• Eric Clash

    Headbanging Discomfort

    If I could give this ride a zero I would.

  • Eric Clash

    Disappointing! Discomfort Tear it down!

    I know many of you are gonna hate on me. But good god! 2016 was when I rode this so I am definitely biased. I know they have refurbished it but this is one of the worst three coasters I have ridden. It was so rough that it felt like my bones and muscles were being smushed together when I rode this for the first time. I know it was stupid but I was thinking that RMC needs to renovate this coaster when I rode it last in 2016 but that was before I was an actual enthusiast and knew how popular Boulder Dash was. So now as an enthusiast if I ever go back to Lake Compounce I will give this ride ano ...

  • Eric Clash

    Airtimes Intensity Smoothness Rattle

    This ride has the best airtime I have ever experienced. It is currently ranked as my 2nd favorite just below Steel Vengeance. Smooth but not as smooth as everyone says.

  • Eric Clash

    Airtimes Fun Discomfort

    I have grown to love this roller coaster. Sure it is rough but it isn't too bad, it's still tolerable. This is definitely at least a top 25, but since my coaster count is still somewhat low it is a top 15 as of now.

  • Eric Clash

    Smoothness Rattle

    This coaster is pretty fun, and it is a good arrow looper. However it isn't anything special. Also when I rode it for the first time, it was smooth but there was a minor rattle.

  • Eric Clash

    Airtimes Pace Smoothness

    This is my favorite coaster at the moment, and it has some great airtime moments, however not all the airtime was as good as El Toro's airtime. But the airtime was still very amazing. I did not get bruises because of it though so this ride is also very comfortable, and the restraints are comfortable. But part of me feels like that's some what a bad thing because I like a smooth coaster but I also like to get very aggressive jerky airtime, and the airtime didn't feel that jerky. But it's still my favorite and I could see why some people think it is overrated though. However my opinion might cha ...

  • worse than pinfari

    Comfort Fun Layout Headbanging

    cmon lads its the best slc i've done and probably the best slc most people have done why such a low rating it's lit

  • Pierre Vaast

    Location Fun

    Une vieille Wild Maus en bois avec vue sur le pont et l'opéra de Sydney. Difficile de faire mieux en ce qu'il s'agit de l'emplacement. Le coaster est vraiment très fun et d'un confort vraiment surprenant ! Bonne petite surprise

  • Gavin Baez

    Airtimes First Drop Smoothness

    To be truly honest, whenever I visit Orlando, this is the coaster I'm begging to ride every time. This coaster is beautifully built with a perfect tall drop (not too high), amazing twists and turns, the speed is fast and enjoyable, and is as smooth as a coaster can possibly get. What's even better about it is that its harnesses allow you to experience some long airtimes and feel comfortable and secure. The theming is pretty decent along with it's setting being along a small lake to give you that feeling of swimming like the Mako shark, Aka. the fastest breed of shark. If you plan on visiting ...

  • Alexandre Humbert

    Airtimes Lap Bar Nice surprise!

    Missing pros about Rutschebanen : incredibly fun, very smooth and confortable ! This old ride surprised me a lot and can be ranked at the same level as good and recent rollercoasters. Those lapbars help a lot to make it both fun and sensational : we're totally free, and even to stand up and get out of the ride. So funny !