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  • A Useless Guy
    A Useless Guy 2 days ago

    Nice surprise! Smoothness Too short Dead spots

    It tired to be more fast and low to the ground than airtime like B&M are know for and they just fell short in my mind.

  • Coaster Demon
    Coaster Demon 18 days ago

    Airtimes First Drop Pace

    Orion is an incredible B&M giga coaster. I've done both B&M giga's in the USA and Orion is superior to Fury 325 which is the other B&M giga in the USA. Orion has very strong airtime, especially in the front row. The drop in the backrow gives unbelievably strong airtime. The ride is actually really forceful and the pacing on it is amazing. The ride is also glass smooth. The ride also honestly has a very good layout. The ride may not be to long but it still packs a huge punch with its amazing airtime moments and pacing. Overall Orion is a incredible B&M and is for sure the best coaster at Kings Island

  • Capital Coasters
    Capital Coasters 23 days ago

    Airtimes Capacity Intensity

    Honestly I was very pleasantly surprised with Orion. I had to go back and forth for about a week between this and fury because it’s just so fun. The drop and transition into the big turnaround are some very good sustained floater moments, the stengel dive doesn’t do much but it’s still fun, all the turns and valleys give amazing positives and an excellent sense of speed, the airtime on the speed hill and camelback as well as two pops right before the brake run have the best airtime I’ve experienced on a B&M and some wildly surprising sustained ejector and the pacing is phenomenal. A lot of people call this ride too short but it certainly did enough to satisfy me, especially considering the consistenly short wait it had. Definitely the best ride in the park for me.

  • Unworthy Rider
    Unworthy Rider 27 days ago

    First Drop Fun Smoothness

    It was a bold decision by KI to build a taller but slightly worse version of one of its existing coasters. It has a bigger first drop and goes faster than Diamondback, but everything else is slightly worse. Still a fun ride.

  • Nathan F
    Nathan F 1 month ago

    Airtimes Pace Too short

    This is the weakest giga coaster in the US. Which still means it's a phenomenal ride. It gives several moments of outstanding airtime. This ride is relentless throughout its layout. One of the stars of the park. Only downside is it could use a little extra length. Feels like it hits the final brakes just a smidge early.

  • Tom Fairnie
    Tom Fairnie 1 month ago

    Airtimes First Drop Fun Airtimes

    A fantastic first drop which keeps you out of your seat for long periods but the rest of the layout lacks these air time moments.

  • IronChef C.
    IronChef C. 1 month ago

    Airtimes Comfort Harness

    Great ride and typical b&m hyper/giga fun. Fantastic airtime throughout and as always, super comfortable and free feeling. Unfortunately for Orion, Fury exists and my brain couldn't stop comparing them...and Fury wins by a mile. Then we rode Diamondback and I found Dback to have even more airtime and a better layout. But Orion is still a fantastic ride on its own.

  • Dave Scott
    Dave Scott 2 months ago


    It's a B&M, it's tall, it's got a lot of airtime. It's got two spots of weird sideways air too. Diamondback is probably the better ride, but honestly who cares. Two great hypers in the same park. The theming also nods to past and present cedar fair rides : "Sedentary 325" for example. Coaster geek heaven.

  • J&B FitzTubeKidz
    J&B FitzTubeKidz 2 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Smoothness

    If I could add more pros to this, I would. I think it’s a great length, great drop, and has great airtime, and I totally recommend this coaster! Easily one of the most rerideable coasters on the planet.

  • Carter Eckhart
    Carter Eckhart 3 months ago

    First Drop Lap Bar Pace

    Best coaster at KI. Needs a little time to warm up but back row at night with about a foot of room sealed the deal for me. Most of the time they honor row requests and allow you to get a lot of room, which definitely makes a big difference for the ride. The trains are comfortable and the ride is butter smooth. The color scheme and appearance of the ride and area in general is nice. As for the ride itself, the drop is one of the best out there giving seemingly eternal airtime and will violently slam you back into your seat at the end. The wave turn, speed hill and final off axis hill stand out as good elements as well. The ride does have a bit of airtime, positives and laterals but isn’t really that strong in any particular force. However the pacing is amazing, it’s fast in the first place and it’s able to maintain that speed for the entire layout. The ride looks short or as if it is lacking a few elements on paper but once you actually ride it feels perfectly satisfying. Overall the ride kind of reminds me of a B&M version of millennium force, which is great because I love that ride. Overall I think Orion was great addition to the park and a fantastic strata coaster.

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 8 months ago

    Comfort Smoothness Too short

    Kick-ass coaster but Very short. 9.3/10

  • X Coasters Forever

    Airtimes First Drop Intensity

    In my opinion, Orion is by far my favorite giga coaster I’ve ridden. It’s a really intense ride and it also features strong airtime moments. My favorite part is probably the first drop in the back row because you get sustained ejector air going down that drop. I also like the helix before the final hill because it’s super intense and I greyed out. However, I prefer the front row for the intensity because you feel the airtime and the other forces more than you do in the back row. Overall, Orion is a really fun coaster that packs some strong airtime and some really intense moments. It is also a great fit for Kings Island!

  • Isaiah White
    Isaiah White 9 months ago

    First Drop Capacity Pace Too short

    Overall crazy ride but for me it still does other hyper or giga coasters ive been on. The best part is either the drop which is nice because your brought up there pretty quickly and then the drop feels forever or the forceful turn around or helix. The speed is also consistent during the ride. There is also very quick dispatches and capacity but the disappointing part is that its a short ride for this insane looking coaster. Being one of the newer giga coaster to come you should try to beat other giga but it just didn't but overall it was an insane experience and is a top 3 in the park and is a must do at kings Island.

