• Rik Steetsel


    Rode this many times but it is not the best GCI i did. In fact the best one i did is an hour drive from here in the Netherland. But this coaster is unique for Holland for the dualing effect and that is nice. Good coaster for the whole family.

  • Erik C.

    Fun Capacity Discomfort

    From my couple of rides that I got on Ultra Twister I can say it is a very unique ride, but has some problems as well. The lift system is very cool and gives you an interesting sensation. The ride is not too rough, but the brakes are quite jolting, and especially at the halfway point. You NEED to brace yourself hard for those brakes as it instantly stops and if you don't, you'll get forcefully shoved into your restraints. After that, the backwards heart-line rolls are very fun, and then the ride comes to an end. The best parts about the ride are the heart-line rolls and first drop. Also, note that the capacity is pretty terrible, so ride this first if it's crowded. While this ride isn't the best at the park, I hope it stays because of its rarity and uniqueness.

  • Erik C.

    Airtimes Fun Smoothness

    This was my first S&S Free Spin, and I remember enjoying it very much. I had ridden Green Lantern at Magic Mountain a couple times before, so my expectations were not the best, but I was happily surprised. I remember there being a lot of flipping compared to its American sisters, and that it was a relatively comfortable ride. This is the best installation of the Freespin that I have ridden so far!

  • Erik C.

    Fun Smoothness

    Though I don't remember much from this ride, I remember having positive experience. The best part (as with most fliers) was the pretzel loop with its insane intensity. The rest of the ride was fine, and the layout is much better then the Superman clones. Acrobat is a perfect fit for the park as there is nothing else like it around. I would even say it is top three in the park, so no complaints here.

  • Erik C.

    This is a typical family coaster, but at least Magic Mountain decided to put some decent theming around it.

  • Erik C.

    Airtimes Masterpiece Layout Launch

    Helix is a fantastic ride at a fantastic park in the fantastic Göteborg. This has almost everything you want in an elite coaster including a long terrain layout, multiple fun inversions, launches (albeit not very forceful), strong airtime, and whippy transitions. I especially love the two airtime hills that provide ejector and the "Norwegian Loop" which provides laterals as you flip around. While I agree that the launches are pretty weak, that does not knock this ride down from being a masterpiece and a 5/5 coaster. Also, the queue has an awesome aesthetic, and is a modern architectural piece on its own, with stairs and walkways winding around, above, and below each other. Also, you can't forget the amazing Helix soundtrack, which sets the tone of mystery and suspense before the ride. Helix is one of the best examples of how Swedish Parks put quality over quantity into their lineups.

  • Erik C.

    Fun Intensity

    This is your average spinning coaster. I did get some insane spinning on my ride though which was awesome.

  • Thomas C.

    Launch Intensity Layout Too short

    Very good coaster but too short. Moreover, the restrains are a bit uncomfortable.

  • Semina S.

    Fun Smoothness Layout Too short

    Galactica is an incredible experience. Some great forces when you are on your back and the ride area as a whole is great. This ride certainly is a whole package and is one of the most fun experiences in the UK.

  • Semina S.

    Pace Fun Ejectors Too short

    Fun with a good lap bar and great pace, some of the turns are taken at whippy speeds and are oddly shaped leading to some surprising ejector and what more do you want from a ride like this?