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Cheetah Hunt features
Magnetic Launch (LIM/LSM)
Shoulder harness
Reviews  208
  • Slovis Celery
    Slovis Celery 9 hours ago

    Fun Duration Dead spots

    Cheetah Hunt is undeniably fun, but it just lacks enough substance for me to really think more of it. The ride has the illusion of a layout more dynamic than it actually is, with obvious moments that really just do nothing, but, this is offset by the wonderful surroundings, great senstaion of speed, and the occaisional pop of force that stands out more than it should. Cheetah Hunt does it's job very well as a family thrill ride, but naturally, my personal preference is for more intense and thrilling attractions.

  • Shizzle 99
    Shizzle 99 14 days ago

    Airtimes Fun Hangtime

    Great coaster, nice few pops of airtimes and turns, nice mild coaster, great launches, solid coaster

  • Jordan Pelaez
    Jordan Pelaez 1 month ago

    Launch Harness Disappointing!

    I think I need to ride this one again because it’s popularity has never matched my opinion of it. First launch starts off great but loses all force going up and unless you’re in the front you don’t get any pop. The heart line is forgettable and there should be more launches throughout

  • Inverted Thrills
    Inverted Thrills 1 month ago

    Inversions Launch Fun Dead spots

    This ride is quite fun. What's weird is that about 80% of it seems just like meandering around and not really doing much yet the ride is still very fun for some reason. Also that inversion gives sick hangtime

  • Solar Winds
    Solar Winds 1 month ago

    Launch Fun Layout Reliability

    A fun coaster for all ages! It is marketed as a family coaster but it provides some punchy launches and solid airtime moments, especially in the back. The layout is long and super creative. One of my favorite night rides I've ever done.

  • Liight
    Liight 2 months ago

    Launch Fun Smoothness Dead spots

    This is a great ride. It is barely considered a family coaster, but really only is due to it not having anything too intense, other than the launches being decent. i gave it "dead spots" because before the 2nd launch the coaster kinda meanders around, and you lose all your speed on the tree top, which makes the pacing a bit wonky. I like the treetop element, but its kind of a dead spot. Either way this is a ride that is just good fun, definitely recommend.

  • Jack Jack J.
    Jack Jack J. 3 months ago

    Launch Fun Duration

    Cheetah Hunt is a great coaster that blends family and thrill to perfection. The ride features several moments with good forces and airtime while still not going beyond the family coaster threshold. A perfect blend. The trains are comfortable and the ride itself has aged well. The location and duration make this a special ride. Flying over and diving into the Serengeti is so much fun. The first launch is quick and forceful. You lose some speed through the first turn, but this is supposed to be a little intro to what Cheetah Hunt offers. The second launch is one of the highlights of the ride to me. It's fast and forceful. You really feel it kick into gear. The first tall element gives a good pop on the way up in the back, followed by a nice panoramic view of the park, and then the main drop gives some sustained floater on the way down. The big twisted airtime hill doesn't offer much actual airtime but whips you side to side a little bit which is a lot of fun. You dive through a trench and then enter the first and only inversion on Cheetah Hunt. This heartline roll offers some good hangtime and is just a nice introduction to inversions for kids. You hit a brake run and dive to the right into what is my favorite section of the ride. You twist and turn through some rock work while only being feet above the water below. This section isn't always full of water but when it is this section gives you a special feeling. You begin your journey back to the station with a third and final launch. This launch is similar to the first in how it's quick and powerful but not sustained. One of the main highlights of the ride is right after this launch with an airtime hill. This is the strongest airtime moment on the ride as it slings you out of your seat. One last twisted airtime hill gives you a similar feel to the first with not much airtime but some good laterals. You dive into a trench and hit the brakes. Cheetah Hunt is a long ride with a great location and some solid elements. Great Ride.

  • Keaton Knippel
    Keaton Knippel 7 months ago

    Lap Bar Launch Fun Theming Dead spots

    This was a really fun ride, although not the most intense coaster experience. I saw people of all ages, shapes and sizes go on this one, so its really family friendly, while not being underwhelming.

  • Sensory Screams
    Sensory Screams 9 months ago

    Airtimes Inversions Launch Theming

    Cheetah Hunt is an amazing Intamin Launch Coaster. It has amazing ejector airtime, a corkscrew, and an awesome launch that will push you back to your seat.

  • Drive Safely
    Drive Safely 10 months ago

    Airtimes Location Fun Harness

    I went in expecting a mediocre launch coaster like people made it out to be and this blew those expectations out of the water. The ride is long, has some pretty good airtime moments like the drop off of the windcatcher tower, the few twisted airtime hills and the hill after the third launch, and is overall a fun experience winding through the terrain. The restraints don’t cause a direct problem, but it would be nice to not have those hard plastic OTSRs. Go in expecting a family multi-launch like Hagrid’s or even Manta at SWSD, not a top-tier blitz like Velocicoaster or Maverick and you will come off with a smile on your face, but also disappointed that you’ll have to wait another hour and a half to ride it again.

