• Halish Railways

    First Drop Inversions Intensity Headbanging Too short Harness

    It is a bit rough, but if you keep your head forward it's fine.

  • Oscar Pinchbeck

    Inversions Masterpiece Intensity Headbanging

    This coaster is super intense and packs in a lot in its short layout. I thought that there was minimal roughness, as always with a B&M invert the corkscrews and zero G rolls can be a bit painful. This coaster also has the best helix of any coaster. Overall my third favourite coaster and I think the way it interacts with the terrain to be masterful.

  • Oscar Pinchbeck

    Airtimes First Drop Ejectors Rattle Lap Bar

    I was expecting this to be better. Much better. Despite its crazy intensity and great ejector air, I found it to rough give a higher score. Even in the front row I came off with a headache. I thought the lap bars were really uncomfortable given the amount one flies out of their seat in this ride, and the seatbelt really dug in. I got stapled 4 times on this ride so that made it hard to enjoy more. Overrated.

  • Oscar Pinchbeck

    Airtimes First Drop Comfort

    I was expecting El Toro to be my favourite ride at the park but this blew it away! It was silky smooth and I got airtime of every hill. B&M hypers may not always be the most intense but in the back row the helix and turns were fast and intense, all while being exceptionally smooth.

  • Semina T.

    Intensity Smoothness Layout

    This ride was revolutionary when it came out and it still is! This is an extremely fun ride with a great layout. This is the smoothest ride I’ve ever been on. Some of the drops and turns made you go numb! That first inversion is brilliant!

  • James Cook

    Pace Layout

    It’s a pretty exhausting coaster, especially in very hot weather and if you try to continually re-ride it. It has a good amount of traditional wooden coaster rattle, although perhaps a bit too much for some in the back row of cars 5 and 6. The layout is long and the pace barely lets up, so it’s far from easy-going, but this is what makes it such a strong coaster. It’s an overall very intense experience, full of airtime moments and lateral movements that are thrown at you often very suddenly. This did tire me out, but certainly left me nothing if not really impressed. A CCI that’s more than hol ...

  • Cormac Gillis

    Airtimes Comfort Masterpiece

    Just amazing! The best coaster I've ever been on. Incredible airtime on every hill, high-speed and intense, the scenery is gorgeous-- ride during a sunset if you can! He goes out of the park and comes back in which is very cool. The initial climb builds anticipation and lets you marvel at the scenery before you're pulled down into the first drop! You're launched back up into a huge airtime hill, turn, and dive towards the water before going up another hill, giving you more great airtime. Then you head into the helix! The downwards helix is super intense and even made me gray out a few times (I ...

  • James Cook

    Nice surprise! Fun Layout Launch

    A fantastic coaster for the park! The launches aren't great, as expected really, but everything else about the ride was better than I expected. My favourite moment is the immelmen loop (particularly the airtime on the exit), but really Icon isn't about specific moments, but more the whole package and layout as one. It's long, consistently fun and exciting and more forceful than I expected for sure. It's a completely different experience to any other coaster in the UK, and I couldn't be happier with the result realistically. Looooove it!

  • James Cook

    Airtimes Pace Intensity

    Wow! This may have looked like one of the weaker RMCs when the layout was first released, but in real-life that is absolutely not true! It may be short, but the ride works that to its advantage. It hauls through the layout at an increasingly ridiculous amount of speed for such a small coaster; the airtime becoming increasingly more extreme. Every element is taken to the max; no slightly underwhelming parts or elements that don't fit. The flow of the layout may actually be unparalleled by any RMC I've ridden so far. Phenomenal ride! The RMC you'd never expect to be so incredible. It's not quite ...

  • James Cook

    Airtimes Comfort Smoothness

    Yum! It may not be one of the newer B&M Hypers, but it keeps up with with them easily (except for the first drop perhaps). The ride is smooth for its age and the airtime is very tasty and sustained (quite strong too). The helix is pretty intense and adds more variety to the layout than your average turnaround on one of these coasters. Though there is a bonus turnaround/dive element shortly after which is fab, before you enter the fantastic bunny hill finale. Goliath comes up pretty high in my B&M Hyper rankings mostly because it doesn’t waste a second being anything less than awesome; it may n ...