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Cheetah Hunt features
United States
Sit Down
Magnetic Launch (LIM/LSM)
Shoulder harness
Reviews  60
  • Kw6sTheater
    Kw6sTheater 1 day ago

    First Drop Duration Harness Disappointing! Dead spots

    Admittedly, I used to loathe this ride very much. This is because I thought it was very overrated for a long time; I still do, but to a lesser extent. Cheetah Hunt is a pretty good launch coaster, albeit lacking the snappy transitions, wild airtime and insane G’s of its Ohioan cousin (Maverick, my 3rd favorite coaster). The first boost of acceleration into that overbanked turn is nothing much, merely a slight kick to start things off. The dive into the second launch provides some laterals and then you are pushed back into your seat, only to be lifted out of it at the top of that figure-8 hill. I remembered floater airtime being there, but I got some pretty substantially sustained airtime at that part of Cheetah Hunt to my surprise. The winding part at the top of the hill gives a nice panoramic view of Busch Garden Tampa, but you are lifted out of your seat once more as the train dives into a trench. An awkward straight section ensues as Cheetah Hunt clears the railroad tracks, followed by a gently twisting airtime hill over the skyride. The heartline roll provides a split second of hangtime, but it is interrupted by a mid course brake run. You’re whipped to the side as the train dives into the quarry that Rhino Rally — As a young one, this was my favorite ride at Busch Gardens; it was a jeep tour ride with an awesome collapsing bridge scene and enjoyable narrative — used to travel through. After some trim brakes and a sharp turn, Cheetah Hunt zigzags between the rocks in a thrilling series of back-and-forth S-curves — my personal favorite moment on the ride — and curves around into the third and final launch. The Maverick-esque airtime hill immediately following it provides a great pop of ejector airtime, followed up by another awkward section — a series of S-curve hills with no reminiscence of force, airtime or whip whatsoever. And at long last, Cheetah Hunt ends with a hop into the final brake run. All in all, Cheetah Hunt is a very solid ride. It straddles the line between a family-thrill coaster and an all-out thrill machine carefully, meaning that this coaster has much inconsistence in its layout — some moments, like the rise up the first hill with sustained floater airtime, heartline roll, S-curves in the rockwork and sharp airtime hill after the third launch are flat-out awesome, and more what you’d expect from an amazing ride like Maverick or Storm Runner — however, other parts of Cheetah Hunt appear much more tailored to the families; some that come to mind are the figure-8 element at the top of the first hill, the pointless meandering sections just before the second launch and final brake run, as well as the gently twisted hill that hops over the skyride. Cheetah Hunt is definitely far from being a bad coaster; however, when one inevitably associates it with top-tier Intamin rides like Maverick, Storm Runner, Skyrush and Intimidator 305, it pales in comparison.

  • Kommi
    Kommi 1 month ago

    Nice surprise! Launch Fun

    This ride took me by surprise the most at BGT. The restraints aren't as big of a problem like some people say because this ride is more relaxed and graceful than its older brother up in Sandusky, which desperately needed soft vests. The launches are fun and decently forceful, the figure eight thing after the second launch gives a great view of the park, and it's really smooth.

  • Dave Scott
    Dave Scott 5 months ago

    Location Harness

    Oh, I want to like Cheetah Hunt more than I do. As a concept, it is kind of clever but unless you are listening to the nerdy explanation in the cattle-pen queue line you'll miss that. Multiple high powered launches are always a good thing, and Intamin are never shy of putting force into their coasters. The awful restraints and vibration spoil unfortunately detract from the rest of the circuit.

  • Samantha P.
    Samantha P. 8 months ago

    Location Launch Fun Harness Inversions

    Cheetah hunt is super fun, and a great addition to the park.. really love the launches (although the first one is a bit pointless), the second one up the hill into the figure 8 is fun, and the 3rd one gives some good airtime.. love the s-turns super low to the ground and the water.. Although personally I think overall it would be a much better coaster without the heartline roll.. really don't like that element in that coaster, uncomfortable .. and also the restraints I find pretty uncomfortable.

  • Fidel Camuze
    Fidel Camuze 1 year ago

    Location Launch Ejectors Capacity

    Cheetah Hunt is an odd one, but a really fun one. You get awesome ejector airtime in the front, and it has three fantastic launches. Its location is one of the best of any coaster. Diving over and under bridges, past other rides, next to paths and over animal exhibits, the panoramic view atop the tower, and especially the canyon midride. It's not short of fun elements. The tower rise and drop give great airtime. There's sideways floater on the odd first hill, and the heartline roll gives away hang time. The turns in the canyon really whip you, and there's really good airtime on the return trip. The ride is oddly paced, stopping and going as it pleases, and coming off as an experience that doesn't know what it wants to be. Either way, it's incredibly fun for everyone, and a unique coaster that fits the park perfectly.

  • Patrick Sullivan
  • Alexandre CF
    Alexandre CF 9 days ago

    Fun Masterpiece Layout Capacity

  • Chief Pancake
    Chief Pancake 12 days ago
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    Rémy D. 15 days ago
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    James Cook 23 days ago
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    Jacob Clark 23 days ago
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    Jérémie Ngs 25 days ago
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    chase s. 1 month ago
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    Coaster Cupcake 1 month ago
  • Jack Jack Johnson Jones

    Launch Smoothness Layout Intensity

  • Elliot Taylor
    Elliot Taylor 2 months ago

    Airtimes Pace Duration Reliability

  • Matt Newman
    Matt Newman 2 months ago

    Fun Duration Rattle Harness Dead spots

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    Alex Brewer 2 months ago
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    Gavin Baez 3 months ago
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    Kyle Broxton 6 months ago
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    Xabi L. 6 months ago

    Location Smoothness Duration Harness Disappointing! Dead spots

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    Martin T. 6 months ago
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    Luis H. 6 months ago
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    epstan 6 months ago
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    Dan Pianini 6 months ago

    Fun Smoothness Layout

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    Romain Beauchamp 7 months ago
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    Julien RocKub 8 months ago
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    Jérôme Vincent 11 months ago

    Fun Layout Dead spots

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    Jeremy Cole 1 year ago
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    Location Fun Capacity Dead spots

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    Dead spots Layout

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    Jared Wolber 1 year ago
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    Laurent R. 1 year ago

    Launch Masterpiece Smoothness Inversions

  • Edward M.
    Edward M. 1 year ago

    Theming Fun Smoothness Disappointing! Launch Pointless

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    Romain LABAT 1 year ago
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    Cyril Barbier 1 year ago
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    Toto662 1 year ago
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    Michaël Rmn 1 year ago
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    Benjamin R. 1 year ago

    Nice surprise! Location Comfort Capacity

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    Theming Launch Fun Capacity

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    Florian Blond 1 year ago