Airtimes First Drop Comfort

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Candymonium features
Chain lift hill
Lap bar
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  • David Parrett
    David Parrett 28 days ago


    My initial impression was not great but after rerides I think this B&M Hyper is a lot of fun with a unique layout in the second half around the fountain area. It’s a great addition to Hershey just like Wildcat being a smooth and fun twisty layout, this is smooth and fun airtime machine. I still prefer the B&M hyper Goliath at SFoG for floater airtime but this is right there with a big fun layout.

  • Art Vandelay
    Art Vandelay 1 month ago

    Airtimes First Drop Location

    Intensity varies a lot. Sometimes a ride in the back row just hauls you over the hills. There are more intense coasters in the world, but a crowd-pleasing, visually stunning B&M hyper is just what Hershey needed at the front gate, and even with the other great coasters in the park, it's worth a ride or two every visit.

  • Jeff K.
    Jeff K. 1 month ago

    Capacity Smoothness Layout

    This rides much better than it looks off ride. It's good mix of elements and intensity makes for one of the better B&M coasters I've been on.

  • Brendon Tinker
    Brendon Tinker 1 month ago

    Capacity Smoothness Layout

    It was my first coaster in a while, it was fun but I expected it to be better.

  • Sean R.
    Sean R. 2 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Location

    Candymonium was a fantastic experience that bookended a great evening at Hersheypark. We went on it to start our night and finished our evening with two more rides before leaving the park. It is not the most intense coaster at Hersheypark, but it maintains a formidable thrill-level throughout and offers a grace, strength and elegance that is unmatched among the deep roster of Hersheypark coasters. The ride is the perfect ambassador/greeter to what I believe is among the best coaster-parks in the country - welcoming coaster aficionados and more daring general audiences alike. My first ride was in the darkness of Dark Nights theming and was my favorite B&M hyper experience of all-time. The ride hauls down the first hill, which felt a bit bigger and steeper than other B&M hypers and the subsequent camelback and helix were fantastic. The rolling hills of the back-half and the concluding circle around the kisses fountain wove the coaster into the park setting in a masterful manner. The operations were on point and showcased a capacity to devour long lines of eager riders in short order. I've read complaints about operations from others, but what I saw was as strong as any coaster anywhere. My single complaint is that the trims came into play on our last two rides and it dulled the second half of the ride quite noticeably. Still, it's a great ride that stands out and really just feels right in every way as the opener for a park that has invested significantly in its coaster experience over the last two decades.

  • Matt Rappaport
    Matt Rappaport 2 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Fun

    Candymonium is a really fun experience start to finish. Placed at the front of the park, you get excellent views and a really fun track layout around the Kisses Fountain. The first drop is super intense, as well as the first airtime hill, after that it’s a very fun, smooth, and pleasant (albeit less forceful) ride on its long layout. Another excellent hyper coaster from B&M, one of my favorites by them.

  • Max Sweeney
    Max Sweeney 2 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Capacity

    This one is probably my favorite B&M Hyper to date. The first drop has a great max vertical angle and builds up quite a bit of speed. My favorite moment might be the way up on the first hill though. I got such long sustained floater airtime on that first hill and I couldn't believe how long it lasted. This out-and-back layout is great and provides plenty of floater airtime. I really enjoyed the lap around the fountain during the 2nd half and it really had a great touch to interact with the environment. I rode this in the back row two times and the front row once. I got nice ejector airtime in the front but the overall experience is best in the back row. 4.5/5 stars

  • CoasterKing
    CoasterKing 2 months ago

    Airtimes Comfort Fun Capacity

    Great ride chock full of awesome floater airtime. The first camelback is such a delight. The second half is also great with the way it swoops over the entrance plaza. Just needs better ops. Stacking three trains on a B&M hyper is criminal.

  • MapleFlakes
    MapleFlakes 2 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Fun Dead spots

    This is what I wanted Apollo's Chariot to be. A few unique elements for an out-and-back hyper plus B&M's perfected floater hills. My only complaint is that while the helix around the kisses fountain is fun, it is rather forceless. It's very cool to have two hypers a rock's throw away from each other that have completely different experiences; after riding this and Skyrush in the same day I see why this was needed. 8/10 - this review is dedicated to the teenage boys that tried to cut me in line and then started making homophobic comments <3

  • Owen Guistwite
    Owen Guistwite 3 months ago

    Airtimes Lap Bar Smoothness

    Very good B&M hyper, lots of floater airtime and Great helix. Very comfortable and nice lap bar.

