• Raymond Jackson

    Intensity Ejectors Harness Intensity

    4 out of 5. Very Intensity both a plus and minus. I had to make myself ride it a 2nd time just because lol. But do not get me wrong I enjoy it. I was surprise for it being compact to be as intensity as I felt it was.

  • Raymond Jackson

    Airtimes First Drop Dead spots

    4 out of 5. The first drop is so enjoyable great speed and the twist to it. There is dead spots in the middle as it rides toward the back, but the ending with the blind drop that you do not really see coming makes up for the boring mid section.

  • Raymond Jackson

    First Drop Intensity Too short Intensity

    4 out of 5. The layout is too short, the big hills are the star of this one. I had to make myself go a 2nd time, only because of intensity of the twist in the end.

  • Raymond Jackson

    Airtimes First Drop Ejectors

    4.5 out of 5, I love this coaster and with it being one of the first ones by RMC did a great job. The back is the place to be on this one.

  • Danilo G.

    Nice surprise! Smoothness Hangtime Capacity Lap Bar

    What a crazy ride! The lap bar sucks, it pushes you in your seat way too tight after the first drop!

  • Danilo G.

    Fun Duration Capacity

    So much fun for the kids... yes it’s a kiddie coaster keep that in mind!

  • Zek Teh Kek

    Airtimes Lap Bar Smoothness

    WOW, Easily the BEST B&M hyper I've ridden! Super Smooth with no rattle at all. Fantastic airtime, even in the middle!

  • Joep van Baren


    Definitely not a spectacular coaster but it gives a great view and the waving to people in water ride is always fun. Had a great ride operator who talked to everyone on the train: Choo choo to you too!

  • Joep van Baren

    Launch Theming Pointless Layout

    The launch is pretty cool and fast and all but the ride itself is lame. It is a turn, a meh twisted airtime, turn, meh twisted airtime hill, turn and so on. The hill before the brake may be the best airtime moment you get.

  • Joep van Baren

    Theming Location Pace Headbanging

    This ride is intense. It keeps its speed form the beginning to the end. You sometimes don't really see where you are going because of the caves and tunnels and therefore it is unexpectedly fast. The small (floater/airtime?) hill after the chain lift gives a great view over the ride.