Launch Harness Too short

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Tigris features
Magnetic Launch (LIM/LSM)
Lap bar
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  • lyd lydian
    lyd lydian 5 days ago

    First Drop Ejectors Hangtime Too short Capacity

    These Sky Rocket II models are fantastic! There's a good reason they're cloned as often as they are. The swing launch is very fun, cresting the element after the launch gives some wicked ejector in the front, then the roll that high up has oodles of hangtime, and the subsequent drop has some unhinged ejector in the back. Very fun layout whenever you seat. It's a shame its so quick but it's understandable for a coaster whose purpose is to be compact and fit in a lot of parks. The cramped trains and bothersome comfort collars aren't a problem at all during the ride, just annoying to get in and out of the train.

  • Gage M.
    Gage M. 2 months ago

    Smoothness Hangtime Too short

    I rode this once in the front and once in the back. The front row ride was fairly disappointing. The first drop was nothing special and there was barely any airtime. I got off thinking Cheetah Hunt was much better. Later in the day, I got on in the back row, which gave a significantly better ride. The first drop felt much more intense. There was more airtime and intensity throughout the rest of the ride. This back row ride made me rank this coaster slightly above Cheetah Hunt and 4th best in the park.

  • Kyle Fax
    Kyle Fax 3 months ago

    Inversions Layout Capacity Harness Disappointing!

    We went in this today after the line was too long last year, and while I wouldn’t say it’s as disappointing as Kumba, it does not really deserve any hype. It’s too short and had some good inversions, but the harness is…strange and not super comfortable. Worth checking out, but I don’t feel the need to ever do it again unless we have Quick Queue. It’s also in the way back of the park and in kind of an annoying location, if you care about that.

  • Thomson I.
    Thomson I. 3 months ago

    Comfort Launch Hangtime Capacity Harness

    Tigris is my general 4th favorite ride at the park. Its okay being a skyrocket 2, but I guess that just shows how much the park's lineup can really improve. There isn't really a standout coaster on second thought. What else is there to say? Its a decent ride?

  • Keegan M.
    Keegan M. 4 months ago

    Launch Smoothness Hangtime Capacity Harness Discomfort

    Didn't know what to expect but the comfort collar sucks! Just like ice breakers harness. This ride is smooth and seems so fast and those inclines and drops are pretty crazy, but it feels a little uncomfortable and the slow roll at the top is eh, one ride to experience it is enough. Plus the one train isn't great for capacity, though the line seemed to move pretty fast

  • Tangzy
    Tangzy 6 months ago

    Launch Hangtime Too short Harness Discomfort

    A cool experience that is unique to many other rides, however there isn't really much too it, a nice launch and hangtime on the roll, but the harness is very uncomfortable with the 'comfort collar' and the space for your legs, there are better rides that are the same model, like in holiday world in Germany

  • Rhianna W
    Rhianna W 6 months ago

    Launch Hangtime Too short Capacity Pointless

    boring and just too short overall

  • Coaster Nut
    Coaster Nut 7 months ago

    Launch Layout Too short Discomfort Lap Bar

    One and done. Terrible lap bar. This layout should deliver a fun ride, but I spent most of the time focused on thigh pain. I put "too short" as a con, but it's also a plus because I was happy the ride didn't last any longer. Surely they can come up with better trains and restraints for this.

  • Daniel Hertzman
    Daniel Hertzman 7 months ago

    Hangtime Harness

    Fun short ride, I was not expecting that hangtime... felt like we were crawling through the loop. overall enjoyed the ride

  • Austin L.
    Austin L. 8 months ago

    Inversions Fun Too short

    The ride was very short. It started pouring rain right before we launched and made the experience even more memorable. The launches and inversions were fun and I even got some air time at the top. The harness and leg room didn’t bother me. Pretty solid coaster overall

  • Josh Miller
    Josh Miller 10 months ago

    Launch Hangtime Harness Discomfort

    Cool, unique coaster concept that could be made significantly better with no comfort collars and wider trains. You have to have chicken legs to feel comfortable with how little legroom there is on these trains. I got stapled on my ride as well. However, there is nice airtime on the drops, solid launches, and great hangtime at the top of the ride.

  • Isaiah Wolfe
    Isaiah Wolfe 10 months ago

    Launch Fun Smoothness Too short

    Although it's very short, Tigris is a really good time. The beginning of the ride is extremely fun, and gives me a rush I keep coming back for. And the drop in the middle feels really cool. I don't understand why everyone complains about the restraints? I actually find them quite comfortable lol

  • Brian Fajardo
    Brian Fajardo 10 months ago

    Airtimes Nice surprise! Launch Too short Capacity

    When I first went on this ride there was no line so I didn't see what the ride was going to be like and it was the most unique and surprising twist I've ever experienced on a coaster, I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it but people who have will know exactly what I'm talking about. On top of this amazing surprise this ride also has some impressive airtime and a max speed of sixty two mph which you DEFINITELY feel especially with the initial launch. All that being said I can't give it a five star rating because it's far too short and the capacity is really low which is especially bad because there is only one cart.

  • Smauge
    Smauge 11 months ago

    Nice surprise! Hangtime Harness

    Aside from the awkward "comfort collars," Tigris is an underrated Premier Skyrocket II with surprising moments of intensity and great hangtime during the inline twist.

  • Rex_I_Guess
    Rex_I_Guess 11 months ago

    Inversions Launch Too short

    Nice ride. People complain too much about the restraints they are really not that bad.

  • Keaton Knippel
    Keaton Knippel 1 year ago

    Lap Bar Launch Intensity Capacity

    This ride is a blast. It's very intense, it's got launches, and the restraints are loose enough to make you feel like you're going to fall out!

