• Jack Jack J.

    Launch Fun Intensity

    The launch has some good kick and the loop is forceful both times you go through. The spikes are cool but I can’t put it higher then a lot of other Schwarzkopfs I’ve done because of how short it is.

  • Jack Jack J.

    Airtimes Comfort Duration

    Fantastic coaster all around. This ride is astonishing to me because of how it can be so long and have so many large elements and hills but it never loses speed and every element is done to perfection. The first drop whips you and then it’s amazing floater on the large hills and ejector on the small with insane moments of laterals thrown in. The millennium flyers are always great and provide plenty of airtime room. Amazing ride one of the best wooden coasters out there.

  • NorCal Coaster Media

    Airtimes Inversions Discomfort Lap Bar

    Outlaw run definitely seems overrated. The airtime moments are good, but fairly average, mainly due to the ride's tendency to staple riders easily. The inversions at the end are fantastic, though. I have mixed feelings for the first drop. While I love the first part of it, when the drop starts leveling out, my back gets slammed into my seat every time. Had this drop not given discomfort to my back, this would actually be a top-tier drop for me.

  • NorCal Coaster Media

    Launch Fun Intensity Reliability

    This coaster is too mild, although it does have a good launch. It also was down half the time during my visit.

  • NorCal Coaster Media

    First Drop Inversions Ejectors Launch Reliability

    Time Traveler is so much fun. It has incredible airtime moments on the first drop and the hill after the vertical loop, and the spinning makes the inversions even better than inversions on other coasters. The launches are slow, but they are there to get the job done, as the main focus of the coaster is the spinning. Also, on my visit Time traveler was down half the time, thus hurting the ride's reliability.

  • NorCal Coaster Media

    Inversions Location Smoothness Too short

    This B&M has a remarkable setting, which really is what makes this ride better than most B&M looping coasters. Ride in the back for the airtime on the drop.

  • Robert A.

    First Drop Intensity Ejectors

    Unfiltered insanity from start to finish. Standing ejector, violent turns and a funhouse queue line that literally has funhouse props such as spinning platforms and logs over water that you need to stand on. I love it so, so much.

  • Robert A.

    Intensity Reliability

    This wasn't as bad as its Brighton counterpart but it was down for the entire day on my first Southport visit. A day later I tried for a second time and they got it up and running. Though it's a bit intense, it's nothing to rave about. There is a slight jolt in the last few turns at the end but nothing too bad.

  • Robert A.

    Fun Duration Pointless Dead spots

    Last rode this around five years ago, and it was somewhat fun but only in the drops. Any part of the ride that wasn't a drop wasn't very memorable. I need to ride this again to get a better review of what it's like these days.

  • Karst

    Theming Launch

    I had a frontseat today and wow wow wow, I forgot how brilliant this old launch coaster was. They REALLY upped their game in theming and it looks fantastic. Probably been looking at what the surrounding parks are doing an thought they needed to invest in some theming and I think they have done wonderfully. Although I do the theme go a bit strange with the "Hall of Fame" and feels to clash a tad. A haunted theme inside of a pop themed building, kinda weird. Loved this coaster.