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Flight of Fear features
Magnetic Launch (LIM/LSM)
Lap bar
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  • David Parrett
    David Parrett 2 months ago

    Theming Launch Fun

    The theming on this is really good, I love the weird aliens in space suits like you’re entering their hangar and escaping on their ship. The ride is good, especially for an indoor, with a strong launch and fun spaghetti bowl that builds in speed until the end.

  • CoasterKing
    CoasterKing 2 months ago

    Theming Inversions Dead spots Layout

    This is kind of an underrated ride. If you get a good seat, it’s actually pretty fun. The launch and entire first half are actually very intense. After the midcourse practically stops you though, it’s very mid. Much better than its clone.

  • Christopher S.
    Christopher S. 2 months ago

    Theming Launch Rattle Dead spots

    Genuinely the same as Flight of Fear at Kings Island. This one has better capacity, so I guess it's better.

  • Kevin Jaxon
    Kevin Jaxon 3 months ago

    Theming Launch Layout Rattle Theming Discomfort

    Have you ridden Joker's Jinx at Six Flags? You have? Good. Then you've ridden Flight of Fear. Take Joker's Jinx, put it inside of a huge building, turn the lights off, and you have the Flight of Fear. It's one of those uncomfortable rides due to the rattling, but it's worth taking a little bit of punishment for it, unlike the Anaconda. The launch is there, into literally just a ball of tracks. The theming used to be a lot better, but they removed some things when the Paramount Era came to an end, thus the name change from The Outer Limits to Flight of Fear. The big UFO inside is still there. The wait time can be a challenge and has the long queue, but 80% of the queue is indoors so it's a nice break from the heat or rain. The line also seems to move a lot better than most rides. Don't get me wrong, there's still about an hour and 30 minute wait, but it usually moves pretty quick. The ride itself is impressive, inversions galore, with a few loops. Luckily they changed the restraints from over the shoulder to a lap bar. You'll still get a lot of rattling, but nothing to make you feel like you was in a fight afterwards since your head is free. The ride isn't pitch black inside the building, there's some ambience lights thru out the ride so you can see where you're going and the track. It's a pretty amazing look. The ride drops you off at the opposite of the track in another area which makes loading and unloading a lot easier and quicker. It's a fun ride overall. It's definitely one to look for on a visit.

  • Wicked Cyclone
    Wicked Cyclone 3 months ago

    Theming Launch

    My god this coaster is so underrated it’s painful. I personally don’t think it has that much of a rattle, I think I’m just because I’m used to some pretty rough rides like Magnum XL200. It’s hard to tell what’s going on after the launch into the void. Like you can’t tell if your upside down or not. Sure it has a few dead spots but that doesn’t stop the ride from being good though.

  • Bubble Gaming
    Bubble Gaming 3 months ago

    Theming Nice surprise! Launch Rattle

    The ride’s quite literally a surprise. They don’t tell you when you’ll launch. When it happens, the launch is fun, but wow it’s rough. Theming in the building’s hood though

  • Wolfey Jay
    Wolfey Jay 3 months ago

    Theming Pace Fun Too short

    Fun indoor coaster. Decent intensity but kinda short. One of the few rides that alittle bad weather doesn't shut down and it's a nice place to chill out and wait on a hot day in the park.

  • Kevin Arevalo
    Kevin Arevalo 3 months ago

    Launch Rattle Dead spots

    it hurts and the restraints can be a bit uncomfortable but its super fast and fun, starts out soo fast.

