• Nathan F

    Inversions Layout Rattle Theming

    Scream had a clear B&M rattle, but that didn't detract too much from an awesome floorless coaster. The low-to-the-ground turnaround is awesome, and the inversions are all spectacular. It's a great ride, but I will admit it is in an absolutely ugly location.

  • Florentin K.

    Nice surprise! Launch Fun

    The launches and the layout are surprisingly intense. It's just a fun ride, especially because of the quad-like seating position.

  • Florentin K.

    First Drop Capacity Lap Bar Rattle

    Nice hyper coaster with a good first drop. The lapbars give you a feeling of security and freedom at the same time. On the bottom of the first drop and in the helix, there's a slight rattle. The capacity is very good and the line moves pretty quickly.

  • Florentin K.

    Theming Rattle

    Good theming, but for such a new ride by Intamin, there's a pretty strong rattle

  • Florentin K.

    Theming Nice surprise! Launch Harness

    Great launch, good theming and an awsome dispatch soundtrack. The second part is a big surprise! In the front row there is a little bit of headbanging, but the second row is smoother. And there is even a good pop of airtime!

  • Florentin K.

    Comfort Harness Smoothness Launch

    I like the restraints and the ride smoothness. The launch is pretty lame, but the rest of the layout is good. Especially the heartline roll is a surprise. The ride is not too intense, so it's family friendly. The on board sound and lights make the ride much better (if they work). A good ride to experience the first inversion.

  • Florentin K.

    Smoothness Too short

    Very good family coaster, but it could be longer.

  • Florentin K.

    Launch Fun Intensity

    The launch is very good and i relly like that you have airtime, hangtime and positive G-forces. It's smooth, but the restraints can come closer to you during the ride. With the layout and the soundtrack it's a very fun coaster.

  • Florentin K.

    Theming Discomfort Intensity

    The ride is very bumpy but not rough. It just feels a bit like you're bouncing around the track. There are little to no forces. But the trains are comfortable and the theming is not bad!

  • Jeffrey E.

    Inversions Fun Layout Launch Intensity

    The Launch and the 1st half is a little disappointing. The second half rescues this coaster and makes it fun too ride. I think it is a good coaster but it looks in the POV much better, that it really is.