Ejectors Harness Pace

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Wonder Woman Golden Lasso features
United States
Rocky Mountain Construction
Sit Down
Raptor Track
Chain lift hill
Lap bar
Reviews  26
  • Mr. Roller Coasters

    Pace Intensity Ejectors Too short Harness Disappointing!

    It's an awesome, whippy, airtime filled, intense ride. But it's still a little overrated. Not long enough. But it still makes my top 10.

  • Eric Esty
    Eric Esty 8 months ago

    Inversions Pace Ejectors Harness Discomfort

    Wonder Woman isn't really my cup of tea, though I see the appeal. The pacing feels too fast and too intense, it doesn't even feel like a real roller coaster as much as a giant K'nex model. The vests don't help much either. Still a very fun ride, I'll ride it repeatedly for sure, but it's not top list material for me.

  • Jack Jack J.
    Jack Jack J. 11 months ago

    Airtimes Pace Intensity

    This was my first RMC Raptor and it was great. Crazy intense with some of the best airtime moments ever. The inversions were fun and intense. The ride was ridiculously fast paced. I wish it was a bit longer but thats really the only issue I have with it.

  • Raymond Jackson

    Intensity Ejectors Harness Intensity

    4 out of 5. Very Intensity both a plus and minus. I had to make myself ride it a 2nd time just because lol. But do not get me wrong I enjoy it. I was surprise for it being compact to be as intensity as I felt it was.

  • A.j. Hummel
    A.j. Hummel 2 months ago
  • Jacob Brugger
    Jacob Brugger 2 months ago
  • Ashton Hefley
    Ashton Hefley 3 months ago
  • Lukedaballer
    Lukedaballer 5 months ago
  • Tyler Roundy
    Tyler Roundy 7 months ago
  • Sam Dbart
    Sam Dbart 9 months ago
  • Julien Simon
    Julien Simon 10 months ago
  • Kommi
    Kommi 10 months ago
  • Carter Bras
    Carter Bras 11 months ago
  • Jeff T.
    Jeff T. 11 months ago
  • iac17
    iac17 1 year ago
  • Mark McGivern
    Mark McGivern 1 year ago
  • Michael W.
    Michael W. 1 year ago
  • Jeremy Cole
    Jeremy Cole 1 year ago
  • Kw6sTheater
    Kw6sTheater 1 year ago

    Pace Intensity Ejectors Too short

  • PizzaForBreakfast 1

    Airtimes Harness

  • ttn846
    ttn846 1 year ago
  • Usa t.
    Usa t. 2 years ago
  • JB T
    JB T 2 years ago
  • Benjamin R.
    Benjamin R. 2 years ago

    Layout Ejectors Capacity Discomfort Reliability

  • Alexandre Humbert
  • Florian Blond
    Florian Blond 2 years ago