• IronChef C.

    Airtimes Débit Confort

    Had maybe 5 or 6 rides on it. Preferred front row surprisingly. As with all B&M hypers its a capacity machine, reliable, comfortable and gives a great ride. Fits the park perfectly and sits in a great location. Layout is good, airtime is great, theming is fine for the park its in. Really no negatives. I didnt think the trims hit that hard either. Ill compare it to other hypers bc thats what most folks do...I'd say its my 2nd favorite out of the 4 I've currently ridden; beats Goliath bc its smoother and newer (im sure Goliath was a monster in its day), beats Intimidator because it had better floater and a better layout but Apollo beats it for me bc Apollo's finale and setting are fantastic. Its a great ride and is exactly what the park needed to compliment Skyrush's insanity.

  • Coaster Key

    Sans intérêt

    Basic kiddy coaster

  • guy perfect

    First Drop Fun Trop court

    I wouldn't really consider this a "coaster", but it's a decent water ride. Shame the water's dirty though.

  • Jack Lathrop

    Airtimes First Drop Fun Fiabilité

    The one and only Lightning Rod. After over 240 rides across every single operating version of it, It is still my all-time favorite! The launch, airtime, pacing, and theme are all fantastic!

  • Slovis Celery

    Théma Fun Intensité

    Nice theme around the ride and on the lift hills, and I got some really intense Spins on the turns, so good in my book.

  • Adam R.

    Théma Débit Launch Temps mort

    The launch has a surprisingly high acceleration for being a Disney ride. The first two inversions taken in almost complete darkness are exciting. The rest of the ride is a generic spaghetti bowl in low light. The theming is great at the station and launch section, but is just okay in the main ride building. There are multiple dead spots, mostly attributed to what appears to be two mid course brake runs! I have no idea why Disney needed more than one block sections in the main part of the ride. This roller coaster always operates with 4 trains, but the ride isn't nearly long enough to put more than 2 trains between the launch and unload station, even with Disney's crazy fast 40 second dispatches.

  • Kommi

    Launch Intensité Layout Harnais Intensité

    The intensity is a double-edged sword for me. On one end, it makes the ride one of the best in the USA, and on the other hand, it can be it a bit overbearing for me personally.

  • Kommi

    Inversions Fun Layout Vibrations Harnais

    This B&M Invert is great since it has 1. The Length (it's the longest of its kind) 2. The Inversions (the loop around the lift hill, the pretzel knot and the final inline twist are all highlights) and 3. It's a generally fun attraction. However, no ride is without its flaws, and this has some pretty noticeable ones. For one, it has a pretty bad rattle (this is a modern B&M Invert and I was surprised at how rattly it was) and 2. The Restraints. Granted they aren't as bad as some coasters with vests like X-Flight or Wild Eagle but they're still somewhat of a problem.

  • Krzysztof Czaplicki

    Vitesse Fun Intensité Inconfort Lap Bar

    I've waited almost a year for riding Zadra, which was opened a week after my previous visit in Energylandia. My expectations were very high and reality, unfortunately, does not match them in all aspects. Visually beautiful, Zadra is located in Dragon Zone - area which looks much better then every other park zone due to its theming. The atmosphere of medieval village disappears however in ridiculously long queue line, which has no theming at all. After beautiful Hyperion station and overall presence of Dragon Zone it is a bit disappointing. Finally I'm in the train - OMG, the restrains are so uncomfortable! Lap bars have additional shin guards, which caused giant bruises on my legs after only 3 rides. Ride experience? After extremely noisy chain lift the drop comes - very good in last row (nice ejector), ok in the middle rows. After the drop, train reaches its top speed of 121 km/h and maintain great pace till the end. After twisted top hat the Zero-G stall comes - one of 2 best moments of the rides, which looks spectacular from the outside. Couple of turns and second best moment comes - great right turn immediately followed by sharp left - masterpiece! Shortly after you reach great ejector hill, followed by second inversion. Last section is close to the ground and to the structure of Zadra, with the final, third inversion and... ouch, painful, hard brakes at the end. The train has enough speed for further 200m of track, which is unfortunately missing. Overall, awesome ride, with extremely high G-forces, very intense with great pacing, but also with couple of drawbacks: uncomfortable restrains, brutal brakes and lack of theming. So which one is better: Zadra or Hyperion? They are different, so it is difficult to compare them, both have pros and cons, but let me put it this way: every time I'm in Hyperion waiting for departure, I'm excited and scared a little bit. And I love this feeling. On Zadra, I felt this only once, before the first ride.

  • Krzysztof Czaplicki


    1.5 star for the ride, awful plastic alien theming which surprisingly is quite attractive for children, but this roller coaster is so uncomfortable that at the end only one star from me.