• Nathan F

    Fun Intensité Vibrations

    I liked Hurler far more than most seem to. Hurler was rattly, but not so rattly it was painful. I particularly enjoyed the sweeping turns Hurler did. It feels like it has a lot of speed going, and that makes it fun. It doesn't do anything particularly spectacularly, it's just fun.

  • Nathan F

    Bonne suprise ! Confort Vibrations Débit

    Nighthawk was far better than I was expecting. Nighthawk isn't the best coaster ever, but it's a pretty solid depth coaster. I rode in the back row and felt a small rattle being absorbed by the seat pretty well. The seat was actually fairly comfortable. The vertical loop was outstanding. Nighthawk does suffer from long lines though, so be sure to hit it up early.

  • Nathan F

    Bonne suprise ! Intensité

    Sierra Sidewinder is a smaller coaster, and it's located in Camp Snoopy. These factors combined to give me pretty mild expectations for Sierra Sidewinder. These expectations were absolutely shattered by my first ride on it. Sierra Sidewinder packs a huge punch for a coaster of its size. It rides very low to the ground at times, creating the illusion that you'll have your face dragged along the ground. All the while, every turn feels way tighter than it needs to be. Sierra Sidewinder is outstanding for a family coaster, but it's not on par with some of the larger stuff at Knott's.

  • Nathan F

    Vitesse Layout Vibrations

    Roar is really fun. It's very long, and it's got a lot of great headchopper moments. There are a lot of fun positive g's. Unfortunately, all these years of positive g's have lead to a pretty uncomfortable ride, as it feels like it's grinding against every moment with positives. Roar isn't the best woodie ever, but it's pretty good.

  • Nathan F

    Théma Launch Vibrations

    Flight of Fear is an incredibly themed launch coaster. The theming in the spaghetti bowl is not fantastic, but the queue is well-themed. This theme isn't super cohesive, but it works. The ride itself is pretty fun, but it does have a noticeable rattle. The layout is pretty whippy. The ride is good, but not great.

  • Nathan F

    Layout Vibrations

    Roar wasn't a perfect ride, but it was good. The layout was amazing, plenty of length and potentially great moments. It had a lot of positive G forces, but that led to a kinda rough ride. Roar wasn't rough enough not to be fun, but it wasn't outstanding.

  • Nathan F

    Théma Temps mort

    Expedition Everest would be an absolutely bizarre, but generally mediocre roller coaster without the theming. Everest isn't amazingly forceful throughout most of its layout. The helix is pretty good. What makes this coaster amazing is the theming. There's a fantastic story told through this coaster. All the dead spots are deliberate to maximize the theming. Everest is a masterpiece blend of theming and thrill.

  • Nathan F

    Situation Layout Longueur Vibrations Inconfort

    Loch Ness Monster is an amazing Arrow. The loops are fantastic. The ride is beautiful. The helix is fun. However, there are a few moments where the ride shows its age. There's some rough transitions, particularly after the first hill and after the helix. The trains are uncomfortable for taller riders. However, the ride is extremely fun in spite of its flaws.

  • Nathan F

    Vitesse Fluidité Trop court

    Tennessee Tornado is amazing while it lasts, but it's incredibly short. The inversions are a little wonky, but this isn't noticeable from on the ride. It produces great forces through each inversion. There's even some understated theming. Tennessee Tornado just suffers from being far too short. Right when it feels like it should get insane, it hits the final brake run. It's great, but not perfect.

  • Chase W.

    Airtimes First Drop Ejectors Trop court

    I grew up riding the Hurler as a small boy. I loved it. The theming, the great whippy turns, the rattling wood creaking from the stress of the powder blue trains rolling like a rock through a forest. When I heard that my beloved Hurler was due for an RMC treatment my nostalgia gut started to twist and churn. How could they mutilate my favorite woodie? As I took the old familar queue to ride Twisted Timbets for the first time my old memories flooded back of the old Hurler theming. Plastic baby doll arms, legs, and torsos hung from the rafters as some sick joke which made my dark heart flutter with delight. I missed it. I stepped through the metal detector, cell phone in hand, and got in the back. As the Russian doll faced Op stapled me into the restraint I felt my heart beat rise. A thumbs up from the steady but slow Ops sent me off into the lift hill with an air of unearned confidence. As I crested the top I could see the first drop and I was giddy with delight. Wow. An inversion drop. I was in coaster heaven. The rails whipped me around the station house for some camel backs and mighty overbaked whips. It was all over in a matter of seconds but it lasted an eternity of bliss that I still replay in my mind when Im restless in bed and need to kickstart my dreams. These days when im asked what my favorite coaster is I have the words Twisted Timbers loaded on the tip of my tongue waiting to convert another soul by drinking the sweet RMC kool aid nectar. Hurler is not dead, it is alive in my heart next to my undying love for its improved Final form. Party on Wayne, party on Garth.