Inversions Harness Rattle

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Banshee features
United States
Bolliger & Mabillard
Chain lift hill
Shoulder harness
Reviews  71
  • Mr. Roller Coasters

    Nice surprise! Fun Hangtime

    BEST B&M INVERT... Legendary!!!

  • Josh Lutz
    Josh Lutz 27 days ago

    Inversions Intensity Layout Rattle Harness

    Good first drop with intense inversions but the thing about this ride is the fact it is flat out rough. It also has the vest for some reason.

  • Kommi
    Kommi 1 month ago

    Inversions Fun Layout Rattle Harness

    This B&M Invert is great since it has 1. The Length (it's the longest of its kind) 2. The Inversions (the loop around the lift hill, the pretzel knot and the final inline twist are all highlights) and 3. It's a generally fun attraction. However, no ride is without its flaws, and this has some pretty noticeable ones. For one, it has a pretty bad rattle (this is a modern B&M Invert and I was surprised at how rattly it was) and 2. The Restraints. Granted they aren't as bad as some coasters with vests like X-Flight or Wild Eagle but they're still somewhat of a problem.

  • Grant L.
    Grant L. 2 months ago

    First Drop Intensity Hangtime Rattle

    Super intense invert. Fun whip over the first drop in the back, but the rest of the ride is more drawn out, which is fine. Can be shaky at times, but provides great G's, as well as hangtime on the Zero G Roll and In-line twist.

  • Carter E.
    Carter E. 2 months ago

    Intensity Layout Duration Harness

    banshee is my favorite invert so far, the layout is well crafted, it has great intensity and hangtime as well and its a very long ride, there was no rattle for me when i rode it, i also found the vests not to be bad but i fear if i rode banshee again id have a problem with the vests

  • Jared Lutz
    Jared Lutz 2 months ago

    Inversions Intensity Layout Rattle Harness Discomfort

    I sat in the middle on this thing and it was pretty shaky. I got a bit of a little bit of a head ache from that ride. I thought this was very intense with a good first drop. The inversions were pretty fun but it just got very shaky at the bottom of every inversion. This is pretty good ride, but I'm sure I would like it better in the front.

  • Jack Jack J.
    Jack Jack J. 1 year ago

    Inversions Smoothness Layout

    Banshee is my favorite B&M Invert just narrowly beating Montu. The layout is definitely the best of all the inverts and I found it to be incredibly smooth. I got 4 rides on this and didn’t feel a rattle once. I didn’t think it was overly intense like the earlier B&M inverts which is why I can understand why some don’t like it that much but to me this is the best for its superb layout, smooth ride experience, and semi intensity.

  • Doyle Rudolph
    Doyle Rudolph 1 year ago

    Fun Smoothness Hangtime

    This is an odd one, as I feel it would have been better as a wing coaster. The drop and first few elements are fast but smooth, unlike the snappiness inverts are known for, and the elevated inversions later in the ride offer incredible hangtime.

  • Raymond Jackson

    Inversions Nice surprise! Smoothness

    8.7 out of 10! I loved this coaster, there is only one better (Raptor) than this one. the first 3 opening inversions are top enjoyable moves.

  • Matthew Richter

    Inversions Smoothness Hangtime

    What we've all thought the Batman rides could be. First drop is actually a drop and the inversions are forceful and smooth.

  • Erik U
    Erik U 2 years ago

    Capacity Hangtime Duration Harness Discomfort

    Solid ride with some great inversions. The final roll is wonderful. Very strong rattle and awful vest restraints preventing it from getting 4/5 stars

  • Eric Esty
    Eric Esty 2 years ago

    Inversions Smoothness Layout Disappointing! Intensity

    Banshee is my least favorite invert. While an objectively good ride, I love inverts for their snap. Banshee has no snap, and it feels like it defeats the purpose of the model. A fun coaster, but too graceful for my taste, and pretty overhyped.

  • Antoine B.
    Antoine B. 1 month ago
  • Chad Brown
    Chad Brown 1 month ago
  • Sam Fanus
    Sam Fanus 1 month ago
  • Ashton Hefley
    Ashton Hefley 1 month ago
  • Daniel Hogue
    Daniel Hogue 2 months ago
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    Gabe Brausch 2 months ago
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    Apache Z 2 months ago
  • Joseph Bricout
    Joseph Bricout 3 months ago
  • Florian L.
    Florian L. 4 months ago
  • Sam Grantham
    Sam Grantham 4 months ago
  • Ryan Vogel
    Ryan Vogel 4 months ago
  • Downhill Adrenaline
  • John Zivich
    John Zivich 7 months ago
  • jovialethan123
    jovialethan123 8 months ago
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    Griffin Eldred 9 months ago
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    Jordan H. 9 months ago
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    Daniel Massey 9 months ago
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    Jeff T. 9 months ago
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    Nyargleblargle 11 months ago
  • Mark McGivern
    Mark McGivern 11 months ago
  • Jimmy P.
    Jimmy P. 1 year ago
  • 手取Fishland
    手取Fishland 1 year ago

    First Drop Comfort Inversions

  • Tristen Blatt
    Tristen Blatt 1 year ago
  • Steve N.
    Steve N. 1 year ago
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    Hans Roost 1 year ago
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    Luis H. 1 year ago
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    mokume disney 1 year ago
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    Evan K. 1 year ago
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    Talor B. 1 year ago
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    Seth Pobursky 1 year ago
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    Kohler Briggs 1 year ago
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    Alex Mahon 1 year ago
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    Daniel W. 1 year ago
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    Julien RocKub 1 year ago
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    Garrett S. 1 year ago
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    Kw6sTheater 1 year ago
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    James Cook 1 year ago
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    chase s. 1 year ago
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    Kyle Broxton 1 year ago
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    JB T 1 year ago
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    Janek Ge 1 year ago
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    Coaster Cupcake 2 years ago
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    Zek Teh Kek 2 years ago
  • iac17
    iac17 2 years ago
  • Johnny Hooyberghs
  • Marijke D.
    Marijke D. 2 years ago

    Inversions Intensity Rattle

  • Richard Haley
    Richard Haley 2 years ago
  • Katun GagaLefou
    Katun GagaLefou 2 years ago

    Layout Discomfort Dead spots Intensity

  • Benjamin R.
    Benjamin R. 2 years ago
  • Alexandre Humbert
  • Florian Blond
    Florian Blond 2 years ago

    Rattle Harness Intensity

  • Jeremy Cole
    Jeremy Cole 2 years ago
  • Dan Hood
    Dan Hood 3 years ago
  • Adam Karas
    Adam Karas 3 years ago

    Capacity Inversions Fun Rattle Harness Discomfort

  • Jason Kern
    Jason Kern 3 years ago

    First Drop Inversions Fun

  • Sebastian L.
    Sebastian L. 3 years ago
  • Olivier P.
    Olivier P. 3 years ago

    Inversions Comfort Pace Harness