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Zonga features
Definitely closed
Booster wheel lift hill
Shoulder harness
Reviews  5
  • Yuuki Takemoto
    Yuuki Takemoto 1 year ago

    Inversions Fun Intensity

    I rode this ride in July 2003 when I was 7. I thought the name "Zonga" sounded like Swayzak (a villain from Toonami) so I was defo hyped. We got to the place, and I went on Zonga first thing. The ride was intense, in a good way. The forces during the loops were like none other. I understand that Premier modified the loops, but it felt like I was in the Vomit Comet for those 2 minutes. I effing LOVED it. I rode it a few more times that day, and I got devastated to hear that it closed in 2005. It still is my #1. Zonga: there's nothing like it.

  • Rosey Jetson
    Rosey Jetson 1 month ago
  • Cree B.
    Cree B. 3 months ago
  • Brett Schock
    Brett Schock 4 months ago
  • Daniel Halpert
    Daniel Halpert 3 years ago