Theming First Drop Headbanging

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Saw - The Ride features
Chain lift hill
Shoulder harness
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  • Robert A.
    Robert A. 2 days ago

    Theming Intensity Ejectors Capacity

    Fantastic theming, actual sense of fear in the station, violent transitions and THREE moments of ejector airtime. What a fantastic ride. I won't forget that this ride, while it can be smooth, can also be very aggressive and "too much" for some people. It's been pretty consistently smooth for me over the past few years with my last properly "bad" ride being all the way back in 2020. It has admittedly lost a bit of the intensity that it used to have in my first few years of riding it, but I guess that's to be expected with bigger and bigger rides as I start getting on better coasters. Don't get me wrong, Saw is still great and an awesome UK roller coaster! I'm so happy the midcourse brake run isn't trimmed too, it makes for a brilliant finale with the harshest ejector pop on the ride straight into the most intense part, a tiny dive loop that you take at super speed. Thorpe - don't EVER touch this bit, it's perfect as is.

  • Gonçalo D.
    Gonçalo D. 26 days ago

    First Drop Theming Inversions Headbanging Harness Discomfort

    This would be a 5 star coaster if they changed the restrains because it is really uncomfortable especially if you have a penis!

  • Alex G.
    Alex G. 1 month ago

    First Drop Theming Ejectors Headbanging Too short Harness

    Best ride at thorpe park for me with amazing ejector airtime that takes you by surprise especially the indoor drop which has great ejector and the stomach drop feeling. It could do with lap bars for a more freeing and comfortable experience wish it was a bit longer too but still a great ride!

  • trec ccst
    trec ccst 2 months ago

    First Drop Theming Intensity Capacity

    sometimes i wonder if this coaster was made for me. i think it has almost everything i adore in coasters. it's unapologetically intense and will probably do a good job at scaring you if you don't like horror. it sure is short but it packs a HUGE punch. it also has a couple of really good airtime moments, and i love that first beyond-vertical drop, because drops beyond 90 degrees are just cool. facing straight into sawblades as well, as well as being told just before the lift that you're gonna die from this. i really adore it honestly. i will say, this coaster does have a pretty noticeable rattle, but honestly i don't care that much. i've never really cared if a coaster isn't glossy smooth, and sometimes it's more fun with it isn't. i'd say saw is a great example of that. the only REAL gripe i have with this coaster is that it doesn't have great capacity. 8-rider trains are fine at a smaller park, but thorpe park gets a LOT of visitors, and those queues can get quite long. i think it could be worse (the way they dispatch two trains at a time is probably a good idea for it, and of course the second train has that cool pre-show at the start), but it could CERTAINLY be better. apart from that, i think i adore literally everything else about this coaster.

  • Lukas 42
    Lukas 42 3 months ago

    Pace Intensity Ejectors Too short Capacity

    Due to the low capacity, I would advise to ride this coaster first when going to Thorpe Park, this one often has the longest line of all coasters. Theming is nothing special on the outer queue, but indoor, it is pretty well executed. If you want to fully see the small darkride part before the acutual coaster section, I would recommend to take the rear of the two vehicles about to dispatch. The ride itself is pretty short, but aggressively paced - there are some very snappy moments of ejector airtime. I braced for some headbanging (especially when thinking at Huracan at Belantis), but while still not being very smooth, it was absolutely tolerable. I think, these circumstances fit pretty well to the theming as one of SAW's deathtraps.

  • Meem
    Meem 5 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Intensity Rattle

    Best Coaster at Thorpe. Best Airtime in the Uk and themeing on par. Ridden it 75+ times

  • Lil ol Lemon
    Lil ol Lemon 6 months ago

    First Drop Nice surprise! Duration Headbanging Harness

    When i went to thorpe yesterday i decided to start my day off with saw as last time i'd been it was the only major ride i hadnt been on. Long story short, i ended up spending nearly the whole day doing cycles of saw through the single rider queue, all in all i got 33 runs on it. As someone who's ridden it 33 times in a row, i think i can say with certainty that the current restraints are extremely bad. throughout that first indoor section, they actually arent too bad. however, after that first drop, they really just get worse and worse. Especially at the end your head is bouncing between the restraint like a pinball. Going through that dive loop and into the turn is the worst part of the ride. Luckily though, I heard from a member of the staff that it's going to be getting lap bars sometime in the near future, the ones on rush to be exact. of course, i dont know the legitimacy of that as i myself am not apart of the staff, but i truly hope that's true as that would certainly bump it up to being my favourite ride at the park (my current favourite being the swarm). Now, onto the pros so that i can actually explain why i rated it a 4/5 stars. That first indoors part is an amazing pre-lift. The initial indoor drop is great, and i love that slow heartline roll that could almost be classed as a jojo roll? but not quite. i quite like the vertical lift hill, nothing spectacular of course since, well, its just a lift-hill after all, but i always like a good vertical lift hill. The drop after the lift is amazing, quite possibly the best part of the ride, with a positive G packed pullout into the immelman which gives pretty nice hangtime. It then follows it up with a nice tight overbank into a pretty great moment of ejector before pulling up and into the mid-course. you then enter an extremely tight drop which is always a blast and then enter into a dive loop, then entering another nice overbank and going into the break run. Overall it's a great ride. I myself havent ridden any other eurofighters so i cant say how it stacks up with the others, but what i can say for certain is that it's a great ride with a pretty intense layout, and overall is a great addition to the thorpe park lineup