  • Coaster Nut
    Coaster Nut 3 months ago

    Airtimes Fun Smoothness

    Lots of floater. Smooth as glass. It's not overly thrilling, but it's not boring either. It's an enjoyable experience that leaves you with a smile. It was my last ride today, and it was a perfect ending to a day at Hershey.

  • Ty Paylez
    Ty Paylez 3 months ago

    Airtimes Lap Bar Comfort

    amazing floaty coaster.

  • Thomas Stabler
    Thomas Stabler 3 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Pace

    This ride is skyrushes gental sister. This is a incredibly fun ride that is a great coaster to introduce children to the big guys with. My main problem is the trims hit a little hard and slow you more then i would like

  • Andy Harris
    Andy Harris 4 months ago

    Airtimes Smoothness Inversions

    The smoothest roller coaster I've ever been on

  • Smauge
    Smauge 4 months ago

    Airtimes Capacity Lap Bar Too short

    Great ride. Sustained floater and overall very smooth. However, I do think that the ride doesn't have enough elements to really shine above the rest of the B&M inverts, although I do think this is a very solid mid-tier B&M hyper.

  • DJ Higby
    DJ Higby 4 months ago

    First Drop Theming Smoothness

    This is a fun coaster not very intense and not the most extreme coaster but this is one of the few coasters I’ve ridden that just pure fun

  • Max B.
    Max B. 4 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Smoothness Too short Dead spots

    It was good but I realized that the block brakes caused the ride to be less forceful in the second half making the airtime hills at the end pointless, nevertheless it was a smooth quick ride that the entire family can enjoy together.

  • Jacob Bass
    Jacob Bass 5 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Comfort

    Awesome floater airtime, butter smooth.

  • Coaster Person
    Coaster Person 6 months ago

    First Drop Comfort Dead spots

    Candymonium's drop is very good and the first and third hills have some good floater, but the trim breaks kill most airtime on the second and fourth hills. This ride is best in the winter when they turn the trims off.

  • Ryan Beatty
    Ryan Beatty 6 months ago

    Airtimes Capacity Lap Bar Dead spots

    Very solid B&M hyper not intense but the floater airtime was very solid.

  • jbsuperhero
    jbsuperhero 6 months ago

    Airtimes Lap Bar Fun Dead spots

    Great ride overall Was smooth all the way throughout plenty of airtime and great seats

  • Anthony Ricciuti
    Anthony Ricciuti 6 months ago

    Airtimes Fun Smoothness Dead spots

    This ride isn't quite the best B&M coaster that I've been on, nor the best coaster at Hersheypark. However, Candymonium is still a great ride. Candymonium is B&M butter smooth, it's very comfortable, has good floater airtime moments, and is overall just a very fun ride. Nothing absolutely mind-blowing, but a load of fun, and definitely one of the better B&M coasters.

  • Andy Burnell
    Andy Burnell 6 months ago

    First Drop Dead spots

    Second and third hills bring the ride to a near stop. It loses all its speed. No air time. No thrills. Kinda of a dumb design.

  • Producer Land
    Producer Land 7 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Smoothness

    My 2nd favorite ride at Hersheypark. Super breathtaking coaster to take in as you walk through the entrance of the park. It has all the elements you could ask for in a B&M hyper: good first drop, smoothness, lots of floater air time, etc. Highly recommend!!

  • Luke O'Connell
    Luke O'Connell 9 months ago

    Theming Fun Smoothness Disappointing! Intensity

    I feel like Candymonium was a great edition to the park. I also thought that the theming was great with chocolate. I also think the sign and the fountain looks really cool. The only thing about the theming that I didn’t like was the que. I feel like they kinda just put it all together in 1 day and I feel like there was no effort put in. About the ride, it was very fun and felt complete, it was especially very smooth. But it just wasn’t doing it for me. It was very tame and I was pretty disappointed. I thought it was gonna have some intense moments but it really didn’t. I will probably go back another day to Hershey and re-ride it.

