Airtimes Fun First Drop

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Diamondback features
United States
Bolliger & Mabillard
Sit Down
Chain lift hill
Lap bar
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  • TheClassicRemake Man

    Airtimes Location Layout

    Best B&M and it’s not even close. Definitely has a rattle but for this ride I think it adds or at least doesn’t hurt the ride. Wasn’t expecting to fall for a B&M hyper so much but here I am.

  • Brian Sheldon
    Brian Sheldon 6 days ago

    Capacity Lap Bar Smoothness

    I was really looking forward to this. We rode it twice and had no desire to ride it again--even with less than 5 minute wait times. It was quite a disappointment. It is just too good to be fun. By that I mean it is liquid smooth, but it lacks intensity. Yes, it is tall and yes it is fast, but it feels almost a bit lethargic. I didn't experience any of the awesome floater air I was anticipating. They don't let you choose where you sit anymore--which is truly a terrible decision, but we got lucky on the first ride and got the back row. It just didn't deliver. I wanted to ride in the front to see if it is better, but I didn't get a chance as you have to sit where they tell you. We got our second ride about 3-4 rows back from the front. Equally disappointing. It is in a completely different class than Goliath at SFOG. Goliath is way, way better. On paper they are very similar, but Diamondback just doesn't do much. No air. No intensity. Without those, what is the point?

  • Carter E.
    Carter E. 11 days ago

    Comfort Fun Duration Airtimes Dead spots

    I got a good night ride on this, it was fun but the airtime was just ok and it felt slow, B&M hypers just aren’t my type of rides anyway.

  • exolists
    exolists 20 days ago

    Airtimes First Drop Nice surprise!

    Perfect roller coaster mega elite crazy airtime it’s incredible

  • Inverted Thrills
    Inverted Thrills 1 month ago

    Airtimes First Drop Fun

    This is a great B&M hyper. It has some of the best and most sustained floater I've experienced, especially the first 2 hills. Plus it's really fun running through the woods

  • Isaiah White
    Isaiah White 3 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Fun

    One of if not my favorite B&M Hyper. You get great views of the whole park and the drop is insane and feels like your floating the whole time. The airtime's are also great on this time so that means that every foot of track serves a purpose. Lines can get long so try to do your best and get there before the park opens then go straight to Diamondback and ride it before the lines get long. Sometimes you may even get a second chance to ride it again later in the day. Even though I haven't ridden Orion yet with all the research and countless POV's I have been through. I think myself and many others agree that Diamondback is a little better then Orion. But there both Hyper's so they have similar elements except Diamondback has the water element at the end. Overall Diamondback is an amazing Hyper and is a staple and must do at King's Island.

  • Josh Lutz
    Josh Lutz 1 year ago

    Airtimes Comfort Fun

    Flat out airtime machine. Slight rattle in the back but it does not take away from the ride at all.

  • Mr. Roller Coasters

    Airtimes First Drop Comfort

    This BLEW ME AWAY!!! What a fantastic roller coaster. It's by far the best B&M Hyper I've ridden and it's in my top 3 currently which is amazing. What an awesome ride. It's got a slight rattle after the turnaround, but that doesn't effect the ride enough to have it as a con. And that splashdown in the back can get you wet which is awesome on a hot day... Go back row and enjoy your awesome ride!

  • Grant L.
    Grant L. 1 year ago

    Airtimes Comfort Fun Rattle

    Lots and lots of floater airtime throughout the entire ride. Splashdown is nice too. A bit shaky, but that doesn't detract much from the ride.

  • Joel Fitzsimmons
    Joel Fitzsimmons 2 years ago

    Airtimes Duration Capacity

    I love the airtime and everything about this ride. Except the capacity. Diamondback rules!

  • Jack Jack J.
    Jack Jack J. 2 years ago

    Airtimes Location Layout

    Diamondback is my second favorite B&M Hyper just behind Mako. I love the rides consistent floater airtime throughout its unique and great layout out in th woods. I love the splash down finale but do have one complaint. The ride is not well paced. The trim kills a whole lot of the speed with those long staggered trains and then the MCBR finishes the job. This probably wouldn’t have been an issue if I went in expecting the slower pace but I was expecting Mako. Still a great smooth Hyper with some awesome floater.

  • Doyle Rudolph
    Doyle Rudolph 2 years ago

    Airtimes Pace Fun

    A bit of a one trick pony, but the airtime on Diamondback is quite strong. You haven't lived until you've put your arms out, Rose from Titanic style, in the back row. The splashdown is exhilarating when you do.

  • Raymond Jackson
    Raymond Jackson 2 years ago

    Airtimes First Drop Fun

    9.3 out of 10! The best of this line of coaster, got airtime from front and back of the train. I do not like this type of train, so I am shocked of how good of rollercoaster this is.

  • Matthew Richter
    Matthew Richter 2 years ago

    Airtimes First Drop Comfort

    Fast, smooth, lots of strong airtime hills. The trains and cars are well designed and very comfortable.

  • Zek Teh Kek
    Zek Teh Kek 3 years ago

    Airtimes Lap Bar Layout Rattle

    It seems as if the new seats have gotten rid of the rattle, or at least lessened it! It's much more enjoyable now.

  • Eric Esty
    Eric Esty 3 years ago

    First Drop Fun Disappointing! Layout Intensity

    My least favorite B&M hyper. The airtime is only mild floater, and the boring, uninspired layout doesn't make up for it. The coaster peters out after the midcourse even more than before, with almost no airtime for the rest of the ride. It's fun, but feels mediocre in comparison to others of the model. Extremely overhyped.

  • MJ Montgomery
    MJ Montgomery 1 day ago
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    Jason King 17 days ago
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    Daksh Gahlot 21 days ago
  • Coaster Demon
    Coaster Demon 22 days ago
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    Coaster Great 1 month ago
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    Owen Rohm 1 month ago
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    Derek 1 month ago
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    SortaKindaQuasi 1 month ago
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  • Conquering Coasterz
  • Gabriel G.
    Gabriel G. 2 months ago
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    Alexandre CF 2 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Fun

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    A.j. Hummel 2 months ago
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    Scott Layton 2 months ago
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    Andrew E. 7 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Smoothness

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    Mr Windshield 8 months ago
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    Ryan Wilcox 10 months ago
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  • Downhill Adrenaline
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    Airtimes Fun

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    Adam Karas 4 years ago

    Airtimes Capacity Smoothness

  • Jason Kern
    Jason Kern 4 years ago

    First Drop Lap Bar Fun

  • Olivier P.
    Olivier P. 4 years ago

    Fun Rattle Disappointing!