Airtimes Inversions Dead spots

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Joker features
Chain lift hill
Lap bar
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  • Julian R.
    Julian R. 1 month ago

    Inversions Nice surprise! Hangtime Dead spots

    A very underrated RMC. It is NOT the worst RMC coaster. It might meander around it’s track, but let’s put that aside, and enjoy the three inversions that it gives us. This is far from the worst. The airtime is not strong, but it still is a good ride nonetheless, along with B&M, RMC is my favorite manufacturer for coasters. Everybody in the coaster world claims this to be “the worst RMC”, and while it doesn’t pack a very powerful punch like Iron Gwazi and Steel Vengeance, it still is a great coaster, and this is not the monstrosity people make it out to be.

  • John Montague
    John Montague 11 months ago

    Inversions Pace Intensity

    This is a near perfect little hybrid coaster. First time riders might get lulled into that short first hill, but don’t be fooled. You start with a quick, steep drop, and it really doesn’t let up much from start to finish. It’s smooth and one of the most comfortable coasters I’ve ever ridden, but it still maintains a good level of intensity. There’s also a solid helping of ejectors throughout the ride. Aside from the very front, the middle of the train is surprisingly where you get the best ride. I can’t think of another coaster that delivers this much in the middle. The very front car is amazing, because they don’t put anything in front of you to hold onto, and you are more engaged with the track than most coasters. Overall, good enough for 5 stars and my number 7 coaster overall.

  • Ben Redshire
    Ben Redshire 1 year ago

    A little smaller and probably less aggressive than other RMCs, but it still packs a punch and has great airtime and inversions.

  • Erik C.
    Erik C. 1 year ago

    Airtimes Layout Dead spots

    Many people say this is the worst RMC, and while I have not ridden enough of them to make that judgement, it is the weakest RMC I've ridden to date. The layout is unique in that they had a relatively small space to work with, and the elements are very compact. There is airtime, but it is honestly weak for RMC standards. This is a result of the ride's biggest flaw, which is its poor pacing. Even the first few elements felt noticeably slow, and it kept its mediocre pace constant throughout the layout. That being said, it's still a fantastic ride and #1 at the park. It is unique in the lineup, and is much better than the GCI that it was converted from. (p.s. This was my 100th credit!)

  • Evangelion Martini

    Airtimes Ejectors Hangtime Too short

    While some of the criticism of this ride is deserved, this ride definitely gets way more hate than it deserves. While it may be a bit on the shorter side compared to its other RMC siblings, the hangtime moments/inversions are out of this world, and are definitely what set this ride apart from the other RMCs out there. In addition, you also get plenty of signature RMC ejector airtime if the hangtime wasn't enough for you. Well paced, unique, and just plain fun, Joker is definitely one worth paying the price of admission for.

  • Zachary Strader
    Zachary Strader 4 years ago

    Inversions Nice surprise! Fun

    Massively "over-hated" coaster—likely due to its proximity to Twisted Colossus. It may not be quite as good as Twisted Colossus—one of the best coasters in the country—but Joker has a ton to admire regardless. Much like Maverick, it features a compact course packed with unique and interesting elements with pacing that doesn't really let up. It won't blow your socks off with intensity, but it will give you one of the most enjoyable rides on the west coast.

  • Jake Williams
    Jake Williams 4 years ago

    Airtimes Inversions Smoothness Harness

    So Joker often gets considered one of the worst RMC's and yeah, that's partially true. But in a way, it's over hated. The word "worst" often comes with a bad connation, which isnt fair considering Joker still gives a great ride. Anyways, after listening to the weird clown laughing in the queue, you board into the typical RMC trains and get rolling through this fun prelift section. Then you crest the lifthill as you look down at a steep twisting drop in front of the entrance. After the insane ejector air on that drop, go into this weird inversion that gives pretty great hangtime. Go around a turn, and Boom! Another cool inversion! This next part is kinda dead though as you just go around an overbanked turn but then you get air on the next hill! Go get some more air in the double down and go into another overbank. The final inversion is low to the ground and is my personal favorite. Then one more airtime hill and hit the brakes. Back into the station with the clown laughing! Joker i wouldn't consider as good as Twisted Colossus because there just is a little more dead moments and the overbanks don't do too much for me. Overall, still a great ride and by far the best ride in Northern California.

  • Benjamin da Pena
    Benjamin da Pena 16 days ago
  • Heiko Hartmann
    Heiko Hartmann 1 month ago
  • Howard Marron
    Howard Marron 2 months ago
  • RoRo Blox
    RoRo Blox 2 months ago

    First Drop Smoothness Airtimes Dead spots

  • Alexandre Humbert
    Alexandre Humbert 3 months ago

    Airtimes Fun

  • Downhill Adrenaline
  • TheLazyPotato
    TheLazyPotato 4 months ago
  • A.j. Hummel
    A.j. Hummel 4 months ago
  • Gabriel G.
    Gabriel G. 5 months ago
  • Oran K.
    Oran K. 5 months ago
  • Cdub
    Cdub 5 months ago

    Airtimes Inversions Fun Layout

  • Mary Latif
    Mary Latif 6 months ago
  • Rags Aki
    Rags Aki 6 months ago
  • Dennis P.
    Dennis P. 7 months ago
  • Jason King
    Jason King 9 months ago
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    Coaster Delta 10 months ago
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    Klaus Quinonez 11 months ago
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    Anthony Lesaffre 11 months ago
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    Adam G 11 months ago
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    Sean 1 year ago
  • Benjamin Bergera
  • Ruoning L.
    Ruoning L. 1 year ago

    Airtimes First Drop Inversions

  • Juju mignon
    Juju mignon 1 year ago
  • Anthony A.
    Anthony A. 1 year ago
  • Andrew E.
    Andrew E. 1 year ago

    Airtimes First Drop Duration

  • Mr Windshield
    Mr Windshield 1 year ago
  • Heartline Coaster
  • Vianney J.
    Vianney J. 2 years ago

    Airtimes Inversions Smoothness Too short

  • Ryan S.
    Ryan S. 2 years ago
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    Rémy D. 2 years ago
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    Julien Simon 2 years ago
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    Griffin Eldred 2 years ago
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    Quentin 2 years ago
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    Kommi 2 years ago
  • Bart R.
    Bart R. 2 years ago

    Smoothness Dead spots

  • james
    james 2 years ago
  • Rickie and Jacqueline Robbins
  • Xabi L.
    Xabi L. 3 years ago
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    James Cook 3 years ago
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    Thibault M. 3 years ago
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    Joris B. 3 years ago
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    Sebastian L. 3 years ago
  • Katun GagaLefou
    Katun GagaLefou 4 years ago

    Inversions Dead spots Intensity

  • Florian Blond
    Florian Blond 4 years ago
  • Benjamin R.
    Benjamin R. 4 years ago
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    JB T 4 years ago
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    Jeremy Cole 4 years ago
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    Victor Humbert 4 years ago