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Icon features
Magnetic Launch (LIM/LSM)
Lap bar
16 250 000 £
Reviews  238
  • clubstep
    clubstep 1 month ago

    Airtimes Layout Duration Capacity

    Mack did it again, Banger ride. It has weird of axis airtime pops, some straight up strong ejector, many overbanks and Stengel dives, its just a round ride that i like to do over and over again. The Operations are not optimal tho, but you get used to this when you Tour Parks in the UK

  • Niall Phelan
    Niall Phelan 2 months ago

    Airtimes Intensity Duration Inversions

    A brilliant ride whips you around and shows you the rides of pleasure beach . The s bends launched you about in a good may

  • Luke Thomas
    Luke Thomas 2 months ago

    Airtimes Smoothness Hangtime Launch

    You could say the 1st launch is underwhelming, but it never bothered me. This is a close contender for the UK’s number 1. Impeccable airtime and layout featuring many unique elements. I like the junior Immelmann after the 2nd launch the most.

  • Coolharry64
    Coolharry64 2 months ago

    Airtimes Comfort Ejectors Harness Inversions

    I got a bit of ejector on the first hill after the launch, & I loved the heartline roll too. I just wish the Jr. Immelmann after the second launch was an actual Immelmann, I was also laughing so much because this coaster is so much fun. I just wish they didn't put seatbelts on it though.

  • Claire Elizabeth Davies


    After my first ride, early morning, was a bit disappointed, enjoyed it but I think my expectations were maybe too high. Two rides later in the day were far better and more like what I was expecting. Would class Icon as my favourite coaster in the UK but no where near my top Coasters such as RTH, Taron, Kondaa and Toutatis.

  • Jack Reynolds
    Jack Reynolds 3 months ago

    Lap Bar Ejectors Hangtime

    (Both of my rides on Icon were towards the back) Launches: Not too quick but still fun Airtime: So much airtime, rivals Grand National Hangtime: Some in the inversion, quite a bit on the JR Immelman Lap Bar: Very comfortable but started to staple me. An easy 5/5


    Airtimes Pace Duration Harness Launch

    Sorry Nemesis you were number one but Icon`s in town now. The best coaster I have ever ridden without a shadow of a doubt. It`s got its faults but generally speaking blackpool knocked it out the park with this one. Its nicely stylized to a japanese cherry blossom garden I think? With a lot of gold? Honestly not too sure what it`s supposed to be stylized to but it looks banging so i`m not digging into the theming at all. It is an amusement park and not a theme park after all and for an amusement park i`m very impressed. The station is slick and modern with one of the best baggage systems ive ever seen, Greatly reduces the chances of your items being nicked. Rolling out the station you have the best anticipation music i`ve heard. Then wee. Your away. These launches ain`t great. And I wouldn`t have had a problem with them at all (its a Mack launch, they are all a bit on the slower side) IF blackpool pleasure beach hadn`t decided to put all the focus on these bland and unexciting launches. Seriously these launches now get more advertisement than the entire of the rest of the park combined. Anyway rant over and you enter the top hat. Airtime aplenty on this one and a VERY good makeup for the underwhelming start. You go into this twisty section with one moment in particular that stands out: a raised turn with a lovely dose of sideways airtime. Really fun and proper good. Downward barrel roll follows that which adds a nice dose of hangtime to the mix. 2 more pops of ejector later and all of a sudden you can`t see for love nor money cause you`ve just gone through a tunnel with the thickest mist imaginable. Perfectly placed cause that leads you into the booster launch and you cant see until your approaching into the jr immelmann. Inversion or not who gives one cause exiting this you get PULLED out your seat in a glorious moment of sideways air. From here on out its a mix of snappy low to the ground turns, higher up banked turns, s curves and a good couple of ejector hills until the final brakes are reached. Whoever said icon wasn`t intense (and its a lot of people) needs to reride the thing cause my legs felt as if i`d had one too many down the velvet coaster during parts of the second half. Genius layout. I haven`t really given it too much stick other than my little launch rant but i was expecting that. Here`s something I wasn`t expecting. The lap bar, although super comfortable has the tendency to push down on you with the force of a nightclub bouncer VERY soon after the ride has even started, killing any airtime room you might have had just after the top hat. It`s worth getting room for that element alone but don`t expect to keep any room on this. Trust me i`ve tried. VERY hard. But cause there`s no way to really push with your legs and the upper half of your body kinda surrenders with the forces you experience it`s just not really possible and the bar becomes superglued to the lower half of your body by the end of the ride. One more thing is that it`s not glossy smooth, it has got a rattle but for me that`s not really a negative, more a neutral becuase I don`t mind rougher rides and it adds character. But it does shake your head around a fair bit sometimes and can cause a bit of head ache. Overall, my new number one. Its not perfect but nothing is and its a knockout addition to an already strong park

