Masterpiece Intensity Ejectors

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Ride to Happiness features
Magnetic Launch (LIM/LSM)
Lap bar
15 000 000 €
Reviews  1150
  • Tolgerb
    Tolgerb 1 month ago

    By faaaaar the most discombobulating coaster I've ever experienced.

  • Ari Daje
    Ari Daje 1 month ago

    Masterpiece Layout Ejectors

    I will not thank enough this ride for existing. Stunning, wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful, magical, breathtaking, a work of art. I'm completely in love

  • Shroom
    Shroom 1 month ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Ejectors

    I can list a ton of things that I love about this ride. I hadn´t got a lot of expectations then, but I quickly realized how amazing this masterpiece actually is. There is a slight rattle, but that´s complaining at a high level. All of the inversions are crazy and there are also some incredible ejector airtime pops at the end and on the top hat in the front / back row. The hangtime on this ride is also amazing, especially on the jojo-roll and on the double inverting dive loop thing. The launches are also extremly powerful for mack rides and the spinning makes it even more intense. Definitely one of my favourite coasters

  • Charlie L.
    Charlie L. 2 months ago

    Theming Layout Ejectors

    Just amazing.

  • Sam Barten
    Sam Barten 2 months ago

    Inversions Smoothness Hangtime

    Great ride. For me personally the launches are a bit to tame (but those are just Mack launches to my experience). The spinning is a nice gimmick and especially with the onride audio gives you some epic moments. Best moments are the Banana roll, the 2 inversions after the 2nd launch and the airtime hills before the breaks. The rest is kinda filler for me, so i think it's a bit overrated.

  • Sam P.
    Sam P. 2 months ago

    Masterpiece Layout Ejectors

    Sometimes in life, you just get things right. That feeling where you sit back and know you've done something good. No doubt that the chief designer at Mack Rides has been feeling that way ever since he came up with this most perfect of roller coasters. This layout is just utterly unrelenting in it's insane perfection, every inch of the 3000ft of track is used to it's absolute max. Particular highlights are the double twisting dive loop, which is a work of art, and the zero g roll, which is probably my favourite inversion on any coaster. But it's the airtime which really does it for me, the top of the top hat on the front car and the final hill on the back car are unbelievable, the very strongest ejector airtime, and the fact you take them facing any which way just ramps it up even more. The spinning is also just perfect, every ride is different , and just when you think it can't get any better, you get the lap where you hit every element at the perfect angle with the perfect amount of spin. Those trains are exquisite as well, from the thematic detail to the automatically lowering lap bars which ensure every ride is in supreme comfort, zero risk of being stapled. Masterpiece is absolutely the word, and it will take one hell of a ride to knock this off my top spot

  • Yenal Donmez
    Yenal Donmez 3 months ago

    My best roller coaster i ever riden

  • Cayden Casier
    Cayden Casier 4 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Comfort

    I live in Belgium and there werent a lot of good coasters in the country so when this ABSOLUTE BEAST opened evryone around the world was visiting Belgium for this ride. An absolute Masterpiece. Top 5 in the world for sure.

  • Robert A.
    Robert A. 4 months ago

    Inversions Masterpiece Ejectors

    An entertainment masterpiece, The Ride to Happiness has everything you could ever want in a roller coaster. You name it, it has it. Fast inversions, slow inversions, floater, death ejector, heavy negatives, heavy positives, forwards, sideways, backwards, onboard audio, over water, spinning, hangtime, whip, a killer soundtrack and a single-digit queue time. I've only ridden a couple of "top 100 roller coasters" but even with my comparatively little experience I'm confident in saying this is in the runnings for the greatest roller coaster ever built. Do not doubt the hype, believe it.

  • Raymond C.
    Raymond C. 4 months ago

    Pace Fun Ejectors Rattle

    What a weird rollercoaster. It is unlike every other one I have ever ridden. It is almost too intense to be enjoyable. After you get used to the track (which took me about three rides) it can be a load of fun. However the quality of every ride can differ a lot. For example the rides where you don't experience airtime from the side are much better than the ones where you do. But generally every ride has its enjoyable moments. Sadly the train already consistently rattles during the ride which is questionable for a two year old rollercoaster. The lap bar is very tight on this ride, so make sure you find a comfortable spot to make this ride enjoyable and not painful. I wouldn't call it a masterpiece due to the rattling combined with the fact that the quality of each ride will always differ. But overall it is a very special rollercoaster every enthusiast should experience.

  • Els K.
    Els K. 4 months ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Layout

    Amazing, probably my best experience yet

  • Mike H.
    Mike H. 4 months ago

    Nice surprise! Launch Fun Rattle

    In order to enjoy this ride I needed 4 rides to know the track design and after that I could really enjoy it. It is really fun and every ride is different as you always have a different position relatively to the track. But I think the ride is overhyped. It rattles a lot during the ride and marathoning it is not possible (for me) as I always get a slight headache. On my visit of Plopsaland I could basically walk on every ride so I made a small pause to get my head clean for the next ride.

  • Dennis van Rijswijk

    Nice surprise! Masterpiece Intensity

    Only downside would be that it would be awesome if it went even faster. It does everything better than any other Benelux or German coaster I've done, except rides like Goliath and Taron just go much faster. If Ride to Happiness went 100 KM/H or even faster, then it would be absolutely perfect

  • fifa101
    fifa101 4 months ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Hangtime

    So where do I start with this amazing attraction that JoJo role is demonic in the best way possible, especially at the front then you've got the launch that is undescribable because sometimes you spin before you launch, but then it snaps you in the complete opposite direction. Just crazy, then the top hat is super fun cause of a shape in allowing for multiple pops of air plus the opportunity to spin like crazy then you've got the first drop potentially the most violent drop I've ever done even compared to GeForce and oaf of karnan then you've got the banana roll because of the spinning it feels, absurd than you do a vertical loop, depending on the ride this element can be ridiculous but is it always consistently a good element after that you go into a corkscrew and this feels so weird and amazing just like the other inversions then you have a pop of air time before you go into the next launch which has a great moment of a ejector similar to toutatatis and now is the best part of the layout. This flying snake dive should be legal, especially when you're spinning like crazy. just unreal then you go on airtime frenzy just crazy ones I came into the break run. My legs are shaking 11 out of 10 also, the soundtrack adds to the crazy non-stop borderline criminal elements personally I think a front row ride is slightly better because of the extra hand time on the JoJo roll plus more a snap on the first launch. However, my dad said back row is better cause of the extra time on the first drop. Where ever you sit, you're guaranteed the best ride in the world

  • BonkersCoasters
    BonkersCoasters 5 months ago

    Masterpiece Ejectors Hangtime

    What is there to say about this ride? IT'S ABSOLUTE PERFECTION! The hangtime on the outward banking jojo roll is some of the best you can ever experience in the front row! The launches prove that Mack Rides are capable of producing crazy launches as that first one starts off with some bite before spinning the carriages like madness and the second is on an airtime hill which means some great flojector! Don't even get me started on that outer banked tophat, the borderline ejector and positive forces rising up in those front seats are deadly to your thighs! The first drop in the back seat is incredible, but facing backwards takes it to a whole new level of thrill factor as you feel like you are going to be flung into the air, and the fact there is water below makes the experience more intense! The banana roll and loop provide some good positives in the valleys and decent hangtime to add to the disorientation of these elements, but the following zero g roll feels like you are performing some sort of flipping which is a crazy upside down ejector moment! The banking turn over the lake and water coaster has good gs before twisting to the left into the accelerating airtime launch. This final pair of two inversions absolutely explodes everyone's minds because of the amount of whip you experience from the rising barrel roll until you drop through a hangtime filled dive loop into the sequence of powerful ejector airtime hills and low to the ground turns! The giant camelback is a nice sustained ejector moment, the overbank pins you into the seats before your thighs are obliterated with bruises from the sheer amount of airtime they absorb on the double up which creates an impeccable ending to an wonderfully stunningly beautiful roller coaster! This isn't a roller coaster, this is a fully complete package experience which is topped off with an amazing layout, stunning themed area and trains and don't forget the absolute banger of an onboard soundtrack! There are no flaws to be found with this ride as it exceeds in pretty much every category possible, it is very comfortable, smooth with only a slight shuffle in some valleys and is probably the most re rideable coaster out there due to the out of control spinning and fun layout! The fact that my favourite coaster stands in a family park means the queues rarely get long which means it's easy to lap all day long! This coaster is easily 10+/10 and needs to be on everyone's bucket list!

  • Simon Indelicate
    Simon Indelicate 5 months ago

    Airtimes Theming Masterpiece

    Just a game changing masterpiece from start to finish. Gorgeous, perfectly paced, dizzying in the best way, overwhelmingly good. Also really appreciate that its theming has moved past 'terrifying! Dare you ride??!' style marketing and embraced the idea that rollercoasters are transcendent, pleasurable experiences that people can love on their own terms rather than as a side-effect of death-defying fear - it feels like an artform maturing. Audio is magic, airtime and hangtime at any and every weird angle you can imagine, fabulous launches, the way that slow, graceful opening inversion feels like the machine is telling you 'don't worry, man, it's cool, I've got this, you can let go for the next couple of minutes, it's ok...' - a pure joy. Love love love it.

  • Swiss Coaster Enthusiast .

