• Alexander D.

    Airtimes ¡Buena sorpresa! Fun Confiabilidad

    This ride suprised me. It's a lot better than it looks. The rides suffers from several mechanical issues, it was down for a whole day on 2 of my 4 visits. And when it's up, it blocks sometimes.

  • Alexander D.

    Tematización Launch Intensidad Demasiado corto

    This is my N1 coaster that I have been on. The theming is mostly very well done, the launch is VERY forceful, it always suprises. Then you have the loop. This loop is just so amazing. It's already super forceful when you go through it forwards, but when you go through it backwards (back seat) it's unbelievable. It's just so forceful that I have no words for it. Everytime I get off this coaster, it leaves me with my mouth open. This ride is amazing. Front is very good, But I really recommend riding it back seat because the loop is just insanely forceful backwards there.

  • Gaku N.



  • Gaku N.

    Airtimes Primera caída Comodidad

    後2つ大きなキャメルバックがあれば世界一のコースターになれたでしょう。 前向きで激しさが足りない人は後ろ向きに乗ってみてください。

  • Manuel G.

    Demasiado corto ¡Decepción! Sin interés

    I do not want to sound too harsh, but I am only able to review this from my own standpoint and not trying to think about what the target audience might feel about it. That being said, I found it extremely short, uninspired and I truly did not care for it at all. Only beautiful effect was the smoke coming out of the front of the train. Very underwhelmed even going in with family coaster expectations. Ride is smooth, though - new Vekoma track seems to be fine.

  • Manuel G.

    Fun Layout Duración

    The best mine train I know, featuring a very long layout separated into three parts by two lift hills. Theming is wonderful, but, ironically, where the coaster really shines is the middle part in the dark. Here it is being surprisingly intense, a feeling enhanced by the loose lap bars. It is still only good and not amazing to me, because I find the layout a bit repetitive. Still a quality ride for sure.

  • Manuel G.

    Fun Duración

    This was so much fun. The short little movie is witty and takes every little detail of the ride into account (it uses the roughness of certain parts to its advantage for example). I especially like some movements in the film, that do not resemble the track layout, but feel like they make perfect sense. Everything is synchronized extremely well and the glasses are set up easily. I only wish the resolution - albeit high in this case - would be even higher, as I still feel there is room for improvement there. Ending is a funny surprise...

  • Manuel G.

    Tematización Inversiones Intensidad

    Probably the best smaller-scale B&M invert in the world. The theming is world-class, with an incredible amount of fantastic near misses. While I generally would prefer a larger-scale invert like Katun, for an invert of this size I think it is perfect. The layout to me does not feature a particular highlight, but flows very well and is consistently extremely forceful. Slamming into the pitch black indoor brake run is another fantastic effect. Best experienced in the front row, though the drop is fantastic for its size in the back.

  • Manuel G.

    Airtimes Tematización ¡Buena sorpresa!

    First of all this is a visually most stunning coaster. The whole area of Klugheim is expertly themed and the coaster is extremely well integrated. The new seats are comfortable and leave nothing to be desired. The first launch has great sound design, but is not one of my favorites intensity-wise - it is merely good fun. The entire rest of the layout though is action-packed and consistently intense in just the right way. First half already feels way fast and features two amazing moments of airtime, the better one being a twisted airtime hill. Having a second launch and thus being able to increase the speed throughout the ride is a fantastic idea and adds to the sense of euphoria you feel. It leads you to the highest point of the ride, followed by the best element - another very violent twisted airtime hill. The trim brake before the last hill is too strong but might be necessary to reduce the forces in the final narrow curve. Duration of the ride is fantastic and you instantly feel that this is a highest quality ride. Very minor shortcomings (trim, some parts without interesting Elements,...) prevent it from receiving a perfect score.

  • Charles Muckenhirn

    Airtimes Tematización ¡Buena sorpresa! Demasiado corto

    Un petit wooden qui paye pas de mine mais qui surprend beaucoup . De l'extérieur malgré sa petite taille il rend bien et à une bonne gueule . La théma de la file est sympa et les trains sont très beaux . Le débit est assez bon on patiente pas trop . Le coaster en lui même est très nerveux , et propose de bon élément pour un coaster de cette taille . Le tout s'enchaîne sans aucun temps morts . Il est par contre un peu court ça oui .