  • Anthony Dean
    Anthony Dean 4 months ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Duration

    Best coaster at the park. Great smooth layout with good intensity and loads of airtime.

  • Hudson A.
    Hudson A. 4 months ago

    Airtimes Fun Ejectors Launch

    Icon is just a brilliant ride at the Pleasure Beach, and when I visited I just kept getting on and on. The push that the second launch is is a small price to pay for the thrilling second half

  • Mark McArthur
    Mark McArthur 5 months ago

    Lap Bar Fun Hangtime Launch

    This is a great ride, and just what Blackpool needed after such a long lull of nothing. Great layout that sprawls through the back end of the park in the first half and has great interactions with the other coasters, and a fun whippy second half in the former log flume spot. Very comfy seats with great over the shoulder lap bars, awesome hang time on the inversion(s), and just an overall solid experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the UK. I guess the only disappointing part in the first launch, a Mack signature, but you can definitely feel a boost in acceleration on the second launch in the front.

  • Dan Hughes-shaw
    Dan Hughes-shaw 5 months ago

    Location Smoothness Launch

    Launch is awful especially 2nd one. It’s more of a push. but i guess its pretty smooth, the layout is nothing to write home about. The inclined loop is cool, pretty forceless. It’s a good ride, but i thought i was still looking for that one standout moment when i got off.

  • Lukas 42
    Lukas 42 5 months ago

    Comfort Layout Duration Launch

    Well, the launches are both fairly weak (they one of blue fire is way more intense), but that's not what Icon is about. On my first ride, I was a little disappointed, but later rides made me change my point of view for this well-rounded coaster which is easily the best ride at Pleasure Beach. I strongly prefer the front to the back rows, because especially the first airtime hill is much more intense here. I appreciate the long, twisted layout with many intercations with the other coasters, the quick changes in direction and the barrel-roll which provides great hangtime. The end is not the strongest, it kind of fizzles out on the Taron-like transitions, but they are taken too slowly - but the strong beginning and middle section makes up for it. Theming is not really present, but the appearance is still pretty nice with its minimalistic look and sleek architecture. And the beautiful soundtrack is also worth mentioning! Overall, it's an awesome ride which shound not be missed when visiting Pleasure Beach!

  • Robert A.
    Robert A. 10 months ago

    Comfort Fun Duration Launch Dead spots

    Incredible ride. Inversions are fantastic and the entire ride is just an absolute ton of fun. The interactions with other rides are a nice touch but unfortunately you don't notice it much when riding it. The launches aren't very powerful and serve as more of a "boost" than an actual launch to get the ride up to speed. The best parts of the ride are actually sequential: barrel roll, into an airtime hill, into a completely dark tunnel, into the second boost, into the immelmann. That's a brilliant highlight there. Could probably do with the launches being sped up by about 5mph, Enso is good and I need a second opinion but not willing to splash out that much for it again

  • Patrick J.
    Patrick J. 10 months ago

    Hangtime Duration Rattle Disappointing! Dead spots

    I was very disappointed with Icon. I thought the layout was very poor, it seemed to just randomly meander around without any real sense of direction. Thought the launches were very weak compared to what you get on an Intamin. I was on the back row and noticed a bit of a rattle too.

