• Kevin Gordon

    One of my top wood coasters! Pacing and speed are incredible, you feel every bit of the force of the ride. Station fly by is awesome, great laterals, quick operations.

  • Daniel Stark

    Fun Layout

    Seriously, guys, I don't understand the hate SLCs get. On my visit to Walibi Holland, I just got one ride on El Condor first thing in the morning, and it felt underwhelming and pointless, not offering much, and yet hardly uncomfortable at all. I thought it was because the coaster hadn't warmed up, but it happend again with MP-Express. It doesn't have any decent whip, hangtime, airtime nor sense of speed, the drop is horribly poinless and most of the layout offers just positives, which I'm not a fan of; besides, those G's aren't really intense, especially compared to B&M inverts. I don't remember much of the other two SLCs I've ridden (I was a GP then), but if they had been THAT bad, I think I would remember. So, what's the problem with this coasters? Furius Baco at PA, Poseidon at EP or Coaster Express at PW are way more rattly and uncomfortable.

  • Daniel Stark

    Nice surprise! Fun Rattle

    I hadn't ridden it before the retrack, but it must have improved this coaster a lot, as my first ride on the very last row was pretty smooth. However, for some strange reason, my ride at the very front was way more rattly (anyway, it was easily bearable). Aren't roller coasters expected to be rougher at the back? Still, the ride was fun, and a nice surprise as well: I didn't know that RCCA could build decend coasters. My previous experiences with this manufacturer were... not optimal. At the back, the drop is quite enjoyable, and the ride has some weak floater throughout the layout. The turnarounds are too slow, but at least that way you rest from the rattle. Overall a fun woodie; not the worst, not the best (by far).

  • Samantha P.


    I kept the Vr on for the first section of the ride then took it off. I don’t like VR on coasters .. although it was perhaps the best I’ve seen as they sort of lay out the track in the VR film so it does at least match with what’s happening on the coaster. All in the dark, zero themeing and so strange that No one was making any noise it was so quiet ! I didn’t find it too uncomfortable though so overall not terrible.

  • Mark L.

    Theming Nice surprise! Fun Intensity

    The experience is incredible. 5 stars. The rollercoaster itself is second only to Space Mountain on Disney property, but if you take away the trappings, it is still a family coaster. Regardless, for the experience alone, this is a can’t miss. Top 50 for me, just above Candymonium. I care more about intensity than the average enthusiast. It is worth a special trip to ride this.

  • Ivan M.

    Inversions Layout Duration Discomfort

    I'm probably going overboard in giving this ride a 9/10 but it's mostly out of appreciation for making the most out of a lot of bad things. It has the standard Six Flags DC superhero theming, but the surrounding environment is actually pretty nice with lots of foliage and the station music is an absolute bop. It's a stand-up coaster, but it's easily the best of them all, it's butter smooth, it has a long layout and unique, forceful elements with good pacing to boot. Jesus Christ, Stand-Ups were NOT meant to be this good. Also, here's a tip for men: Don't rest your entire body weight on your balls and blame the ride for making you infertile. Simply lay them on top of the bicycle seat, make sure your feet are touching the ground with some room to bend your knees and you'll be fine. It's not ideal to be standing but there are ways to make it bearable.

  • Ivan M.

    First Drop Location Ejectors Too short Dead spots

    I probably rode this thing about 10 times. It has some of the best moments of airtime in the world and the quarry is a great setting, but halfway through it slows to a crawl and it ends before it can make up for the lost time.

  • Ivan M.

    Intensity Smoothness Disappointing! Dead spots Layout

    A 6/10 is too harsh but this ride carries the pretense of being so many things that it's not. There's practically no airtime and most of the layout is pointless meandering or shallow drops. The helix at the end is definitely the best part but I didn't even gray out on it despite it being so long. Overall, a disappointment.

  • Ivan M.

    Location Fun Rattle Harness Dead spots

    I want to like this ride a lot but it's kind of rough and it doesn't make very good use of the suspended cars, IMO. At least there are a lot of trees and some theming to make this ride more interesting. I'm glad it's still around but I just wish it did more. Also, the restraints are unnecessary and uncomfortable.

  • Ivan M.

    Inversions Rattle Disappointing! Pointless

    On its own Scream is a good ride, but it just feels so pointless in a park that has so many other rides like it, and it's the least interesting of all of them. There's nothing technically wrong with it aside from a noticeable rattle, but it says nothing interesting, does nothing interesting and it just makes me wish I were anywhere other than a giant concrete slab next to a disgusting, sprawling parking lot. Twisted Colossus is also a parking lot coaster but at least it's interesting enough to help me forget that. This coaster just reminds me of everything bad about B&M's cookie-cutter floorless layouts. It's just so BORING.