  • Slovis Celery
    Slovis Celery 7 months ago

    Intensity Ejectors Headbanging Capacity

    Great theming, and a layout that - while having lots of jank and roughness - features great forces and quick pacing

  • Fantastic Coasters

    Theming Inversions Ejectors Rattle Headbanging Discomfort

    Very well themed coaster but rough in places.

  • Jayden Dyer
    Jayden Dyer 7 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Intensity Headbanging

    This ride was a SHOCK when I went on it, the indoor part had great theming and the outdoor part was pure airtime and madness. Long, fun ride just watch your head after the drop.

  • Kellen Grady
    Kellen Grady 7 months ago

    First Drop Theming Intensity Too short

    I essentially went to Thorpe Park entirely for this ride. Well, not exactly, but I could have gone to Chessington or Alton Towers and I opted for this park because Saw is a guilty pleasure franchise for me and I figure that, now that it's much less popular, the ride isn't much longer for this world. I really loved the theming even though many of the effects no longer function properly, and that first drop comes out of fucking nowhere. The outdoor portion is also great, though both parts of the ride could definitely stand to be longer. The queue was amazing with several genuine props from the movies, and even the outdoor portion was atmospheric. Overall, despite the short length and broken effects, I enjoyed this ride a lot and I'll be sad to see it go if my hypothesis is correct.

  • Xavier Goff
    Xavier Goff 7 months ago

    First Drop Theming Intensity Headbanging Discomfort

    This ride packs a punch. Its super intense, very well themed and overall a solid ride. But much like other Thorpe park rides it’s very rough. I haven’t been able to figure out if it’s meant to be rough due to the torture theming but it’s still quite painful sometimes. The first time I did it I really messed up my neck because I didn’t put my head on the back when going down the first drop, it just got worse throughout the rest of the ride. It is has super sudden and abrupt turns that also take a toll on your body. I definitely recommend doing it, just PUT YOUR HEAD BACK ON THE SEAT

  • Solar Winds
    Solar Winds 9 months ago

    First Drop Inversions Hangtime Headbanging

    Saw is a fun ride with a 100 degree drop, loads of inversions, and a dark indoor section. There were a few neckbangy moments on some of the inversions but overall it was a smooth ride experience. This was my first Gerstlauer I have ridden and I definitely excited to check out more from them.

  • Matt Busby
    Matt Busby 10 months ago

    Theming Hangtime Headbanging Discomfort Reliability

    I've visited Thorpe Park numerous times since Saw was first installed. The first of which was 10 years ago in 2012. Coming away from that visit Saw was one of my standouts and favourite rides. However, having just visited in 2022 I think it's slammed itself all the way down to my least favourite ride in the park. On Thursday morning, when we arrived, it was closed. It remained closed until roughly 2pm that day, when it opened we made our way over to it as I've got very fond memories of it. We queued for about 45 minutes, the longest queue of the day (admittedly because I expect everyone rushed to it when it opened) and this was okay. I do love the outside theming leading up to the ride itself. The BIG con here for me is somewhere in the time since I last visited in 2018, Saw seems to have become VERY rough. I don't remember ever experiencing any particularly bad roughness beyond the natural bit you'd expect from a ride of it's design, but this time I honestly felt like my brain was going to ooze out of my ear. I only rode it twice over the two days we were there, whereas usually it was a 4-5 times a day ride for me. On the 2nd day we were at the park it was once again closed as soon as the park opened. We went away and rode Colossus, came back and used our fast track to board quickly. I'm glad we did this because it felt just as rough despite being on the back row this time, and shortly afterwards it had broken down again. I didn't bother trying to ride a 3rd time but every time I opened the app it seemed it was closed. A pity, what was once an excellent ride now feels to me as though it's maybe had it's day. Exceptionally rough these days and seemed to be broken down more than it was operational.

