• Carter M.

    Lap Bar Nice surprise! Fun

    I haven't ridden Slinky Dog since 2018, but what I remember was a smooth, fun, graceful ride with great restraints. It's a little short, and people say it has a rattle these days but I dunno. I should also add that the theming is outstanding. All in all, it's a great family coaster.

  • Bob Ross

    Fun Intensity Rattle

    Definetly the best SLC ive ridden. The vest restraints are comfortable and the ride is mostly smooth. This ride still is very jerky towards the end. 7/10

  • Noah Todd

    Rattle Tear it down! Pointless

    You can add duration to the cons, too long for that boring jackhammering to continue, pls RMC immediately and get a GCI in the old top roaring rapids plot, I’m honestly fine with a twisted Timbers clone. Back car: rattle-> brutal jackhammering

  • Noah Todd

    Airtimes Masterpiece Ejectors Capacity Reliability

    Sooooooo epic, launch feels so fast, quad down… ?, just one train with bad ops? Got to 185 minutes on my visit, and only operated about 50% of the time, still my number two behind Fury

  • Noah Todd

    Lap Bar Masterpiece Smoothness

    What else can be said? Masterpiece would’ve been enough, but I just felt the need to mention the other two because the Clamshell is GOAT ( I see u sky rush, go die) and some other top tiers have a rattle ( L Rod!!!)

  • Noah Todd

    Location Fun Intensity Capacity Reliability

    So underrated in the enthusiast community, rode second to back row, no rattle (at least not very noticeable) just go immediately at open, terrible capacity and ops, give it Fury’s crew and lines will be short! ( Don’t actually tho cuz we need short Fury lines!)

  • Matthew Potter

    Headbanging Harness Pointless

    If you’ve ever thought about riding this - think again. The OTSRs are pointless, and if you sit on the outside seat, your arm will most likely be trapped between the car and the restraint. The layout is dull, and you really have to brace yourself for the corners. Did this for the credit and I regret my life choices.

  • Sussy Baka

    Airtimes First Drop Ejectors Lap Bar

    I think it's airtime is so elite that the lap bar doesn't matter. I hope this ride never gets scrapped.

  • Keaton Knippel

    Lap Bar Launch Intensity Capacity

    This ride is a blast. It's very intense, it's got launches, and the restraints are loose enough to make you feel like you're going to fall out!

  • Keaton Knippel

    First Drop Inversions Smoothness

    An instant classic. This coaster has incredible drops, inversions, and it also gives you a great view of Tampa right after the lift hill. Highly recommend giving this one a night ride. It's a very comfortable and smooth ride.