• AndiFlag

    Airtimes First Drop Intensity Rattle

    The first half is crazy! Awesome Drop, great first ejector hill and out of controll turnover! The second part after the little bit weaker floater Hill is weaker but also really good. A little rattle - but nothing to bad.

  • AndiFlag

    Pace Intensity Smoothness

    Absolut fantastic! This ride ist awesome. It's main pro ist pace. Only cons are the crazy long Queue line, that you can't skip... It would battle Steel Vengeance for the No. 1 spot if it was a little bit longer.

  • AndiFlag

    Theming Launch Layout

    + Great Launches + Outstanding Theming + Some good Airtime-moments - some dead spots

  • AndiFlag

    Location Layout Duration

    Great ride, really good Layout! The Launches are a little bit weak but because of the Location it doesn't matter that much. Absolutely fun coaster!

  • AndiFlag

    Intensity Layout Duration Harness

    Really great Ride! Fantastic transitions, good Airtime, and great Speed. It would be a little bit better with Lap Bars.

  • AndiFlag

    Airtimes Intensity Ejectors

    Absolutely intense! The Airtime at the end is crazy. The Inversions are awesome. Really really good mid-sized RMC!

  • AndiFlag

    First Drop Intensity Ejectors

    Crazy Airtime, great Speed and an awesome first drop!

  • AndiFlag

    Masterpiece Ejectors Duration Capacity

    By far my favorite Ride! Because of it's crazy long Duration, airtime, inversions ... This rides packs in everything

  • Alex A.

    First Drop Pace Intensity Rattle

    Definitely a top ten wooden roller coaster in the US, probably the best GCI in California. The first drop is the most compelling part of the ride, as it is completely enclosed by a tunnel, though the drop itself is a typical GCI twisted drop. This ride is a package of intensity and pacing in one, which is strongly attributed to the banked turns and twisted layout. While it does rattle, it is pretty much guaranteed that any wooden coaster will easily develop rattle with age. It's about time that Gold Striker should get a re-tracking.

  • LinaExecutor


    Nice VR Coaster !