• Lukas 42

    Théma Fluidité Trop court Déception ! Intensité

    I didn't expect much from this ride, but I was still disappointed: It felt quite tame and forceless, and even the drop was not really intense. The only good things about Krake are the great smoothness and the theming, which is quite nice compared to other rides at Heide Park - especually the kraken which "swallows" you and the following splashdown look pretty cool! To sum things up, I can say this would be the worst B&M I've been on so far...

  • Corbyn Harmon

    Confort Fun Intensité

    Surprisingly intense. Borderline thrill coaster.

  • Corbyn Harmon

    Inversions Fun Trop court Fiabilité

    Pretty great. I got two rides on the green side and two rides on the purple. This would be ranked higher than Batman at this park for me if it was more consistent. Both purple rides were insane with several flips and an out-of-control feeling. Both my green rides gave me absolutely nothing. No flips, no stalls, just going down the track. Those first two purple rides were actually so good that I still think it’s a great ride.

  • Corbyn Harmon

    Théma Baffes Débit Inconfort

    A Vekoma family hang n bang. Not much else to say. The color scheme and surrounding trees are nice. It also has one of the slowest moving lines in the whole park, probably second only to Terroride, the main dark ride. It is made for younger kids, so they’ll enjoy it more than me.

  • Adrenaline Central

    Débit Fun Intensité

    it's quite intense for a family coaster, and it's fun when you're taking a break from the big rides.

  • Adrenaline Central

    Vibrations Déception ! Sans intérêt

    This ride is garbage. There are absolutely no forces, not a lot of spinning, and it’s just bad.

  • Zacheroni

    Airtimes Fun Longueur Théma Harnais

    The layout is really good. I really like how slow the inversion is. There are really good airtime moments throughout, especially on the climb up to the top of the tower, the drop off the tower and the hill after the third launch.

  • Robert A.

    Bonne suprise ! Fun Débit

    I thought with every other Pinfari I was going to get yet another uncomfortable headbasher that I was going to get off with saying I was done with it and never riding it again. But to my surprise (and a welcome one for sure!), it was oddly smooth and fun. Apart from a couple janky transitions here and there it's a relatively enjoyable coaster! Absolutely zero headbanging, and just a generally fun coaster. I just wish it had more than one train ops, on an 8 person train.

  • Robert A.

    Lap Bar Bonne suprise ! Fun Intensité

    It's a lot taller than it looks when you're on it, especially in the back seat! Great fun but can't remember too much of it, sadly. It's a pretty short ride and not too intense but it's a family coaster that does its job at being a good step up from small to medium scale rides.

  • Jack Jack J.

    Fun Inconfort

    Metal bar really hurts your shins on some of the turns and the brakes hit so hard they punch you in the gut. Not a great wild mouse