    Inversions Harness Ejectors Rattle

    I rode Ride to Happiness 25 times in 2 days, and while it was not running as fast as it would in the summer, it still delivered. I can confidentiality say MackRides did everything right with this coaster. It has amazing Hangtime, Ejector Airtime, and some really forceful bits. It has phenomenal inversions and plenty of phenomenal Airtime that can be experienced without any trouble if you have a bit of room. The restraints stay in place and don't staple you, so you can feel the Airtime perfectly. It is my new personal Nr. 1 coaster and it exceeded my expectations even though they were pretty high. I couldn't get enough, every single ride delivered and I was blown away after every lap I took. I would rate this coaster 6/5 if I could. What a banger coaster, I wish it was built at Europapark. Edit: I rode it again on June 3rd 2023 and it is even better than I remember, Airtime that legit felt deadly, intense forces and smooth except for a few vibrations here and there. What an insane ride.

  • Karst
    Karst 6 months ago

    Pace Masterpiece Layout

    This coaster might just be as crazy as X2 at Magic Mountain, but with its own twist (?). From the jojo roll, up to the launch, the spinning launch into a thigh crushing ejector top hat, to amazing inversion that you don't even realize are there. An absolute masterpiece from start to end. It is definitely a front row ride, I would take the second from most front row, as it usually is a bit shorter wait and from the two times I was in there it was almost not nauseating at all. The back on the other hand definitely did put a knot in my stomach. I was genuinely surprised how I was not nauseous at all after a front row ride on this machine. This is different from most spinning rides for me where I do definitely risk losing the contents of my stomach. MACK, more of this please!

  • Thomas Mitchell
    Thomas Mitchell 6 months ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Hangtime

    Simply perfect, my favorite coaster in the World. I've never experienced anything like this ride, the felling of freely spinning whilst going through intense launches and inversions is unreal!!

  • James Fletcher
    James Fletcher 7 months ago

    Airtimes Inversions Intensity Rattle

    The moments that make it shine overcome the drawback of it being a surprisingly rough experience.

  • Totally Max
    Totally Max 8 months ago

    Airtimes Fun Duration

    No cons here - just a brilliant coaster all around. Giving you a new ride-experience everytime. The launch keeps catching me off guard, you never really know at what point of the ride you are so you never know what's coming next and it's fun. Just absolute fun. The seats are very comfortable and queue times are great! (At maximum around 30 minutes if you start waiting at the entrance, but it's usually around 15 to 20 minutes on cooler days).

  • Drive Safely
    Drive Safely 9 months ago

    Masterpiece Layout Ejectors

    HOLY. SHIT. Ride to Happiness is the craziest, greatest, and most otherworldly thing I’ve ever experienced. There is nothing that I’ve been on that can compare to the absolute insanity that is this ride. The layout is amazing on its own, but once you add spinning to it, it becomes unbelievable. There’s airtime, hangtime, positives - everything, and it’s all done so well. The ejector (-1.7 gs!!!) is unreal and after 19 rides, my thighs were completely bruised despite the comfortable Mack restraints. The jojo roll gives incredible hangtime and the double inverting dive loop is pure mayhem. The airtime hills are stronger than lots of RMCs and when you take them sideways or backwards, it enhances the experience that much more. The valleys are intense; overall this ride is an absolute beast. I can see how it’d be too much for some people, I’d occasionally have to take breaks because marathoning it was too physically exhausting, but the result is a one of a kind experience unlike anything that’s ever happened to me. Taiga might be objectively perfect, but there is NOTHING that can even come close to the psychotic nature of Ride to Happiness. (except maybe Eejanaika, but let’s ignore that)

    RICKPIERR 11 months ago

    Inversions Launch Masterpiece

    This one of my best coaster I've experienced the whole coaster is masterpiece great moments the launch is amazing the the inversions are great any one of them. The theming damn the best theming I've experienced the music so damn tomorrowland did a great job for the theming i ain't going to lie one of the best coaster I've experienced ever wonderful ride for real for real.

  • Fantastic Coasters
    Fantastic Coasters 11 months ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Ejectors

    This ride is absolutely flawless! The outer banked curved jojo roll has amazing and sustained hangtime and because you only have an extremely comfortable lap bar holding you in, it adds to the extreme factor because it really makes you feel like you will slip out of the seat, and you spin through it as well! The launches are really good for a mack coaster because the first one gives a powerful spin boost and the second one is on an airtime hill which means you will get accelerating and spinning flojector airtime, the outer banked top hat has powerful positives on the way up and extremely violent ejector airtime on the front row, the outer banked turn gives great lateral hangtime which prepares you for the absolutely bonkers first drop if you sit in the very back row and if you face it backwards the ejector is even more insane because you can't see anything coming! The positives continue as you pull out from the drop into the banana roll inversion which is very disorienting when you look down at the water because you feel like you will be flung into it, the back row gets good hangtime and insane whip on the way out providing great positives into the vertical loop that is very fun with good hangtime as well, but the following zero g roll is insanity as you are flung out of your seat as you flip through it at over 40 mph, the following turn gives good force and the twisted hill has good whip and floater up front and hangtime on the back! The double inverted dive loop is absolute madness because you get insane whip and hangtime throughout the entire twist and the dive gives good hangtime up front and whip in the back! The giant camelback gives strong sustained ejector in every row and the twist out gives a good lateral whip and the overbanked turn has great positives! The brutal double up finale provides 2 final powerful pops of ejector which go straight to the thighs! There can be a slight rattle in the valleys, but it doesn't take away from the experience as the other elements are smooth. The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland is my absolute favourite coaster in the world because it has an amazing layout with no dead spots combined with a beautifully themed area and station and a banger onboard soundtrack which is the best part of the experience as it adds a lot of immersion!!! 1000/1000

  • Chermaine S.
    Chermaine S. 1 year ago

    Airtimes Intensity Hangtime

    One thing I do not like about this coaster is that it's not very consistent. Some rides are good at best, but other rides are true world-class. If you do get a world-class ride, this ride is easily of the best coasters I've experienced. It has a perfect mix of forces: great hangtime, very strong ejector airtime and strong positives, with no focus on any one particular force. Launches are great as well. Probably my favorite part of this ride is the double-inverting dive loop. That element is already disorienting on its own, but add spinning to it and you really don't know which way is up or down anymore. And as if this coaster wasn't great enough already, it has an amazing onboard soundtrack as well!

  • TwanTastic
    TwanTastic 1 year ago

    Launch Masterpiece Ejectors

    This is my favourite coaster, it's like almost perfect. Insane ejector airtime moments, great hangtime, an immersive soundtrack, great comfort and unexpectedly strong launches!

  • Micha Tirion
    Micha Tirion 1 year ago

    Masterpiece Ejectors Hangtime Rattle

    This ride is awesome, and not for the faint of heart. Litteraly. I could do one reride before taking a brake, is is quite intense. But it is some much fun. The jojo-rol or heartline roll at the beginning is awesome, best experienced in the front if you like a lot of hangtime, since the back cars traverse this part of the ride a bit more quickly. Taking inversions while spinning is a cary feeling. Getting floater airtime while spinning is even better. But getting ejector airtime while spinning is the craziest part of the ride. The step-up underflip or inverted snake dive towards the end of the ride was my favourite element. Ride the back car for a fantastic out of control, ejector-airtime filled first drop. This ride leaves you wondering what just happened when you hit the break run, where you are glad you can take a breather while enjoying the relaxing part of the on board sound track. This is one of my favourite roller coasters. It is intense, crazy, has lot's of airtime and g-forces. The theming is also pretty good. It has a bit of a rattle in the valleys, but on my visit this was only audible and now annoyingly noticable otherwise. It did not influence reridebility for me. Did I already say it is an awesome ride?

  • JuicyCoasters
    JuicyCoasters 1 year ago

    Airtimes Comfort Intensity

    This is definately the best coaster in Belgium and night rides on this thing are awesome. The restraints are very comfortable and they dont come down on you during the ride like on other mack rides coasters, i consider this to be a perfect ride.

  • Joel Simon
    Joel Simon 1 year ago

    Airtimes Layout Duration

    Awesome ride, my fav. ride. Had no wait. The first inversion out the station is a perfect way to start a coaster, there are intense ejector moments (when sitting in the front and in the back). Many great elements and a good length.

  • clubstep
    clubstep 1 year ago

    Inversions Layout Ejectors

    A flawless Layout with no dead spots and a Lot of Unique Elements. A curved Jojo Roll, a Banana roll and an outside-banked tophat are just some examples. The ejector Airtime on the Top hat (front and back car) is the most intense i ever felt on a Roller Coaster. With all of that it would be already a top ride, but it also has spinning Cars! The double inverting dive Loop is super disorientating when you turn around multiple times on multiple axes 70ft up in the air, it became my all-time favourite element because of the pure fun it is. The Onboard soundtrack is really present and perfectly fits the experience. The Wait times are short because this intense thrilling ride stands in The middle of a family orientated Park. So if you are an enthusiast, wait no longer and Go there. You will Not regret it


    Masterpiece Intensity Ejectors Rattle

    I had 28 rides in this in 3 days and I am still hungry for more. I tried to add more pros but it wouldn’t let me. That’s how good this coaster really is. The absolute full package of theming, hangtime, intensity and airtime blended together masterfully to create this beast of a coaster. Do NOT underestimate the intensity levels of this thing (or maybe do if you want an absolute shock to the system). This thing in certain places is an absolute bone crusher, particularly at the back of the train. The Airtime on this ride is absolutely world class and it’s blended into places you wouldn’t even think could deliver air. As a general rule, the airtime is stronger towards the front of the train but no matter where you sit you are getting absolutely yanked out your seat. Which brings me on to the restraints. My massive issue with MACK lap bars previous was the tendency to crush down on you like a bailiff forcing open a door. This issue has been sorted with amazing self locking restraints that pretty much stay in one place throughout the ride. The hang time on the JoJo roll is stupid good and is an amazing start to the ride. The launches on this are actually really powerful by MACK standards and definitely will take you by surprise. Finally for the positives, the theming is beautiful and so well done, complemented by the on ride audio which is the best soundtrack I have ever heard and makes the experience fully complete. As for cons, this ride ain’t the smoothest thing you will ride. Luckily roughness is not an issue for me really (I ride Colossus and Saw practically every week so I’m so used to it) and it’s not rough per se, but it definitely has a noticeable rattle which may make it not as re rideable for some. The Vertical Loop is a bit of a dead spot but is still fun. So to sum up, get down to Belgium and ride this absolute masterpiece as you WILL NOT regret it

