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Montaña Rusa features
Sit Down
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  • אדר פופקו
    אדר פופקו 3 months ago

    Location Layout Dead spots

    welp,you may not know this jumbo jet,since its just in the middle of nowhere in colombia.altough i will not see many aside from locals loving it,i rode it,and guess what,i defenetly love this ride.came to the park in 1999,this is the park oldest coaster,however someone who might have been to worlds of fun throught 1973 to 1997,knows that here it was as zambezi zinger,one of three opening day coasters that was in worlds of fun.and yes,its a jumbo jet,same model as whizzer at great america,altough i thought it was cool like the whizzer.welp,why?layout and location,simply those where the best parts about the ride.the layout including in ot compact turns,sudden drops and amazing helixes which give some suprising forces for the ride,and the location is even better,not only the spiral lift gives some great views of the park,but the train parts added thrill to the ride with headchoppers,it is granted a great coaster.altough the pace isnt that great since at some point you will lose speed,it is steel,granted,a great coaster to ride and im reccomanding it to everyone in colombia and the ie harded worlds of fun fans.