  • Blake S.
    Blake S. 10 months ago

    First Drop Comfort Intensity

    Rode in rows 3 and 7. It had a great drop, it feels like you're falling for a long time. The first turn is kind of weak, it should be way better. Ditto for the turnaround. Then it starts sending you into good airtime moments, with the speed hill and large hill. Then comes the helix, which made me completely lose my vision (on my second ride, as opposed to a mild grey out on the first ride) until the final banked hill. It definitely felt fast in the valleys, and as a consequence, like it had to draw out its elements more. There is a good sense of speed in the valleys, but that is not sustained, other than through the speed hill. No element really stuck out to me, other than the crazy intense helix. Makes me think B&M should either just stick to airtime hills, or really try some new elements with more whip. There is the slightest rattle, but this has no effect on the ride. This coaster is excellent, but I feel like there could have been better elements in a few places. With gigas, expectations are sky high.

  • TheClassicRemake Man

    Airtimes Capacity Duration Disappointing! Dead spots

    Having Candymonium in my home park, I was expecting a slightly better version of that. Well, it isn't. It has less airtime, is not nearly as smooth. It's not bad but for me it is still a disappointment.

  • Adrenaline Central
    Adrenaline Central 11 months ago

    First Drop Intensity Ejectors Rattle

    Awesome ride. Great ejector airtime and the speed is awesome

  • Inverted Thrills

    Airtimes First Drop Fun

    This is an amazing ride. While I do find Fury 325 at Carowinds slightly better this is still an amazing "giga" coaster. The first drop is amazing, this ride had some surprisingly great airtime, it's fairly intense, and it's overall just an incredibly fun ride

  • Addy Holderness

    First Drop Comfort Smoothness Too short

    I’ve really enjoyed riding the Orion this season hands down one of my favorite coasters in the park.

  • Solar Winds
    Solar Winds 1 year ago

    First Drop Smoothness Layout

    This was my first giga coaster, and it was an amazing experience. I obviously haven't ridden any other B&M gigas other than this (Leviathan and Fury), but I really loved the airtime and the layout. That last floater airtime hill in particular was nuts. A great addition to the Kings Island lineup.

  • Jack Jack J.
    Jack Jack J. 1 year ago

    Airtimes Capacity Smoothness

    Orion was about what I expected it to be. My first ride was back left in the pouring rain and I couldn’t remember a thing. Once it stopped raining I got back right and it was really good. Fantastic drop, great speed hill, nice floater on the big hill, good Gs in the helix, and good air exiting that last turn. Very good ride

  • Talor B.
    Talor B. 1 year ago

    Airtimes First Drop Comfort Too short

    Orion is a very fun coaster. Just on the shorter end.

  • Josh Lutz
    Josh Lutz 1 year ago

    First Drop Lap Bar Fun Too short

    Great first drop with a few fantastic elements. It feels a little short but is still an outstanding ride. Both back and front rows give great rides but I would recommend the front.

  • Doyle Rudolph
    Doyle Rudolph 1 year ago

    Airtimes First Drop Pace

    Wow. I expected a good, not great, coaster that would fall near the middle of my giga rankings. What I received was a ride that was relentlessly well-paced from start to finish. The drop is Fury-level, the first hill gives good off-axis air, the turnaround gives a ton of weird, strong forces culminating in a nice pop of ejector into the sustained ejector of the speed hill. The helix is forceful but not overly so, the near miss is absolutely ridiculous, and the last two airtime hills before the brakes hit like a truck - the best elements of the ride. This is my favorite giga.

  • Zek Teh Kek
    Zek Teh Kek 1 year ago

    Airtimes Lap Bar Intensity

    This ride is FANTASTIC! I feel like a lot of people either way overhyped or way underhyped this ride. This ride truly exceeded every expectation I had for it -- Except one. I expected the Helix to be more intense, but it was probably the most boring part of the ride on a ride FULL of fantastic elements! It's currently my 3rd favorite giga coaster, ahead of Leviathan and I305, but not nearly as good as Millennium Force or Fury 325

  • Mr. Roller Coasters

    First Drop Comfort Fun

    This is my favorite giga... Better than Leviathan, definitely. And a little better than Millennium Force. This was an amazing addition to Kings Island and the second best ride in the park!

  • Axel Terenos74
    Axel Terenos74 3 days ago

    First Drop Too short Layout

  • phoyui
    phoyui 4 days ago
  • Will Booth
    Will Booth 4 days ago
  • Julien Grimbert
  • Zach Gibson
    Zach Gibson 8 days ago

    Airtimes First Drop Intensity

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    Nathan Newcomer 10 days ago
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  • Heartline Coaster
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  • First Drop
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  • Andrew Reed
    Andrew Reed 1 month ago

    Airtimes First Drop Fun Too short Dead spots

  • Kw6sTheater
    Kw6sTheater 1 month ago

    Airtimes First Drop Pace Too short Dead spots

  • Alex Rybicki
    Alex Rybicki 2 months ago

    First Drop Lap Bar Harness Too short

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    Jared Lutz 9 months ago

    First Drop Lap Bar Fun

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    Jett Montgomery 10 months ago
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    Alexandre CF 11 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Too short

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    Airtimes Pace

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    Luke Farley 1 year ago

    Airtimes First Drop Masterpiece Too short

  • Kommi
    Kommi 1 year ago

    Airtimes First Drop Fun Too short

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    Gabe Brausch 2 years ago

    Airtimes First Drop Too short