  • Kevin Van Hove
    Kevin Van Hove 1 year ago

    The best coaster ever

  • Ivan Claeys
    Ivan Claeys 1 year ago

    Launch Pace Masterpiece

    The best ride in Plopsaland, which already had Anubis, the Ride. You have to get lucky with the position you're in when you start. There's a wide variety in the experience: when you're facing backwards at the start it's totally different then facing side wards in the different directions. So you have to try it al lot. :-)

  • Daniel Stark
    Daniel Stark 1 year ago

    Masterpiece Ejectors Hangtime

    My 100th credit, and the best one so far. I already thought this would be my top 1, and yet it exceeded expectations. Wow. My other top coasters are quite leveled, but RTH is way better. One of the most extreme experiences I've lived. It certainly beats Kondaa for me in almost every aspect: ejectors, layout, comfort (raised seats), variety, drop, craziness, aggressivity... (Kondaa's theming is better, though). First and last car are obviously the best. This ride is very unique. Not only does it have great hangtime, quality ejectors, solid launches and perfect pace; it provides forces rarely experienced, mainly frontals (out-of-your-seat ones), which mixed up with hangtime pull you out of your seat. The jo-jo-roll provides excellent hangtime at the back and delightful madness at the front. The spinning launch is awesome, loved it every time. The top hat... Well, that's just the best airtime moment I've experienced. I personally prefer riding at the back, and have the luck of doing that drop facing bwd. Absolutely insane. Then the banana roll was better than expected. Although it doesn't look like much, it gives a quite enjoyable and weird feeling... I cannot describe it, it's sort of disorienting upside-down spinning-weightlessness. One of the ride's “worst” elements, but still pretty unique. The loop, however, is a huge dead spot. Straight track that gives no spin and provides no hangtime. Fortunately, the roll that follows is another top-tier inversion with insane frontals and decent hangtime, and then, after a mediocre turn, the second launch. The hill on it is fun, but I prefer the first launch due to the induced spinning. Afterwards, that awesome inversion, providing disorienting and sustained hangtime and floater and frontals and craziness. And the final hills are just too powerful (in a good way). I doubt there are (right now) many coasters in Europe that can top this for me (yeah, probably Zadra…).

  • Koen
    Koen 1 year ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Ejectors

    Unique ride and I did not expect this at all. Actually, the first second you leave the station is already this insane roll that is so slowly paced it drives you nuts. The launch is decent and then this first drop....if you are going backwards it is like you are being sucked into the abyss. Excellent feeling! After that this coaster just messes with you non-stop and really has no dead spots. What a suprise!

  • Sibren Foger
    Sibren Foger 1 year ago

    Inversions Hangtime Rattle Capacity Discomfort

    I have 12 rides on it. It was a very packed layout, with no deadspots, but at the times i rode it, it had a serieus rattle that would give me ah litural headache. Therefor i only give it 3 and a half stars, cause comfort on a coaster is one of the most important topics that it must have.

  • R E A D Y d o t

    Airtimes Ejectors Hangtime Rattle Intensity

    This is an absolute beast of a coaster. The themeing is good, I wouldn’t call it awesome, there‘s way better out there. But the ride experience has no equal as far as I have ridden to this day. It is desorienting, it is fast, and it is very forceful! It is an unrelenting onslaught of air- and hangtime, sideways ejectors, quite intense positive Gs and wonderful surroundings over the water. This thing whips! I rode it twice and was extremely impressed, but I did find it a bit too intense for my taste. I had a temporary headache after each ride, it really gets your blood pumping. And well, yes, it’s a Mack Ride and it also has the Mack Rattle. I wonder how long this ride will stay smooth, as the forces are quite impressive? Only time will tell.

  • Tim Rahoens
    Tim Rahoens 1 year ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Hangtime

    Awesome surprise, need to visit more times to enjoy this coaster, only sad point is that it is at a themepark where as an adult the offer is limited

  • Arjen H.
    Arjen H. 1 year ago

    Launch Intensity Hangtime

    Wow, wat a breathtaking coaster this is. The concept of a launched spinning coaster is messed up of itself. Add to that the amazing theming, the amazing layout over the lake and the on board audio and you got yourself an amazing breathtaking experience.

  • Michael F
    Michael F 1 year ago

    Fun Layout

    Geniale Bahn Von der ersten bis zur letzten Sekunde Ordentlich power, abwechslungsreiches Layout Nicht zu extreme. Meine 8 jährige Tochter hatte auch Spaß

  • Matthew Potter
    Matthew Potter 1 year ago

    Airtimes Launch Intensity

    Words cannot even begin to describe how amazing this ride is. It’s not even a ride, it’s an experience. I rode this 3 times, once in the very back, once in the very front and once in the front row of the second car, and each ride was different. First of all, the hang time - in the back you get whipped through it but it’s still there, but in the middle and front you feel as if you’re going to fall out of your seat. The first launch was amazing, going either forwards, backwards or sideways up the top hat at full speed, only to be thrown into your lap bar on the way down. The banana roll and the loop were insane, especially when taken backwards. The second launch, with the fun gimmick of an airtime hill mid-launch, was incredible, launching you straight up into the “double inverting dive loop” or the “reverse twice twisting velocity knot”, which is such a surprise even after riding it 3 times. After that wild element, you’re still not done, because there’s a nice ejector hill followed by a double-up, leading straight into the brake run. This is probably the most out of control feeling on any coaster in Europe, because no matter how many times you ride it, it will never be the same, and it’s just a brilliant coaster.

  • Robin Ferket
    Robin Ferket 2 years ago

    Theming Intensity Hangtime

    Amazing ride that will leave you wondering what the hell just happened after the first ride. Is perfect for rerides since every ride is a different experience because of the spinning. I personnaly found the ride the best in the back car, especially the 1st drop and the snake dive.

  • David Čuban
    David Čuban 2 years ago

    Theming Inversions Hangtime

    This coaster was better than I was expecting. I love how every ride is different. Some forces that I felt on this coaster was very different and unique. I take this coaster as a redemption for a Mack Rides. No more words needed.

  • sonhan
    sonhan 2 years ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Layout

    I could have add so many other pros. First of all, ofc this ride isn't perfect but it is a combo of many parameters, all are so well balanced it makes its way very easily to the top: creativity, unique layout, technology, theming & music, intensity, comfort. This is the most fun ride i ever been on, disguised as a high thrills machine this gives the opportunity to family to test their limits without being too impressive imo. Every ride was a slap in my face, couldn't stop laughing and each time was a different experience from the other ones, that says everything ! Front car is the best but every cars worth it, the middle car are sooooo much fun as everybody is looking at everybody, super cosy and real fun experience.

  • Dinsley 94
    Dinsley 94 2 years ago

    Fun Masterpiece Layout

    I don't even know how to explain this experience. I came off this with a massive smile on my face. Back row while facing backwards down the big first drop was one of the craziest things I've experienced riding a coaster. This is the type of ride where you will always come off with a smile on your face while wanting to ride it over and over again!

  • Tim C.
    Tim C. 2 years ago

    Lap Bar Intensity Layout Launch

    Absolutely amazing Coaster.

  • Heiko Hartmann
    Heiko Hartmann 2 years ago

    Comfort Ejectors Hangtime Intensity

    Looking from the outside, the train seems too move a little bit slow - but don't let this fool you! Nearly every part of this ride can be passed forward facing, backward facing or sideway facing. And this produces some thrill I never experienced before. The trains do not spin fast, instead they slowly turn in different directions which makes such a big difference. Be warned: Re-rides may make you dizzy though. Theming in the queue line, the station and on the trains is top-notch.

  • Lukas 42
    Lukas 42 2 years ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Layout

    Wow, what a beast of a ride - this is nothing less than my new number one coaster! Its creative layout has no dead spots and so many great elements: First of all, the Jojo Roll provides excellent hangtime which feels great in combination with spinning cars and comfortable lap bars. After the launch with a boost of spinning, the top hat has a very strong airtime moment (especially in the first car), just to be dragged downwards afterwards. The banana roll is also quite nice just as the classic looping, which almost feels surreal when taken sidewards. The airtime hill in the second launch is also a fun gimmick, but the "Reverse Twice Twisting Velocity Knot" is my favorite element of the coaster - this double inversion with spinning cars is just insane and feels like an out of control flatride. After some hills and curves there is the ride's furious finale - the double up has two really strong airtime moments before slamming into the brake run. I love the ride's overall intensity without being uncomfortable at any point, thanks to the lap bars and comfortable seats. At some points, there was a minor rattle, but nothing to write home about. Theming is done pretty well, especially the queue and entrance gate is pretty nice - and the coaster cars look fantastic. Musically, this coaster goes all out - while the music in the queue is rather low key but still nice, the onboard soundtrack is absolutely stunning and fits perfectly to this ride. Operators are trying their best to keep waiting times short, but this coaster model seems to have a little longer dispatch time than others. To sum things up, I can recommend this unusual experience to everybody and hope there will be more Mack products of this kind in the future!

  • Dennis Geens
    Dennis Geens 2 years ago

    Masterpiece Harness Ejectors Intensity

    1 of the best rides out there ! A lot of hangtime, ejector airtime, great launch, one of the best restraints, and insane inversions! That last inversions in the front is out of this world best inversions ever if you are sideways! Bin a couple of times tho plopsa and every single time my company can't handle this ride after 4 rides there done because it's that extreme. But its 1 hell of a ride! And definitely a bucket list coaster!

