• Evangelion Martini

    First Drop Fluidité Hangtime

    Super smooth, and it has an almost ethereal floaty quality when you're going through all of the inversions, definitely worth the wait.

  • Semina S.

    A raser ! Sans intérêt Temps mort

    Literally just lifthills and rough, Unbanked turns.

  • אדר פופקו

    Situation Fluidité Trop court Layout

    this ride is the newest ride to the park and the first ride of its kind,and yes,this isnt the best 4th demntional coaster ive evr got to ride.well the location was cool,provaiding so good views and yes,the ride went smooth,its more for kids than the adults to ride.the layout was too short for my liking,msybe if it was much longer it willbe better but still,i loved the views,but since it was too short ans slow,its doesnt holds u to me and its not a ground braker.but for me its a pretty great first 4th dimensional coaster for kids to ride and enjoy.

  • אדר פופקו

    Situation Vitesse Layout Vibrations

    this ride is the best coaster at the park,and was one of the of its kind,tis coaster is cool.the layout consistant on this sudden fun turns and the sudden dros which is pretty thrilling to ride.the ride pace went so smooth and its was just cool,altough i felt some vaibration,it was little and it still fun.as i said,the layout is fun and went pretty smooth and had great paing,the ride went geatly from a turn to drop or drop to turn,there was not dead spots on the ride which is always good.the rides location is also what makkes the ride.sourrunded by plants which at some turns can give a good chopper effects and great views.its not the best ride by any means,but this is a great fitting for this little family park and to kids to ride.

  • אדר פופקו

    Théma Situation Fluidité Layout Intensité

    this ride,might not the best out there in terme of ride experience,is still a nice coaster to this park.opened in 2003 this is the first coaster to this little family park which is pretty close to europa park.what i really love about the ride is the athmosphere of it,this ride surrounded by plants and flowers which really makes the ride looks nice and makes it better wiht the trian wich shaped like a caterpillar.this ride is also smooth and comfortable like most of those zeirers which are always really fun to ride a smooth ride.altough the layout is pretty reptetive over a while and the ride isnt that intense,but its still a nice coaster to kids and adults to ride,and its still a good addition to this family park.

  • Eric Clash

    Baffes Inconfort

    If I could give this ride a zero I would.

  • Philipp König

    Launch Fun Intensité

    Sky Scream is a fun Ride, very intense as well.

  • אדר פופקו

    Lap Bar Confort Hangtime Débit

    altough short,sky sping gets a pretty good repoitation from me as the best coaster at skyline parks.originally opened in 2004 and was the first skyloop,its still holds up to this day,meaning its a great first coaster.first of all,the hangtime,those hangtimes on those skyloops is just insane and offers a nice amount of hangtime,a great fun to all of the riders.the lap bars makes this ride so good,its brwly presses to you knees and thats makes the ride great,its also so smooth and yes,it is short but this is a prototype,meaning this is the first try for them.altough, i will improve the operations which were slow and they can only send one train at the time.still tho,this ride is great and i feeling that wth rides like abismo,the company learned there kistakes and improve quicky overtime.and yes,it is cool and the hangtime is great on this.

  • אדר פופקו

    Lap Bar Layout Vibrations Inconfort

    this ride is not that good of a maurer spinning coaster,originally build in 2003 at a diffrenet,english park,this ride still doenst hold up to thiss day,i tho say,the layout and the spinning are pretty fun like most Maurer coaster and es,the lap bars are pretty comfortable,the ride have this big rattle which is really uncomforttable.the ride spinning isnt that comfortabble and can somtimes give you a headbanging,and as i said,altough this layout have been cloned,i still thought it looked fun but the ride itself have those flaws that i really didnt enjoyed that much.i must say if they decided to smooth it a little more it will be a good spinning coaster but now its just an uncomforttable ride which can be relocated easily to another park.

  • אדר פופקו

    Fun Fluidité Layout Trop court Débit Layout

    this ride was a mixed bag for me,as the last ride by dutch manufater Caripro and the only one of its kind,that coaster does somthings good but other things it could done better,first of all the ride is smooth,not denying that out and slides well with the track,even for a prototype.the ride was overall pretty fu and good to ride on since its offered many good views and the slightly spinning cars add some thrill factor to this ride.however,the ride could hacve done more,the layout,while quarky and wacky,is could get pretty good and maybe use some work,i think it could be longer to match the style of the ride,since its not that intense and relise on the views, i think a longer ride is needed to make it much more fun to the audience to rde.the layout could use more spinning to the cars.the operatons and capcity arent that good either and that really brings the ride down on a busy day,but even with those flaws,the ride is still fun and i belive you must go and ride this little coaster just to have a fun time.