• Killian D.

    Suavidad Duración Tematización

    Une attraction familiale qui je pense peu être tes bien avec une bonne thématique comme Phantasialand sait le faire, malheureusement, La VR détruit l'intérêt de l'attraction, ce qui est dommage car elle est fluide et pleins de bonnes idées.

  • Matt K

    Arnés Inversiones Airtimes

    OOF. I really wanted to like it, but it just wasn't as good as Hydrus, a similar ride located at Casino Pier. The restraints are atrocious, as the ride operators literally stand on the gates and jump on them. They fall on your thighs, instead of your waist, so any sort of airtime or hang time is painful. Additionally, there is a pointless over the shoulder seat belt, which does absolutely nothing. The drop is painful, the track is rough, and the inversions provide unpleasant hang time. To end the ride with a bang, there are two aggressive ejector hills, followed by a corkscrew, followed by another ejector hill. Thunderbolt is the second worst ride in the park after Soarin' Eagle, though not by much.

  • Matt K

    Airtimes ¡Buena sorpresa! Comodidad

    The Coney Island Cyclone is surprisingly one of my favorite wood coasters! To start, the seats are extremely comfortable, feeling like a couch, and the lap bars leave a lot of room for some quality airtime. The first drop is the best element in the ride, especially near the back of the train. Despite being 92 years old, it is amazingly smooth, and I only started to get a bit of a headache after 9 rides. Marathoning is not and issue here. There are extreme lateral g's on the shallowly banked turns, and there is some great floater/ejector airtime on some of the hills. While not as intense as other woodies like El Toro, it provides an excellent ride, especially for its age. DO NOT sit on a wheel seat, as it will be a rougher experience, excluding the front row. The best rides can be found near the back.

  • Matt K

    Arnés Incomodidad ¡Romper en pedazos!

    Soarin' Eagle cracks my top 10 worst coasters with ease. To start, the restraints are absolutely bizarre, because you have walk up a sort of ladder to get in while the car is moving. You then lean against the seat while standing up, and the ride operators slam a cage door behind you. The real fun begins as the train jolts to a start on the spiral lift and goes off the first drop. Everything is a blur from my experience on Soarin' Eagle, even though I just rode it today, but I remember each and every turn feeling like a plane crash. To survive, try to get a center seat, and push yourself in using the handlebars, as the restraints do not feel very safe. Good luck!

  • אדר פופקו

    Situación Suavidad Tiempo muerto Layout

    what a weird wild mouse this is,and by far,one of the weirdest coasters ive ever seen.the ride was build by the american manufacter,hopkins.and not only thats is their only coaster which never been build in the us,but also their last coaster ever built before their crashdown.so yea,this was their own attempt to recreate and renovate in their own eyes a wild mouse,but as im assuming,they didnt wanted to go with the old and boring layout,and that become more like a family thriller which can be great for kids.but is this ride,which built in 1996 and is the last coaster at the park,really is the best.no!it can be good for kids but for us,adults and thrillseekers,not really.the pacing here is slow,really slow.i belive beacuse it was ment to kids they give it its slow pacing and shitty layout.seriously,not only that its slow pacing and with low speed,the layout is so bizzare.it so wavey and with some random ass turns which sadly,the dips doesnt even give air.and it is slow,so beacuse of that the turns arent thrilling.but the thing that didnt made me give it a solow rating,might be the cool views,you get some good views during the course of the mountain and while not the best,its cool to look at.and another thing is that unlike most hopkins,it is smooth,i didnt felt headbanging and honestly i liked how good it was.but like i said before,its a kiddy coqaster,so i wont see anyone rushing to get it,i did and it was decent,with a smooth ride and some cool views,it was a pretty decent kiddy.

  • אדר פופקו

    Airtimes Launch Velocidad Tiempo muerto Intensidad

    this ride,honestly,is the weekest accelerator ny intamin ive rode.it isnt bad or anything,its just wasnt as good as other accelerators from them.this ride transleted in english to breathless and was opened in 2009,it is one of two opening dy coasters in the park(the other is spaccatempo).well,the ride's layout kinda reminds me of a shorter version of rita,and a half sized version too.but the ride does couple of things right,the rides launch is forceful like usual,honestly this is the must forceful moment on the ride.the rde also kept a good pace throught the ride,the speed was good but some moments felt like you are losing your speed.hell,the ride have some good airtime moments,altough not many.my favorite airtime moment is by far the first hill of the ride,it is that great and gives a good ejector air.but as i said,it is the weekest in my book.since must of the ride is just so forceless,some points in the ride just felt like a thrill coaster more than extreme coaster levels of the thrill.and it wasnt that intense,but a good side is that it can be intended for kids i the park to ride their first launch,and it could be a good opportunity to give them a good exprience.altough i liked to think of that in that fact,a thing that i still didnt liked were the restrains,this are the kinda ka restrains,which i hate so much. they are uncomfortable and give some bangers for some reason,altough not much bangers,it was fairly smooth,i just wished they will give this non inverted ride some lap bars,but either way,it isnt bad,and might be good for kids.

