• Daniel Stark

    Theming Pace

    I know this is an overcloned ride, but I haven't ridden any of the other Batman inverts, so this one is just a really good coaster for me. After a small first drop that leaves much to be desired, a nonstop layout with plenty of intense inversions has only one drawback: it seems too short. I know this is typical from this coasters, but I would have loved a couple of extra turns. The theming stands out, in comparison to other coasters in the park. The queue is highly immersive, and at least there are some trees surrounding the ride, not just a far-flung desert. Also, the VR is rather good, and makes it more intense, as you don't know where you are going. However, I wouldn't recommend ridding it with VR twice in a row, as the glasses can hurt a bit. Overall, a high quality coaster, which I find even better than the overrated Superman next to it.

  • Mikail Dvc

    Airtimes Inversions Nice surprise! Rattle Capacity

    J’ai adoré l’enchaînement d’Hearthline-roll le coaster est très bien situé

  • Daniel Stark

    Theming Fun Disappointing!

    I must admit, I expected too much from this. From other reviews, I had imagined a whole, long and gorgeous dark-ride section before the coaster part, but there was almost nothing. The area around the ride is really cosy, and a nice, memorable music is played. The queue is quite well themed, and the station is huge and really impressive. The coaster part is not too much, but is fun, and intense enough for a family coaster.

  • Daniel Stark


    Best thing of the ride: the entrance. That massive animatronic seen from rather far away really set the expectations too high for me. I thought it would be a fun family coaster with a superb theming, but once you leave the "vogel" behind, there is little to no theming. It's just a rough coaster in the dark, where you can't see where you are going, and just every now and then appears some bird decoration. It should have had more, in my opinion. Not very rerideable.

  • אדר פופקו

    Capacity Comfort Fun Dead spots Layout Intensity

    Well, for a Tivoli, Familienachterbahn is quit tame but fun, a standart Tivoli expereince non the less but at least an enjoyable coaster for the little ones willing to ride this as their first credit. Sure for real coaster entusiates it might be your tame, boring everyday Tivoli experience, not that intense, with a layout seen at least one hundred times and comfortable. But yet again, this Tivoli manged to be fun and mild, especially with its fun theming elemant. I love the theming on the lift and how it enclosed, as it gives the coaster a quit unique charm to it, altough the trains could have been too to match the athmosphere. The ride is also comfortable, a bit "rattely" (I guess) but the trains were very comfortable and the track work was smooth. the long train can fit in so many riders that like many other Tivolis, it has no problam with capcity what so ever. Overall it was a fun coaster, it has the European charm to it, the theming was enjoyable and altough its not the best coaster, families should try the Familienachterbahn

  • אדר פופקו

    Comfort Fun Dead spots Layout

    As a Zyklon goes, this one was pretty mediocare. The layout was nothing out of the blues really as it was just a standart Zyklon layout you see in multiple chip parks with its traditional drops, turns and the little helix. This layout also was about to give me some dead spots, but I've expected that from a Zyklon as most of them gave me dead spots. But despite that tho, the coaster was alot of fun really, the trains were comfortable enough for me and the right was classy smooth than most Zyklons. Zyklons are also really fun coasters for all of the family to enjoy and I tend to enjoy some good Zyklons, I also loved the sign of the London City Coaster as it remind me of a classic fair ride and gives it its charm, tho it wont witn the theming award. Overall, this is a standart Zyklong and 3 stars is at least the most I can give to it.

  • Mr Coller Roaster

    Theming Fun Smoothness

    I love this coaster. Best coaster at the park in my opinion. It is fun and nicely themed. I rode this 13 times in one day once (they let me stay on the coaster as it was raining and there was no queue) a nice suspended coaster and a fun family coaster.

  • Mr Coller Roaster

    Theming Nice surprise! Fun

    This is a fun spinning dark coaster. It has excellent theming. However, it’s queues are way to long. The first time is calm and explained what is happening and then it gets crazy with huge turns. I would not recommend it for young children as it may be to extreme and scary.

  • Mr Coller Roaster

    Theming Inversions Launch

    I love this ride. I ran there first thing when the park opened. I had 5 walk on rides in a row. I love the launch and the theming is great. I love how you have a soundtrack to listen to. The queue is great and it is a great coaster.

  • Mr Coller Roaster

    Theming Fun Duration

    This was my first coaster I ever rode. It is a great first coaster for kids. I liked the theming with all the Lego. It is a good credit and a fun ride