  • Dylan J
    Dylan J 1 year ago

    Lap Bar Fun Ejectors Launch

    As my second launch coaster, I was expecting something like Rita at AT, a short but action packed layout. I got all of that and more. The first launch was actually quite weak, which is the only downside to this coaster. I like how Screwy Loops described this- A family coaster in the first half and a thrill coaster in the second half. I completely agree with that statement. The ride has almost a building intensity which adds to the experience a lot. The lap bars are very comfortable and there is so much hang time on this thing on the front row. a near perfect coaster that was a much needed addition to BPB.

  • Daniel Getliffe

    Location Comfort Smoothness Intensity

    This is a great ride for Blackpool - so many interactions with other coasters and some decent airtime. It doesn’t rank higher as it’s just not that fast or thrilling which I prefer in my coasters. It’s super smooth and a great ride experience, but just doesn’t fully scratch that thrill itch that I have. However ICON is an INCREDIBLE night ride. The trains are lit up and the interactions with the other coasters are more noticeable. Definitely try it at night!

  • Danny Banon
    Danny Banon 1 year ago

    Airtimes Smoothness Layout Launch

    This ride is fantastic (by far the best in the UK). It currently sits as my number 3 coaster and for a reason. Nothing beats the daunting soundtrack as you walk towards the station, the incredibly comfy Mack mega coaster restraints and the smooth experience. You start on a very weak launch which is in my opinion, the only downside to the ride, however after this, you scale a top hat that if on the front, supplies immense hangtime. The rest of the first section is great with some twisty elements, near misses from other coasters in the park and a great inversion that supplies excellent hangtime as you crawl through. There are two very good ejector airtime moments before you drop into a second launch which is much more powerful. The junior Immelmann once again gives you great hangtime and if you’re on the front, you really are suspended at quite a height. The rest of the ride is full of twists and turns and also a very intense ejector airtime hill. The only downside to the layout in my opinion is that first launch and the surrounding theming is almost non existent. Great coaster

  • Fantastic Coasters

    Comfort Smoothness Ejectors Theming Launch Dead spots

    Very smooth coaster with some great ejector in the back row! Very slow acceleration on the launches. A few deadspots towards the end of the ride. This ride is definitely one of the best in the UK but it does have its cons.

  • Samuel Henman
    Samuel Henman 1 year ago

    Smoothness Hangtime Launch Dead spots

    Somewhat slow from the disappointing launch, but the ride is very smooth and uses the most out of the small space it is built on. Good but not the most memorable.

  • Steve Parrington

    Airtimes Fun Hangtime

    Great fun, especially at the back later in the day. The junior immelmann after the second launch is fantastic. I found Enso to be a great addition, although overpriced. Best airtime in the UK.

  • Danilo G.
    Danilo G. 1 year ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Intensity Theming


  • B&M Beenie
    B&M Beenie 1 year ago

    Airtimes Lap Bar Fun Dead spots

    Very fun ride, true airtime and lapbars are comfortable. Cant wait for Enso. Couple dead spots but very few and far between. Dont have a problem with the launch.

  • Rebecca261102
    Rebecca261102 1 year ago


  • Daniel S.
    Daniel S. 1 year ago

    Fun Masterpiece Smoothness Theming

    Perfection. The ride is so smooth and enjoyable and is definitely one of my favourites. The only slight downside is theming, but the theming is still pretty good. I love the Japanese theme but I just wish they made it more clear.

  • Sam P.
    Sam P. 2 years ago

    Lap Bar Masterpiece Ejectors

    Despite all the hype about Icon, it still delivered and some. The airtime is insane, the best in the country by a good way. The transitions are very snappy and intense, great hangtime on the heartline roll, and the launches - whilst nowhere near the level of others - were still good enough to be very enjoyable. The trains are great, very comfortable. This is definitely a must ride for any enthusiast

  • Semina S.
    Semina S. 2 years ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Duration

    Icon is a special ride that can deliver everything you want in a coaster in one. The airtime is really strong in the 2nd half and the duration is just perfect. The launches are not amazing but the 2nd one gives some good forces. Great hangtime and whip on the inversions and transitions. Really good headchoppers and it uses it’s space amazingly.