  • אדר פופקו

    Situación Suavidad Layout Intensidad

    this coaster came before gravity max,opening in 2001 and ofcourse,its a vekoma junior coaster.what i like about it that its so surrounded with threes and the station looks pretty and clean.it is also smooth but the layout and intensity arent that good since the layout is so cloned and it ment for kids,but overall,a farly decent kiddy coaster.

  • אדר פופקו

    Primera caída Intensidad Layout

    man,this is,by far,one of the best vekoma coasters,and truly,shows the creativity of the company and not only that,this was the start of the vekoma goodies.gravity max was build in 2002,and currently it is the only vekoma tilt coaster,meaning that no one wanted to buy it,its a shame,but honestly,golden horse,the chinese company helped to introduce the tilted track elemant better,creating the broken rail coaster and leading to their best project,battle of jungle king.heres a fun fact that i found on rcdb:"Advertised as a "Tilt Coaster" or "Cliffhanger". The train is pulled up a lift hill to a horizontal platform. The track then tilts until it is vertical, drops down into a tunnel, turns 180 degrees and emerges to enter the vertical loop." now how it works exactly: after the train reaches the end of the horizontal tilt segment, a hook grabs the rear car of the train. This holds the train in place during the tilting. As a safety precaution, a large block of steel at the front of the tilt segment prevents the train from rolling off the end should the hook fail. after the tilt segment is vertical and inline with the vertical drop, the block is pulled away and the hook is released.but enough facts,now to the originall prototype,gravity max.and man,vekoma really did thier best with this.so imagine a dve coaster,but more intense and much longer.yes,that is basically gravity max,and man,these tilted drop adds an extra elemant to the coaster which unlike a dive coaster,the track is seprated,giving much thrill than most coasters.and the drop is super whippy and fun,the rest of the layout includes fast paced turns,a great tunnel,a massive loop which is foorceful and whippy,and an intense helix too.combined with its red color scheme,its a treat.and than i must mention how smooth the ride is,must of vekoma might be rough,but here we got a smooth and well build coaster and yes,its a great coaster which i can highly reccomand riding,its alot better than most of the diving coaser,alot more forceful and overall,only shows the creativity behind vekoma.

  • אדר פופקו

    Intensidad Torta Layout

    a bad coaster overall,which opened in 1999 and the worst coaster at the park,headnbanger and shitty layout that have been cloned many times.it might be an intense ride,but it was overall,juts bad.

  • אדר פופקו

    Tematización Suavidad Layout ¡Decepción! Airtimes Tiempo muerto

    tiki waka is a mixebag,altough i was pretty disappointed wth it,but its not the worst coaster i have ever ridden.the ride was build in 2018 and its their gerstlauer bobsled,the rde was build on the former side of their coccinelle,their former zeirer tivoli which will be relocated in 2020.i would like to share with you a fun fact that i found on rcdb:"Walibi Belgium's website states the Tiki-Waka's speed is 55 km/h and has a length of 500 m. Walibi Belgium has also stated Tiki-Waka's the length is 564 m while simultaneously stating the height to be 21 m and an hourly capacity of about 600 pp/h."but now for the ride itself,it wasnt that good,i will even call it one of the weeker bobsleds by gerstlauer.but that doesnt mean that the ride is bad,it alot beter than most of the coasters ive ridden,but lets go.the thing that it managed to do greatly is with the theming,giving the ride its own character of a naitive tiki tribe.and it is acompanied by a beautiful scenerio over the water,yes,it such an amazing expreince with the theme.it is also really smooth,giving a good experience with the layout.but the layout,its not that great,which its a shame.outside,it looks like the layout really thoguth creatively,but the problem it with it all of those trims and dead spots,really,it feels so sluggish and moves at snails pace.it such a snoozer and thank god that the theming helped me not to get bored by it.but thats not only that,the ride's airtime moments doenst give air,unlike the older versions,this one was such a snoozer with the airtime momentswhich really,i felt bad.but i belive i have a reason for all of this,i thnk that it ment for families and they tried to make it a family thriller,so i can see that the dead spots is might be for kids to enjoy it more and give them a coaster exprience.but here ar my thoughts,i still was dissapointed tho,but they,kids might enjoy it.