• Brody Taylor

    First Drop Fun Harness Intensity

    Really good dive coaster, better than Griffon at BGW

  • Brody Taylor

    Location Fun Ejectors Lap Bar

    Amazing ride, the triangle hills are so good, very underrated ride

  • Brody Taylor

    Inversions Intensity Headbanging Disappointing!

    Very overrated

  • Brody Taylor

    Inversions Fun Harness

    Really fun ride with really good inversions and the restraints are good no matter what anyone says.

  • Brody Taylor

    First Drop Capacity Fun Dead spots

    Insanely good for no reason at all.

  • Coach Rolo
  • Shroom

    Theming Inversions Intensity

    The only B&M Invert I have ridden, and it is good! The theming is world class but also the layout is not bad. It has some surprising intense positives, in particular in the front row. Try to ride the front row, it is by far the best in my opinion. I understand why some people might say it rattles, but I don´t think it is that bad

  • spicyboi

    First Drop Theming Smoothness

    loved every second of it, and the 2 zero g rolls were probably my favorite inversions on any roller coaster. its glossy smooth and GOOD LORD is it intense. i could barely hold my hands up throughout the ride. the 2 helixes towards the end were probably the most intense part of the coaster, i was almost greying out. ALSO the first drop is so good, you get that stomach dropping feeling that i used to hate but after this i crave it now.

  • spicyboi

    Inversions Layout Rattle Headbanging

    its a really good ride but my head felt like i was in a pinball machine. its a really good coaster with a great layout but boooy the headbanging is way too much. just remembering those coaster gives me a headache. despite that i still enjoyed the ride. also it wasnt really intense tbh or maybe it was just running slow idk

  • spicyboi

    Fun Too short

    its a kids ride, what do you expect? not forceful at all, but from my experience you can get a bit of airtime in the back