  • MapleFlakes
    MapleFlakes 4 months ago

    Theming Nice surprise! Launch Dead spots

    I went into this one with pretty low expectations and came away very pleasantly surprised! The theming in the queue is actually very nice and not something I expected at Kings Dominion. The launch is incredible and one of my favorites of all time. I assumed that this coaster would have over-the-shoulder restraints, so I was very excited to see it was just a lap bar. The only downside is that it does crawl a bit after the midcourse, but it remains quite fun regardless. The lines it can build up even on a slow day are quite frustrating, too. 8/10 - "We can't let you guys on because someone is throwing up back here" -Ride op explaining to us why we were just standing in the station

  • Evangelion Martini

    Theming Launch Fun Rattle Dead spots

    The starter of the LIM-launch revolution, the importance of this ride (and her identical twin sister) cannot be overstated. The launch into darkness, followed by the classic Premier Rides spaghetti bowl still delivers the thrills after all these years. I just wish that MCBR didn't hit so hard, the ride kinda crawls a bit after it.

  • Christofer Kofod
    Christofer Kofod 7 months ago


    Alot Better Than I expected

  • Austin L.
    Austin L. 7 months ago

    Theming Launch Rattle Discomfort Dead spots

    This ride has some great theming and a great launch to go with it. The mid course break run kind of kills it though and it’s definitely not a smooth ride.

  • seth w.
    seth w. 8 months ago

    Nice surprise! Launch Dead spots

    Surprisingly good coaster with a disorienting indoor section. Queue theming is excellent as well and really gets you freaked out to ride. The launch was much better than expected, but may be due to the dark. Had no issues with the restraints so I wasn't expecting to see that as a complaint. Anyway, really great supporting coaster for the park.

  • Matt A.
    Matt A. 11 months ago

    Nice surprise! Launch Layout Discomfort Lap Bar

    A pretty good dark ride but my goodness are the restraints uncomfortable and took away from the enjoyment of the ride. Otherwise, FOF had pretty good theming and the layout was enjoyable.

  • Alex S.
    Alex S. 11 months ago

    Launch Harness Hangtime Dead spots Reliability

    Going in, I did not expect as much from Flight of Fear. I personally enjoy the lap-bars (even though a lot of people don’t), as they allow for some good hang time on the cobra roll, sidewinder, and the corkscrew. The launch also still holds up pretty well over 25 years later. After the main 3 inversions and the drop off the mid course however, the ride is basically just a bunch of intertwining filler track, which could have been SO much better. The main problem with FoF is that the kings dominion version specifically had been very unreliable. My visit (June 2022), the ride was only open for 2 hours that day until it broke down.

  • Wyatt Flynn
    Wyatt Flynn 11 months ago

    Nice surprise! Masterpiece Intensity Rattle Capacity Lap Bar

    Wow I was so surprised. The launch is fantastic and the corkscrew is both disorienting and has hangtime

  • Alexander M.
    Alexander M. 1 year ago

    Theming Inversions Fun Rattle Discomfort Dead spots

    Fun spaghetti bowl, alright launch, pretty shaky and you can hardly feel the inversions. The darkness is fun, and the theming is pretty great for cedar fair.

  • Inverted Thrills

    Inversions Launch Layout Rattle Discomfort Dead spots

    This ride is pretty ok. The launch is fun and the first couple of inversions are solid. Unfortunately everything after the MCBR is slow and uneventful because it slows you down to a near stop. Also this ride is pretty shaky and jerky

  • Country Mike
    Country Mike 1 year ago

    Theme/Presentation: 8/10......Restraint: 5/10......Ascent/Launch: 8/10......Drop: 2/10......Speed: 6/10......Smoothness: 3/10......Air/Hang Time: 2/10......Elements: 5/10......Intensity: 7/10......Duration: 7/10......Overall: 53/100

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 1 year ago

    Launch Layout Dead spots

    The launch is awesome and the ride is great up to the mid course.

  • Josh R.
    Josh R. 1 year ago

    Inversions Launch Lap Bar

    Pretty neat launch coaster. The MCBR really is a buzzkill, but the first half at the intended speed is a fun rush. The lap bar restraints need to come down needlessly far in my opinion. The coaster doesn't really warrant such restrictive restraints. If you have big legs, best of luck.

