• Eloas

    Lap Bar Launch Capacity

    Very cool coaster, cant say something bad!

  • Eloas

    Inversions Launch Intensity Too short

    Very cool coaster, not as rough as many people say. Sadly very short (00:40 seconds)

  • Blake S.

    Rattle Discomfort

    Wow, what is the deal with the track on this ride? There is no doubt some lateral shaking and roughness, as I expected, but the vest restraints help. “Help” is the key word, because it doesn’t completely absolve it of being rough laterally. But what was surprising was how the train seemed to be rough on the track by lurching backwards and forwards. Super odd. The layout on this ride occasionally shines through, with the final barrel rolls being a good moment, with some whip. But if this is the second-best SLC in the country, I'm not sure I want to ride another (besides Wildwood's.)

  • Coaster Nut

    First Drop Nice surprise! Layout Dead spots

    Finally, a dive coaster that has memorable elements besides the drops. Other divers leave me unenthused, but Striker's layout is creative and fun. The full-360 loop is cool, and I love the whip on the Immelmann. And I don't know why exactly, but the first drop delivers a bigger thrill than other divers. The second half loses a little steam, but overall the ride leaves me with a big smile. It's always been one and done with other divers, but this is the first one I wanted to ride again and again. The single rider line was a big help -- allowed me to get 6 rides in an hour.

  • Carrie C.

    Inversions Comfort Intensity Rattle

    wow. that was intense

  • Wicked Cyclone

    Theming Launch Intensity Rattle Too short Reliability

    This thing may be short, but it packs a punch! First that launch is crazy. Then you great thrown up 456 feet into the air and back to the ground. Which isn’t much, but still. The laterals on this are crazy. I wish it was smoother though, and not closing every second. I really like the theming of the queue and station, too.

  • George S.

    Fun Intensity Duration Theming Capacity

    I rode Spinball Whizzer twice, once during the day and once in the dark (night rides are a lot more fun). Decent pace is maintained throughout and it's difficult to know what comes next. I was impressed with how smooth it was and the comfort of the restraints. The spinning nature makes it re-ridable and the upbeat music fits the theme. The chain hill is smooth and fast ascending the riders quickly. The most intense elements are the overbanked horseshoe turn and the descending helix. The biggest problem is the theming. It's completely out of place and robs from the beautiful surrounding environment. Another negative is the serious jolt on the final brake run as the spinning mechanism locks in place. It's fun and worth a ride on a quiet day.

  • Rumham

    Smoothness Too short Pointless Layout

    A very pointless ride. It is very short, and the layout is extremely bland and unoriginal. Nothing else to say. At least it is smooth!

  • Milan Taylor

    Theming Ejectors Duration Discomfort

    This record breaking coaster is amazing when I first rode it in 2019, amazing inversions,hangtime, and the theme makes it a good coaster, but in 2022 and 2023 it has been riding rough, I still enjoy it but it not my favourite at alton towers, It looks dirty, the second half screens are not working so in winter I think they should repaint ur

  • Milan Taylor

    First Drop Theming Hangtime Discomfort

    The swarm has an amazing first drop with loads of hangtime and head choppers, the theming is amazing, but I find the vest restraints abit uncomfortable