  • T U N A
    T U N A 11 months ago

    Theming Nice surprise! Dead spots

    This ride gets better every time. The more you ride the more you appreciate. Not ever worth the lines though.

  • Mr. Roller Coasters
    Mr. Roller Coasters 11 months ago

    First Drop Fun Duration Harness

    Loved the airtime it provided. I got a night ride on this with fireworks, & it was awesome!

  • Waluigi’s Perfect Potato

    Nice surprise! Location Fun Harness

    This is one hell of a ride. A lot more fun than I thought it would be. Some solid airtime on some hills, the first launch was amazing, and the whole ride was just pure enjoyment.

  • IronChef C.
    IronChef C. 1 year ago

    Nice surprise! Pace Layout

    Really enjoyed this one. I haven't ridden anything else like it really and it gets points for that. Proper airtime in there as well which was a great surprise.

  • Zacheroni
    Zacheroni 1 year ago

    Airtimes Fun Duration Theming Harness

    The layout is really good. I really like how slow the inversion is. There are really good airtime moments throughout, especially on the climb up to the top of the tower, the drop off the tower and the hill after the third launch.

  • Dylan McIntyre
    Dylan McIntyre 1 year ago

    Airtimes Fun Intensity

    Ride for fun

  • Joel Simon
    Joel Simon 1 year ago

    Comfort Smoothness Duration

    Now I love that ride, it might be not the most forceful but its very fun. The ride has a very cool layout with a lot of variation (like that launch into that kinda tree element, the small whippy curves in the trench, the nice hangtime in the barrel roll and the three inversion. Its also a pretty long ride Also the ride is extremely smooth and seating is very comfortable with lapbars. The station also looks very cool

  • Tom F.
    Tom F. 2 years ago

    Launch Fun Layout

    One of the most over-hated rides I know of, its a really fun experience that provides some good if not overly strong forces throughout a fantastic layout filled with interactions. The restraints aren't fantastic but by no means ruin the experience.

  • Rags Aki
    Rags Aki 2 years ago

    Location Pace Fun Pointless Layout


  • Raymond Jackson
    Raymond Jackson 3 years ago

    Location Launch Dead spots

    7.6 out of 10. great speed at times, the layout has great points and then low points, overall good coaster, not one that I will go out my way to ride. But with the 2020 RMC coaster coming will try it again.

  • Kw6sTheater
    Kw6sTheater 3 years ago

    First Drop Duration Harness Disappointing! Dead spots

    Admittedly, I used to loathe this ride very much. This is because I thought it was very overrated for a long time; I still do, but to a lesser extent. Cheetah Hunt is a pretty good launch coaster, albeit lacking the snappy transitions, wild airtime and insane G’s of its Ohioan cousin (Maverick, my 3rd favorite coaster). The first boost of acceleration into that overbanked turn is nothing much, merely a slight kick to start things off. The dive into the second launch provides some laterals and then you are pushed back into your seat, only to be lifted out of it at the top of that figure-8 hill. I remembered floater airtime being there, but I got some pretty substantially sustained airtime at that part of Cheetah Hunt to my surprise. The winding part at the top of the hill gives a nice panoramic view of Busch Garden Tampa, but you are lifted out of your seat once more as the train dives into a trench. An awkward straight section ensues as Cheetah Hunt clears the railroad tracks, followed by a gently twisting airtime hill over the skyride. The heartline roll provides a split second of hangtime, but it is interrupted by a mid course brake run. You’re whipped to the side as the train dives into the quarry that Rhino Rally — As a young one, this was my favorite ride at Busch Gardens; it was a jeep tour ride with an awesome collapsing bridge scene and enjoyable narrative — used to travel through. After some trim brakes and a sharp turn, Cheetah Hunt zigzags between the rocks in a thrilling series of back-and-forth S-curves — my personal favorite moment on the ride — and curves around into the third and final launch. The Maverick-esque airtime hill immediately following it provides a great pop of ejector airtime, followed up by another awkward section — a series of S-curve hills with no reminiscence of force, airtime or whip whatsoever. And at long last, Cheetah Hunt ends with a hop into the final brake run. All in all, Cheetah Hunt is a very solid ride. It straddles the line between a family-thrill coaster and an all-out thrill machine carefully, meaning that this coaster has much inconsistence in its layout — some moments, like the rise up the first hill with sustained floater airtime, heartline roll, S-curves in the rockwork and sharp airtime hill after the third launch are flat-out awesome, and more what you’d expect from an amazing ride like Maverick or Storm Runner — however, other parts of Cheetah Hunt appear much more tailored to the families; some that come to mind are the figure-8 element at the top of the first hill, the pointless meandering sections just before the second launch and final brake run, as well as the gently twisted hill that hops over the skyride. Cheetah Hunt is definitely far from being a bad coaster; however, when one inevitably associates it with top-tier Intamin rides like Maverick, Storm Runner, Skyrush and Intimidator 305, it pales in comparison.

