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Tidal Wave features
United Kingdom
SBF Visa Group
Booster wheel lift hill
Lap bar
Reviews  6
  • Robert A.
    Robert A. 11 days ago

    First Drop Nice surprise! Ejectors

    Similar story with Cat-o-Pillar; first drop in the back gives a good pop of borderline ejector airtime then the rest of the layout just kinda, yeah. I like the little dip before the main drop too. (I think I'm too easily amused by these types of things but I don't think that's a bad thing; all I know is that it could've been straight track and I'm glad it wasn't.)

  • Maddox Cox
    Maddox Cox 6 days ago
  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 11 days ago
  • Jamie T.
    Jamie T. 4 months ago
  • Christopher A.
    Christopher A. 4 months ago
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