• Sam P.

    Airtimes Theming Pace

    5 Years of Wicker Man in 2023, and it's running better than ever! The theming is as good as ever, and I do love the preshow and soundtrack, never gets boring. But now more than ever, the ride experience itself is the jewel in the crown. A family coaster with a 43mph top speed has no right to be that good. It just feels so fast and out of control, with the perfect amount of wooden coaster roughness to add to the intensity, but to not take anything away from the ride. It gave me the best rides i've had on it, on a cold March Sunday. How good it'll be at the end of a hot summers day, i'll definitely be back to find out. I've always loved Wicker Man and that love only grows every year

  • Gage M.

    First Drop Smoothness Dead spots Layout

    Aside from the 2 drops, there is not much else to the ride. The drops are fantastic and give loads of airtime. It is extremely smooth, no rattle on either of my 2 rides. However, the Immelmann and the other elements were completely forceless. This is a ride you do once or twice and then move on.

  • Steve Huang

    Theming Inversions Pace Headbanging Too short Capacity

    It was very fast and fun. It also had a cool layout and used the space wisely. But it felt too short, it was headbanging because the coaster were not that smooth, and there is only one train in operation.

  • Coaster Person

    Harness Intensity Headbanging

    It's... Not bad? It's enjoyable? It has some really janky transitions but it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. The vests really help. I'd ride it again :)

  • Coaster Person

    Nice surprise! Pace Intensity

    HOW IS THIS THING SO FAST? Compared to the 4 other Batmans I've done, this thing RIPS through it's course. This ride is addicting, fantastic job B&M.

  • Coaster Person

    Airtimes Comfort Intensity

    Fantastic B&M hyper! This is by far my favorite B&M as of now. For a B&M hyper, the airtime is surprisingly strong, as are the positive Gs! Goliath even has some whippy moments! As with all B&M hypers, the trains are amazing and the ride is smooth outside of the first few valleys.

  • Max Sweeney


    It's a pretty decent kiddie coaster. The run gives you two laps and the smoothness is pretty decent up until the final part with the bunny hops which will get you out of the seat a little. 1/5 stars

  • Unworthy Rider

    Fun Smoothness

    More fun and smoother than I expected.

  • Kellen Grady

    Theming Fun Dead spots

    I absolutely love the theming of this ride, I’m a sucker for Toy Story and the Toy Story Mania queue across the way is one of my favorite queues in the world. I also was overjoyed by the animatronic at the end. Unfortunately though the first launch is really lame - why even have a launch that only goes to 20 mph? Second one is fun though and overall it’s just a fun little family coaster. Definitely fits into the park and land beautifully!

  • Cameron Mowder

    Airtimes Layout Duration

    This should be a top 30 coaster. The lap bar didn’t really bother me as much as people describe it. It is bulky but doesn’t hurt and you still get powerful ejector airtime. I like the out and back layout mixed with a twister layout and there are little dead spots. I also love the sends of speed in the first half of the ride.The only problem for me is the first drop because it isn’t very steep, and I rode it in the front row, it had no floater nor any force to it. I still have to ride this coaster in the back and maybe my opinion will change.