  • Flurin S.
    Flurin S. 2 years ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Ejectors

    WOW this ride is absolutely insane. Even though I have been enthusiast for many years now with 254cred at the time of this review, I can still count the moments on which I felt like I was completely vibing on a coaster on one hand. My second ride in the back row of RTH was one of them. It does deliver everything I ask for on a coaster: Great launches (I would never have thought I could ever say that about a Mackprodukt), insane drop (-1.8g in the back according to my watch), great positives, whippy transitions, good looking theming and most importantly no dead spots (not even between the elements, looking at you RMC). Additionally this ride features great (and cool) Mack engineering like the super smooth spinning allignment and automatic restraints that do the check themselves too (very cool, Great Job Roland!). Also this ride finally gives me a reason to forgive the cancan treatment that was given to my favourite, Eurosat. R.I.P

  • Thijmen B.
    Thijmen B. 2 years ago

    Nice surprise! Masterpiece Ejectors

    This thing is absolutely mental, he world needs more of these! If you are lucky enough to get this drop in the back row facing backwards then you are in for a great time. Absolutely one of the best drops in the world for its height. This ride destroys every RMC I've been on and I never expected this from a Mack. Launch even has bite to it! Also this thing looks great at night, lighting on the trains is fantastic. Mackprodukt.

  • Chehine A.
    Chehine A. 2 years ago

    Theming Masterpiece Intensity

    This coaster.... amazing, just no words

  • Guillian Tilkens
    Guillian Tilkens 2 years ago

    Airtimes Comfort Launch

    One of the best rollercoaster i ever done. 10/10!!!

  • Rik Steetsel
    Rik Steetsel 2 years ago

    Airtimes Nice surprise! Intensity

    What a coaster in this beautiful park, but why in this child oriented park. It doesn't belong here but it was great.

  • Dennis Janssen
    Dennis Janssen 2 years ago

    Airtimes Inversions Masterpiece

    This ride is the complete package of what rollercoasters can offer. It has brilliant hang-time, airtime, launches, inversions, forceful sections, spinning, and a very nice musical score to accompany it all. This ride is of unparalleled, world-class quality, a must-ride.

  • Lisbeth & Tom
    Lisbeth & Tom 2 years ago

    Inversions Launch Ejectors

    This ride is one of the most complete rides out there. It has the intens airtime, the forces, the theming, the crazy inversions that you take at the weirdest angles due to the spinning. It has an amazing onboard audio. Custom lighting on the trains at night. And this spinning is just the right amount. 43 rides in atm and probably our favourite ride in Europe!

  • Danilo G.
    Danilo G. 2 years ago

    Inversions Masterpiece Intensity


  • MyJump Up
    MyJump Up 2 years ago

    Airtimes Intensity Hangtime Capacity

    This is the sleeper ride of 2021, it's my new number one beating out Kondaa. This thing starts of with an insane hangtime moment and is followed by a powerfull launch, yes that's right a forcefull launch on a MACK. This coaster delivers insane positives, ejector airtime, hangtime and even a very fast paced inversion in the double inverting dive loop when you are sitting in the front. Best seat is in the back, but make sure to do the front aswell since the experience is so different!

  • Martijn D.
    Martijn D. 2 years ago

    Inversions Launch Hangtime

    This ride has everything. It's one of the most unique rides out there. Go ride it!

  • Jeffrey Fastenaekels

    Masterpiece Intensity Hangtime

    This is in one word a masterpiece! None of the rides are the same. Best Mack coaster ever, pretty intense for a Mack.

  • Anouk
    Anouk 2 years ago

    Inversions Fun Hangtime Intensity

    A monster of a coaster, rode it 4 times in different seats, but seats don't matter, the experience is always different. The layout packs some punches and is very unique, and the spinning gives it an added intensity. To my taste, it was a little too intense if there were a lot of backwards sections, but aside from that, what a coaster!

  • Sven P.
    Sven P. 2 years ago

    Inversions Comfort Ejectors

    Always different and loving it each time!

  • Quentin Anita Rummler
  • Martin Durieux
  • Denis Chocho
    Denis Chocho 1 day ago
  • Patrick C.
    Patrick C. 2 days ago
  • Alejandro Rico Nova
  • Célia Loquet
    Célia Loquet 5 days ago

    Airtimes Theming Intensity Rattle

  • Potier Remi
    Potier Remi 7 days ago
  • Dan Sadler
    Dan Sadler 7 days ago
  • Remy G.
    Remy G. 11 days ago
  • nadir el jallouli

    Airtimes Masterpiece Intensity

  • Phil Begue
    Phil Begue 16 days ago
  • Dirk E.
    Dirk E. 18 days ago
  • Hugo Terache
    Hugo Terache 18 days ago
  • Greg C.
    Greg C. 21 days ago
  • Seritag Demon
    Seritag Demon 22 days ago
  • valentin deloffre

    Airtimes Comfort Smoothness

  • Arthur Jeunejean
    Arthur Jeunejean 22 days ago
  • Wiprith
    Wiprith 24 days ago
  • Justin M.
    Justin M. 24 days ago

    Airtimes Fun Masterpiece Rattle Reliability

  • Brice Hbt
    Brice Hbt 26 days ago
  • Thomas
    Thomas 26 days ago
  • Elaia H.
    Elaia H. 26 days ago
  • Greg2Rota
    Greg2Rota 27 days ago

    Inversions Masterpiece Intensity

  • Amé Cortis
    Amé Cortis 28 days ago

    Theming Comfort Layout

  • Benjamin Michaut
    Benjamin Michaut 28 days ago
  • Baptiste Dupont
    Baptiste Dupont 29 days ago
  • Arthur Oswald
    Arthur Oswald 1 month ago
  • Ari Zakovitch
    Ari Zakovitch 1 month ago

    Theming Inversions Masterpiece

  • Quentin P.
    Quentin P. 1 month ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Ejectors

  • Thomas Lidstone
    Thomas Lidstone 1 month ago
  • Florian
    Florian 1 month ago
  • Laurent B.
    Laurent B. 1 month ago

    Lap Bar Fun Layout Rattle Reliability

  • Gallade GG
    Gallade GG 1 month ago

    Airtimes Inversions Location

  • Timote
    Timote 1 month ago
  • Killer Gaming
    Killer Gaming 1 month ago
  • Florian D.
    Florian D. 1 month ago
  • George Wakley
    George Wakley 1 month ago
  • Kod3ra
    Kod3ra 1 month ago

    Theming Lap Bar Ejectors

  • Richard T.
    Richard T. 1 month ago
  • Perrine Sue
    Perrine Sue 1 month ago
  • Alan Trotter
    Alan Trotter 1 month ago
  • Tous à Bloc
    Tous à Bloc 1 month ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Intensity

  • Corentin Paumier
    Corentin Paumier 1 month ago
  • Pauline _gsq
    Pauline _gsq 1 month ago

    Launch Masterpiece Intensity

  • Killian C.
    Killian C. 1 month ago
  • Björn Schiffmann
  • Celine M.
    Celine M. 1 month ago
  • Laura Frau
    Laura Frau 1 month ago
  • Pierre-Antoine Trd
  • Quentin L
    Quentin L 1 month ago

    Comfort Masterpiece Layout Rattle

  • Jordan R.
    Jordan R. 1 month ago
  • Dany w.
    Dany w. 1 month ago
  • Matthias Krey
    Matthias Krey 1 month ago
  • M. Iron
    M. Iron 1 month ago
  • Stanley Squirell
    Stanley Squirell 1 month ago

    Airtimes Smoothness Ejectors

  • Benjamin B.
    Benjamin B. 1 month ago
  • Gaspard Dlx
    Gaspard Dlx 1 month ago

    Theming Launch Masterpiece Rattle Inversions Disappointing!

  • Quentin Khuong-Lefevre

    Airtimes Inversions Intensity

  • Zakarias hansson
    Zakarias hansson 1 month ago
  • Neocide
    Neocide 1 month ago
  • Jérémy Deligny
    Jérémy Deligny 1 month ago
    FALL GUYS SHOW 1 month ago

    Airtimes Nice surprise! Masterpiece

  • Thomas L.
    Thomas L. 1 month ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Ejectors

  • Baptiste DLR
    Baptiste DLR 1 month ago
  • LuccaDeserranno
    LuccaDeserranno 1 month ago
  • Jordan Kirch
    Jordan Kirch 1 month ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Intensity

  • Matheo Dupuy
    Matheo Dupuy 1 month ago
  • AnthoSH
    AnthoSH 1 month ago

    Comfort Launch Ejectors Rattle Capacity

  • Anthony Lauricella
  • Mark McArthur
    Mark McArthur 1 month ago
  • Mat Matheo
    Mat Matheo 2 months ago

    Inversions Pace Intensity

  • PETOT Benjamin
    PETOT Benjamin 2 months ago

    Inversions Masterpiece Intensity

  • Esteban Feo
    Esteban Feo 2 months ago
  • Oscar O.
    Oscar O. 2 months ago
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    PAttraction 2 months ago
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    Yoyo Yobo 2 months ago

    Capacity Harness Intensity

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    SkyEcureuil 2 months ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Ejectors Rattle

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    Vape rios 2 months ago
  • 2mat20
    2mat20 2 months ago

    Masterpiece Smoothness

  • Damian Collins
    Damian Collins 2 months ago
  • David G.
    David G. 2 months ago

