• Carrie C.

    Airtimes Location Comfort

    Awesome ride.

  • Christopher S.

    Theming Launch Intensity

    Everything from the start to the end is pure magnificence. Add that with theming and this is easily one of the best roller coasters.

  • William S.

    Airtimes Theming Nice surprise! Too short

    Underrated AF! I honestly think behind Wicker Man This is one of the best themed coaster at the park. Drop Track Element Is Incredible. If You Go Down To The Woods Today You Better Not Go Alone Btw ;)

  • William S.

    Nice surprise! Pace Fun Theming Reliability

    Once A good ride still a smooth ride with some good elements. shame the theming isn't very good and a very unique ride layout. A lot Of Downtime recently though

  • Jack Jack J.

    Airtimes Launch Fun

    The more I rode Pipeline the more I liked it. It is a phenomenal ride that is unique and fun. The launch is not the most powerful but nowhere near forceless. The airtime moments my first ever ride I thought were good but not great but the more I rode the more I figured out that if you just let your feet leave the surfboard they are amazing. The airtime is so unique because of this your whole body is just floating in the air not touching the ground. The ride is a bit short and the layout on paper isn't special, but it works really well for this style of ride. I think it's a great ride and one of the most purely fun coasters in the country.

  • William S.

    Inversions Nice surprise! Launch

    I LOVED this ride an exhilarating launch followed by a zero g roll. It is in the name. Incredible. Following this there are 5 more inversions if I am right and each one is as brilliant as the last. This ride Is Absolutely Incredible and the retrack really made this ride exhilarating. I would have loved to have seen a bit more from the ride but with a short queue time I cannot complain. A short snappy experience full of inversions and thrill!!!

  • David Parrett

    It’s not really memorable, it’s sort of a small family coaster with some theming and a light launch at the beginning. I don’t love the helix to start the ride and overall the feeling is sort of jerky.

  • David Parrett

    The ‘4D’ free spin coaster might be my least favorite next to spinning wild mouse coasters in general, but this particular ride was much more smooth and comfortable for me than the one at Great Adventure. It’s not saying much, but at least I didn’t hate it.

  • David Parrett

    Comfort Fun

    The reviews on here for Racer 75 were not great but when I rode it I was blown away with how smooth and fun this ride is. I love the straight out and back format, though they were only using the right side. Give it a ride in the last row.

  • Noah Beeri

    Smoothness Pointless

    Nice to have this historic ride around, it runs very smooth after the refurbishment. The layout is not very exciting though.