• R E A D Y d o t

    Airtimes Ejectors Hangtime Rattle Intensity

    This is an absolute beast of a coaster. The themeing is good, I wouldn’t call it awesome, there‘s way better out there. But the ride experience has no equal as far as I have ridden to this day. It is desorienting, it is fast, and it is very forceful! It is an unrelenting onslaught of air- and hangtime, sideways ejectors, quite intense positive Gs and wonderful surroundings over the water. This thing whips! I rode it twice and was extremely impressed, but I did find it a bit too intense for my taste. I had a temporary headache after each ride, it really gets your blood pumping. And well, yes, it’s a Mack Ride and it also has the Mack Rattle. I wonder how long this ride will stay smooth, as the forces are quite impressive? Only time will tell.