    Inversions Masterpiece Ejectors

  • Crafting Oko
    Crafting Oko 2 months ago
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    Tim Rahoens 2 months ago
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    Happy Chris gamer 2 months ago
  • Joell K.
    Joell K. 2 months ago
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    Chris Merron 2 months ago
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    Grenouillat A. 2 months ago

    Location Masterpiece Smoothness

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    Joël G. 2 months ago
  • Guillaume Focosi
    Guillaume Focosi 2 months ago
  • Maxime D.
    Maxime D. 2 months ago
  • Becquet Dylan
    Becquet Dylan 2 months ago

    Airtimes Comfort Masterpiece Capacity

  • Jake Buchanan whitehouse

    Airtimes Fun Ejectors

  • Alexandre M.
    Alexandre M. 2 months ago
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    Nathan Impey 2 months ago
  • Javier Ruiz Amado
    Javier Ruiz Amado 2 months ago

    Airtimes Inversions Masterpiece

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    Max Jones 2 months ago
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    Antoine Dehon 2 months ago
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    Win Green 2 months ago
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    BerntandMaa 2 months ago
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    kobe Tilbury 2 months ago
  • Setta lopez
    Setta lopez 2 months ago

    Masterpiece Ejectors Rattle

  • Florian Hary
    Florian Hary 2 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Masterpiece

  • Anaïs Belin-Moreau

    Airtimes Launch Masterpiece

  • 手取Fishland
    手取Fishland 2 months ago

    Launch Intensity Ejectors Discomfort

  • Jason B.
    Jason B. 2 months ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Layout

  • Corentin Smds
    Corentin Smds 2 months ago
  • Famille G.
    Famille G. 2 months ago

    Airtimes Comfort Intensity Rattle Too short

  • Cedric Sossong
    Cedric Sossong 2 months ago
  • Björn S.
    Björn S. 2 months ago
  • Rien que d'y penser

    Lap Bar Intensity Layout

  • Denis B
    Denis B 2 months ago
  • Hope is OP
    Hope is OP 2 months ago

    Inversions Intensity Ejectors Rattle Dead spots

  • Shissako
    Shissako 2 months ago

    Nice surprise! Comfort Masterpiece

  • Adrien L.
    Adrien L. 2 months ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Ejectors Capacity

  • Jade Eon
    Jade Eon 2 months ago
  • Bo_Ring
    Bo_Ring 2 months ago
  • Alban R.
    Alban R. 2 months ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Intensity

  • théocoaster
    théocoaster 2 months ago

    Airtimes Theming Fun Theming Launch

  • Théo Lesaffre
    Théo Lesaffre 2 months ago
  • Natalie Corden
    Natalie Corden 2 months ago
  • Julien F
    Julien F 3 months ago

    Airtimes Comfort Masterpiece

  • Math Marchal
    Math Marchal 3 months ago

    Theming Comfort Masterpiece Headbanging Intensity

  • Charlotte G.
    Charlotte G. 3 months ago

    Theming Masterpiece Smoothness

  • melanie r.
    melanie r. 3 months ago
  • Alicia Golisano
    Alicia Golisano 3 months ago
  • Jérémy Golisano
    Jérémy Golisano 3 months ago
  • Melanie Boyd
    Melanie Boyd 3 months ago

    Airtimes Launch Ejectors

  • Valentin A.
    Valentin A. 3 months ago

    Airtimes Nice surprise! Comfort Capacity

  • Zarkio
    Zarkio 3 months ago

    Theming Comfort Ejectors Rattle Dead spots

  • Roxane C
    Roxane C 3 months ago

    Airtimes Fun Layout

  • Tristan Miralles
    Tristan Miralles 3 months ago
  • Samuel Encinas
    Samuel Encinas 3 months ago

    Theming Masterpiece Ejectors Rattle

  • Maël Landa
    Maël Landa 3 months ago
  • Anaïs K.
    Anaïs K. 3 months ago

    Theming Masterpiece Intensity

  • Sander Mangelschots
  • G-corp
    G-corp 3 months ago

    Nice surprise! Comfort Ejectors Rattle Capacity Launch

  • Broos Cornelis
    Broos Cornelis 3 months ago
  • Julien C.
    Julien C. 3 months ago
  • Julie Facon
    Julie Facon 3 months ago
  • Mickael fournier (mickymax62)
  • Mark Potter
    Mark Potter 3 months ago
  • Mikel Albistur
    Mikel Albistur 3 months ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Ejectors

  • Florien Huijgens
    Florien Huijgens 3 months ago
  • Roberto Gartz
    Roberto Gartz 3 months ago
  • Powerful coasters
    Powerful coasters 3 months ago

    Inversions Intensity Ejectors

  • Thomas G.
    Thomas G. 3 months ago

    Launch Masterpiece Intensity

  • Corentin L.
    Corentin L. 3 months ago
  • unparcfan
    unparcfan 3 months ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Intensity Capacity

  • Denise V.
    Denise V. 3 months ago
    LUKIX COASTER 3 months ago
  • victor r.
    victor r. 3 months ago

    Inversions Launch Intensity

  • Antoine C.
    Antoine C. 3 months ago
  • Martin Pointeau
    Martin Pointeau 3 months ago
  • Loann N.
    Loann N. 3 months ago
  • Mathieu Jacob
    Mathieu Jacob 3 months ago
  • Àlex E.
    Àlex E. 3 months ago
  • axel scoot
    axel scoot 3 months ago
  • Maël R.
    Maël R. 3 months ago

    Airtimes Intensity Hangtime Rattle

  • Gwendal L.
    Gwendal L. 3 months ago
  • Amandine Sartre
    Amandine Sartre 3 months ago
  • Bruce b
    Bruce b 3 months ago
  • Mathieu Blondeau
    Mathieu Blondeau 3 months ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Ejectors Reliability

  • Tom Haywood
    Tom Haywood 3 months ago
  • Yohan Roy
    Yohan Roy 3 months ago
  • Soso Coaster
    Soso Coaster 3 months ago

    Intensity Ejectors Rattle Capacity

  • MEHH Ster
    MEHH Ster 3 months ago
  • Wanda Nicolas
    Wanda Nicolas 3 months ago
  • Andy Connolly
    Andy Connolly 3 months ago
  • Lara K.
    Lara K. 3 months ago

    Theming Capacity Intensity Discomfort

  • Alexis Cocochico
    Alexis Cocochico 3 months ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Ejectors Capacity

  • Tom Benelhadj
    Tom Benelhadj 3 months ago
  • Ilan Nefroot
    Ilan Nefroot 3 months ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Intensity

  • Nath M
    Nath M 3 months ago

    Airtimes Inversions Intensity

  • Edwige B.
    Edwige B. 3 months ago

    Airtimes Lap Bar Hangtime Rattle Reliability

  • Lisa B.
    Lisa B. 3 months ago
  • The Wicker Man
    The Wicker Man 3 months ago

    Airtimes Capacity Fun Rattle

  • Lunerio 80
    Lunerio 80 3 months ago

    Theming Inversions Launch

  • Jatiwou
    Jatiwou 3 months ago

    Fun Masterpiece Intensity

  • Maxime Debricon
    Maxime Debricon 3 months ago
  • Tom Brd
    Tom Brd 3 months ago

    Fun Masterpiece Layout

  • Antoine C.
    Antoine C. 3 months ago

    Airtimes Theming Masterpiece

  • Harry Thompson
    Harry Thompson 3 months ago

    Airtimes Fun Masterpiece

  • Ōkami Amaterasu
    Ōkami Amaterasu 3 months ago

    Masterpiece Layout Ejectors Rattle

  • Nathan G.
    Nathan G. 3 months ago
  • Raïva
    Raïva 3 months ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Ejectors

  • Condor Sun
    Condor Sun 3 months ago
  • Guus Wellekens
    Guus Wellekens 3 months ago
  • Sébastien Desmet
    Sébastien Desmet 3 months ago
  • Lars V.
    Lars V. 3 months ago
  • Ilana Vertongen
    Ilana Vertongen 3 months ago

    Launch Masterpiece Layout

  • Jordan Cornic
    Jordan Cornic 3 months ago

    Masterpiece Capacity

  • Thomas Robinson
    Thomas Robinson 3 months ago
  • Aurélien R.
    Aurélien R. 3 months ago
  • loclast
    loclast 3 months ago
    EMAUX 3 months ago
    OHNETIK 3 months ago
  • Paul Duval
    Paul Duval 3 months ago

    Intensity Smoothness Ejectors

  • Paul Florentin
    Paul Florentin 3 months ago
  • Enzo Drl
    Enzo Drl 3 months ago
  • Youssouf L.
    Youssouf L. 3 months ago

    Airtimes Theming Intensity

  • Auxence Zenner
    Auxence Zenner 3 months ago

    Theming Masterpiece Intensity Capacity

  • Mark van Gils
    Mark van Gils 3 months ago
  • Simon Malet
    Simon Malet 3 months ago
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    Calo Gramme 4 months ago

    Airtimes Comfort Masterpiece

  • Louis Dethier
    Louis Dethier 4 months ago

    Intensity Layout Ejectors

  • Anthony Delhaye
    Anthony Delhaye 4 months ago
  • Cédric Lamps
    Cédric Lamps 4 months ago
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    Oliver M. 4 months ago

    Airtimes Theming Masterpiece

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    Pipa Noah 4 months ago
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    Mika Vanherck 4 months ago
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    Camille M. 4 months ago
  • Eléder ;3
    Eléder ;3 4 months ago
  • Cocatrixe
    Cocatrixe 4 months ago

    Airtimes Lap Bar Launch

  • Milan Mastbergen
    Milan Mastbergen 4 months ago

    Comfort Fun Intensity

  • Adriaen A.
    Adriaen A. 4 months ago
  • Nathan A.
    Nathan A. 4 months ago
  • RDV coaster
    RDV coaster 4 months ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Ejectors

