• Ty Paylez

    Harness Intensity

    Smooth and comfy with the intense experiance that SLC's offer.

  • Ty Paylez


    coaster fun. Not the worst not the best, always fun.

  • Ty Paylez

    Airtimes Capacity Fun Lap Bar

    This was one of the best ride ops crews i've ever experienced. Ride was too much fun. #1 at the park beating a very good RMC.

  • Gavin Cole

    Airtimes Location Fun Dead spots

    it is a great ride and very re-rideable. definitely recommend.

  • Aalan Ddunsmuir

    Nice surprise! Fun

    Really didn't expect much from this ride but was really impressed. Its a huge amount of fun and a fantastic ride all round. Really pleasantly surprised

  • Rowan P.

    Airtimes Fun Masterpiece

    Such a good ride! Best wooden coaster I have ever gone on. The ejector is great and the RMC topper track is super smooth and clean. Totally would recommend for anyone that wants to have a fun time!

  • Rowan P.

    Capacity Headbanging Too short Discomfort

    Tons of head banging. It was a fine ride but too short and too much head banging. I suggest riding in becuase of the history and to check it off the list, but I don’t know if I will ride it again. It is a walk on with no to little line though!

  • Rowan P.

    Airtimes First Drop Harness Too short

    BEST RIDE AT SILVIERWOOD! Such a good ride with amazing quality’s that I could all list because of the max pros. The first drop is insane in the back and the front and the hang time on the first dive loop is great. It’s smooth and the restraints are insanely comfortable! The Dispatch is perfect and super quick. I can’t wait to ride this again!

  • Rowan P.

    Airtimes Ejectors Rattle

    Great Ride but Does have some real rattling. I would totally ride again but I do prefer Tremors or Stunt Pilot. Tip: Try the back seat. You get some good floater airtime and some ejector.

  • Kurtfan 1991

    Theming Pace Masterpiece

    This is the best Big Thunder Mountain version by far. It's fast, has good decorations, and I really love how the train goes on the island. I'm not surprised at all that it's so popular. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ce coaster est la meilleure version de BTM, et de loin. Il va vite, les décors sont magnifique, et c'est vraiment une bonne idée de faire passer le train sur l'île. Je ne suis pas étonné le moins du monde que ce coaster soit si populaire.