  • Ajani J.
    Ajani J. 11 months ago

    Airtimes First Drop Comfort Too short Layout

    Candymonium is on the smaller side of B&M Hypers, and on the newer side too. The first drop and camelback give strong, sustained floater airtime. You get airtime as soon as you start up the hills and you’re out all the way down. The turnaround is nothing, just turns you around. The second hill is less sustained, but it’s strong, fl-jector airtime. Speed hill gives a nice pop of ejector, but the helix pulls 0 forces, however, the outerbank laterally ejects you from the train. The next hill gives even stronger airtime than the other. The helix around the kisses fountain is a nice spectacle, and then you have a double up into the brakes, overall, an amazing ride that ends too soon if the ride had a mako-like finale, or 2 more hills out and back, this would be one of the best hypers. However, length holds it back to my 2 spot.

  • LolUrDad !
    LolUrDad ! 1 year ago

    Airtimes Comfort Smoothness

    A great, butter smooth ride that is criminally underrated by enthusiasts. This is my favorite B&M hyper of the ones I’ve done. I love the drop, camelbacks, sense of speed, and amazing floater in that great first half. It has some serious airtime that isn’t matched by many other hypers. Then the second half is just fun. The outetbanked drop is something strange that still manages to lift you out of your seat. The hill is the weakest hill on the ride due to the trim, but it still gives great floater, which is certainly saying something. The helix around the fountain is so much fun, onride and offride. This ride is just so graceful. The perfect fit for this park.

  • Forester F.
    Forester F. 1 year ago

    Airtimes Fun Disappointing!

    B&M hypers are aways pretty fun, although their overrated in my opinion. I didn't like this ride as much as diamondback

  • Vinnie T
    Vinnie T 1 year ago

    Airtimes Comfort Fun

    My first B&M Hyper, it was really fun! While Skyrush is the the superior ride in my opinion... this one has a ton of floater airtime and is super enjoyable! Can't go wrong with a B&M Hyper as what they say!

  • Eyebrows
    Eyebrows 1 year ago

    Airtimes Comfort Smoothness

    masterpiece. ride in back right for sideways airtime on the outerbank.

  • Evangelion Martini

    Airtimes First Drop Lap Bar Too short

    One of the shorter B&M Hypers out there. Very fun airtime machine, but vastly overshadowed by Skyrush.

  • A Useless Guy
    A Useless Guy 1 year ago

    Airtimes Smoothness Too short

    Was really smooth and fun for a hyper but for some reason it felt very short to me.

  • Brian Sheldon
    Brian Sheldon 1 year ago

    Comfort Smoothness

    This is my favorite B&M hyper. I really remember loving the free and open feeling with all of the lovely floater air on Goliath (SFGA), but I feel this is had a bit more intensity. That actually may be first time I have ever used the word "intensity" to describe a B&M hyper as they are mostly so perfect and so smooth that they actually lack intensity. Candymonium is of course liquid smooth and perfectly comfortable with B&M's wonderful clamshell restraints. The seatbelts were a bit of a surprise, but in no way distracting at all. This actually delivered some solid forces that I really enjoyed. The floater air on the second hill lasted all the way to the bottom and you instantly transition to strong positive G's. There was zero transition time. Very cool. I rode it in the back to experience as much forces as it has to give and it was a very, very good ride. Far, far superior to Diamondback at Kings Island. I've always compared B&M to Intamin like comparing a Lincoln Towncar with a Porsche Boxster. The Towncar has more power and ultimately can go faster, but it just so smooth you don't feel like you are going that fast and is kind of tame. Whereas the Boxter isn't really all that fast, but it is so small and nimble that it can deliver forces far beyond what the Towncar can. I've always felt that B&M hypers are too good to be extremely thrilling. Yes, they are fun and deliver some nice floater air, but not much in the way of "thrill". Candymonium is the first one that I can say delivers a fair bit of thrill. It is a great ride even though the last 1/4 of the ride is very, very tame. Now the real bad news: Why does this essentially brand new coaster already have 2 sets of massive brakes on it? Did they mess up the math? It is tearing itself up already? Both are very, very noticeable. They are both on uphills and neither totally kills the air over the top, but I have to wonder what could the air have been like. I'm sure more intense and it could have finally been a B&M hyper that delivers some serious, serious thrill. Not to be. It is still an excellent ride, but the brakes do annoy me.