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    Fabien L. 4 months ago
  • Ylan Dournel
    Ylan Dournel 4 months ago

    Comfort Launch Masterpiece Capacity

  • minox
    minox 4 months ago

    Nice surprise! Comfort Masterpiece Headbanging

  • Roger B.
    Roger B. 4 months ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Intensity

  • Jimmy Coaster
    Jimmy Coaster 4 months ago
  • Thomas A.
    Thomas A. 4 months ago
  • Hugo Arbonel
    Hugo Arbonel 4 months ago

    Theming Masterpiece Hangtime Too short

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    Ty_Coaster 4 months ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Ejectors

  • Madadax
    Madadax 4 months ago
  • Floriane J.
    Floriane J. 4 months ago
  • Mewtex - Parc d'attractions

    Masterpiece Layout Ejectors Capacity

  • Frédéric Beck
    Frédéric Beck 4 months ago
  • Julien Gosselin
    Julien Gosselin 4 months ago

    Theming Nice surprise! Masterpiece

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    Adrien Balédent 4 months ago

    Inversions Launch Masterpiece Capacity

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    Tristan Clérin 4 months ago
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    Nicolas Legrand 4 months ago
  • Aphy
    Aphy 4 months ago
  • Claire P.
    Claire P. 4 months ago
  • Mizol
    Mizol 4 months ago

    Inversions Masterpiece Ejectors Rattle Capacity

  • Pandaf5ght
    Pandaf5ght 4 months ago
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    Marius Adam 4 months ago
  • Samuel Hackin
    Samuel Hackin 4 months ago
  • Matheo D.
    Matheo D. 4 months ago
  • Dorian Claessens
    Dorian Claessens 4 months ago

    Airtimes Launch Masterpiece Too short Capacity

  • Lutz D.
    Lutz D. 4 months ago
  • Blanche A
    Blanche A 4 months ago

    Comfort Masterpiece Intensity Rattle

  • Hadrien B.
    Hadrien B. 4 months ago
  • Paul Grisel
    Paul Grisel 4 months ago

    Airtimes Intensity Layout

  • Louis Turck
    Louis Turck 4 months ago
  • Jan K.
    Jan K. 4 months ago
  • Jose Preze
    Jose Preze 4 months ago
  • CH coaster
    CH coaster 4 months ago

    Inversions Masterpiece Ejectors Rattle Capacity

  • Alexandre C.
    Alexandre C. 4 months ago
  • Antonin Heiss
    Antonin Heiss 4 months ago
  • boulinge 28
    boulinge 28 4 months ago
  • Depraetere V.
    Depraetere V. 4 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Ejectors Rattle Reliability

  • Adam Tortorello
    Adam Tortorello 4 months ago

    First Drop Capacity Launch Headbanging Discomfort

  • quinten e.
    quinten e. 4 months ago
  • horion 2976
    horion 2976 4 months ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Ejectors

  • Sphynx !
    Sphynx ! 4 months ago
  • Juju
    Juju 4 months ago
  • Lil Rabe
    Lil Rabe 4 months ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Ejectors

  • Bricossin W (Bricossin)
  • SkeledroMan
    SkeledroMan 4 months ago
  • Edouard S.
    Edouard S. 4 months ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Hangtime Capacity Reliability

  • Thibault V.
    Thibault V. 4 months ago
  • Flo 76
    Flo 76 4 months ago
  • robin basuyaux
    robin basuyaux 4 months ago

    Theming Masterpiece Intensity

  • Matisse Roussel
    Matisse Roussel 4 months ago
  • César Mahieus
    César Mahieus 4 months ago

    Launch Masterpiece Intensity

    JULES COUVELARD 4 months ago

    Comfort Masterpiece Intensity

  • Julien D.
    Julien D. 4 months ago

    Inversions Masterpiece Ejectors

  • JBliv62
    JBliv62 4 months ago
  • camille
    camille 4 months ago
  • Valentine Lmqn
    Valentine Lmqn 4 months ago
  • Demitry U.
    Demitry U. 5 months ago
  • Damian Collins
    Damian Collins 5 months ago
  • Jessica Ssss
    Jessica Ssss 5 months ago
  • MOMENTScoaster
    MOMENTScoaster 5 months ago

    Inversions Intensity Ejectors Rattle Disappointing! Dead spots

  • Thomas B.
    Thomas B. 5 months ago

    Airtimes Nice surprise! Comfort Too short Capacity

  • Gaëtan Jean
    Gaëtan Jean 5 months ago
  • Kevin De Jager
    Kevin De Jager 5 months ago
  • Alexander Bjerrefelt
  • Nolan Quartier
    Nolan Quartier 5 months ago
  • Felix Kricke
    Felix Kricke 5 months ago

    Inversions Intensity Smoothness Theming

  • coasterlogs
    coasterlogs 5 months ago
  • Gautier
    Gautier 5 months ago
  • alextennis15
    alextennis15 5 months ago
  • Nat' Rides
    Nat' Rides 5 months ago

    Masterpiece Layout Ejectors

  • Coaster_ B.
    Coaster_ B. 5 months ago

    Intensity Layout Ejectors Rattle

  • mart 1
    mart 1 5 months ago

    Comfort Masterpiece Ejectors

  • Enzo Salangre
    Enzo Salangre 5 months ago
  • Evan B.
    Evan B. 5 months ago

    Fun Masterpiece Layout Theming

  • Axel Loup
    Axel Loup 5 months ago

    Airtimes Launch Intensity

  • Guillaume Lamotte
    Guillaume Lamotte 5 months ago
  • Quentin L.
    Quentin L. 5 months ago
  • vladimir l.
    vladimir l. 5 months ago
  • Michael R.
    Michael R. 5 months ago
  • Leo W
    Leo W 5 months ago
  • Dylan Dawes
    Dylan Dawes 5 months ago

    Masterpiece Too short

  • Julien Dendal
    Julien Dendal 5 months ago
  • EP Nico
    EP Nico 5 months ago
  • Maxime R.
    Maxime R. 5 months ago

    Fun Layout

  • David B
    David B 5 months ago
  • Jérôme Hatton
    Jérôme Hatton 5 months ago
  • Aurelien T.
    Aurelien T. 5 months ago

    Masterpiece Ejectors Hangtime Too short

  • szablewski romain
    szablewski romain 5 months ago

    Comfort Intensity Ejectors Capacity Reliability

  • Pierre R.
    Pierre R. 5 months ago

    Masterpiece Layout Ejectors Capacity

  • jefferson r.
    jefferson r. 5 months ago
    BBARDET 5 months ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Intensity

  • Yoann Diego
    Yoann Diego 5 months ago

    Theming Comfort Masterpiece

  • Martin André
    Martin André 5 months ago
  • Chloé H.
    Chloé H. 5 months ago
  • chloe d.
    chloe d. 5 months ago
  • Bradley Inwood
    Bradley Inwood 5 months ago
  • Eddy Bonnenfant
    Eddy Bonnenfant 5 months ago

    Comfort Masterpiece Harness

  • Jules Debay leduc
    Jules Debay leduc 5 months ago

    Comfort Masterpiece Ejectors

  • Clément K.
    Clément K. 5 months ago

    Comfort Masterpiece Ejectors Capacity

  • Sebou Boilot
    Sebou Boilot 5 months ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Ejectors

  • Kris Alyde
    Kris Alyde 5 months ago
  • Chris Tustian
    Chris Tustian 5 months ago
  • Yassine H.
    Yassine H. 5 months ago
  • Joshua
    Joshua 5 months ago
  • Phil Dennis
    Phil Dennis 5 months ago
  • julien mercier
    julien mercier 6 months ago
  • Baptist SALAÜN
    Baptist SALAÜN 6 months ago
  • Sacha B.
    Sacha B. 6 months ago

    Inversions Masterpiece Ejectors Capacity

  • Гэлор ЛКР
    Гэлор ЛКР 6 months ago
  • Zedd Van De Velde
    Zedd Van De Velde 6 months ago
  • Myles M
    Myles M 6 months ago
  • Claire Elizabeth Davies
  • Julien Willems
    Julien Willems 6 months ago
  • Guillaume B.
    Guillaume B. 6 months ago

    Launch Masterpiece Intensity Rattle

  • Thomas Parkfan
    Thomas Parkfan 6 months ago
  • Pierre Schwaller
    Pierre Schwaller 6 months ago
  • Benji Charly
    Benji Charly 6 months ago
  • Francois B.
    Francois B. 6 months ago
  • ad ray
    ad ray 6 months ago
  • Richard L.
    Richard L. 6 months ago

    Lap Bar Fun Masterpiece

  • Florian_ Arn
    Florian_ Arn 6 months ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Ejectors

  • Jimmy V.
    Jimmy V. 6 months ago

    Nice surprise! Comfort Rattle Intensity

  • Andry Carpentier
    Andry Carpentier 6 months ago

    Airtimes Theming Layout

  • nicolas Poulet
    nicolas Poulet 6 months ago
  • Sakuta
    Sakuta 6 months ago
  • Quentin D.
    Quentin D. 6 months ago

    Comfort Masterpiece Ejectors Rattle

  • Narindra R.
    Narindra R. 6 months ago
  • Tom on Ride
    Tom on Ride 6 months ago

    Theming Masterpiece Layout

  • Rags Aki
    Rags Aki 6 months ago
  • Martin André
    Martin André 6 months ago
  • Nicolas Picand
    Nicolas Picand 6 months ago

    Comfort Masterpiece Ejectors Intensity

  • Tom Lcp
    Tom Lcp 6 months ago
  • raphi Coasters
    raphi Coasters 6 months ago

