• Ky

    Nice surprise! Pace Masterpiece

    when i first went to dollywood in 2020 i was planning on making the infamous lightning rod my 100th roller coaster. that was the day it went down for what we would soon find out was a hybrid re-track. i was worried i would regret my visit, and i meandered over to thunderhead thinking it could be fun but had heard nothing about it. it not only became my 100th coaster, but one of my favorite coasters of all time. i adore this coaster beyond words. it’s fun, intense, full of amazing laterals followed by rapid air time pops and i soon realized this kind of ride was exactly my cup of tea! i now have some of china’s GCIs on the top of my bucket list and purchased a dollywood season pass so that i could return to that beautiful park with this wonderful attraction i’m in love with. oh yeah, i might even personally prefer it over lightning rod now that i’ve finally ridden both in 2021! don’t sleep on this ride, especially if you love GCIs and fast paced wooden twister layouts