  • Simon Indelicate
    Simon Indelicate 10 months ago

    First Drop Theming Disappointing! Dead spots

    The indoor bit is pretty great and then I just don't like it. It feels disjointed and start-stoppy without any sense of flow or fluidity and while the elements are kind of violent, I just find the overall experience weirdly boring. I don't get anything from the beyond vertical drop, it's just a brief moment of nothing and then a kick up the arse. The only bits of the ride that linger in the memory are waiting for the lift hill mid ride and then being uncomfortable during the lift hill itself - the first thirty seconds aside, it just doesn't have any of the things that I like about rollercoasters and is easily my least favourite in the park.

  • Daniel Russell
    Daniel Russell 11 months ago

    Airtimes Theming Inversions Harness

    This ride has really good airtime, those drops send you flying out of your seat. The theming is really well done, the whole ride feels out of control, but those restraints kinda suck.

  • Sam P.
    Sam P. 11 months ago

    Layout Ejectors Headbanging Discomfort Reliability

    Saw has a great layout, the indoor section is really nice and the outdoor bit is very intense, aggressive and fast. It also has some of the best airtime in the park, proper ejector over the hill before the mid course. My big criticism - and the reason it doesn't score higher - is it's very rough, always irritating and sometimes unbearable, particularly the dive loop, just goes into that way too fast. It's impossible to enjoy a ride when your head is being slammed around constantly. On paper this ride is superb, in reality, the roughness mean it sadly isn't

  • Happy Chris gamer

    Theming Inversions Intensity Capacity

    Saw - The Ride is my favourite ride at Thorpe park it is a brilliant ride by Gerstlauer which is very intense really well themed with a lot of easter eggs, references and overall great props inside the building which is part of the queue line and a small portion of the ride are in. The ride is probably one of the most intense rollercoasters in the UK, especially with the inverted drop into the 2nd inversion of the ride, however, a big complaint about Saw - The Ride is the roughness this was especially true a few years ago however it's started to become less and less rough over time improving my reception of the ride over time. When you are at Thorpe Park this is a must ride as it is very enjoyable and a great ride that goes on for the perfect amount of time. In short Saw - The Ride is a fun intense ride that is a must ride for anyone at Thorpe Park or any fan of the Saw franchises this ride is great and definitely worth your time and will probably be the best ride at Thorpe Park until the new hypercoaster. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

  • Rebecca261102
    Rebecca261102 1 year ago

    ow my thighs

  • Trish Parry
    Trish Parry 1 year ago

    I rode it like 15 times in a row in the rain since there wasn't a line and we loved it THAT much!

  • Daniel S.
    Daniel S. 1 year ago

    Theming Headbanging Disappointing! Discomfort

    The theming is great. I love how it's themed to Saw and the queue line is really well done. But I waited 1 hour and 30 minutes when it said it had a 25 minute queue, and I left with a huge headache because of it's roughness. This is unfortunately my least favourite ride at the park.

  • Tropics Tracker

    First Drop Theming Rattle Discomfort

    This has a solid drop in the dark which comes out of nowhere, along with the second drop being great too. The Theming is amazing in the dark ride part and also there is some nice touches outside. However it has Discomfort with my spine being rattled around after the second drop of the lift hill, and the rattle on the inversions.

  • Oscar Courtney
    Oscar Courtney 1 year ago

    First Drop Theming Inversions Headbanging

    It’s a very solid ride, but all depends on height since the head banging!