  • Cooper Zimmerman

    Airtimes First Drop Smoothness

    This is a really fun hyper with a great drop and plenty of really sustained floater. The first camelback is one of the most sustained moments of airtime out there and the highlight of the ride for me but everything else is still great. The coaster isn't very intense but the upwards helix after the speed hill is pretty forceful and the outward bank coming off that gives some decent laterals and more good floater. The kisses fountain helix is pretty forceless but super photogenic. Definitely a great new anchor and first impression for the park and a really great coaster as well which very well compliments the near death experience that is skyrush.

  • Wolfey Jay
    Wolfey Jay 1 year ago

    First Drop Capacity Comfort Pointless Intensity

    While the coaster is a good ride, it isn't worth all the hype. Honestly if you put this ride's restraints on Skyrush, this ride wouldn't have any reason to exist. For being the new "centerpiece" of Hersheypark, there are many rides in the park better than this which will likely include an RMC Wildcat if they go that route. On the plus side, keep adding more coasters and it'll cut the wait times down on everything

  • Unworthy Rider
    Unworthy Rider 1 year ago

    Airtimes Smoothness Intensity

    Incredibly smooth floater. The intensity is lacking.

  • Austin L.
    Austin L. 1 year ago

    First Drop Comfort Fun

    Solid coaster. This one is a home run with the general public and is a must ride when visiting Hershey park

  • Carter Eckhart
    Carter Eckhart 1 year ago

    First Drop Comfort Smoothness Too short Dead spots Intensity

    Middle of the pack hyper, which isn’t saying much because I’m not a big fan of B&M hypers. The first drop and following hill are great moments of sustained floater but then the rest of the ride does nothing. At least it doesn’t feel like it’s gonna valley like some of the other hypers. It’s also a pretty short ride too so that’s a con. Overall it has a few nice moments but the ride itself is nothing special.

  • Dave Scott
    Dave Scott 1 year ago

    Somewhat predictable, mid-sized B&M hyper. Fills a hole in the parks lineup and serves as an excellent entrance set piece. Always fun to ride and infinitely re-ridable. Not going to set the rankings on fire.

  • Keaton Knippel
    Keaton Knippel 1 year ago

    Airtimes Comfort Fun

    This ride is just so good. It always puts a smile on my face, and it seems that the gp also loves it. It's a ride that everyone can enjoy, it's smooth as chocolate, and it deserves the hype

  • Trim Brakes 06
    Trim Brakes 06 1 year ago

    Airtimes First Drop Location Rattle

    This is an awsome B&M hyper. The first drop gives that great combination of floater air and a stomach dropping sensation, that B&M drops do so well. The first two Camelbacks give great sustained floater airtime, and the speed hill gives awsome flojector. The second half might not be as forceful as the first, but it has very fun and unique elements, and some awsome interaction with the midway and the kisses fountain. My only con is that it had a noticeable rattle, even though I rode it only 2 months after opening. It wasn't uncomfortable, but it was a bit of a distraction.

  • Isaiah White
    Isaiah White 2 years ago

    Airtimes First Drop Pace

    This is one of my top B&M Hypers out there today this thing is just the definition of a fun coaster with great pace and airtimes. Candymoniums first drop is insane as it provides greater and greater floater time the further you go back in the train. But the most insane part of the ride is that first airtime hill following the drop I remember counting about 4 to 5 seconds of airtime which doesn't compare to many other hypers besides mako. Then the almost inverting turn around is pretty forceful but then the following helix gives you crazy G's and the exit is fun but it actually didn't really give me any air. But even with all this Nitros helix is still better but that is the only better thing about Nitro so yes Candymonium is a better coaster. Another great thing about this coaster is that it keeps its speed throughout the whole ride due to no break run yes there's a little trim on the speed hill before the helix but it doesn't really slow you. Overall this ride is insane and I was able to marathon it when I went last time due to the quick dispatches and high capacity trains. So this should most definitely be the first thing you do to start off your day since its at the entrance and because of how insane it is.

