as of this year, likely due to a cut in maintenance budgets. That being said this has my favorite drop on any b&m looper I've ridden and it shines because of the strange ability to give the force of a twisted drop at first but then the airtime of a straight drop as it gets toward the bottom. The rides inversions are massive, and its 70 mph top speed is insane and you feel it. This ride has one of the best cobra rolls ever created, its as snappy as an invert cobra roll! The rides mcbr barely trims you at all and the rattle is prevalent more on the ending of the ride. I also want to give a shout out to the ride ops for being engaged and excited, not to mention some of the best covid era operations I saw on my massive summer trip. This ride is amazing, and with a little TLC to fix the rattle this ride will be 5 stars!

  • Jack Jack J.
    Jack Jack J. 2 years ago

    Inversions Location Intensity

    This is my favorite floorless coaster for sure. The interaction with the wall is fantastic and the inversions are fun and intense. It has a fantastic layout with some great elements.

  • Mr. Roller Coasters

    Inversions Location Layout

    It's a really fun coaster. The back is probably the best row. And its interaction with the quarry is awesome. The inversions are great, and it's just a really fun ride. Don't miss out on this when you go to the park. I've only ridden 2 floorless coasters but this is by far the better one. (Rougarou)

  • Eric Esty
    Eric Esty 4 years ago

    Inversions Location Intensity

    Superman Krypton coaster is one of the best floorless coasters in the world, especially with its location next to the quarry wall. It's enormous in its curved first drop. The first loop is similarly enormous, with both hangtime and positive forces. The overbanked helix going over the quarry wall is forceful and awesome, you feel like you can touch the rocks. The zero-g roll and cobra roll are both also great and snappy. The drop off the MCBR is forceful and can be unexpected. The interlocking corkscrews are unfortunately an uninspired end to the otherwise creative and awesome ride, which keeps it from being my favorite. Nonetheless, it's an awesome, huge, forceful ride with an amazing setting and an awesome color scheme that's very photogenic.

  • Parker Davidson
    Parker Davidson 3 hours ago
  • Kelley M
    Kelley M 7 days ago
  • Nathan Perry
    Nathan Perry 7 days ago
  • Kyle Olinger
    Kyle Olinger 1 month ago

    Pace Hangtime Rattle Theming Disappointing!

  • CoasterHead
    CoasterHead 1 month ago
  • Jake Luckenbach
    Jake Luckenbach 2 months ago
  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith 2 months ago
  • Gary Ramsey
    Gary Ramsey 2 months ago
  • Yuuki Takemoto
    Yuuki Takemoto 2 months ago
  • Marcus Gear
    Marcus Gear 2 months ago
  • Coach Rolo
    Coach Rolo 3 months ago
  • Peter Walton
    Peter Walton 3 months ago
  • Eduardo Vega
    Eduardo Vega 3 months ago
  • Fury Dragster
    Fury Dragster 4 months ago
  • Bemil Bombe
    Bemil Bombe 4 months ago
  • Jannik G.
    Jannik G. 4 months ago
  • Trent Kaiser
    Trent Kaiser 4 months ago
  • Joziah Leonidaz Alcorta

    First Drop Fun Duration Intensity

  • Arnand Singh
    Arnand Singh 5 months ago
  • Ezekiel 138
    Ezekiel 138 6 months ago

    Inversions Location Fun Headbanging Dead spots

  • Dan P.
    Dan P. 6 months ago
  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith 6 months ago
  • Alexandre CF
    Alexandre CF 6 months ago

    Inversions Location

  • Nathan Newcomer
    Nathan Newcomer 7 months ago
  • Jacob B.
    Jacob B. 7 months ago
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    Mike Smith 7 months ago
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    Patrick Clough 7 months ago
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    Hunter M. 8 months ago
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    Matt K 8 months ago
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    Michael Harris 9 months ago
  • Joe Bord
    Joe Bord 10 months ago
  • Matthew Kaser
    Matthew Kaser 11 months ago
  • Adam R.
    Adam R. 11 months ago

    Location Smoothness

  • Brian Frederiksen
    Brian Frederiksen 11 months ago
  • Alexandre Humbert
    Alexandre Humbert 11 months ago

    First Drop Location

  • Ethan R.
    Ethan R. 11 months ago
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    CT Coasters 1 year ago
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    A.j. Hummel 1 year ago
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    Sean S. 1 year ago
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    Lukedaballer 1 year ago
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    Kévin F. 2 years ago
  • Andrew E.
    Andrew E. 2 years ago

    Location Layout Rattle Headbanging Disappointing!

  • Antoine B.
    Antoine B. 2 years ago
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    Edward M 2 years ago
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    Ashton H. 2 years ago
  • john schmude
    john schmude 3 years ago

    Comfort Pace Fun

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    Sam Dbart 3 years ago
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    Julien Simon 3 years ago
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    Kommi 3 years ago
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    Adam Karas 5 years ago