Pace Rattle Intensity

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Thunderhead features
United States
Sit Down
Chain lift hill
Lap bar
Reviews  69
  • IronChef Chris
    IronChef Chris 1 month ago

    Intensity Layout Duration

    Brilliant wooden coaster. Keeps its speed throughout and has multiple intense moments shifting you side to side and has nice moments of ejector air surprisingly. Front row and back are both great.

  • Nathan F
    Nathan F 1 month ago

    Pace Intensity Duration Rattle Discomfort

    Thunderhead is an outstanding wooden coaster. It maintains absurd intensity all the way to the final brake run. There isn't much airtime on Thunderhead, but there are a lot of laterals. It does laterals amazingly. Thunderhead is extremely long too. The station fly-by is really fun. Thunderhead in general is just fun.

  • mokume disney
    mokume disney 1 month ago

    Airtimes Fun Too short Dead spots


  • Aki Hayashi
    Aki Hayashi 1 month ago

    Airtimes Fun Rattle


  • The Tuxedo Operation

    Pace Ejectors Duration Rattle Theming

    Its a great Ride but it is rough

  • Simon M.
    Simon M. 4 months ago

    Airtimes Pace Layout

    Best GCI I know. At least in the rain in 2014.

  • Luca Boucher
    Luca Boucher 4 months ago

    Pace Intensity

    This ride is absolutely amazing, it has relentless laterals throughout the whole layout and some decent ejector moments, it may be slightly rough however if anything it adds to the experience. Other than that I can not find a flaw in this ride at all.

  • Jack Jack Johnson Jones

    First Drop Intensity Layout Rattle

    A great GCI. Currently my second favorite. Some very intense lateral G-Forces and a great layout. The banked first drop is a lot of fun and the station fly through is great. The ride is a little rough but the layout and g forces completely make up for it.

  • Raymond Jackson
    Raymond Jackson 6 months ago

    Pace Intensity

    8.5 of 10! It is in all of the turns, ride pretty smoothly to be than what I thought it would be. Very enjoyable wood coaster, to take a break from riding the Rod. To many to count but was told there are over 25 turns and right ones too. I felt like a downhill skier.

  • Noah Backman
    Noah Backman 7 months ago

    Intensity Smoothness Ejectors Rattle

    This ride has some crazy ejectors right before the banked turns where it dips down very unexpected because of how fast you are going. There is a small rattle but a master peice when it comes to wooden coasters. This rides rough side is way better than hurlers very smooth side. The first drop was kinda disappointing it was like going straight into a banked turn it gave decent airtime. Overall this ride is very enjoyable and fun for the entire family.

  • Kw6sTheater
    Kw6sTheater 8 months ago

    Pace Intensity Layout Rattle

    The first time I rode this coaster, I loathed it. Thunderhead, in any other seat other than the front, is a rough, painful and unenjoyable ride. In the front, it’s a masterpiece! Laterals and pacing galore as well as a nice sustained bit of sideways floater air, and the station flyby is fun during the ride but REALLY loud for those waiting in the station.

  • Heiko Hartmann
    Heiko Hartmann 1 year ago

    Pace Intensity

    GCI coasters don't get better than this. A wild 'out-of-control' ride from the beginning to the end. Has the first station fly-through ever built.

  • matthew p.
    matthew p. 3 days ago
  • Griffin Eldred
    Griffin Eldred 5 days ago
  • Jordan H.
    Jordan H. 5 days ago
  • Daniel Massey
    Daniel Massey 7 days ago
  • Jeff T.
    Jeff T. 7 days ago
  • bee dawg
    bee dawg 15 days ago
  • Antti V.
    Antti V. 1 month ago
  • Wang Tony
    Wang Tony 1 month ago
  • Mark McGivern
    Mark McGivern 2 months ago
  • Jimmy P.
    Jimmy P. 2 months ago
  • Na N.
    Na N. 2 months ago

    Lap Bar Pace Intensity Rattle

  • Michael W.
    Michael W. 2 months ago
  • Jason Leslie Wright
  • 手取Fishland
    手取Fishland 3 months ago

    Airtimes Discomfort

  • Trent Mulvehill
    Trent Mulvehill 3 months ago
  • Ryan Emerick
    Ryan Emerick 3 months ago
  • Luis H.
    Luis H. 3 months ago
  • Hans Roost
    Hans Roost 3 months ago
  • Max R.
    Max R. 4 months ago
  • んぱ どど
    んぱ どど 4 months ago
  • Steve N.
    Steve N. 4 months ago
  • Seth Pobursky
    Seth Pobursky 4 months ago
  • Kohler Briggs
    Kohler Briggs 4 months ago
  • Alex M.
    Alex M. 4 months ago
  • Alex Mahon
    Alex Mahon 5 months ago
  • Kyle Broxton
    Kyle Broxton 5 months ago
  • Estelle Despierre
    Estelle Despierre 5 months ago
  • Julien RocKub
    Julien RocKub 5 months ago
  • Xabi L.
    Xabi L. 5 months ago
  • Julien Grimbert
    Julien Grimbert 6 months ago
  • Steve Corning
    Steve Corning 6 months ago
  • morgan flay
    morgan flay 6 months ago

    Pace Layout Duration

  • S
    S 7 months ago
  • James Cook
    James Cook 8 months ago
  • Kommi
    Kommi 9 months ago
  • Dave Scott
    Dave Scott 9 months ago
  • Usa t.
    Usa t. 1 year ago
  • Janek Ge
    Janek Ge 1 year ago
  • iac17
    iac17 1 year ago
  • Andrew Holman
    Andrew Holman 1 year ago
  • Joseph Bricout
    Joseph Bricout 1 year ago
  • Nicolas R.
    Nicolas R. 1 year ago

    Airtimes Location Fun

  • JB T
    JB T 1 year ago
  • Alexandre Humbert
  • Florian Blond
    Florian Blond 1 year ago

    Airtimes Fun Rattle

  • Katun GagaLefou
  • Bart R.
    Bart R. 1 year ago
  • Jeremy Cole
    Jeremy Cole 1 year ago
  • Benjamin R.
    Benjamin R. 1 year ago

    Pace Rattle Disappointing! Dead spots

  • Edward M.
    Edward M. 1 year ago
  • Cyril Barbier
    Cyril Barbier 2 years ago
  • Dan Hood
    Dan Hood 2 years ago
  • pinwheelguy
    pinwheelguy 2 years ago
  • Sebastian L.
    Sebastian L. 2 years ago
  • Etienne Sainton
    Etienne Sainton 2 years ago
  • Olivier P.
    Olivier P. 2 years ago

    Fun Disappointing!