    Launch Fun Masterpiece Rattle Intensity

  • Elias Az
    Elias Az 6 months ago
  • Ghost YouAreTrash
    Ghost YouAreTrash 6 months ago
  • Florian Gerard
    Florian Gerard 6 months ago
  • Antonin le D
    Antonin le D 6 months ago

    Masterpiece Layout Ejectors

  • Sam Vissers
    Sam Vissers 6 months ago
  • Michaël Schweitzer
  • Guillaume Hastrement

    Inversions Masterpiece Ejectors Rattle

  • Keeny Dit Mimi R.
    Keeny Dit Mimi R. 6 months ago

    Masterpiece Layout Ejectors

  • Lucas Lazzaro
    Lucas Lazzaro 6 months ago

    Comfort Fun

  • Elodie Cailloux
    Elodie Cailloux 6 months ago
  • Mystic Coaster Isaline

    Inversions Masterpiece Ejectors

  • Sophie B
    Sophie B 6 months ago
  • Simon Dr
    Simon Dr 6 months ago
  • Paul-Henri G.
    Paul-Henri G. 6 months ago

    Theming Masterpiece Intensity

  • Ethan K.
    Ethan K. 6 months ago

    Theming Fun Masterpiece

  • Riri Marie
    Riri Marie 6 months ago
  • Cyril Wlc
    Cyril Wlc 6 months ago
  • Arthur Govaerts
    Arthur Govaerts 6 months ago

    Airtimes Nice surprise! Fun Rattle Capacity

  • Pierre R.
    Pierre R. 6 months ago
  • Arnaud Charlet
    Arnaud Charlet 6 months ago
  • Thibault HAMARD
    Thibault HAMARD 6 months ago
  • Audren T.
    Audren T. 6 months ago

    Inversions Comfort Intensity

  • Angèle David
    Angèle David 6 months ago

    Theming Layout Intensity


    Airtimes Masterpiece Intensity Rattle

  • RubiCrash
    RubiCrash 6 months ago
  • Hugo L.
    Hugo L. 6 months ago
  • Andre Berzin
    Andre Berzin 6 months ago

    Inversions Masterpiece Intensity

  • Pixelios Coaster
    Pixelios Coaster 6 months ago

    Intensity Layout Ejectors

  • Kurai Tsukuyomi
    Kurai Tsukuyomi 6 months ago
  • Coco C.
    Coco C. 6 months ago
  • Michael B.
    Michael B. 7 months ago
  • Nawex
    Nawex 7 months ago
  • Sylvain C.
    Sylvain C. 7 months ago
  • Kilian P.
    Kilian P. 7 months ago
  • OneGold
    OneGold 7 months ago

    Airtimes Inversions Comfort Rattle Capacity

  • Noï O.
    Noï O. 7 months ago
  • Benjamin T.
    Benjamin T. 7 months ago
  • Loulouemerick
    Loulouemerick 7 months ago
  • léa crdn
    léa crdn 7 months ago
  • Castlelinouchette
    Castlelinouchette 7 months ago
  • Lehna1914
    Lehna1914 7 months ago
  • 倫理.
    倫理. 7 months ago
  • Jordy Kok
    Jordy Kok 7 months ago
  • Jullian L
    Jullian L 7 months ago

    Inversions Fun Ejectors Capacity

  • Florent B.
    Florent B. 7 months ago
  • Lucas Martin
    Lucas Martin 7 months ago
  • Vincent R.
    Vincent R. 7 months ago
  • Benjamin D.
    Benjamin D. 7 months ago

    Masterpiece Layout Ejectors Rattle Capacity

  • yanni coasterfan
    yanni coasterfan 7 months ago
  • Tatoyokai
    Tatoyokai 7 months ago
  • Mathieu T.
    Mathieu T. 7 months ago

    Airtimes Capacity Masterpiece Too short

  • Anine Ingvaldsen
    Anine Ingvaldsen 7 months ago
  • Milan De Windt
    Milan De Windt 7 months ago
  • Justine l.
    Justine l. 7 months ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Smoothness Theming

  • Mr Coaster V.
    Mr Coaster V. 7 months ago
  • Sebastien C.
    Sebastien C. 7 months ago
  • Tim Chatelain
    Tim Chatelain 7 months ago
  • Théo
    Théo 7 months ago
  • Mikl Leo
    Mikl Leo 7 months ago


  • Gne99 _
    Gne99 _ 7 months ago

    Masterpiece Ejectors

  • Bugline
    Bugline 7 months ago
  • Jules C.
    Jules C. 7 months ago
  • basw
    basw 7 months ago

    Fun Masterpiece Ejectors Capacity

  • Arthur D.
    Arthur D. 7 months ago

    Theming Masterpiece Intensity Reliability

  • Extaa
    Extaa 7 months ago
  • Corentin Bld
    Corentin Bld 7 months ago

    Airtimes Comfort Launch Capacity

  • Benjamin T.
    Benjamin T. 7 months ago
  • Dalop
    Dalop 7 months ago

    Inversions Launch Intensity

  • Nicolas Chabert
    Nicolas Chabert 7 months ago
  • Daniel Hope
    Daniel Hope 7 months ago
  • David Ribi
    David Ribi 7 months ago
  • Julien Simon
    Julien Simon 7 months ago
  • Manon Fenty
    Manon Fenty 7 months ago
  • Lucas N.
    Lucas N. 7 months ago
  • Dj Redstone
    Dj Redstone 7 months ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Intensity Reliability

  • Eddy Bouchenak
    Eddy Bouchenak 7 months ago
  • Snouwcky
    Snouwcky 7 months ago
  • Bruno Sluyts
    Bruno Sluyts 7 months ago
  • CoasterQuest
    CoasterQuest 7 months ago
  • rockfusion d.
    rockfusion d. 7 months ago

    Launch Masterpiece Intensity

  • Dilan Gurliat
    Dilan Gurliat 7 months ago

    Lap Bar Inversions Masterpiece

  • Edward Bonks
    Edward Bonks 7 months ago

    Nice surprise! Comfort Masterpiece

  • Lucas Beuriot
    Lucas Beuriot 7 months ago
  • 2L2J
    2L2J 7 months ago

    Inversions Fun Intensity Rattle

  • Darell_Coaster
    Darell_Coaster 7 months ago

    Comfort Masterpiece Intensity

  • Alexandre G.
    Alexandre G. 7 months ago

    Airtimes Fun Intensity Rattle

  • Fabien S.
    Fabien S. 7 months ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Layout

  • Ivy Kiddo
    Ivy Kiddo 7 months ago

    Launch Pace Duration Rattle

  • RetroVision
    RetroVision 7 months ago
  • ilan m.
    ilan m. 7 months ago

    Comfort Masterpiece Layout Rattle

  • mpcoasters
    mpcoasters 7 months ago
  • Carole L.
    Carole L. 7 months ago
  • Marie Dufeuille
    Marie Dufeuille 7 months ago
  • Arne V
    Arne V 7 months ago
  • Stéphanie Pynthe
    Stéphanie Pynthe 7 months ago
  • Nicolas D.
    Nicolas D. 8 months ago
  • Jordan B.
    Jordan B. 8 months ago

    Airtimes Nice surprise! Masterpiece

  • occ . gacha
    occ . gacha 8 months ago
  • Lama Arratistars
    Lama Arratistars 8 months ago

    Comfort Masterpiece Intensity

  • Julien A.
    Julien A. 8 months ago
  • Lucas Le coca
    Lucas Le coca 8 months ago

    Masterpiece Layout Ejectors Capacity

  • Thevoaki
    Thevoaki 8 months ago

    Airtimes Comfort Masterpiece Rattle

  • Amadou T.
    Amadou T. 8 months ago

    Fun Masterpiece Ejectors Rattle

  • Julien G.
    Julien G. 8 months ago

    Comfort Masterpiece Ejectors

  • Grégory Z.
    Grégory Z. 8 months ago

    Fun Intensity Ejectors Rattle Intensity

  • heroptix
    heroptix 8 months ago

    Airtimes Launch Masterpiece

  • Alex Jr
    Alex Jr 8 months ago

    Inversions Nice surprise! Ejectors

  • Pedro Nunes Grignon

    Airtimes Masterpiece Ejectors Rattle Capacity Discomfort

  • Nayiiice
    Nayiiice 8 months ago

    Airtimes Theming Ejectors Rattle

  • Cyprien Hebert
    Cyprien Hebert 8 months ago
  • sky coaster
    sky coaster 8 months ago
  • Valerien Desmaretz

    Airtimes Nice surprise! Layout

  • Matthis C
    Matthis C 8 months ago
  • Gael Cornic
    Gael Cornic 8 months ago
  • Arnaud Hell
    Arnaud Hell 8 months ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece

  • SubTek
    SubTek 8 months ago


  • Alexis C
    Alexis C 8 months ago
  • Meeko
    Meeko 8 months ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Intensity Rattle

  • Calys de Crydee
    Calys de Crydee 8 months ago

    Launch Masterpiece Intensity Capacity

  • Benoit Kin
    Benoit Kin 8 months ago

    Airtimes Masterpiece Ejectors

  • Full Rides
    Full Rides 8 months ago
  • Hansart Romain
    Hansart Romain 8 months ago
  • Julie D.
    Julie D. 8 months ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Smoothness Capacity

  • Dylan Evrard
    Dylan Evrard 8 months ago
  • Hugo C.
    Hugo C. 8 months ago
  • Eragony H.
    Eragony H. 8 months ago
  • Maxime C.
    Maxime C. 8 months ago

    Nice surprise! Masterpiece Ejectors

  • Valentin G.
    Valentin G. 8 months ago
  • NowetT
    NowetT 8 months ago
  • Jonathan de speler

