• Marcos S

    Tematización ¡Buena sorpresa! Fun


  • Marcos S

    Primera caída Comodidad Velocidad Vibración Torta

    Si alguien va a montarse a la Stampida que se coja el rojo.

  • Marcos S

    Lap Bar Duración Vibración Torta Incomodidad

    No iría mal un re-track.

  • Marcos S

    Velocidad Intensidad Demasiado corto Incomodidad

    No está mal para un parque pequeño.

  • Dan Price

    Tematización ¡Buena sorpresa! Suavidad Layout

    Has a surprising amount of airtime for a family coaster if you sit at the back – other seats pretty average. Vertical drop is fun and usually gets a good response. Well themed but not a particularly inspired layout – probably decided by which trees they were allowed to cut down.

  • MagicPlus

    Inversiones Intensidad Layout Tematización

    Un coaster également très fun et confortable à rider

  • Matthew Kolakowski

    Primera caída Obra maestra Suavidad

    Fury 325 is the second best roller coaster I have ever been on! It combines floater airtime, intensity, wonderful banked turns, and a long-lasting first drop. My favorite element is the treble clef. The pacing is perfect, and the layout is fun and original. Think of it as a superior, upgraded B&M hyper coaster.

  • Randy93 -opp

    Primera caída ¡Buena sorpresa! Comodidad

    OzIris est juste magnifique, magnifiquement thématisé, la gare et la file d'attente est très belle, le train est confortable et le ride est de même, intense et aérien à la fois, une très très bonne surprise, les 2 seuls petits défauts si je dois lui en trouver serais qu'il est un peu court et les temps d'attente a certains moments. Mais franchement, un très très bon B&M Ce OzIris

  • Matthew Kolakowski

    Inversiones Hangtime Duración

    Gatekeeper is an awesome wing coaster. It’s fairly tame, but still exciting for coaster lovers, and the inversions have amazing hangtime. It’s smooth and fast, and has good pacing. The drop gives a nice floating sensation. The best part is the zero-g roll through the keyhole, which has a convincing headchopper and great hangtime as well. This is one of my favorites at Cedar Point!

  • Matthew Kolakowski

    Inversiones Situación Torta Incomodidad

    Corkscrew is, in my opinion, the second roughest ride in the park behind Rougarou in terms of head banging. The restraints are okay, and the vertical loop has some nice force, but it gets a little too bumpy and jerky approaching the corkscrews. It’s bearable, but I wouldn’t go on again.