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Goliath features
United States
Sit Down
Chain lift hill
Lap bar
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  • Logan Barer
    Logan Barer 2 months ago

    Intensity Duration Dead spots

    Make the first drop steeper and get rid of that horrid break run in the middle (you literally decelerate to zero), and you’ve got yourself a solid hyper. I know this ride gets a lot of flack for those features, but it’s still fun.

  • Ty Paylez
    Ty Paylez 3 months ago

    First Drop Fun Dead spots

    This ride is over hater. Enjoyed it more than RMC that day. Pretty sad coming to a complete stop on the mid course break run. I find this ride unique and enjoyable. Very slow ride ops this day sadly

  • John Montague
    John Montague 4 months ago

    First Drop Intensity Rattle

    This is decent for a hyper coaster, and I’ve never ridden a hyper coaster that was anywhere near bad. The first drop is serious, and the helix is the 2nd best I’ve encountered behind Raptor. It’s lacking good airtime, but thumbs up for intensity. Overall, I’d say it’s lacking the smoothness one expects from a hyper, but I do like it for what it is. Goliath is no doubt rough, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

  • Jack Jack J.
    Jack Jack J. 4 months ago

    Intensity Dead spots

    The ride has a very intense helix but doesn’t do a whole lot else. There’s some Gs here and there but nothing super impressive. It’s pretty good as it is a 250 foot ride but could be better.

  • Ben Redshire
    Ben Redshire 5 months ago

    That helix in the second half is amazing. Everything else is fun but nothing too special.

  • Sean
    Sean 5 months ago

    Lap Bar Intensity Smoothness Airtimes Layout

    Goliath is a little overhated. It pulls some nice forces at the bottom of the first drop and the downwards helix. The closer to the front of the train you sit the more floater you'll get over the camelback. It's still a very smooth ride, and the restraints are the most comfortable in the whole park. Of course we all wish it was more of an airtime packed hyper and that first drop was steeper but things could be worse.

  • Lukedaballer
    Lukedaballer 7 months ago

    First Drop Nice surprise! Fun Airtimes

    This ride blew me away when I got on it for the first time last month. I didn't expect this ride to be that great and I wasn't dying to ride it but my gp friends that i went with really wanted to ride it becuase of its height. Getting on this ride I did not expect this to crack my top 10 but it did. The first drop is one of the best I ever expierienced and it is overall a very fun coaster. Many enthusiasts dont like this ride because there is very little airtime but that dosen't take anything away from my expierience. This ride is extremely underrated and when going to magic mountain you cant skip it. It is my favorite 200+ feet coaster in all of California (even better than xcelerator?.

  • Erik C.
    Erik C. 1 year ago

    Intensity Airtimes

    This was my first hyper, and even though I have ridden better ones now, I still enjoy this ride because it has plenty of thrills. The drop is both great and disappointing in that any 250+ ft drop is always fun, but it's not very steep so you do not get any airtime. The turnaround is a dead moment, which then leads into an "airtime" hill with mild floater at best. Then the MCBR grinds you to a complete halt, but I think that is for the best because of what comes after. The twister sections after the MCBR is very intense, and I gray-out every time. If the MCBR didn't slow the train down, I would probably pass out. Even though Goliath has some flaws, it is still a good ride.

  • Joel Simon
    Joel Simon 1 year ago

    First Drop Fun Intensity Layout

    The first drop is the best of the ride, its amazing and very long. The first half of the coaster focusses more on drops while the second half more on intense curves. The mid course break slows you down a bit too abruptly and is a bit of a buzz kill. Then follow some curves and an intense helix which gave me a short grey out. The layout is not the ride's strongest feature, its is very smooth though. Thrill: 4/5

  • Eric Esty
    Eric Esty 1 year ago

    Airtimes Intensity Dead spots

    Goliath is a fine coaster. It's smooth, comfortable, and fun, but is pretty terribly paced. I think the extra helix sends Titan over the edge as the better ride.

  • Olivier Simard-Casanova


    Goliath was not a pleasant experience for me. The first half (before the mid-course break run) is OK, nothing amazing or exceptional though. But the second part is way too intense. I greyed out almost the entire time, and I was not particularly dehydrated or tired that day (and it was in the morning…). And they almost completely stop the train in the MCBR… I didn't had a lot of fun on this coaster, in my opinion its layout is just poorly designed.

  • Nathan F
    Nathan F 1 year ago

    Intensity Smoothness Dead spots

    I thought Goliath was fine. Not the worst hyper I've ever ridden, but not the best. The helices pull some amaing forces, but that requires the mid-course brake run to kick in pretty good. It wasn't kicking as hard as I've seen in some videos when I went though.

  • Aki Hayashi Rags
    Aki Hayashi Rags 2 years ago


  • Upbeat Coasters
    Upbeat Coasters 2 years ago

    First Drop Duration Dead spots Intensity

    This is the first hyper that I've been on, (besides Manhattan Express, but I don't count that one), and I have to say, it was great! But from what I have heard, it is definitely not the best of the bunch. It did have some dead spots in there and the mid-course break run wasted all of the momentum that the coaster originally had.

  • Evangelion Martini

    Lap Bar Intensity Dead spots

    The ride is pretty fun, but the awful mid-course brake run almost ruins it. If it wasn't for the awesome downward helix and the wonderful G-force it provides, the ride would definitely be a lot more forgettable.

  • Matthew Richter
    Matthew Richter 2 years ago

    First Drop Airtimes Layout Intensity

    First drop is fun, but other than that you only get one moment of floater airtime. It feels like all the speed and energy is wasted on big turns - one of those rides that gets you all psyched because of the drop, but as soon as you get to the bottom of it the rest of the ride is pretty boring.

  • Dave Scott
    Dave Scott 2 years ago

    It's hard to image a 250ft coaster being dull, but somehow SFMM managed it with this one! We've been spoiled by so many other, better hypercoasters. The MCB grinds the ride to almost a complete halt, taking a lot of the G out of the "fabled" helix. The drops aren't especially steep, airtime is limited due to use of straight-track rather than parabolas (think Blackpool's Big One), and the boxy-trains by todays standards don't expose you anywhere near the same as Intamin or B&M efforts.

  • Adam Karas
    Adam Karas 4 years ago

    Smoothness Disappointing!

    Where is the "Intense" in the pros? This thing pulls some great positive Gs.

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    First Drop Smoothness Airtimes Dead spots Layout

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    First Drop Fun Intensity Airtimes Dead spots

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    Lap Bar Smoothness Airtimes Layout Reliability

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  • Heartline Coaster
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    Comfort Intensity Disappointing! Airtimes Dead spots

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    Intensity Dead spots

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    Airtimes Dead spots

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    First Drop Nice surprise! Fun

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    Intensity Airtimes Dead spots

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    Airtimes First Drop Intensity Rattle Dead spots

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    First Drop Pace Intensity Dead spots Layout

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