  • Coach Rolo
    Coach Rolo 1 year ago


    Was not expecting much from this ride after going on Electric Eel in Seaworld San Diego. Wow do I owe this coaster an apology.

  • Jordan Pelaez
    Jordan Pelaez 1 year ago

    Capacity Layout

    It’s a one trick pony who’s trick isn’t very good UPDATE: my last few rides on this have been stellar I was a hater before I’m sorry Tigris

  • Liight .
    Liight . 1 year ago

    Launch Layout Hangtime Harness

    This would be an amazing coaster, but Seaworld Entertainment ordered it to have the dreaded comfort collars. These are thin plastic that goes around you neck. They dont both me much, put pretty much everyone hates them. The operators at this ride are very nice, but they do assign seats. The hangtime on this coaster alone makes it worth waiting for though.

  • Jack Jack J.
    Jack Jack J. 1 year ago

    Inversions Launch Layout Capacity Discomfort

    I want to like Tigris more than I really do. I love the color scheme, soundtrack, and location, but the ride itself really isn't that good to me. I've done this and Tempesto and I like Tigris slightly more because of the location and color scheme. That still doesn't mean I'd consider it a great ride. The premier trains just are not good. They are far too tight to get in and out of with tiny cramped lap bars and annoying comfort collars. The ride itself could be fun but everything about it is just uncomfortable. The launches are fun but the lap bar begins crushing you almost immediately. The rise up to the top has good airtime but it hurts because of the lap bar. The hangtime should be the highlight of the ride but it hurts also. The twisting drop gives great ejector but it's painful because of the lap bars and collars smacking your neck. The non-inverting loop hurts your neck as well. It has a good layout that has potential it just isn't executed well.

  • Drive Safely
    Drive Safely 1 year ago

    Launch Harness Discomfort Lap Bar

    I hate these stupid restraints with every fiber of my being. They take what would be a fun, enjoyable ride and turn it into a pain machine. It’s almost impossible to enjoy the ride when the so-called “comfort” collars are slashing at your neck and the horrible lap bar digs into your thighs. The trains are a nightmare too. I’m not that big (6 feet tall) and I had to shift my body around to fit in the train and around the restraint like I would on a kiddie coaster. The launches are fun, and the rest of the layout is cool, but fix these god-awful restraints.

  • Waluigi’s Perfect Potato

    Launch Discomfort Tear it down! Lap Bar

    I hate this ride with a burning passion. I tried to get some room in the station and I did get some. But after the launch my restraint came down so far it felt as if a boulder was resting on my legs. No airtime. No hangtime. Just pain. And I wasn't even alone. Three out of the four people riding hated it because of the same reason. Although one person didn't mind the restraints. So maybe try it to see if you like it, but don't say I didn't warn you. The reason I give this 1.5 stars is because you probably will enjoy it more than I did.

  • IronChef C.
    IronChef C. 2 years ago


    a C+ if there ever was one. ride it if the wait is short and you haven't done one of these before. That said, I always look at these and go, "meh I guess I'll ride it" and come off thinking "those things are really fun".

  • Joel Simon
    Joel Simon 2 years ago

    Inversions Intensity Smoothness Too short Harness

    Now I thought that ride was short but very fun and intense. The airtime you get when reaching the top, the hangtime in the slow paced roll etc. very nice. Only con that bugged me was that harness, they could have left it with the lap bar and not have the harness. Always when I see people enter or exit the train they struggle to get out or in because of the harness is in the way. During the ride its thankfully not impacting the ride experience

  • Eric Esty
    Eric Esty 3 years ago

    Airtimes Smoothness Hangtime Too short Capacity Harness

    Forceful launches, a smooth ride, and a great inversion with hangtime. Good airtime in the front, and a forceful drop in the back. There are also good moments of positive Gs, particularly at the bottom of the first drop. The twists on the rise and drop are very fast. The non inverting loop is great, and is on a much better ride than the other coaster with this element in Florida. It's a blast, and excellently paced, though short. The trains are incredibly awkward to get into, but once you're in its quite comfy. The comfort collars don't get in the way of your airtime or hangtime. Tigris has wonderful landscaping and some good theming. There's an awesome station soundtrack as the coaster is running, complete with roaring sound effects. The queue has rockwork, foliage, and tiger facts around it. No cattle pens to be seen. The front entrance sign is gorgeous, and the name fits right in with the likes of SheiKra and Kumba. The ride is also gorgeous, a stunning orange track with contrasting black supports. Tigris isn't perfect, but it's an excellent addition to Busch Gardens Tampa, and unlike Tempesto it fits in perfectly as a supplementary attraction. It's beautiful in the skyline, and has a great name, theming, and ride experience.

  • Mark McGivern
    Mark McGivern 3 years ago

    Launch Capacity Harness

    I'm only giving this three out of five because my body does not like backwards twisting. Great view from the top, with a smooth ride. Comfort collars bad, but you knew that already. It's still new so it still has lines. Plan accordingly.

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    Launch Fun Too short Harness

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    Launch Ejectors Hangtime Too short Capacity Harness

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    Launch Intensity Harness

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    Airtimes Pace Intensity

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    Airtimes Launch Hangtime Too short

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    Airtimes Pace Ejectors Rattle Too short Harness

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    Pace Hangtime

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    Launch Too short Harness Pointless

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    Fun Smoothness Ejectors Too short

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    Launch Harness

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    Inversions Intensity Too short Harness Disappointing!

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    Nice surprise! Launch Layout Harness

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    Airtimes Intensity Harness

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