• Bede Teeton

    Airtimes First Drop Pace Lap Bar

    Untamed is an amazing roller coaster. It's smooth, fast paced and has some epic ejector airtime! At the time of writing, this is the only RMC that I've ridden and I'm very impressed with the company as a whole. Whilst the lap bars are said to be uncomfortable, you only feel a slight discomfort when you're experiencing airtime (because your body is being thrust out of the train at high negative g-forces. Which you know, a little bit of discomfort for some insane airtime is a bargain in my opinion. The theme and area for Untamed is really unique, with this chilled atmosphere surrounding the coaster. I honestly cannot wait until I can return back to Walibi Holland and ride this beast of a coaster again. If you live in Europe or are visiting from elsewhere in the world, this is one coaster you don't want to miss out on.

  • Thijmen B.

    Discomfort Tear it down! Layout

    This thing is unbelievebly rough. It's painful, it's boring and it fills up space that I would rather see occupied by a black hole. (same goes for the abomination next to it) PLEASE if you know anyone that does not love roller coasters DO NOT let them ride this pain machine.

  • Flurin S.

    Disappointing! Tear it down! Pointless

    This is teacups on track. Not what I expect from a spinning coaster. Abolutely horrible. Just go ride a Maurer SC2000 or 3000 they are simply better.


    Airtimes Harness Discomfort

    I was eleven when I first rode this ride, and the harness was VERY uncomfortable! I enjoyed the airtime on the first drop, but I kept my eyes closed from the first turn to the final brake run! Because of this, I didn't blackout. I know the harness was changed because of headbanging, but they need to fix the bottom of the restraint! It was tight enough to crush my gut during the ride! If I have to say ANYTHING about this ride, I would say that it is Kings Dominion's own version of Skyrush from Hersheypark! (Even though I haven't ridden that ride)


    Comfort Smoothness Intensity

    I first rode this when I was 10, and it was scary! It was my first B&M Invert, and it was almost completely terrifying!

  • Pine To The Cone

    Inversions Location Fun Rattle Dead spots

    This was my second ever rollercoaster and my first-ever roller coaster with an inversion, and lastly my one of my favorite Arrow Dynamics Looper. While this is far from the most exciting ride in the park, it is still very fun with a semi intense helix and the two intertwining loops. Though this ride is not perfect and its age shows. This ride has a noticeable rattle, while not painfully overbearing it is still there, and the classic rough arrow transitions are there also and may cause a soft headbang. Despite this, it is very re-rideable and I ride this around three or four times every trip to the park, and during my seasonal shifts, I give it a good ride every day. The other problem with this ride is that there are two lift hills, while the second one feels faster, it is still there and it hurts the pacing of the ride. I still find this a fun ride, though its age shows, it is a very essential credit when going to Busch Gardens Williamsburg and I suggest giving it a ride, as it is still a great arrow looper despite its age.

  • Pine To The Cone

    Airtimes Inversions Smoothness

    When I found out my home park was getting an RMC I flipped, especially when it was Hurler which really needed to be replaced. My first ride on this was in the back row and the ejector was very strong on the three hills. Since then I have ridden this ride nearly 30 times in different seats and I can say they were all great rides. This roller coaster has a good layout and as I have yet to have ride Storm Chaser this my first inverted drop and the hangtime on I it is possibly the second best coaster moment in the state of Virginia with the airtime hills being the best in my eyes. In my opinion, this is the best roller coaster in Virginia by far and I am excited to get more rides on this in the future. The only problem with this ride is that is it a little short though it really does not need to be longer especially as they had to work with the layout of hurler and I commend RMC for making a kinda boring layout into a really fun ride.

  • Pine To The Cone

    First Drop Intensity Smoothness Airtimes Intensity

    As someone who visits Kings Dominion multiple times a year and has ridden this coaster so much I can't even count anymore, I suggest riding this roller coaster at least one time. The main talking point of the roller coaster is the intensity mainly after the first drop. This part of the ride is strange in my opinion, some days I feel there is just enough intensity and sometimes too much intensity. Be prepared for at least a grey-out during that turn, or if you are me, a nose bleeds (true story). Sometimes I wish you got a little more airtime in the hills, though you are going really fast so you would not feel as much even without the harness. This ride is not the most re rideable due to that intensity and I have had a trip ending early because of headaches that this ride has given my friends, which is why I say sometimes the intensity is too much. I suggest riding this last before you leave the park, and it is a really fun ride in the dark. Though if the intensity is not your thing, this may not be your favorite coaster.

  • Hope Hamada

    Location Comfort Fun Capacity

    This was a fun ride. It’s not the fastest, tallest, or most intense but it’s very enjoyable. It’s located at the front of the park and part of the track is visible from the the park entrance. You can select music to listen to while on the ride but I didn’t think that it added to the ride (couldn’t really hear the music). I rode both the forward and backward (Back Drop) facing trains. These were my first rides as soon as the park opened so the lines were really short. The lines did get really long later.

  • Pine To The Cone

    Inversions Smoothness Hangtime Rattle

    This is one of my favorite floorless coasters, it has a fun layout with the massive vertical loop being one of my favorite roller coaster moments in Virginia. It is right near the gate to the park and will likely be your first ride when you are there, it is easily re-rideable though depending on the ride operators the restraints may be to tight, and the hangtime on the vertical loop and the corkscrews may be lost. There is usually a line to this ride but it is never too long, so you can get a good 3 or 4 rides in during your trip to the park. Though, as of recent, I have noticed a rattle during the cobra roll, though it does not cause any head banging.