• Francisco Robles

    Primera caída ¡Buena sorpresa! Fun

    The three first elements are terrific. That little hill gives a lot of airtime! Unfortunately just before the brakes loses a lot of momentum. I wish all the ride could have the same punch of the first half. Oh, and I wasn't aware of the rattle. This isnt on the same level of El Condor, Platform 13 or Speed of Sound.

  • stxrry figures

    Situación Velocidad Vibración Incomodidad Airtimes

    Rough. This ride is much worse compared to it’s older counterpart, Goldrusher.

  • Marcos S

    Tematización ¡Buena sorpresa! Fun


  • Marcos S

    Primera caída Comodidad Velocidad Vibración Torta

    Si alguien va a montarse a la Stampida que se coja el rojo.

  • Marcos S

    Lap Bar Duración Vibración Torta Incomodidad

    No iría mal un re-track.

  • Marcos S

    Velocidad Intensidad Demasiado corto Incomodidad

    No está mal para un parque pequeño.

  • IronChef Chris

    Situación Intensidad Layout Vibración Incomodidad Intensidad

    A two-faced ride. Ride it for the first time, ride it in the back, dont brace yourself and it will be the worst ride of your life. It feels broken, it feels sloppy, it has a wicked jackhammer moment prior to the tunnel, and it's just scary. Now...go back and ride it in the front, at night, and know what you're in for and you will be treated to a "fun rough" ride. The intensity and location at night is an amazingly sketchy but fun ride. I dont know what happens, but it becomes such a different ride. Still intense and rough but much more enjoyable. I love this thing at night in the front row. The first drop, the tunnel, and the views are amazing. Brace yourself and give it a shot.

  • Nyargleblargle

    Inversiones Intensidad Vibración Demasiado corto

    A quirky ride, rough around the edges and oddly paced, but not shy about delivering intense forces.

  • Nyargleblargle

    Fun Obra maestra Intensidad Confiabilidad

    First half is a mix of distinct, memorable elements tied together by speed. Second half is a flurry of intense twists and turns. No dull spots; the break before the second launch only builds excitement. If a coaster can be art, this counts.

  • Joep van Baren

    Tematización Inversiones Duración Torta Incomodidad

    The coaster area looks sick, everywhere you see the track, steel beams or other theming. In the few times I rode it the ride grew on me, first I didn't like it that much but yeah. I would like some more airtime but to have the world record of inversions that is of course not possible. The waiting times are too high, especially when the fast track rides have priority. Sadly, the trains do not match up in speed very often.