Airtimes Fun Ejectors

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Screamin' Eagle features
Chain lift hill
Lap bar
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  • Ian Lundholm
    Ian Lundholm 2 months ago

    Airtimes Fun

    I 100% agree with the last review. this is not uncomfortable or shaky at all, (unlike the boss) it's just pure fun. i rode this in the front row this summer on a coaster trip and there are no regrets.

  • Benjamin Andrews
    Benjamin Andrews 2 months ago

    Airtimes Fun

    Actually a very surprising ride. Nobody talks about it, but it's actually very fun. The airtime is awesome and it's probably one of the better PTCs.

  • Evangelion Martini

    Airtimes Fun Ejectors Rattle

    A somewhat rough classic woodie that offers a healthy serving of good airtime along its out and back layout, Screamin' Eagle is good ride, but definitely not as good (nor as re-rideable) as American Thunder.

  • Max Sweeney
    Max Sweeney 4 months ago

    Airtimes Ejectors Rattle Discomfort Tear it down!

    This was one of the most painful rollercoasters I have ever been on. I got off with actual neck pain. No matter what I did during the ride (keep my head back, anticipate the bottoms of the hills, etc.) nothing could help. The airtime on this is great and the ejector moments are fantastic but the trade-off is not worth it. It either needs an RMC treatment, retrack, or just completely tear this thing out and build a new coaster to take its place. I highly recommend avoiding this one and I've even ridden the top painful contenders like Hurler at Carowinds or even the Boss at the same park. Both are reasonable compared to this monstrosity. 2/5 stars

  • Enzo
    Enzo 5 months ago

    Airtimes Fun Ejectors Headbanging

    the airtime may be painful, but thats what i love about this! Its extremely fun, ties with mr freeze as best rides in the park. The ejectors made me literally float out of my seat on the last few hills, the drop after floating from my seat back to it was painful, even better. I love this coaster.

  • A Useless Guy
    A Useless Guy 5 months ago

    Location Smoothness Layout Capacity

    i like the wooden setting for this ride

  • Micah Frese
    Micah Frese 6 months ago

    Location Fun Layout Dead spots

    One of my first coasters ever, this ride has a soft spot for me. I love the low banking turns and the bumpiness of the ride. there are even some surprise moments of ejector towards the end of the ride.

  • Carter Eckhart
    Carter Eckhart 1 year ago

    Location Pace Ejectors Dead spots

    This coaster is a hidden gem. It’s tucked way in the back of the park in the woods, so night rides are pitch black and just overall insane. The pacing, which is definitely the best thing about this coaster for me, is surprisingly extremely good, especially at night when it’s warmed up and has a full train. The maximum position for the restraints on this is much higher than on other coasters with PTC trains and it’s easier to get room so if you hold up your restraint you can come out of your seat a lot, especially on the drops off the turnarounds which can give ejector depending on how fast the ride is running. This ride is also the bounciest coaster I’ve ridden but it’s somehow still smooth, which adds some tiny airtime pops on some of the hills which is kinda fun. The turns also have a little bit of laterals which is cool and the ride is pretty long. I did put dead spots because although the ride never slows down and is fun the whole time, a lot of the hills don’t really have airtime. Overall this ride is just pure fun and my last ride of the night ride on it when it was hauling like crazy was a very memorable experience.

  • Brian Sheldon
    Brian Sheldon 1 year ago

    THE coaster that got me into coasters. I grew up riding this repeatedly. It used to have the old buzz bar restraints which didn't do much of anything if you were under 150 lbs. I used to stand up on this when I was a kid. It was the best. It went through a rough stretch but they have gotten back on top of it kept up on the maintenance over the years and the last few times I have ridden it, it still delivered just like always. This coaster seems faster than it is. This used to be the tallest, fastest and longest coaster on the planet. The industry has come a long way, but this coaster still delivers a far batter ride than many, many much newer coasters. They have clipped it's wings a bit over the years as they took some height out of a couple of the bunny hops and they tapered off the up into the headchopper ending, but it is barely noticeable. Most people would never know. The most intriguing fact about this coaster is the largest drop is the last one. It was world class when it was built 45 years ago and it is still a great, great coaster.

  • TheClassicRemake Man

    Lap Bar Nice surprise! Ejectors Rattle

    Best ride at SFStL hands down. Mr. Freeze Stans are just deniers of the real truth that the most elite ride in the park is this. Was not expecting this to be as good as it was, totally blew me away and was a great way to end coaster production for PTC. Talk about going out with a bang.

    BLITZN00DLE 2 years ago

    Airtimes Discomfort

    This isn't as bad as other rides even at the park, but it's very rough, almost unbearable during high vertical G-force and laterals. The airtime is pretty good but the roughness between each airtime hill makes this ride a lot worse than it needs to be. I guess I can cut it some slack for being 40 years old, and I don't want to see this go anytime soon, but man it's not good

  • Inverted Thrills
    Inverted Thrills 2 years ago

    Airtimes Lap Bar Fun

    This is a great classic PTC woodie with some good airtime and a very fun ride experience. Plus for some reason the lap bars on this lock really high above you. They almost feel like buzz bars. This makes the already great ride even better

  • Nat Morales
    Nat Morales 2 years ago

    Fun and pretty

  • Lane B.
    Lane B. 2 years ago

    Airtimes Location Ejectors

    There really aren't any cons with this ride, everything it sets out to do it does it fairly well. While not perfect I think what it sets out to do it does well, this coaster also includes my favorite airtime moment EVER, the drop off the second turn. This is my favorite SINGLE airtime moment i've experinced.

  • Eric Esty
    Eric Esty 3 years ago

    Airtimes Location Pace

    Screamin' Eagle is one my favorite classic woodies for sure. It has good pacing, airtime, laterals, and a great location. As the ride goes on, the pace quickens, the airtime and laterals strengthen, and the trees get closer and closer as you go deeper into the forest. A coaster that gets more and more exciting as it goes on is definitely one of the best kinds of coasters. An absolute classic that I wish was more appreciated.

  • Jack Jack J.
    Jack Jack J. 4 years ago

    Airtimes Smoothness Duration

    A great classic woodie. Great airtime out in the woods. Quite a long ride as well it seems to just keep going. It also looks really pretty in the back of the park overlooking everything.

  • Blanchet Mathis
    Blanchet Mathis 21 days ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Layout Discomfort

  • andrew kropp
    andrew kropp 1 month ago
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    Jorge Úbeda 1 month ago
  • Clayton Nelson
    Clayton Nelson 1 month ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Layout Discomfort

  • Colorado Coaster Fan

    First Drop Smoothness Layout

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    Spektr 46 2 months ago
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    Garrett Ashmore 2 months ago
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    thomas stanley 2 months ago
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    Along 4 The Ride 3 months ago
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    Ronn King 3 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Fun Layout

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    Andrew Elicker 4 months ago

    Airtimes Fun Rattle

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    Fun Airtimes

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  • Heartline Coaster
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    Airtimes Fun Duration Rattle

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