  • James Kerfoot
    James Kerfoot 3 years ago

    Smoothness Hangtime Duration

    My number one UK coaster, and by quite a stretch! Memorable theme music and general theming, and great unrestrictive restraints. Icon has everything you could want in a coaster; hangtime, airtime, snappy transitions and a lengthy unrelenting duration. Absolutely wonderful coaster, and one which the Pleasurebeach should be proud of!

  • Greg Hudson
    Greg Hudson 3 years ago

    Airtimes Capacity Smoothness Dead spots

    An excellent first half, the second half meanders in places though it does have a couple of forceful moments. I think an extra inversion at the end would have rounded it up nicely.

  • Brendan Jackson
    Brendan Jackson 3 years ago

    Location Fun Harness Disappointing!

    Was expecting a bit more. Love the way it weaves through the park and other coasters at pleasure beach. Needed a few more airtime moments or snappy transitions in the second half

  • Noah Clowes
    Noah Clowes 3 years ago

    Comfort Fun Ejectors

    2 years since it opened and its still a cracking ride even on opening day 2020 when it was blowing a gale it still ran like a dream i would definetly recommend it to anyone i would even say it would be a good first looper

  • Tyler M.
    Tyler M. 3 years ago

    Airtimes Lap Bar Layout Launch

    A fantastic ride for the UK. Great airtime and force variation, plus really comfy seats and restraints (also has a track-tap clearance fail which is fantastic fun as you traverse the roll). The layout is spectacularly weaved around some of the Pleasure Beach's other rides and attractions, and the operations are usually pretty good as well. My only negative point is that the launches aren't the strongest, but it's to be expected from a Mack, however the rest of the layout absolutely makes up for it and I can 100% justify it being my #1 coaster in the UK by a country mile!

  • Element 115
    Element 115 3 years ago

    Comfort Fun Duration Dead spots

    Fantastic multilaunch with strong airtime and a great interactive layout, spectacular clearance fail with itself in back right seat, weak launches but to be expected from a mack, even better at night.

  • Will B
    Will B 3 years ago

    Airtimes Comfort Layout Launch

    Icon is absolutely incredible and definitely one of the best rides in the UK. After three rides, I definitely preferred the back row over the others, providing incredible airtime and hangtime throughout the layout. Other than the launches, the layout is perfectly designed, weaving in and out of various classic rides at the Pleasure Beach, with highlights including the top-hat, heartline roll and the glorious airtime hill in the middle of the second half.

  • Oscar Pinchbeck
    Oscar Pinchbeck 3 years ago

    Harness Smoothness Layout Launch

    Best ride in UK- really long, great airtime! The launches can be a bit weak though.

  • Craig Hoskin
    Craig Hoskin 4 years ago

    Airtimes Nice surprise! Hangtime

    Regular visitor to the pleasure beach but this was my first visit since the ride opened and it was way better than I expected. The launches are punchy if not intense, the airtime is solid and lasts much of the way round and the hangtime on the inline twist and the immelmann is excellent. The operations and dispatch times are also fantastic. Great addition to the park.

  • Moogal
    Moogal 4 years ago

    Comfort Fun Smoothness Inversions

    Every time I've ridden this I've had a massive grin on my face. It's just such an enjoyable ride. My only real criticism is that a lot of the ride is spent meandering left and right, and it would have been nice to have either more airtime or another inversion.

  • James Cook
    James Cook 4 years ago

    Nice surprise! Fun Layout Launch

    A fantastic coaster for the park! The launches aren't great, as expected really, but everything else about the ride was better than I expected. My favourite moment is the immelmen loop (particularly the airtime on the exit), but really Icon isn't about specific moments, but more the whole package and layout as one. It's long, consistently fun and exciting and more forceful than I expected for sure. It's a completely different experience to any other coaster in the UK, and I couldn't be happier with the result realistically. Looooove it!

