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Swamp Thing features
United States
Reviews  5
  • coaster land
    coaster land 2 months ago

    Location Rattle Headbanging Tear it down!

    I went into this ride expecting a pretty rough coaster, but gosh was this worse than i anticipated!! My experience started with a long and boring wait in the station due to some issues with guests wanting to switch seats while i chilled in the front row of the ride. Then the ride started and i instantly noticed that the setting right over the alligator enclosure was a masterful idea, so ill give it that. Then the train left the lift hill and throughout the ride every transition generated headbanging and i was in extreme discomfort as a result. When i finally came off the ride i felt that that short 25 second ride was in my top 25 worst coasters. I see no legitimate reason for the park to not buy lap bar trains like other parks have. The rides layout isn't bad for a family coaster, its just that darned headbanging that keeps this from being a family friendly ride. Final verdict, ride it once for the cred and then do us all a favor and burn it down, although it is already burning as a dumpster fire lol!

  • Eric Esty
    Eric Esty 9 months ago

    Location Rattle Headbanging Harness

    Nice swampy location, but it's still an awful old Vekoma.

  • Dominic B
    Dominic B 9 months ago
  • Steve N.
    Steve N. 1 year ago
  • Alex Brewer
    Alex Brewer 1 year ago