• Robert A.

    First Drop Capacity Comfort Rattle Too short

    Slightly rattly in the back but a great ride in the front. Really shows itself off in the dark, which is by far the best time to do it. Fire effect was also working!

  • Thomas C.

    Comfort Pace Layout

    A correct ride but under my expectations : it lacks of intensity

  • Darek Domagała

    Rattle Discomfort Tear it down!

    This is painful

  • Darek Domagała

    First Drop Masterpiece Intensity

    What can I say,it is AWSOME

  • Semina S.

    Theming Launch Disappointing! Pointless Dead spots

    Xpress platform is a hit or miss. The themeing and launch are great but the rest of the ride is just.. boring. I can’t help to feel that it is kind of pointless.

  • Semina S.

    Airtimes Fun Discomfort

    This is the smooth side but gives a less amount of airtime. I now prefer the red side

  • Mr Coller Roaster

    First Drop Theming Fun Capacity

    Although not as much as Colossus, Saw does get some hate. People say it’s rough and has a rattle but I disagree. This ride has some great theming and the two drops are both brilliant. It is much better in some seats than others. It is a lot rougher in the front row so I always try to sit in the back. Also, try to put your head forwards so it does not hit the OTSRs. If you do these two things, your ride will be much better and you will enjoy it much more. It is my fourth favourite ride at Thorpe Park.

  • Jannick Segler

    Fun Layout

    When i first visited the park this roller coaster was the last one i had to ride. I had horrible expectations from several reviews, but i ended up liking it way more than i expected. It was a fun coaster and it wasn't nearly as rough as it was said to be. It was very shaky in the back row, which was the reason why i mostly rode it in the front, but it was not terrible at all. I'm still happy that it was redone by RMC and i can't wait to ride Untamed.

  • Erik C.

    Lap Bar Launch Hangtime Too short

    This is a very fun ride but also much shorter than expected. Though there aren't a large number of elements, they all stand out on their own. The first launch is very forceful, the loop is huge with amazing hangtime, and the dive loop is snappy. In the second half, you again get hangtime in the backwards launch and finally you get an intense pop of ejector coming off the top hat. If the ride had a couple more elements going around the full throttle plaza, this could be a much higher ranked ride. However, length aside, this is still an awesome coaster.

  • Thomas C.

    Theming Pace Layout Rattle Discomfort

    A good layout and a very well themed coaster. Too rattly for me (but good retracking). I think a whole retrack and new lapbars are necessary.