  • Poodz
    Poodz 4 years ago

    Capacity Layout Duration Disappointing! Dead spots Intensity

    Icon is a brilliantly designed coaster that is very re-rideable. It lasts a decent while and some of the elements are incredibly well shaped, including the top hat, roll, and especially the immelman. I don't find the first launch as bad as some people say it is. I can't rate Icon up there with the best coasters in the world because it lacks in what I like to call '"Oh S***" moments' (Moments that make me go "Oh S***"). It's a very fun ride, but I don't find it particularly thrilling at all. It's certainly the best coaster I've ridden that has a lack of thrilling elements to it. Mack's quality is on show here, and frankly I think they did an excellent job designing such a quality ride on such a restrictive job site.

  • Dave Scott
    Dave Scott 4 years ago

    Comfort Dead spots Layout

    Icon is a bit of a first for Blackpool. Almost all of their coasters to date had their origins in pre-CAD design; whereas Icon is very obviously a finely tuned laser-cut precision machine. Unfortunately, it is also well known that the park's owner is not much of a big coaster fan (oh, the irony!) which might have biased some of the decisions on layout. The launches on Icon are functional but insipid. The trains are like other Mack Megas excellent hardware; and the inversions effective, but not earth shattering. The ride is better once it's warmed up it has to be said. A punchier launch up to a slightly higher speed might still be possible; and would improve matters greatly. The main downside is that there is an awful lot of pointless left-to-right swaying - might have been better to sacrifice a bit of length to fit in an inversion or two extra instead. The ride has done it's job of putting Blackpool on the map; and is hopefully a good sign for future investments.

  • Sven P.
    Sven P. 4 years ago

    Inversions Duration Rattle Intensity

    Ride needs to warm up to be better. Back side is too much rattle. Could go a bit faster in the final part of the layout. Overall a decent coaster but it lacks a bit of punch.

  • Aleks W.
    Aleks W. 4 years ago

    Harness Layout Hangtime

    Favourite coaster in the UK!!! Feels like a futuristic, high-tech ride...sooooooo smooth! Mack coaster so the launches aren't as intense as an intamin but i still find them exhilarating, especially when u go through the misty tunnels. Luckily managed to ride it VIP before the official opening that made it more special. Good soundtrack too.

  • Philippe-Minh N.
    Philippe-Minh N. 5 years ago

    Comfort Fun Dead spots

    While it doesn't match the graceful brilliance of Helix or the relentlessness of Taron, Britain's first multi-launch coaster possesses many exciting moments. The ride experience, somewhat underwhelming early in the day, certainly improves in the afternoon as the coaster warms up. At its best, Icon delivers a solid mix of intense turns, snappy twists and very decent airtime. The layout does have several weaker moments, however, and feels meandering and a little uninspired at times. That is only a minor complaint though, the coaster as a whole is very fun and reridable indeed!

  • Arjon Bimmel
    Arjon Bimmel 1 day ago

    Lap Bar Hangtime Disappointing! Dead spots Intensity

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    Lap Bar Fun Ejectors Launch

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    Comfort Fun Smoothness

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    Lap Bar Smoothness Duration

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    Airtimes Smoothness Layout

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    Location Smoothness Hangtime Launch Intensity

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    Inversions Intensity Smoothness

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    Airtimes Lap Bar Smoothness

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    Launch Harness Smoothness

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    Airtimes Smoothness Layout

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    Ejectors Hangtime Duration Launch Dead spots

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    Capacity Comfort Fun Airtimes

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    Lap Bar Fun Smoothness

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    Nice surprise! Comfort Duration

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    Lap Bar Inversions Smoothness Intensity

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    Airtimes Comfort Fun

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    Comfort Launch Hangtime

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    Comfort Fun Smoothness Launch

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    Capacity Fun Duration

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    Airtimes Comfort Launch Dead spots

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    Capacity Nice surprise! Comfort

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    Pace Fun Hangtime Launch

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    Lap Bar Fun Layout Launch

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    Lap Bar Hangtime Duration Rattle Launch Dead spots

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