• Chloe Davies

    Rode the front and back row, absolutely loved both rides, was running really well on hot day. Best wooden coaster I’ve been on.

  • Chloe Davies

    A lot better and not as rough as I expected after reading and watching reviews, enjoyed my ride and would have had more rides if wasn’t heading over to Oziris

  • Chloe Davies

    Airtimes Smoothness

    Had five rides on this on hot summers day, loving every one although back row was the best. This is an amazing coaster probably very underated, also Nigloland is lovely family friendly park.

  • Chloe Davies

    Theming Comfort Layout

    Rode twice in really hot weather and back seat ride blew me away. Was intense but smooth, loved the layout. Nemesis was the best invert I’d ridden but after the back row ride on Oziris, I have a new favourite.

  • 手取Fishland

    Airtimes Nice surprise! Fun


  • Nate Kunnen

    Airtimes First Drop Masterpiece

    Magnum is an absolute treasure. I have this in front of Intimidator 305, Gate Keeper, Raptor, and it's neighbor Top Thrill Dragster. Some of it maybe it's history as a trailblazer for the industry (this coaster started the coaster wars) and my childhood, but still, this is a one of a kind world class roller coaster and it's a tragedy it's not a Top 100 coaster here. The first drop is strong, the intensity is visceral, and the ejector airtime is incredible... Now granted, you can't go into this ride expecting Fury 325 or even Millennium Force. It'll probably rough you up a little bit, and getting stapled can be especially brutal. You need to remember that this is a 40 year old Arrow, sit up in the seat a smidge, and be amazed.

  • Nate Kunnen

    Launch Pace Intensity Harness

    This could change, but I have not gotten a great ride in 3/4 tries. The restraints don't fit my thin 6'2" frame. I can't get comfortable, which is a shame because I like how intense it is, I like the theming, I like that it's fast, small, unique, and efficient. I think it was a smart move by Cedar Point after Top Thrill... I'm not even sure they need new restraints, they just don't work for me. Having said all of this, it still edges Magnum for 3rd place in the park which just tells you that Maverick is world class.

  • Nate Kunnen

    First Drop Fun Intensity Too short Airtimes

    This is the most intense and probably the best lift hill and 1st drop in the park. I love the open feeling of the trains. I have an extra soft spot for this coaster because it was by far the best at Cedar Point when I came of age. The blue, the music as you inch toward the station, and the sheer speed will always stick with me. It has never disappointed even as Top Thrill, Maverick, and SteVe draw the crowds. It's still a world class roller coaster even 20 years in despite it being short and lacking the airtime that people expect in 2020.

  • Nate Kunnen

    Ejectors Hangtime Duration

    The POV's got me excited, but they can't do it justice. This is the only time I couldn't keep up with the elements and I got tossed around like a rag doll grinning like a school girl. About half way done I yelled "It's still going?" for the exact opposite reasons as I did for Main Streak. I'll never forget it. Now, this is probably the best roller coaster in the world... but I don't think it's by a longshot. If you're on the west coast, Twisted Colossus is 9/10 there. East Coast, El Toro is a different kind of intensity. In Asia, Hakugei is close. Fury 325 is difficult to compare, but it's ALMOST there too. All I'm trying to say is I would rather save a $1000 plane ticket and ride one of these 4 world class coasters 50 more times instead.

  • Semina S.

    Airtimes Masterpiece Duration

    Icon is a special ride that can deliver everything you want in a coaster in one. The airtime is really strong in the 2nd half and the duration is just perfect. The launches are not amazing but the 2nd one gives some good forces. Great hangtime and whip on the inversions and transitions. Really good headchoppers and it uses it’s space amazingly.