• Drive Safely

    Headbanging Harness Tear it down!

    This ride is absolutely terrible and now I can see why everyone hates this model. It’s rough beyond belief, the restraints are awful, and overall it’s just a piece of garbage.

  • Samantha P.

    Theming Launch Masterpiece Airtimes

    Finally got to ride Taron after years of waiting !! It did not disappoint ! And I think it might have even taken the spot of my top coaster!! :D I love it! The themeing, the layout, the speed, the comfort, and its pretty intense the way it throws you round some of the corners. I love a launch coaster, the 2nd launch is just perfect in my opinion. I love the twists and turns. the interaction with its own track, the near misses. Its perfect I love it. Its just missing a bit more airtime for me, but I still love it. Awsome awesome ! I wish I lived closer so I could ride it all the time !

  • Samantha P.

    Theming Too short Disappointing! Discomfort

    I thought i would like this more than I did. it was my first time on a boomerang and I think I just don't like the backwards section.. i was expecting more from it tbh. I didn't really enjoy it. Nice interaction with Taron, but wasn't anything special.

  • Samantha P.

    Theming Fun Duration Discomfort

    Wow what to say about this! Having closely followed the construction it was amazing to finally be stood in this incredibly themed area ! It's amazing to see the mess of track everywhere, its so hard to see where the track goes sometimes ! So much interaction with the themeing and it twists and turns around itself so much in such a compact space! The color of the track looks epic against the black and gold steam punk themeing of the area. The queue line is ridiculously long ! takes 10 mins pretty much to just walk through it ! I wonder if they don't have a way to shorten it when the line isn't that long because it is a long way to walk when there is no line. Although you get amazing views of the coaster and the area while waiting in line. The system of how you load and how you twist into the flying position is so unique and much much better than other flying coasters out there. Of course the launches are not amazing, but the fact that you're in the flying position makes it really fun. the layout is awesome and you can never tell whats coming next, on the back row you really get whipped around its a lot of fun ! I sadly didn't get to try on the front, but that must be special. My first ride I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort of the harness and even the leg supports, very different to the B&M flyers. However I did have a terrible and painful 2nd ride on this which I was disappointed by. We were in row 2 and it felt like my restraint wasn't tight enough so the full pressure was resting on my lower stomach (I had a c section 1 year ago and the pressure on this area hurt a lot ! ) I constantly felt like I was slipping out of the seat and was in pain it was really not a pleasant experience. It nearly made me avoid it the next day as I was worried it would be the same. But luckily I found a better position and then really enjoyed my 3rd ride ! I'm not a huge fan of flying coasters, I much prefer faster launches and airtime but the overall theming and experience is pretty epic !

  • Samantha P.

    Fun Duration Discomfort

    We rode this in the front, which wouldn't have been my choice, I would have liked to give it a go in the back ! But being in the front meant we were really waiting over the drops for the rest of the train and then got pushed over.. it meant for a weird type of airtime or at least out of seat time.. pushed up against the restraint wasn't very comfortable but was quite funny. Length is nice and the pace is fun. Wasn't expecting the dark sections!

  • Samantha P.

    Theming Location Smoothness Headbanging

    You can't usually go wrong with a B&M invert for me so I of course enjoyed this :) Pretty smooth as with all B&M's, the theming was pretty impressive and the rockwork all around the coaster is kind of crazy.. its a bit mad that there is a coaster with 4 inversions in that location, you can hardly see where the track goes ! the loop is fun as are the other inversions.. the near misses with the surrounding rock work really make it.

  • Eric Esty

    Airtimes Theming Launch

    Smooth as butter. Extremely comfy seats and restraints. Great launches. Nice curves. Unexpected big airtime moments. Beautifully themed. Mack rides, please build more awesome launch coasters like this stateside.

  • Eric Esty

    First Drop Inversions Comfort Theming Dead spots

    Great first drop, smooth fast inversions, great pacing. But the inversions have very little force to them. No airtime, hangtime, or significant positive g forces. And almost no theming. Still a fun smooth comfortable ride.

  • Eric Esty

    Airtimes Inversions Launch Theming Harness

    Fun Sky Rocket II. Theming isn't as good as Tigris, but still a great ride.

  • Eric Esty

    Airtimes Launch Hangtime Too short Theming Harness

    Needs better theming, getting in the ride vehicle is difficult, and the ride is very short. Still, it's very fun. Ejector airtime, fun launches, hangtime on the apex of the spikes, nice little layout.