    Harness Layout Ejectors Headbanging Reliability

    Saw is another coaster I ride several times a week. As such, I have ridden in every car and seat position over the years and have gathered a very good understanding and appreciation for the ride. Here is my review. The theming is a very nice touch, with a plaza ambience and queueline track adding to the atmosphere of the area. But that queueline track can get really, really, REALLY annoying. Saw has consistently the longest queue on park from open til close. Even on dead days you`ll most likely be waiting at least 45 minutes for it, which is unlucky because this has by far the worst queueline on park in my opinion. Cattlepen after cattlepen, slow moving and a bit bland (and add in the usual thorpe park target audience blazing up listening to their music on loud speakers) makes for an unpleasant experience to say the least. If the temperatures that day are approaching or exceeding 30dg then you might wanna grab a fastpass. But the short indooor queueline is amazingly detailed and the station is one of my favourite stations. Boarding the cars you will notice that these have the classic Gerstlauer OTSRs. I have no idea why people don`t like these, they are airtime room heaven if you know how to pull them down to get room (push your legs together. your welcome). Pay attention to the number on the side of your car. The cars vary in smoothness, with car 7 generally being the smoothest of the lot and cars 2 and 6 being the roughest. I have built up an immunity to this ride and it causes me zero levels of pain whatsoever (in fact I think the roughness adds to the ride) but for some people saw can be really really bad on their head. If this is you, kindly request the back row of the car. Dispatching from the station, if you are in the first car you will go down the surprisingly powerful indoor drop almost immediately but if you are in the second car you get a little preshow, which is a nice touch. There is one indoor inversion, a heartline roll (TIP: Cross and fold your legs just before going through this. once again, your welcome) which delivers some lovely sustained hangtime. The outdoor 100dg 100ft drop is the gimmick of this ride, but it doesn`t even make my top 3 moments of the ride. Its good, don`t get me wrong but its sort of just there .And if your in the front row of the car at the base of that drop and are not used to rougher rides then my thoughts are with you because your head is getting battered like a chip shop sausage. You go into the second inversion, an immelmann which is by far my least favourite part of the ride. It just don`t do jack all for me, feels forceless and may as well not be there. To be honest I actually feel like that part needs to be rougher, might actually add a bit of spice to it. The turnaround after it is a matter of a couple of degrees away from being an inversion and it gives a nice feeling of some lats. The moment directly after though, cross your legs and fold them again cause you will be at the very least moderately tossed out of your seat. This airtime hill is outstanding and has been testing the hairlines of its riders since it opened. Everything just rises up and that is probably my favourite part of the ride. The midcourse follows which doesn`t slow you down one bit and you get absolutely YANKED out of your seat on the exit to it and into an insanely aggressive and rough diveloop, filled with awesome Gerstlauer rattle. This is probably my second favourite part of the ride and it ends it off with a bang (quite literally, this thing literally turns some peoples heads into puree) before sliding very aggressively into the brakes. As you could probably tell from all of that i really really do like SAW and it is my joint first on park. Some agree, some call me insane and some literally don`t have any opinion of it but despite the amount of praise I have given it, there is one thing I cant excuse it for. Its reliability. The guys outside football stadiums selling hooky tickets just before an event starts are probably more reliable than this thing. Most days it wont open on time and pretty much every day expect at the very least an hour of downtime. But that`s just the way it is and one of the only negatives to an otherwise amazing coaster which is up there with the best in the UK in my opinion

  • Mr Coller Roaster

    First Drop Theming Fun Capacity

    Although not as much as Colossus, Saw does get some hate. People say it’s rough and has a rattle but I disagree. This ride has some great theming and the two drops are both brilliant. It is much better in some seats than others. It is a lot rougher in the front row so I always try to sit in the back. Also, try to put your head forwards so it does not hit the OTSRs. If you do these two things, your ride will be much better and you will enjoy it much more. It is my fourth favourite ride at Thorpe Park.

  • Nan Dave
    Nan Dave 2 years ago

    First Drop Theming Ejectors

    Wow, amazingly themed ride that looks intimidating.

  • James Kerfoot
    James Kerfoot 2 years ago

    Inversions Hangtime

    Saw has great theming- it’s been carefully planned out to provide an immersive experience. The strongest part of the ride for me is the indoor drop, which is very intense. I didn’t notice any roughness, and found the ride enjoyable from beginning to end. The first ‘outdoor’ drop after the vertical lift hill is Oblivion lite, which is never a bad thing!

  • Brendan Jackson
    Brendan Jackson 2 years ago

    Theming Duration Headbanging Disappointing! Discomfort

    Should be so much better than it is. Painful to ride these days, it's a shame as the indoor section is fantastic. Feels like it runs too fast for the layout

  • Semina S.
    Semina S. 3 years ago

    First Drop Fun Ejectors Reliability

    Saw is a very good ride. With insane ejector airtime moments and it’s fun theme, Saw-the ride has it all. I didn’t find it particularly rough but the front row is a little bit more rough than the back.

  • Moogal
    Moogal 3 years ago

    Theming Inversions Intensity Headbanging

    Seems to be quite a marmite ride. Personally I'm a fan - the capacity is good (when Thorpe's operations allow!), the layout is interesting with a nice indoor section with hidden surprises, and an intense outdoor section. The theming around the area is also pretty immersive. As with many Eurofighters with the overhead restraints, there can be a bit of headbanging - I find the worst part for this is the final turn into the station brake run.

  • Dave Scott
    Dave Scott 3 years ago

    Horror theme is hardly enticing; and a crap ride to boot. Like other early Gerstlauers, instant migraine. Merlin can afford far better and being short changed with crappy rides in one of the few parks that could actually finance something good in the UK is doubly annoying.

