• Coaster Nut

    First Drop Smoothness Hangtime Dead spots Intensity Reliability

    Like most dive coasters, the drops on Dr. D were the only things that gave me any kind of thrill. The ride was pleasant and smooth, but it feels more like a family coaster than a "thrill ride." It's not a coaster that makes me say, "Wow, I gotta ride this again." One and done. Even with Flash Pass, I had to wait 70 minutes because it broke down three times while I was in line.

  • Gage M.

    First Drop Smoothness Dead spots Layout

    Aside from the 2 drops, there is not much else to the ride. The drops are fantastic and give loads of airtime. However, the Immelmann and the other elements were completely forceless. This is a ride you do once or twice and then move on.

  • Gage M.

    Smoothness Hangtime Too short

    I rode this once in the front and once in the back. The front row ride was fairly disappointing. The first drop was nothing special and there was barely any airtime. I got off thinking Cheetah Hunt was much better. Later in the day, I got on in the back row, which gave a significantly better ride. The first drop felt much more intense. There was more airtime and intensity throughout the rest of the ride. This back row ride made me rank this coaster slightly above Cheetah Hunt and 4th best in the park.

  • Carter Eckhart

    Discomfort Pointless

    My 200th coaster so I guess that’s cool. I could tell it wouldn’t be comfortable when the lift hill was rough.

  • Carter Eckhart

    Comfort Fun Dead spots

    A relatively smooth, comfortable abs forceful wild mouse which is why it’s one the upper end of mice I’ve ridden, however it’s still just a regular Mack wild mouse so nothing special.

  • Carter Eckhart

    Lap Bar Comfort Duration Dead spots

    Pretty forceless and sluggish as with most B&M hypers but the drop and some of the hills offered ok floater and the turns were fun. Overall just a nice big and relaxing mine train.

  • Carter Eckhart

    Airtimes Pace Rattle

    An underrated ride with its sneaky airtime and solid pacing. It is horrifically rough but it didn’t hurt much and dare I say it might have added to the fun factor a little bit. Overall nothing special but it offered more than what others said so it was a nice surprise.

  • Carter Eckhart

    Location Fun Intensity Rattle Capacity

    Pretty underrated coaster overall. I’ve enjoyed this and the other Flying Dutchman I’ve ridden in firehawk but I found that these 2 coasters feel very different than each other. Nighthawk is rougher but still manageable, and the restraints were great on this one too. The positive G’s in the flying position weren’t as good on firehawk but I found the forces in the lying position to be better here, especially on the vertical loop. I also love the setting over the lake and the fresh color scheme. One bad thing about this ride though is the capacity, especially when they are only running one train like they were for me. Overall a coaster that gets way too much hate and is just a solid fun and intense ride if you can overlook the cons.

  • Carter Eckhart

    Inversions Intensity Layout Dead spots

    This coaster has an amazing layout with a great variety of forces and large selection of different elements. There are launches, although admittedly not the most forceful ones out there, ejector hills, hangtime filled inversions, snappy transitions, and positive g filled curves. Really the main thing holding this coaster back is that it feels slow and looses a lot of its speed in quite a bit of spots, plus there is a bunch of dead spots and some elements that just feel kinda off. Overall a lot of the elements just don’t feel designed properly which can make them feel awkward but on the positive side lends itself to some strange and unexpected forces at some instances. Overall this coaster has one of the best layouts I’ve seen but it just fails to execute it well unfortunately. However I still did really enjoy this ride for what it is with the fun selection of forces and elements that it did provide.

  • Carter Eckhart

    Inversions Pace Intensity

    Definitely a top tier invert. Most of the elements have force but the batwing and corkscrew are the real stars of the show with their neck snapping whip and foot numbing positives. The coaster also tears through its layout, having no mid course definitely helps. There’s only one real dead spot with that hill over the lift but it’s right in between the 2 craziest elements on the ride so it doesn’t feel like it kills the ride much. Also contrary to what some people say the coaster does not feel short at all, there is definitely plenty of elements and the ride time is satisfying. The theme is also kinda cool with that fighter jet stuff and the sharks and cardinals on the trains. Overall not my favorite invert because the whole ride isn’t balls to the walls intense but it still has its fair share of insane elements.