• Joep van Baren

    Nice surprise! Location Fun

    Galactica isn't intense or fast or anything but sure a fun coaster. Love the part where you are riding on your back. The restrains feel a little uncomfortable when departing/arriving at the station but oh well. Still while using two stations the waiting lines didn't move as quickly as I had hoped.

  • Alex A.

    Inversions Fun Intensity Too short

    A fun inverted coaster that navigates through an ok layout with some good intensity

  • Alex A.

    Capacity Layout

    Pretty ordinary layout and slow dispatches.

  • Alex A.

    Airtimes Masterpiece Intensity Rattle

    Insane for a classic. This ride is all about airtime and intensity, and the layout is a slight plus. It really gives you that feeling of barging off the tracks at every turn. Reliability isn't a big issue here, as the ride impressively for its age quire rarely breaks down due to good maintenance by the city of Santa Cruz.

  • Alex A.

    First Drop Intensity Ejectors Capacity

    This ride is by far the best at California's Great America. No other coaster in the park can even match the intensity and airtime you will get on this ride. Only issue is capacity, since there are only eight riders per train, so this ride typically gets the longest lines in the park, but definitely worth it!

  • Alex A.

    Fun Rattle Tear it down! Pointless

    The coaster is alright, aside from the last two airtime hills, which are the roughest part of the ride and produce zero airtime. Even though it's still a fun ride and despite its recent re-tracking, it should still be torn down or RMC'd to make way for a new thrilling and innovative coaster at California's Great America.

  • Alex A.

    Fun Smoothness Headbanging Too short Pointless

    This coaster doesn't really do much. It essentially is a loop, helix, corkscrew, then boom, you're back at the station. Despite its simplicity and minor headbanging, it was still pretty smooth and fun to ride.

  • Bryan Stanard

    Fun Launch

    Bye Felicia shockwave At Kings Dominion

  • Aki Hayashi

    Comfort Pace Intensity


  • Aki Hayashi

    Nice surprise! Intensity