  • Poodz
    Poodz 3 years ago

    First Drop Intensity Ejectors Headbanging

    Saw is an incredible ride. It has some of the best ejector airtime in the UK, the drop is immense, and it is also very well themed. You are prone to hit your head a bit, but for me it rarely detracts from the experience.

  • kai phillips
    kai phillips 4 years ago

    First Drop Theming Rattle Reliability

    Its well themed but a little rough and unreliable

  • Maxime Pynthe
    Maxime Pynthe 8 days ago
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    Anatole Dns 15 days ago
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  • Coasters with Chris

    Airtimes First Drop Nice surprise! Headbanging Harness

  • Samuel Dixon
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    Antti V. 5 months ago

    First Drop Pace Intensity Rattle Discomfort

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    Francisco Robles 5 months ago
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    Aalan Ddunsmuir 5 months ago

    First Drop Theming Inversions Rattle Headbanging Too short

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    David Collard 5 months ago

    First Drop Theming

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    Airtimes Pace Layout Rattle Headbanging

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    First Drop Rattle Discomfort

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    Airtimes First Drop Theming Harness

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    Nice surprise! Intensity Harness

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    Theming Nice surprise! Theming

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    Theming Nice surprise! Fun Rattle

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    Theming Headbanging Tear it down!

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    Airtimes Theming Inversions Rattle Headbanging

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    Nice surprise! Intensity Layout Rattle Harness

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    Airtimes First Drop Theming Rattle

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    First Drop Theming Fun

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    First Drop Theming Rattle

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    Theming Fun Layout

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    First Drop Intensity Ejectors Too short Discomfort

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    First Drop Theming Headbanging Discomfort Dead spots

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    Airtimes Intensity Rattle

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    Theming Nice surprise! Layout Headbanging

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    Theming Fun Intensity Too short Capacity

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    Rémy Brié 2 years ago
  • A Shambolic Enthusiast
  • Samuel Hammond
    Samuel Hammond 2 years ago

    First Drop Theming Ejectors Headbanging Discomfort

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    Josh 2 years ago
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    Fabrice Lizin 2 years ago
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  • Coaster Cool Gaming
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    First Drop Fun Ejectors

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    Matt Burgess 2 years ago
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    Jeffrey E. 2 years ago

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    Guido Horatz 2 years ago
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    Muffled Donkey 2 years ago
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    Marcus Gear 2 years ago
  • Corentin Degrève

    Theming Nice surprise! Intensity Capacity Harness

  • Joris V.
    Joris V. 2 years ago
  • David R.
    David R. 2 years ago
  • Vianney J.
    Vianney J. 2 years ago

    Theming Inversions Layout Headbanging Discomfort

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    Esteban Heine 2 years ago
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    Flurin S. 2 years ago
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    Anthony C. 3 years ago
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    Tom F. 3 years ago

    Airtimes First Drop Theming

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    murl0c aka 3 years ago
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    Ethan Chambers 3 years ago
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    Jordan H. 3 years ago
  • Power Onride // Travel Video
  • Steffen Hermes
    Steffen Hermes 3 years ago

    Theming Nice surprise! Harness

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    Angelina F 3 years ago

    First Drop Theming Fun Headbanging Discomfort

  • Nicolas L.
    Nicolas L. 3 years ago
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    Warren Duke 3 years ago
  • Floppy Flouz
    Floppy Flouz 3 years ago

    Theming Inversions Layout Discomfort

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    Matthew Bradley 3 years ago
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    James Fletcher 3 years ago
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    Camille Misty 3 years ago
  • Maxime Cretton
    Maxime Cretton 3 years ago

    Theming Discomfort

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    Romain B. 3 years ago

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    Brice Préfix P. 3 years ago
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    First Drop Ejectors Rattle

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  • worse than pinfari
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    Aubin D. 4 years ago
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    Luc R. 4 years ago
  • Alexandre Routier

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    Daniel Obier 4 years ago
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    Konrad G. 4 years ago
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    Virginia Alves 4 years ago

    First Drop Theming Layout Headbanging Too short

  • Maxime Werner Hoffmann

    Rattle Headbanging

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    Axelle T. 4 years ago
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    Antoine Grodent 4 years ago
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    Mehdi Bajramovic 4 years ago
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    Aymeric D. 4 years ago

    Theming Intensity Harness Discomfort

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    Syl Splace 4 years ago
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    Nicolas R. 4 years ago

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    Guillaume F. 5 years ago
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    Michaël Rmn 5 years ago
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    Anthony Spanagel 5 years ago

    First Drop Theming Rattle

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    Frédéric Beck 5 years ago

    Intensity Discomfort

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