    Masterpiece Layout Ejectors

  • Gabriel Rohas
    Gabriel Rohas 8 months ago

    Theming Masterpiece Ejectors

  • Jertrude Jérémiades

    Airtimes Masterpiece Ejectors

  • thibault c.
    thibault c. 9 months ago

    Comfort Intensity Ejectors Rattle Capacity Intensity

  • Anthirp
    Anthirp 9 months ago
  • Hugo C.
    Hugo C. 9 months ago

    Nice surprise! Intensity Layout Capacity

  • Maxime Pynthe
    Maxime Pynthe 9 months ago
  • Yosh G
    Yosh G 9 months ago
  • Will G.
    Will G. 9 months ago
  • Bellies R Us
    Bellies R Us 9 months ago

    Airtimes Launch Masterpiece

  • Linda Hegao
    Linda Hegao 9 months ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Ejectors Rattle

  • Lorick Zanoguera
    Lorick Zanoguera 9 months ago

    Nice surprise! Masterpiece Intensity Harness

  • Maximax
    Maximax 9 months ago
  • DarkSpyros
    DarkSpyros 9 months ago
  • hctel f.
    hctel f. 9 months ago

    Inversions Masterpiece Intensity Lap Bar

  • Polodelph
    Polodelph 9 months ago

    Airtimes Comfort Masterpiece

  • Mathys Boucher
    Mathys Boucher 9 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Layout Rattle Too short

  • Aymeric Frnr
    Aymeric Frnr 9 months ago
  • Alexandre Hoffmann
  • Valentine Reymann
    Valentine Reymann 9 months ago
  • Panda-Man
    Panda-Man 9 months ago

    Inversions Masterpiece Layout

  • thibault van bokhoven

    Launch Masterpiece Layout

  • Jan T.
    Jan T. 9 months ago
  • Jokofeu
    Jokofeu 9 months ago

    Airtimes Lap Bar Inversions

  • Tim Druyts
    Tim Druyts 9 months ago
  • Ferrix
    Ferrix 9 months ago
  • Alexis B.
    Alexis B. 10 months ago
  • Pingvin 375
    Pingvin 375 10 months ago
  • Madame Patachou
    Madame Patachou 10 months ago
  • Corentin Massé
    Corentin Massé 10 months ago
  • Alexandre Routier
    Alexandre Routier 10 months ago
  • Julien L.S.
    Julien L.S. 10 months ago


  • Andy S.
    Andy S. 10 months ago
  • Antoine Leclere
    Antoine Leclere 10 months ago
  • Florian Peloso
    Florian Peloso 10 months ago
  • Laurenz T.
    Laurenz T. 10 months ago

    Inversions Fun Masterpiece

  • Gladys Grangier
    Gladys Grangier 10 months ago
  • Eloiii
    Eloiii 10 months ago

    Comfort Masterpiece Intensity

  • Hugo Mancjr
    Hugo Mancjr 10 months ago

    Nice surprise! Comfort Masterpiece

  • Simon V.
    Simon V. 10 months ago
  • Luc Julien
    Luc Julien 10 months ago
  • Mallory Payen
    Mallory Payen 10 months ago
  • Ivon K.
    Ivon K. 10 months ago
  • Tyron N.
    Tyron N. 11 months ago

    Masterpiece Intensity Ejectors

  • Hugo Pl
    Hugo Pl 11 months ago

    Nice surprise! Masterpiece Ejectors Capacity

  • Gabriela Fernandes
    Gabriela Fernandes 11 months ago
  • Enzo Bonanno
    Enzo Bonanno 11 months ago

    Nice surprise! Airtimes

  • Noa !
    Noa ! 11 months ago

    Airtimes Comfort Masterpiece

  • Tera Žáková
    Tera Žáková 11 months ago
  • Enzo Chatelain
    Enzo Chatelain 11 months ago
  • Tom Lambert
    Tom Lambert 11 months ago
  • Rom Nar
    Rom Nar 11 months ago
  • Etienne__K
    Etienne__K 11 months ago

    Nice surprise! Masterpiece Layout

  • Sonia D.
    Sonia D. 11 months ago
  • PhilippeRgt
    PhilippeRgt 11 months ago

    Airtimes Intensity Ejectors Theming

  • Vin Dklck
    Vin Dklck 1 year ago
  • Arthur Rousseau

    Comfort Launch Masterpiece

  • TV R.
    TV R. 1 year ago
  • Steven Mottaz
    Steven Mottaz 1 year ago
  • Maxime Dujardin
  • Michaël FromBelgium
  • dj darkpy
    dj darkpy 1 year ago

    Nice surprise! Smoothness Layout Harness Launch

  • Vinzenz T.
    Vinzenz T. 1 year ago
  • Vic 2.
    Vic 2. 1 year ago

    Airtimes First Drop Intensity Rattle Too short

  • Lonkams_coaster

    Airtimes Masterpiece Layout Rattle

  • Extremerides YT
  • Corentin Dericq
  • tonio coaster
    tonio coaster 1 year ago

    First Drop Masterpiece Ejectors Capacity

  • Mortal 44
    Mortal 44 1 year ago

    Lap Bar Ejectors Hangtime Rattle Intensity

  • Na Sa
    Na Sa 1 year ago

    Airtimes Capacity Comfort Rattle Inversions

  • Léa Rioli
    Léa Rioli 1 year ago
  • manugamé V2
    manugamé V2 1 year ago
  • Roméo Rioli
    Roméo Rioli 1 year ago
  • Amaury D.
    Amaury D. 1 year ago
  • Jérémy V.
    Jérémy V. 1 year ago
  • Cynthiana R.
    Cynthiana R. 1 year ago
  • Thomas G.
    Thomas G. 1 year ago
  • Sébastien Strebelle
  • Maxime Cretton
    Maxime Cretton 1 year ago
  • Fabrice Lizin
    Fabrice Lizin 1 year ago
  • Flaurine Pierdon
  • Jimmy Parkfan
    Jimmy Parkfan 1 year ago
  • Matheo Dragan
    Matheo Dragan 1 year ago
  • Jeremy Tollenaers (Syden)
  • Olivier R.
    Olivier R. 1 year ago

    First Drop Masterpiece Ejectors

  • Antoine Wauty
    Antoine Wauty 1 year ago

    Inversions Nice surprise! Location Rattle Dead spots Intensity

  • Sidney Huart
    Sidney Huart 1 year ago

    Airtimes Fun Masterpiece

  • Okan Sumer
    Okan Sumer 1 year ago
  • Tetra
    Tetra 1 year ago

    Airtimes Theming Masterpiece

  • Darell N.
    Darell N. 1 year ago
  • Tobias Günther
  • Corentin Mahon
    Corentin Mahon 1 year ago

    Theming Launch Layout

  • Gabriel Burel
    Gabriel Burel 1 year ago
  • Antti V.
    Antti V. 1 year ago

    Airtimes Nice surprise! Intensity

  • Maddie
    Maddie 1 year ago
  • Evan L.
    Evan L. 1 year ago

    Comfort Masterpiece Ejectors

  • Emil Broich
    Emil Broich 1 year ago
  • Jarne Buttiens
    Jarne Buttiens 1 year ago
  • Florentin Capelle

    Theming Launch Layout

  • Grégory R.
    Grégory R. 1 year ago

    Comfort Masterpiece Duration

  • Florent L.
    Florent L. 1 year ago
  • Yoann Noel
    Yoann Noel 1 year ago

    Nice surprise! Smoothness Ejectors

  • Telissa RYCKEWAERT

    Theming Masterpiece Ejectors

  • Fabien L.
    Fabien L. 1 year ago
  • Kévin Marques
    Kévin Marques 1 year ago

    Airtimes Intensity Smoothness

  • Romain Binet
    Romain Binet 1 year ago
  • Vic Devriendt
    Vic Devriendt 1 year ago
  • Florian Doublet

    Masterpiece Intensity Layout

  • Clément Loutre

    Masterpiece Intensity Ejectors

  • Steve B.
    Steve B. 1 year ago

    Airtimes Comfort Intensity

  • Mickael Messaid
  • Alexy
    Alexy 1 year ago

    Comfort Masterpiece Ejectors

  • Feitane
    Feitane 1 year ago

    Lap Bar Intensity Ejectors

  • Mansour B.
    Mansour B. 1 year ago

    Airtimes Comfort Intensity

  • Clément D.
    Clément D. 1 year ago
  • Alexandre Humbert

    Fun Dead spots

  • DevSteΓ
    DevSteΓ 1 year ago
  • Samy D.
    Samy D. 1 year ago

    Nice surprise! Fun Layout Rattle Dead spots Reliability

  • War
    War 1 year ago
  • Tom M.
    Tom M. 1 year ago
  • Mathis Gullon
    Mathis Gullon 1 year ago
  • Léo Teixeira Gouvea
  • Boris Le Hachoir

    Lap Bar Masterpiece Intensity

  • Jules A.
    Jules A. 1 year ago
  • Nicolas Rebois
    Nicolas Rebois 1 year ago

    Airtimes Comfort Masterpiece

  • Maxime Huyghe
    Maxime Huyghe 1 year ago

    Masterpiece Layout Ejectors Rattle

  • Fabrice K.
    Fabrice K. 1 year ago

    Intensity Layout Ejectors Capacity

  • Eric Roux
    Eric Roux 1 year ago
  • rex
    rex 1 year ago

    Airtimes Comfort Ejectors Rattle

  • Thooske R.
    Thooske R. 1 year ago
  • Dan Wright
    Dan Wright 1 year ago
  • Arnauld Lambert

    Masterpiece Layout Ejectors

  • Daniel Mcguire
    Daniel Mcguire 1 year ago