  • Adrenaline Central

    Launch Intensity Rattle Dead spots

    This was a fun ride but it had some bad pacing

  • Unworthy Rider
    Unworthy Rider 1 year ago

    Launch Fun

    Great launch. I like this slightly better than the KI version because there is some light during the ride.

  • Carter Eckhart
    Carter Eckhart 1 year ago

    Theming Launch Duration Discomfort Dead spots Layout

    Pretty mediocre ride. The launch is solid and the inversions are fun but the ride is pretty forceless, has a lot of slow and pointless moments and a bunch of jerky transitions.

  • Jack Reichler
    Jack Reichler 1 year ago

    Inversions Nice surprise! Launch Too short Theming Harness

    It's a dark ride. What else did you expect. Going upside down was a nice surprise though

  • Jimbob Coasters

    Launch Hangtime Dead spots

    The mid corse hits really hard but that leads to great hangtime in the corkscrew so it depends if you like hangtime better than whip.

  • Rags Aki
    Rags Aki 1 year ago



  • Trim Brakes 06
    Trim Brakes 06 2 years ago

    Inversions Launch Pace Lap Bar

    This is a very underrated ride. The first half is great, with a fun fast launch, and three fast, forceful, and disorienting inversions. Lots of people complain about the second half being rough and boring. While I can see people calling it rough, I don't think it's boring at all. The turns and transitions have very imperfect profiling, but it makes the second half feel a lot more out of control. I also love how your constantly building up speed. The last corkscrew is also pretty intense. My only con is the lap bar and the trains. The just aren't comfortable to sit in, but they don't detract much from the ride experience.

  • TheClassicRemake Man

    Theming Launch Intensity Capacity Dead spots

    Better than Dominator easily, very underrated.

  • Coaster Kid
    Coaster Kid 2 years ago

    Launch Masterpiece

    This is such a good indoor launch coaster. It’s sounds faster than it is but still. This is a master piece

  • Solar Winds
    Solar Winds 2 years ago

    Launch Fun Intensity Discomfort Lap Bar

    The launch is incredible and it's a fun ride, but the restraints are some of the worst I've ever experienced. I got stapled and my thighs hurt really badly the next day. The lines are also usually fairly long because it's indoors.

  • Coaster Key
    Coaster Key 3 years ago

    Launch Fun Layout Rattle Dead spots

    Though there is a rattle, it's not that bad. You don't notice it over the back to back rapid transitions. Though the MCBR kills the ride a little bit it picks right back up and it's amazing. This ride is truly underrated. I find it better than dominator in the same park! The launch is also fun as well. I'd recommend this ride, though it looks dark and ominous, by the time you're done with the launch you'll love it!

  • Jack Jack J.
    Jack Jack J. 3 years ago

    Inversions Launch Intensity

    These are great clones by Premier. I prefer Kings Island's clone slightly more but this one is good as well. The launch is forceful and the spaghetti bowl layout is fun. The inversions are great as well.

  • Nathan F
    Nathan F 4 years ago

    Theming Launch Rattle

    Flight of Fear is an incredibly themed launch coaster. The theming in the spaghetti bowl is not fantastic, but the queue is well-themed. This theme isn't super cohesive, but it works. The ride itself is pretty fun, but it does have a noticeable rattle. The layout is pretty whippy. The ride is good, but not great.

  • Jax Lunsford
    Jax Lunsford 14 days ago

    Theming Launch Rattle Discomfort Dead spots

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    Reggie B. 1 month ago
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    直哉 川島 2 months ago

    Theming Lap Bar Inversions Capacity

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    Andrew Elicker 4 months ago

    Theming Launch Rattle Dead spots

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    Theming Launch Rattle

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    Launch Fun

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    Launch Dead spots

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    Launch Rattle Disappointing! Dead spots

  • Heartline Coaster
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    Launch Fun Intensity Rattle Dead spots

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    Launch Fun Intensity Rattle Capacity

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    Lap Bar Launch

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    Inversions Launch Discomfort

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