  • X Coasters Forever

    Airtimes Pace Fun

    While it may not be the most intense roller coaster in the world, Candymonium provides some of the best airtime on a B&M hyper. It provides every type of airtime that you would find on a coaster; floater, flojector, and ejector. My favorite part of the ride is the first camelback, because of how strong & sustained the floater airtime is. I got sustained for 5 seconds as I legit went flying! I also like the drop in the back row because it gives some great ejector! Candymonium features three different colored trains themed to candy; Reese’s, Kisses, and Twizzlers. Reece's train does run the fastest out of the three. Almost all of the B&M hypers have a mid-course brake run in the middle of the ride. And that’s why they can have some pacing issues. Candymonium, however, doesn't really slow down until the end. Despite the two trim brakes, this is truly one of the best-paced B&M hyper coasters. This thing hauls at night too, which adds to the experience. And the layout is so unique, that it reminds me of something like Fury 325 at Carowinds. While Candymonium may not be the most intense roller coaster in the world, it provides some of the best airtime on a hypercoaster, it’s one of the best-paced, it’s butter smooth, it’s re-rideable, and the layout is very unique. It is so much fun and is also my favorite B&M hyper coaster I’ve ridden so far, right next to Diamondback at Kings Island which is also a similar ride. Candymonium is definitely the sweetest coaster ever!

  • Kw6sTheater
    Kw6sTheater 2 years ago

    Airtimes First Drop Smoothness Intensity

    The first drop and following two hills all have great, sustained floater air (with the first airtime hill being comparable to Mako’s 5-second floater hill), and the turnaround is surprisingly well-paced. My favorite moment on Candymonium is the speed hill; it reminds me of Mako’s, but larger and more sustained, so Candy’s is better. However, the outward banked hill was weaker than I expected, but still gives a pop of sideways airtime if you ride in the right-edge seat of back row (the magic seat on Candymonium). The fountain-encircling helix lacks force, but is graceful and a decent finale, while the airtime hill just before the brakes gives a nice pop of floater. The turnaround between the brake runs was a nice treat as well. All in all, Candymonium is my 2nd favorite coaster in the park, behind the obvious Skyrush.

  • TheClassicRemake Man

    Airtimes Smoothness Layout

    Great hyper, I really like it even if certain people (ie Rushing Thrills) overrate it. It. may just be a B&M hyper but I don't think it has to be more than that, it still meets expectations.

  • Solar Winds
    Solar Winds 2 years ago

    Airtimes Smoothness Layout

    A great addition to Hersheypark. It's emphasis on floater complements Skyrush's focus on ejector. It's extremely smooth and has a great first drop. My favorite elements are the wave turn and the bank around the fountain.

  • Jimbob Coasters
    Jimbob Coasters 2 years ago

    Airtimes First Drop Intensity Dead spots

    The only thing wrong is that the turn around is boring but I got airtime on every drop and hill the first hill I was floating for 6 seconds and the helix and turn by the fountain is intense

  • Mr. Roller Coasters

    First Drop Comfort Fun Too short

    This ride is awesome! Slightly under Mako for me.

  • Nathan F
    Nathan F 2 years ago

    Airtimes Comfort Smoothness

    Candymonium is a fantastic hyper coaster. It delivers great floater airtime. It’s in a beautiful location. Runs super smooth. Everything you could ask for from a B&M Hyper.

