• Shawn Schatzer

    Inversions Fun Layout

    this was the first none kidy coaster i rode

  • Shawn Schatzer

    Airtimes Lap Bar Ejectors Discomfort

    the airtime is so good it hurts

  • Shawn Schatzer

    Airtimes First Drop Launch

    good for the whole family

  • Troy M.

    Was at the Orlando Fun Spot in the morning and was able to marathon White Lightning (a great ride!) Was excited about getting to ride Mine Blower at the Kissimmee location, wanted to like the ride and wanted to marathon it. The drop and inversion were solid then the ride became a mess. Unfortunately as of March 2023, Mine Blower was too jackhammering and brain rattling…This was a one and done. Hope this coaster gets some TLC as it could be an amazing ride.

  • Kellen Grady

    Theming Launch Fun

    This is quite simply the most incredible ride I've ever been on. This is such a thrilling, complex, well-oiled machine of a ride with top-notch pacing, constant surprises, and beautiful storytelling. After Gringotts, I was worried that Universal wouldn't ever top Forbidden Journey, but this ride is just top of the line. I know it's not necessarily the craziest ride in terms of what it does as a rollercoaster - it's basically a family coaster - but it manages to be very thrilling despite this, partially because of the music/pacing and partly because of the SEVEN launches. It's hard to recommend this ride enough - it's my new number one and one that I am very sad is not in my home state or even on my coast. RIDE THIS!!!

  • Kyle Marcus

    Theming Fun Duration Discomfort

    Now as this ride does have a pretty trash sidecar lap- bar. The ride itself is amazing. All of the theming is wonderful and really does mix in well with the theme of harry potter. Try to ride the bike seat if possible, because the ride jumped up from a 3 star to a 4 star just like that from riding the bike seat. Overall the third best coaster at universal's islands of adventure

  • Coaster Nut

    First Drop Smoothness Ejectors Dead spots

    Rode this 12 times in one day so, yeah, I loved it! A unique first drop leads into excellent ejectors, inversions and airtime. The barrel roll is awesome. Then the "quarry wall crawl." It's not horribly slow, but it's a noticeable change in pace and intensity, as evidenced by a decrease in riders' yelling and screaming. However, that's soon followed by the ejector plunge down the quarry wall into the tunnel and then the great abrupt ending, so that helps to make up for the "crawl." Would be in my top ten if that "crawl" were more of a sprint, though!

  • Carter Eckhart

    Location Fun Discomfort

    I barely fit on this ride and it did have a few questionable transitions so that’s why I’d call it a little uncomfortable. Not too much forces but there is some fun moments on this long ride through the woods.

  • Carter Eckhart

    Theming Location Duration Dead spots

    A very long alpine coaster with a lot of lift hills. Not quite as forceful as some other ones I’ve done but it still has some fast sections and a few solid instances of laterals. The scenery is great as to be expected with a mountain coaster like this, but there is also some cool and funny theming as a bonus

  • Coaster Nut

    Launch Fun Layout

    I would like to nominate Poltergeist as the most underrated ride on Captain Coaster. How is this only a measly #444? I was thinking "one and done" to get the credit, but I ended up riding it five times. This ride is so much fun with a cool launch, tight twists and turns, creative inversions and great pacing. The spaghetti bowl layout had me cheering and laughing throughout. Front and middle seats were smooth sailing while the back had a few minor vibrations.