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Icon features
United Kingdom
Sit Down
Magnetic Launch (LIM/LSM)
Lap bar
16 250 000 £
Reviews  41
  • James Cook
    James Cook 2 months ago

    Nice surprise! Fun Layout Launch

    A fantastic coaster for the park! The launches aren't great, as expected really, but everything else about the ride was better than I expected. My favourite moment is the immelmen loop (particularly the airtime on the exit), but really Icon isn't about specific moments, but more the whole package and layout as one. It's long, consistently fun and exciting and more forceful than I expected for sure. It's a completely different experience to any other coaster in the UK, and I couldn't be happier with the result realistically. Looooove it!

  • Poodz
    Poodz 2 months ago

    Capacity Layout Duration Disappointing! Dead spots Intensity

    Icon is a brilliantly designed coaster that is very re-rideable. It lasts a decent while and some of the elements are incredibly well shaped, including the top hat, roll, and especially the immelman. I don't find the first launch as bad as some people say it is. I can't rate Icon up there with the best coasters in the world because it lacks in what I like to call '"Oh S***" moments' (Moments that make me go "Oh S***"). It's a very fun ride, but I don't find it particularly thrilling at all. It's certainly the best coaster I've ridden that has a lack of thrilling elements to it. Mack's quality is on show here, and frankly I think they did an excellent job designing such a quality ride on such a restrictive job site.

  • Dave Scott
    Dave Scott 7 months ago

    Comfort Dead spots Layout

    Icon is a bit of a first for Blackpool. Almost all of their coasters to date had their origins in pre-CAD design; whereas Icon is very obviously a finely tuned laser-cut precision machine. Unfortunately, it is also well known that the park's owner is not much of a big coaster fan (oh, the irony!) which might have biased some of the decisions on layout. The launches on Icon are functional but insipid. The trains are like other Mack Megas excellent hardware; and the inversions effective, but not earth shattering. The ride is better once it's warmed up it has to be said. A punchier launch up to a slightly higher speed might still be possible; and would improve matters greatly. The main downside is that there is an awful lot of pointless left-to-right swaying - might have been better to sacrifice a bit of length to fit in an inversion or two extra instead. The ride has done it's job of putting Blackpool on the map; and is hopefully a good sign for future investments.

  • Sven Popelier
    Sven Popelier 8 months ago

    Inversions Duration Rattle Intensity

    Ride needs to warm up to be better. Back side is too much rattle. Could go a bit faster in the final part of the layout. Overall a decent coaster but it lacks a bit of punch.

  • Aleks W.
    Aleks W. 8 months ago

    Harness Layout Hangtime

    Favourite coaster in the UK!!! Feels like a futuristic, high-tech ride...sooooooo smooth! Mack coaster so the launches aren't as intense as an intamin but i still find them exhilarating, especially when u go through the misty tunnels. Luckily managed to ride it VIP before the official opening that made it more special. Good soundtrack too.

  • Philippe-Minh Nguyen

    Comfort Fun Dead spots

    While it doesn't match the graceful brilliance of Helix or the relentlessness of Taron, Britain's first multi-launch coaster possesses many exciting moments. The ride experience, somewhat underwhelming early in the day, certainly improves in the afternoon as the coaster warms up. At its best, Icon delivers a solid mix of intense turns, snappy twists and very decent airtime. The layout does have several weaker moments, however, and feels meandering and a little uninspired at times. That is only a minor complaint though, the coaster as a whole is very fun and reridable indeed!

  • Dan Price
    Dan Price 7 hours ago
  • Aalan Ddunsmuir
  • Victor Von Jotunheim
  • Rémy D.
    Rémy D. 8 days ago
  • coaster f.
    coaster f. 16 days ago
  • Formula 1st
    Formula 1st 24 days ago
  • Benedikt Hermes
    Benedikt Hermes 27 days ago
  • Stéphane Richet
    Stéphane Richet 1 month ago

    Airtimes Comfort Fun

  • THEM0LE12
    THEM0LE12 1 month ago
  • Nick B.
    Nick B. 1 month ago
  • Damien Richet
    Damien Richet 1 month ago
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    Chris C. 2 months ago
  • Coaster Jon
    Coaster Jon 2 months ago
  • worse than pinfari
  • Halish Railways
    Halish Railways 2 months ago

    Capacity Comfort Fun Launch

  • Andrew N.
    Andrew N. 3 months ago
  • Semina S.
    Semina S. 4 months ago

    Lap Bar Masterpiece Smoothness Launch

  • Elliot Taylor
    Elliot Taylor 4 months ago

    Airtimes Capacity Inversions Launch Dead spots

  • Matt Newman
    Matt Newman 4 months ago

    Airtimes Pace Smoothness

  • Steven Palisse
    Steven Palisse 5 months ago
  • iac17
    iac17 7 months ago
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    JB T 8 months ago
  • Daniel W.
    Daniel W. 8 months ago
  • Daniel Obier
    Daniel Obier 8 months ago
  • Coasterfan3657
    Coasterfan3657 9 months ago
  • Joseph Bricout
    Joseph Bricout 10 months ago
  • Luc R.
    Luc R. 11 months ago

    Airtimes Inversions Nice surprise! Launch

  • Romuald Geiregat
    Romuald Geiregat 11 months ago
  • Adrien Crucet
    Adrien Crucet 11 months ago
  • Dan Wright
    Dan Wright 11 months ago
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    S 11 months ago
  • Florian Blond
    Florian Blond 11 months ago

    Airtimes Nice surprise! Launch Dead spots

  • Benjamin R.
    Benjamin R. 11 months ago
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    Will Garner 1 year ago
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    James G. 1 year ago