Airtimes Theming Fun

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Manta features
Magnetic Launch (LIM/LSM)
Lap bar
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  • Elan G.
    Elan G. 2 days ago

    Airtimes Theming Fun

    This ride is outstanding. The theming is great. The entrance sign is beautiful, and you can’t get any better than an aquarium with rays in the queue. The station also has rays painted on the ceiling. Operations are always on point. The trains are also beautiful and extremely comfortable. The best seat for airtime is Row 9 (least obstructed view in the back) and the best for the launch is the front. The lap bars do come down but are not noticeable until you hit the final brakes. The pre show tunnel is cool and immersive with upbeat music. The launches have some punch. There are several ejector moments, notably the first drop after the launch, the first camelback, and the two last twists in the second half. The biggest downsides are the brakes. They are oddly forceful and mess up the pacing. Other than that, this is a fantastic coaster.

  • lyd lydian
    lyd lydian 4 days ago

    Airtimes Launch Duration

    This thing is a great family-thrill type ride! There's that one S-hill with some really wild whip for no reason (and the turn after the second launch is also very whippy) and the launches are surprisingly punchy, but other than that, the coaster maintains its pace nicely for a family coaster. You get some very light float, and the ride is just plain fun! Great addition to this park.

  • Preston Szeder
    Preston Szeder 11 days ago

    Airtimes Fun Duration

    One of the most fun and enjoyable rides that I've ridden, and this ride also has a really great S hill, giving great ejector and snap simultaneously.

  • Zach Newlin
    Zach Newlin 5 months ago

    Airtimes Nice surprise! Layout

    This ride is so good. The first launch is great, more intense then I had thought. The rest of the ride is just full of great pops of airtime, another launch, an insane switchback hill, which also delivers great lateral ejector. This makes me very excited about other MACK launch coasters like Copperhead Strike. This is a must-do ride at Seaworld.

  • cres sidalia
    cres sidalia 8 months ago

    Airtimes Nice surprise! Fun Intensity

    This ride may not look like much but it’s super fun! This ride is not the most intense, it’s just pure fun! It has great airtime moments and is glass smooth aswell.

  • Nathan F
    Nathan F 10 months ago

    Airtimes Nice surprise! Smoothness

    This unassuming Mack multilaunch coaster is one of the stars of the park as it currently stands. Some great laterals. Several strong pops of airtime. A super smooth ride. Some fun theming. I had a blast on Manta.

  • Niko Ramos
    Niko Ramos 10 months ago

    Airtimes Launch Ejectors Rattle

    It has some great ejector airtime and has a very forceful launch, but it did have a little rattle, still fun though.

  • Eric Esty
    Eric Esty 1 year ago

    Airtimes Theming Launch

    Smooth as butter. Extremely comfy seats and restraints. Great launches. Nice curves. Unexpected big airtime moments. Beautifully themed. Mack rides, please build more awesome launch coasters like this stateside.

  • Francisco Perez

    Theming Fun Launch

    The S hill provides great ejector. However, the rest of this ride is just meandering turns with weak positive g moments sprinkled in... not much sense of speed cuz it only goes 40 mph. I appreciate the theming though. As a family coaster though, this is definitely perfect. However, if you want thrills, just go ride Electric Eel in the same park

  • Sean S.
    Sean S. 1 year ago

    Airtimes Comfort Launch Dead spots

    Fun family coaster. A bit overhyped, but overall really enjoyed. Ranks number 2 in the park, and number 19 in my rankings.

  • Erik C.
    Erik C. 2 years ago

    Theming Nice surprise! Intensity

    This is a great family launch coaster and a great fit for the park. The layout, including the launch, was not very forceful, but that was to be expected. One thing that stood out is the "open-air" feeling to the seating position, which adds to the fun factor. The theming around the launch area is nice, and expected for SeaWorld Standards. This is a solid addition to the lineup.

  • Alex Overton
    Alex Overton 3 years ago

    Airtimes Nice surprise! Fun

    Super fun and decently forceful especially for a family coaster. I find the front seat has better airtime than the back surprisingly and is just all around a fun ride.

  • Evangelion Martini

    Theming Launch

    Really chill and fun launch coaster

  • YT 91
    YT 91 1 month ago
  • Ruoning L.
    Ruoning L. 1 month ago

    Theming Fun Smoothness

  • Matt Kaser
    Matt Kaser 1 month ago
  • Shawn S.
    Shawn S. 2 months ago
  • Brian Start
    Brian Start 2 months ago

    Pace Fun Intensity

  • Nathan Perry
    Nathan Perry 2 months ago
  • Josh R.
    Josh R. 3 months ago
  • Tera Žáková
    Tera Žáková 5 months ago
  • Holden M.
    Holden M. 5 months ago
  • Bemil Bombe
    Bemil Bombe 6 months ago
  • Adrien Desmoru
    Adrien Desmoru 7 months ago
  • Xavier M.
    Xavier M. 7 months ago

    Theming Fun Rattle Dead spots

  • Sam Hart
    Sam Hart 7 months ago
  • Remi C.
    Remi C. 7 months ago

    Airtimes Theming Launch Rattle

  • Luis H.
    Luis H. 7 months ago
  • JB T
    JB T 8 months ago
  • Adam Tortorello
    Adam Tortorello 8 months ago
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    Adam G 9 months ago
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    Mike Smith 9 months ago
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    Niall K. 9 months ago
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    Walter Goodman 10 months ago
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    Matthew Kaser 10 months ago
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    William H. 11 months ago
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    Coaster Delta 11 months ago
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    Heiko Hartmann 1 year ago
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    Yann Müller 1 year ago
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    Ja Pe 1 year ago
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    Coach Rolo 1 year ago
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    Disney time 1 year ago
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    A.j. Hummel 1 year ago
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    Braxton B. 1 year ago
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    Lukedaballer 2 years ago
  • Arthur Coaster
    Arthur Coaster 2 years ago

    Theming Nice surprise! Fun

  • Heartline Coaster
  • trj820
    trj820 2 years ago
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    Luka Psyduck 2 years ago
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    Joseph Bricout 4 years ago
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    Jeremy C. 5 years ago
  • Julien A.
    Julien A. 5 years ago

    Theming Comfort

  • Anthony Crawford
    Anthony Crawford 5 years ago
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    Sebastian L. 5 years ago