  • luke hershey
    luke hershey 2 years ago

    First Drop Comfort Masterpiece

    I feel the need to compare Candymonium to Skyrush, as someone who had no bias or knowing anything about either ride prior to riding. After riding Skyrush for the first time (not knowing anything about its high reputation ahead of time), I felt a little bit rattled. Maybe if I had known what to expect, I would have enjoyed the ride more. However, I was legitimately concerned I would be ejected from the ride, which is apparently why many people give it high ratings. Now that I know what to expect, I may enjoy it on subsequent rides, as it is my local park. That said, I next rode Candymonium. It was a fantastic ride! It had much of the same intensity of Skyrush, but without all of the bone rattling thrashing. In fact, it was extremely smooth overall. However, the smoothness does not take away from the sheer speed and intensity, as my girlfriend appeared to show more fear on Candymonium than she did on Skyrush which honestly surprised me. Hershey Park and B&M did a bang up job on the placement and design of this ride within the park, it is absolutely gorgeous. The ride is the centerpiece of by far the most memorable park entrance I have ever seen, Hershey Park has done a fantastic job building their new Chocolate Town addition. Candymonium is a great way to introduce to someone to hypercoasters, as you get all of the thrills without questioning whether you may need to see a chiropractor for realignment afterwards (looking at you Skyrush).

  • Blake S.
    Blake S. 2 years ago

    Airtimes Capacity Comfort

    Smooth, with excellent sustained floater airtime through the first three hills. Wish it took the bank out of the helix a little bit faster, and that the ride in general was a little longer, but a thoroughly enjoyable ride. I was shocked by how quickly it churned through riders.

  • Jack Jack J.
    Jack Jack J. 3 years ago

    Airtimes First Drop Location

    I went in expecting a very good ride and it exceeded expectations. The first drop and first airtime hill are amazing. The way back has some great floater and the weird twist out of the helix was great. I love the location in chocolatetown and the ending with the kisses fountain is really nice too. Now my second favorite B&M hyper behind Mako.

  • Chase W.
    Chase W. 3 years ago

    Airtimes Capacity Comfort Theming

    Its a solid BM. Theming is a little corny but not bad. The negative g's are great and the posi's really compact ya. Thought it was gonna stink but it didnt. The hammerhead element is awesome too, worth dropping the kids off at the pool first. The restraints were perfect also, didnt feel like I had to strain too much to get the job done. I think a more appropriate name for this would be the Hershey Squirts.

  • Matt K
    Matt K 3 years ago

    Airtimes First Drop Masterpiece

    Candymonium is excellent! The colorful indoor station is phenomenal, especially since it is air conditioned, the restraints are super comfy, and it looks outstanding in the park's skyline. The ride begins with a surprisingly quick and quiet lift hill, and then heads into an outstanding first drop. The first camelback hill is phenomenal and lasts FOREVER. The trims were quite noticeable, but the outward banking airtime hill made up for it. This was my favorite part of the ride! The best seat is back left for sure, but every row is good. I love soaring around the kisses fountain in any left side seat. In my opinion, it's better than Skyrush, since it is glossy smooth and super comfortable. Best b&m hyper I've been on! Why are you still reading this lmao go ride it!!!

  • IronChef C.
    IronChef C. 3 years ago

    Airtimes Capacity Comfort

    Had maybe 5 or 6 rides on it. Preferred front row surprisingly. As with all B&M hypers its a capacity machine, reliable, comfortable and gives a great ride. Fits the park perfectly and sits in a great location. Layout is good, airtime is great, theming is fine for the park its in. Really no negatives. I didnt think the trims hit that hard either. Ill compare it to other hypers bc thats what most folks do...I'd say its my 2nd favorite out of the 4 I've currently ridden; beats Goliath bc its smoother and newer (im sure Goliath was a monster in its day), beats Intimidator because it had better floater and a better layout but Apollo beats it for me bc Apollo's finale and setting are fantastic. Its a great ride and is exactly what the park needed to compliment Skyrush's insanity.

  • Racc Hudson
    Racc Hudson 3 years ago

    Airtimes Location Comfort

    Simply put, this has more raw airtime than any other coaster I've been on. Every hill lifts you out of your seat from before the crest until you hit the valley, with everything from floater to ejector. You'll also find positives strong enough to cause graying in the first helix, and other strong moments in the hammerhead and second helix. The setting, even incomplete now as it is, is stunning. The interaction with Spring Creek really elevates the ride.

  • Carrie C.
    Carrie C. 10 days ago

    Airtimes Comfort Smoothness

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    Airtimes Comfort Smoothness Pointless

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    Airtimes Lap Bar Layout

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    Airtimes First Drop

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    Capacity Fun Layout Intensity

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    Airtimes Capacity Smoothness

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    Airtimes First Drop Comfort Capacity

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