• Heiko Hartmann

    Theming Location Fun

    This is a simple coaster. But it is indoors and it has one of the best theming I have ever seen around it. So much fun!

  • Heiko Hartmann

    Fun Discomfort

    Build by an english train company, this is one of the most unique coasters you will encounter on the world. The beginning reminds me of a simple train ride, but the second part back is a wild ride through the woods. A little bit rough, but "ultimately" I loved it!

  • Coasterfan3657

    Airtimes First Drop Hangtime

    Wildfire is one of my favourite coasters- the views coming up to the ride are amazing and the ride itself is fast-paced and full of intense ejector airtime. It also helped I think that it felt like we had hired it out for the day- we got both the first ride and the last ride of the day with only the three of us on the train, and managed to get round on it 31 times over the course of the day, including seeing two shows and going round the whole park.

  • Dan Wright

    Theming Too short Disappointing!

    The story and the theming are the saving grace for what is a mediocre but smooth layout.

  • Dan Wright

    First Drop Rattle Pointless

    Hyperion has been one of the biggest draws for enthusiasts to visit Poland; a relatively new park in the form of Energylandia investing millions into this seemingly awesome Intamin giant. The theming is a huge step out from Energylandia's cheap and tacky previous efforts, whilst is also the first step the park are making at investing into huge, uniquely crafted experiences as opposed to off the shelf / straight from the manufacturer catalogue tat. Hyperion's first drop is an awesome opener, even more so with a loose restraint; an intense ecstasy powered rush that could never grow boring. Th ...

  • Dan Wright

    Inversions Masterpiece Smoothness

    Lech coaster is a firm statement from Vekoma that their newer manufacturing techniques can land knock out blows on rival manufacturers. At the cost of what some parks would use to deploy an extensive flat ride or small scale dark ride, Legendia have worked with Vekoma to produce an incredible value for money Bermuda Blitz model. A turning point for the park in terms of theming, Lech is not only the headlining ride of the park, but also makes swift work of trumping the much newer Hyperion at nearby Energylandia. It’s the pinnacle statement from Vekoma that their new track and trains are lea ...

  • Dan Wright

    First Drop Pace Duration

    Valkyria is a refreshing take on the mini-dive coaster concept. A combination of a lengthened layout and consistent, surprisingly quick pacing leave it leagues ahead from the likes of Baron and Krake. The new B&M vest restraints without the tightening component that plague older B&M vest coasters mean freedom for riders on the first drop as well as buckets of hang time in the final roll over the river. Valkyria may not be Liseberg's best roller coaster; heck even the second best, but it's a significant mark on the future of mini dive coasters as well as the best thing to ever happen to the wre ...

  • Coasterloverextream

    Airtimes First Drop Duration Harness

    This ride is the best ride ever created. I personally do not know how someone will make a ride better than this. The ride never lets up and the ride doesn't crawl into the finish like some RMCs. There is so much airtime that you are almost out of your seat the whole time. The only thing is that the restraints are a bit weird but other than that the ride is perfect.

  • Zek Teh Kek

    Inversions Nice surprise! Rattle Capacity Reliability

    MUCH better than people say it is! It's not one of "the most painful rides in the world" as people sometimes say, but it certainly does feel like the train could fall apart at any moment. The restraints don't bother me that much, but the capacity is so awful. The longest line in the park when I went at 30-45 minutes, and it was a Thursday when school was still in session! I can't think of any other ride where the number of people in line (had to be less than 250) was that long of a line!

  • Charlotte Marie Robinson

    Airtimes First Drop Fun

    Awesome Coaster.