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Xcelerator features
United States
Sit Down
Intamin Accelerator Coaster
Hydraulic cable launch
Lap bar
Reviews  89
  • Francisco Perez
    Francisco Perez 1 month ago

    Lap Bar Launch Smoothness Dead spots Layout

    This ride is a blast. The reason you ride is that beautiful 82 mile per hour launch, that accelerates to full speed in 2 seconds, that gives you a gut punch unlike no other... and is on LAP BARS! Even though this ride suffers thanks to its forceless overbooks and slow pacing at the end, the launch alone makes this ride amazing.

  • Jack Jack J.
    Jack Jack J. 3 months ago

    Lap Bar Launch Fun

    Very forceful launch to start with good airtime on the top hat. The overbanks provide some good positives as well. The lap bars are comfy and an improvement compared to Kingda Ka’s harness. Smooth and just fun like most accelerators.

  • Ben Redshire
    Ben Redshire 4 months ago

    Man that launch is just incredible. That's about all there is to say about Xcelerator.

  • Lukedaballer
    Lukedaballer 6 months ago

    Lap Bar Launch Intensity Too short Capacity

    This is my second favorite coaster at knotts and my 7th favorite overall. The launch is crazy and the lap bar is very confortable. I do not give it 5 stars because it is so short and lines can get really long on weekends due to low capacity.

  • Klaus Quinonez
    Klaus Quinonez 1 year ago

    Lap Bar Launch Intensity Too short

    I love Xcelerator, in my opinion it is the best roller coaster at Knott's Berry Farm! The launch out of the station is amazing, the top hat is very fun and gives a great view, and while the layout is short the banked turns are also very fun.

  • Eric Esty
    Eric Esty 1 year ago

    Lap Bar Launch Fun Too short

    Xcelerator takes off like a bullet and leaves your stomach in the station. It's intense, and the layout is over quickly. No launch has come close quite yet, except maybe TTD.

  • Nathan F
    Nathan F 1 year ago

    Nice surprise! Launch Intensity Too short

    Xcelerator has the best launch I've ever done. The top hat delivers a great view of Buena Park, and some surprising airtime. Xcelerator, while an extraordinarily intense ride, just doesn't have much layout, as is standard on Intamin Accelerators. Xcelerator is a quick punch of adrenaline that is absolutely worth a shot.

  • Aki Hayashi Rags

    Lap Bar Launch Pointless


  • Candice Fu
    Candice Fu 2 years ago

    Lap Bar Launch

    Nothing can compare a hydraulic launch. Unfortunately, LSM almost domains all the launch coaster nowadays. This launch is just fantastic. And the seat! with lap bar only!

  • Evangelion Martini

    Lap Bar Launch Ejectors Capacity

    The prototype Intamin Accelerator, Xcelerator still has a lot to offer when compared to its bigger brothers that it helped spawn. While it might not be as tall or fast as Top Thrill Dragster or Kingda Ka, Xcelerator can still keep up. Not only is the launch still one of the most intense out there, but the ride doesn't just end after the top hat, instead going through a course of banked turns where you can really feel the speed. Plus you get that Accelerator signature ejector on that top hat, which is made even better by the lapbars. Unfortunately you can expect this ride to be running just 1 train most of the time, so lines stack up pretty quickly on most days.

  • Jacob Clark
    Jacob Clark 2 years ago

    Launch Intensity Layout Too short

    WOW. This has one of the best launches I've ever experienced. It's glassy smooth, intense, and has more than just a top hat. The restraints just being lap bars amplifies the psychological intensity and fear factor, which for some reason on this ride makes a huge difference. There's just something about being whipped right out of the station by a hydraulic launch that gets to me.

  • Dave Scott
    Dave Scott 3 years ago

    Launch Capacity

    Xcelerator is one of the few Intamin Accelerators to get a lapbar, and it definitely benefits from it. Doing "something" with the power rather than bleeding it off needlessly is a big plus. Theming is effective and looks great lit up at sunset. Big minus however for capacity; by Cedar Fair standards turnarounds are extremely slow even on a dead quiet day (5-min despatch is not unusual). I assume the additional paranoid cross checking stem from the incidents on Perilous Plunge & Hydro that shared similar restraints.

  • Braxton B.
    Braxton B. 11 days ago
  • Brian Sheldon
    Brian Sheldon 1 month ago
  • Jason King
    Jason King 1 month ago
  • Jxrdan L
    Jxrdan L 1 month ago
  • SortaKindaQuasi
    SortaKindaQuasi 1 month ago
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    Kat M. 2 months ago
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    Owen Rohm 2 months ago
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    Tom G. 2 months ago
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    Rybo Bonkus 2 months ago
  • Coaster Delta
    Coaster Delta 2 months ago
  • Ruoning L.
    Ruoning L. 3 months ago

    Lap Bar Launch Intensity Too short

  • Adam G
    Adam G 3 months ago
  • TheKidReviews
    TheKidReviews 3 months ago
  • Gabriel G.
    Gabriel G. 4 months ago
  • Alexandre CF
    Alexandre CF 5 months ago
  • Alex Overton
    Alex Overton 7 months ago

    Lap Bar Launch Intensity Too short

  • Anthony A.
    Anthony A. 8 months ago
  • Mr Windshield
    Mr Windshield 8 months ago
  • Andrew E.
    Andrew E. 9 months ago

    Lap Bar Launch Intensity Capacity

  • A.j. Hummel
    A.j. Hummel 9 months ago
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    trj820 11 months ago
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    Joseph Bricout 1 year ago
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    Aaron J. 1 year ago
  • Downhill Adrenaline
  • Coaster Hour
    Coaster Hour 1 year ago
  • Jeffrey E.
    Jeffrey E. 1 year ago

    Launch Intensity Airtimes

  • john schmude
    john schmude 1 year ago

    Launch Intensity

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    Rémy D. 1 year ago
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    Arnaud Boussu 2 years ago

    Launch Pace Intensity

  • tbarnesarc
    tbarnesarc 3 years ago
  • Maxime Huguel
    Maxime Huguel 3 years ago

    Airtimes Launch Pace Too short

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    Daniel W. 3 years ago
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    Scott Pecqueux 3 years ago
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    Damien R. 3 years ago
  • Alexandre Humbert

    Launch Masterpiece Intensity

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