  • Kommi
    Kommi 3 years ago

    Nice surprise! Launch Fun

    This ride took me by surprise the most at BGT. The restraints aren't as big of a problem like some people say because this ride is more relaxed and graceful than its older brother up in Sandusky, which desperately needed soft vests. The launches are fun and decently forceful, the figure eight thing after the second launch gives a great view of the park, and it's really smooth.

  • Dave Scott
    Dave Scott 3 years ago

    Location Harness

    Oh, I want to like Cheetah Hunt more than I do. As a concept, it is kind of clever but unless you are listening to the nerdy explanation in the cattle-pen queue line you'll miss that. Multiple high powered launches are always a good thing, and Intamin are never shy of putting force into their coasters. The awful restraints and vibration spoil unfortunately detract from the rest of the circuit.

  • Samantha P.
    Samantha P. 3 years ago

    Location Launch Fun Harness Inversions

    Cheetah hunt is super fun, and a great addition to the park.. really love the launches (although the first one is a bit pointless), the second one up the hill into the figure 8 is fun, and the 3rd one gives some good airtime.. love the s-turns super low to the ground and the water.. Although personally I think overall it would be a much better coaster without the heartline roll.. really don't like that element in that coaster, uncomfortable .. and also the restraints I find pretty uncomfortable.

  • Eric Esty
    Eric Esty 4 years ago

    Location Launch Ejectors Capacity

    Cheetah Hunt is an odd one, but a really fun one. You get awesome ejector airtime in the front, and it has three fantastic launches. Its location is one of the best of any coaster. Diving over and under bridges, past other rides, next to paths and over animal exhibits, the panoramic view atop the tower, and especially the canyon midride. It's not short of fun elements. The tower rise and drop give great airtime. There's sideways floater on the odd first hill, and the heartline roll gives away hang time. The turns in the canyon really whip you, and there's really good airtime on the return trip. The ride is oddly paced, stopping and going as it pleases, and coming off as an experience that doesn't know what it wants to be. Either way, it's incredibly fun for everyone, and a unique coaster that fits the park perfectly.

  • James Locke
    James Locke 1 day ago
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    Florian Maier 1 day ago
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    Jérôme Durand 11 days ago
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    Coaster_ B. 14 days ago

    Airtimes First Drop Launch Rattle

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    Isaiah Wolfe 15 days ago
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    Colleen Andreola 18 days ago
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    Kevin Gordon 19 days ago
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    Matthias Fischer 22 days ago
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    倫理. 24 days ago
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    Tom Fairnie 26 days ago

    Launch Fun Layout Dead spots Intensity

  • Hannah Moore
    Hannah Moore 1 month ago
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    Nathan Durringer 1 month ago
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    Matt Newman 1 month ago

    Fun Duration Rattle Harness Dead spots

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    Coaster Nut 1 month ago
  • Heartline Coaster
  • Bellies R Us
    Bellies R Us 1 month ago
  • Alexandre Humbert

    Location Fun Capacity Dead spots

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    Trish Parry 6 months ago
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    Cdub 6 months ago

    Location Launch Fun

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    SortaKindaQuasi 8 months ago
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    Laurent Beauchamp 9 months ago

    Inversions Duration Theming

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    Owen Rohm 9 months ago
  • Conquering Coasterz
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    Steven Mottaz 10 months ago
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    Joe 10 months ago

    First Drop Duration Harness

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    Delphine Dumortier 11 months ago

    Comfort Fun Duration Intensity

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    Quentin P. 11 months ago

    Nice surprise! Launch Layout Harness

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    Tales of the Thrill 11 months ago
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    Location Smoothness Disappointing! Launch Layout

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    Theming Smoothness Duration

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    Location Launch Fun

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    Fun Smoothness Duration

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    Launch Dead spots

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    Airtimes Comfort Duration

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    Comfort Fun Masterpiece Intensity

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    Location Launch Harness

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    Launch Duration Harness

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    Comfort Fun Layout

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    Launch Smoothness Dead spots

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    Location Smoothness Duration Harness Disappointing! Dead spots

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    Airtimes Pace Duration Reliability

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    Fun Smoothness Layout

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    Dead spots Layout

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    Launch Masterpiece Smoothness Inversions

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    Nice surprise! Location Comfort Capacity

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    Theming Launch Fun Capacity

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